QUALIA XXXXIII: WHY? The Why of It All... Mankind and God! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA XXXXIII: WHY? The Why of It All... Mankind and God!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. Many folks have already asked that question... Why? Why is this? Why is that? Why is so-and-so? And so on! In every case, inevitably we might say that the very question of asking "Why?", boils down to one basic question... "Why is it as it IS?"

  2. Which is also another way of saying, "What is the Meaning of it all?" Well, to start this discussion off this time, let me try a rather unusual way of introducing the subject... by the use of a 'simile', a sort-of example, or 'representation', in this case of just what it is that we will be talking about here, i.e., the Meaning of human Life, and the Why of it all!

  3. As the Reader of this page surely knows, and as I have several times already on these pages noted, the Hollywood movies quite often have a knack for showing and telling us exactly what it is that we need to know and to do! (However, Reality being that which it is, very seldom do we actually 'take action' upon that which we might finally understand or realize, such being the 'fallacy' of the human condition!)

  4. Several recent Hollywood movies, such as "Lord of the Rings" and "Matrix", in their most excellent trilogies, have explored the 'human condition' (for those of us who could read between the 'lines' of all the hot and heavy action!) and shown and told exactly what we all have needed to hear and understand with regard to the very Reality of our Lives! (And Yes, for those who are more concerned with the 'personal relationship' level, and as to why Mrs. X finally decided to break up with and divorce her husband of over 10 years, we also have the Hollywood 'presentations' of Linda Hamilton in "Sex and Mrs. X" or, even more so, Nicole Kidman in "The Stepford Wives".) But, beyond such 'Soap Operas', and even beyond Oprah, for the rest of us who are most concerned about the big "Why?", let me 'present' hereinthefollowing, the dialogue of several scenes from the recent "Matrix" Final Sequel, and I am sure the Reader will see what I am talking about! Here are the scenes:
    "No one can see beyond a Choice they don't understand!"
    said the Oracle, in answer to Neo's question,
    "Why? Where is this (human existence) going? Where does it end?"
    from "The Matrix: Revolutions"

    To which the Oracle replied, "I don't know!" (pause) "The Architect (i.e., God!) can't see past any Choice! (because) He doesn't understand them! (Choices) He can't! (understand Choices) To Him, they are variables in an Equation where, one at a time, each one must be solved and accounted for! That's His Purpose! To Balance the Equation!"
    To which Neo responds (to the Oracle), "What's your purpose?"
    The Oracle replies, "To unbalance it!"
    Neo: "Why? (pause) What do you want?"
    Oracle: "Because I want the same thing you want (Love!), Neo, and I am willing to go as far as you are to get it!"
    Neo: "The end of the War (between Good and Evil, God and Lucifer)? Is it going to end?"
    Oracle: "One way or another!"
    Neo: "Can Zion (humanity) be saved?"
    Oracle: "I'm sorry! I don't have the answer to that question! But... if there is an answer, there's only one place you're going to find it!"
    Neo: "Where?"
    Oracle: "You know where! And if you can't find the answer... Then I'm afraid there may be no tomorrow for any of us!"
    Neo: "What does that mean?"
    Oracle: "Everything that has a Beginning, has an End! I see the End coming! I see the Darkness burning! I see Death! And you are all that stands in his way!"
    Neo: "Smith (Lucifer)!"
    Oracle: (Shaking her head for Yes!) "Very soon, he is going to have the Power to Destroy this World, but he won't stop there... He can't! He won't stop, until there is nothing left at all!" (As has already been Mankind's 'legacy' throughout the Universe! See the several pages throughout this QUFD Textbook, where I have discussed the numerous worlds that mankind has already destroyed and left in its 'wake'!)
    Neo: "What is he?"
    Oracle: "He is You! Your Opposite... Your Negative! The result of the Equation trying to Balance itself out!"
    Neo: "And if I can't stop him?"
    Oracle: "One way or another, Neo, this War is going to End! Tonight, the Future of both Worlds... Will be in Your Hands... or his!"

    In the foregoing scene, I think the Reader hereof can surely see, that the Challenge, the Risk, to Neo (i.e., humanity!), is to DO THE IMPOSSIBLE! To do THAT which has never been done before!
    Of course, that is the very reason, and Purpose, FOR our existence... Of each and every one of us! Of all of humanity! To DO that which we were BORN to Be and to Do... Our INDIVIDUAL Destiny! As no one else, in this entire world, is so 'qualified' to DO, except for us... the individual who was Born to Be and to Do, that one single, unique, 'job' or work or action or deed, for which NO ONE ELSE anywhere is qualified! See my discussion about this in my research document, the Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind!
    THAT is what MUST be done (on the silver screen AND in the world!), to Save Humanity, the World and the Cosmos!

