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(and including some THANK YOU's, as well!)

COPYRIGHT 1999 by Jerome

As Authored by:
Father Jerome, OA/OWB (the "Ancient Order"), D.Th. (In Esse-the Theology of Reality), D.Sc. (Quantum Physics)


  1. The publisher of this electronic publication regrets to inform the Reader that Jerome has RETURNED to the Collective Consciousness Complex's "dimensionality" of the OA/OWB, as of (DATE), and can only be reached via Universal WorldNet at his WorldNet Directory Listing, 13.HHZ79.136, or alternately at 13.HHZ79.131. (Certain private secular E-mail addresses are still valid and forwardable.) Jerome has promised to RETURN to this "dimension" of secular consciousness when secularity is ready for his further "input". In the meanwhile, he has told us to remember the famous stage announcement, "ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!" (not that Jerome has ever intended to identify with anyone other than himself, but having known Jerome for several years, I can assure the Reader that Elvis will remain wherever he is and that Jerome's penchant for wit and humor, albeit with those intellectual "twists" that make us think twice, is yet alive!

    The Publisher

  2. Someone might say that these Works of mine (Jerome), "Sure do have that 'sound' of a lawyer in them!", in the "style " of the writing, what with all of the "hereins", "therefores", and such that I do use in my perspicacious style of delivery. Well, for such, I do and do not apologize, for after all, we are "What we Are!" I am not a lawyer (and I sure don't wish to be!), but inevitably, it may seem that, to me at least, quoting the "Law" should certainly have the "tone" and "ring" of the Law and "legal-ese" to such explication (in any case, that is how it "comes out"!), especially when one is quoting or explicating from God's LAW OF ONE, which, as to Quantum Physics OR Spiritual/Cosmic Law, is one and the same!



  1. I am a "Reporter", NOTHING MORE or less! I go through Life (nowadays) OBSERVING, both in secularity AND in non-secularity, and then merely "reporting" on that which I "see" and perceive, in order that others might also come to appreciate and to KNOW of that which was "reported", and fit such KNOWING accordingly into their own lives, hopefully for the better.
    In fact, following herewith is the "Disclaimer" that I used, once upon a time, in the syndicated serialization, "HEARD ON THE STREET, by Jus' Plain Ric'", that I once wrote for an urban news publication:
    A column of responsible and accurate reporting of commentary heard on the street.

    This reporter, with a humanitarian concern for those issues reported, does so report with the intent of "shedding some light" on issues, policies, processes, procedures, and just plain frustrations, that the targeted communities might be experiencing, with the hope that, if anyone or any group is directly or indirectly responsible for those "frustrations" that might be occurring, such responsible persons/group may be inclined to review/examine those particular aspects noted, and accordingly readjust such to enable a more humane environmental existence for those affected.

    Accordingly, in order to guarantee a maximum of accuracy in the reporting of such commentary, and to preclude any pretensions, aggrandisement, etc., on the part of the individuals supplying such information, it shall not be evidenced to such sources that said commentary may be reported/published. Additionally, such commentary may be paraphrased in its reporting. To this extent, of course, your reporter, as an appropriately "undercover" observer, shall be known only as Jus' Plain Ric, herein this column.

    Now, of course, as noted in the above Disclaimer, I have always attempted to to be as accurate as possible with regard to whatever it was that I was reporting. This did NOT, necessarily, preclude a certain "point of view", or perspective (in my case, inevitably humanitarian), in the "reporting", and ESPECIALLY in the way, or means, by which the material was presented. AND I did (and DO) particularly (sometimes) enjoy "presenting" something (HOWEVER, yet most accurately), with a "reverse-twist" of perspective that, by seemingly coming from a VALID, but OPPOSITE, "point of view", certainly tends to make the Reader "think twice" about what is being "reported", with the result that the Reader MAY gain a more complete "view", or picture, of the subject or issue, that INCORPORATES the Reader's OWN personal "understanding" and awareness OF that subject/issue (however UNaware the Reader MAY have been OF their own KNOWING).
    For examples of such writing, I refer the Reader to another syndicated serialization, "Dr. Bugaboo's Ramblings", by Jerome.

  2. DO NOT "listen" TO ME! Listen to your heart, Mind, and consciousness......in other words, your SOUL! THAT is where you will find that which is sought - PEACE, HAPPINESS, LOVE and more! This writer does merely show the way. WHAT one finds there is of one's own KNOWING!