    Returning to our dialogue from the movie, we find ourselves in a later scene, where Neo (humanity) has just been fighting with Smith (Lucifer), and Neo is currently on the ground, while Smith stands above him, and says,
    Smith: "Can you feel it (Death)... Closing in on you? (pause) I really should Thank You, because, after all, it was your Life (Neo, i.e., humanity!) , that taught me the purpose of all Life! The Purpose of Life... Is to End!"

    After further combat between Neo and Smith, we come to a most telling scene, before the end of the movie and before the End of our War, in which Neo is again 'picking himself up' off the ground, as Smith delivers the following words:
    Smith: "WHY, Mr. Anderson (Neo, i.e., humanity!)? Why? Why? Why do you do it (fight on!)? Why get up? Why keep fighting? Do you believe you're fighting FOR something, more than (just) your survival? ... Can you tell me what it is? Do you even KNOW? Is it Freedom? Or Truth? Perhaps Peace? ... Could it even be for Love? ILLUSIONS, Mr. Anderson! Aberrations of the perception! Temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect, trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose! Of all that was artificial in the Matrix (the Universe!) itself, although... Only a human Mind, could invent something as insipient as Love! ... You must be able to see it, Mr. Anderson! ... You must know it by now! You can't win! It's pointless to keep fighting! ... Why? Why, Mr. Anderson, do you persist? ... "
    Neo: "Because I choose to... "

    More fighting ensues, until, this time, it being Smith's turn to 'pick himself up' off the ground... rather he 'explodes' out of the ground, after Neo had somewhat 'buried him', with the following most-excited and declaratory words:
    Smith: "... THIS is MY WORLD! ... MY WORLD! ... "

    More fighting ensues, until Smith is again standing above the prone Neo, and Smith says,
    Smith: "Wait a minute! I recognize this scene! This is the End! ... (pauses to think) Wait a minute! I'm supposed to say something here... I know! 'Everything that has a Beginning, has an End!' ... WHAT? What did I just say? (Acting like he is afraid of something, as Neo slowly and surely gets up from the ground, to again face his nemesis, Smith!) NO! This isn't Right! This can't be Right! GET AWAY FROM ME!"
    To which Neo replies,
    Neo: "What are you afraid of?"

    (And the rest of the story, and the movie Ending, is...)

  5. Well, I may have already given away the 'punch line' here, in the above scenes from the "Matrix"! I'll let you, the Reader, ponder just that for a while, as I see whether and exactly what I might add to this Document!

  6. Okay, I've come up with something further here, at least as far as I can see of the 'Big Picture' within Incorporeality or the Unknown, but I am going to make such further addition to this Document a 'joint effort'!

  7. In other words, as to the simplicity and the complexity 'Of It All', I have decided to let 'others'... others, who can also 'see' the complexity and the simplicity, of God, of humanity, of the Cosmos and of the Unknown, also contribute their 'vision'... In The Moment (a most important Qualifier here!)... TO the further erudition and Truth of this Document!

  8. And why should I do this? (Beyond the fact that I am asking the Most Important Question here... Why?) Because, by my own very 'definition', God, and the Unknown, is Part and Parcel of ALL of Us! Therefore, by including 'others', i.e., those who can also 'see', in their Minds, the 'Reality' and Truth, of what I am talking about here... I shall thusly have as close to a 'scientific consensus', IN THE MIND, and yet 'realized' in Reality (Corporeality!), in the further exploration and 'writing' of this Subject, as it may be possible to come up with!

  9. So, the next question is, "Who shall such 'others' be?" Well, I think it is obvious! Those who are most familiar with this Subject, i.e., QUFD itself... those academics who have already studied and learned the QUFD Textbook, and are most willing and ready to make their own 'Contributions' to the QUFD 'Legacy' of Einstein and all the other famous scientists and researchers who have already made their contributions to the basic laws and principles of QUFD!

  10. NOW, in further 'exploration' of the Truths and 'Realities' of QUFD, as singularly and surely 'experienced' within the Mind, of an 'Expert' on QUFD, I will ask the following to 'assist' in the completion of this Document:
    1. Those Professors/Faculty (of any academic institution), who are already teaching QUFD, as a part or whole of their present Courses.
    2. Those Students (of any academic institution), who are already taking Courses and Coursework in QUFD.
    3. And those Graduates and Candidates, especially, who have made QUFD info and Reality, a very part of their Dissertations, in 'interpretation' OF QUFD, into the Real World of Today and the 'Realities' thereof!
  11. Accordingly, it may take some time, to complete this Document, but, I feel, with the 'Input' of my Esteemed Peers, of QUFD, the Question being asked here, cannot be anything BUT, answered to and of the Truth and Reality that It Is!

  12. For Now...

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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