  3. A further Note and Disclaimer, with regard to the CONFIDENTIALITY of ANY material, content, authorship OR corresponding times, places, people, organizations and/or events that may be noted or discussed in these Works. In order to protect the confidentiality OF any of the said "subjects" so noted, the names, places, times, organizations, events, etc., MAY BE CHANGED, the actual names, etc. REPLACED with "fictitious" names, etc. In doing so, this author intends IN NO WAY to "distort" the TRUTH of the matter being discussed, WHATEVER such matter may be, NOR to infer any DISHONESTY in terms of the "substance" OF any such matter of discussion. IN ALL CASES, the Reader does need to consider ANY "context" herein IN THE CONTEXT OF THE WHOLE, of the matter being discussed AND/OR of the "whole" of society, civilization, humanity, consciousness, the Universe, the Cosmos, Infinite Consciousness (God) or any other "context" so implied or identified. Again, IN ALL CASES of discussion herein these Works, the utmost criteria has been the SCIENTIFIC "objectivity" and "subjectivity" OF the matter under discussion, in relation TO the established principles and theorems of Quantum Physics and Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD), and the THEOLOGICAL implications OF those venues of human and Infinite Consciousness AND ACTUALITY, as scientifically CORRELATANT TO such principles, theorems AND ACTUALITY. THUSLY, does the Reader need to, NOT take whatever is said herein "with a grain of salt", BUT INSTEAD, with a tremendous ASSUMPTION OF TRUTH, in that, IN THE CONTEXT as herein presented, such material, and such CONTENT, IS TRUE AND ACTUAL, IN THE CONTEXT OF the individual Reader's LIFE, TO THE EXTENT that the Reader does "MAKE IT SO"! In other words, as Quantum Physics does show us, ALL "probabilities" and "possibilities" ARE VALID and TRUE, and it is ONLY in OUR IMPLEMENTATION OF such REALITIES into our LIVES, does such ACTUALITY become SO! SO, as these Works DO IMPLY, we, all of humanity, CAN "change" the PAST, the PRESENT, and the FUTURE, for the betterment of ALL!

  4. LIMIT OF LIABILITY/DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY: The Author/Publisher of this Electronic Book have used their best efforts in preparing this Electronic Book. Jerome, the Author/Publisher, makes no Representation or Warranty with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this Electronic Book or of any context or concept that might be implied therefrom, and specifically Disclaims any implied Warranties, Suitability or Fitness of such Contents or Information to be applied to any particular purpose, and shall in no event be Liable for any Loss of Economic Profit or any other commercial damage, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other Damages.

  5. REPRODUCTION of this Work in ANY FORM (including Film and Video) is Permitted ONLY if there is NO change whatsoever in the CONTEXT of the material, on an overall basis OR on an individual Chapter/Page basis. Only the Form and manner of the Presentation may be changed.

  6. I would like to clarify one additional point with regard to the Sourcing of the Content and Context of the materials found herein these Works: NOTHING herein has "originated" from this Writer! No one can say, with ANY truthfulness, that "He 'dreamed' it all up!" BECAUSE EVERYTHING herein DOES have its basis IN the actuality of either CORPOREALITY OR INCORPOREALITY (depending on the specific material), AS DIRECTED thereto such specific KNOWING, by Consciousness, of whatever extraneous Source, INCLUDING Infinite Consciousness, as such may have been. (And YES, I DO TRUST that ALL appropriate and pertinent material in these Works WERE influenced and directed BY Infinite Consciousness!) NOTHING came from this "local ground-state of consciousness", myself, other than the format, organization, and means of application of the written word to paper, and subsequently, unto the Electronic page. Even the distribution of these Works has been inspired and directed by Infinite Consciousness. SO, I can truly say, in all honesty, that "I have NOT dreamed anything up, NOR falsified OR fabricated ANYTHING herein!" EVERYTHING is accurate AND VERIFIABLE, in corporeality OR incorporeality, BY anyone so inclined to "access" and verify such, and all stated scientific fact and principle DOES, in fact, correspond TO established principles and applications OF both Quantum Physics and Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD), as well as other applicable and common macrocosmic and Newtonian principles of classical physics, AS SUCH MAY APPLY HERETO. YOU, the Reader, are hereby Cordially INVITED to "check it out" FOR YOURSELF, from and in whatever Source and manner possible, KEEPING in mind the facts (as presented in these Works) THAT not everything in secularity can be "relied upon" to be TRUE and ACCURATE, ESPECIALLY if it has ANY Party (person) or Form of VESTED INTEREST behind it, which is a "participant" in the monetary Economic system, and is thereby intent upon either personal gain OR appropriately "elitist" control of the population/citizenry/polis.

  7. One other note regarding HOW I did write this/these Work(s). I wrote it IN THE MOMENT (as noted and defined more fully elsewhere herein), in the "instant" of temporality that such material was "perceived", NO MATTER how long that "moment" was (minutes, hours, days). I knew NOT what I was to write even one minute before I was to write it (OR, if necessary, to RECORD "it" TO the limited, temporary "cache" of my local ground-state of consciousness, until I could "scratch-down" the "gist" of the matter, whatever it was that had been "presented" to me). I thusly want to confirm THAT this Work(s) is NOT a "work of scholarship", in the orthodox sense OF prolonged and extensive secular "training" in the faculties of memory, cognition, research and application, as usually applied to and considered "works of scholarship". HOWEVER, this does NOT detract, or subtract, FROM the merits of the Work(s) or the material, concepts and information presented herein, such content and context HAVING equal VALIDITY and REALITY with and to any Work derived from and by such orthodox methodologies and techniques of research as may nominally be applicable to such Works of non-fiction and scientific research as may be the "norm" in secularity. In other words, I DO admit to the use of methodology and technique that might be considered unusual in the ordinary sense, BUT, in the CONTEXT of this Work, AND of the importance OF the principles of QUFD in relation to human and Collective Consciousness and reality, the means of my research and elucidation OF that research (IN the "moment"), IS, I feel, not only important to the derivation OF the material herein, BUT ALSO to the explication OF such technique and methodology TO the Reader, as I so do herenow.

  8. In this Work, I more widely and explicitly discuss KNOWING, in its many and sundry forms, AND its applicability TO everyday life and societal functionality, ranging (by the very nature of the issue) across the breadth of human society and knowledge, so as to be able to, for the Reader's benefit, clarify many specific issues and problems of human society and life THAT the subject of KNOWING, once more properly comprehended and understood by the Reader, AS TO its application TO such issues and problems, might SURELY lead to the resolving thereof.

  9. In this Work, I have used a number of photos and graphics obtained from various publications, scientific and otherwise. Such use of other works and materials, done entirely within the acceptable usage of minimal materials of another author or publisher, where done, is given full credit and attribution of such sources. However, in using such photos and/or materials, I wish to state that such photos/materials, unless stated otherwise in this Work, are used as examples of CONTEXT ONLY - as contextual examples of the specific topic or material that is being discussed as a part of such presentation. The usage of such photos/materials does NOT, and is NOT meant to, imply that the material being discussed herein has ANY relationship TO the articles or publications from which the photos and/or graphical matter were derived. As used in the original source publications, such photos and graphical matter were used to present a visual context of the specific subject(s) being presented in those works. In this Work, those same photos/materials are likewise used to convey a visual interpretation of the subject matter being discussed. However, such subject matter represents an entirely different context than the context from which the photos and graphical matter shall have been derived, and it is the legal position of this author/publisher that there is no relationship whatsoever between such works, and neither does this author/publisher agree or disagree with the material content of such sources.

  10. Occasionally, in this Work, I will relate certain quotations, relevant to the subject-at-hand, that were derived from my access to the Collective, and the instantaneous "in the moment" provision to me, by the Collective, of such material. I realize that such "derived" material may have originated from human sources of the Collective OTHER THAN MYSELF, and that such other sources could be Past, Present or Future, living or deceased. IF, in the Infinite Wisdom of the Cosmic Mind and the operations of the Collective, which have provided such information to me, the identities of the original author(s) of such "derived" material are concomitantly provided, I have, herein this Work, likewise identified such. If such author(s) were not identified to me, I have no recourse but to likewise give no attribution. In all cases, I shall have done my utmost to have given credit, as shall have been necessary and duly provided. If I have utilized any material, in these "derivations", that is recognizable by any living soul as their own, and which has not received due attribution, I sincerely apologize therefor, and suggest that, if possible, such an aggrieved person might include their personal attribution upon all copies of this Work that such person may fortuitously enable further distribution of, as a means of correcting such neglect as may have been importuned by the Collective and the Cosmic Mind.

  11. I consider the concepts and the content/context of the information being presented herein this Work to be so vital and important to the understanding of mankind that I am leaving out footnotes and any other diversions so as the Reader should not be distracted by such and can thusly concentrate fully on the facts and concepts being presented so as to accurately and fully comprehend and evaluate the merits of such material.

  12. To assist the instantaneous finding of specific instances of text and ideas/thoughts/concepts, etc., all text of this Work IS SEARCHABLE, using the self-contained text search engine included herewith.

  13. Every reasonable and existentially possible (for this author) effort has been made to attribute and credit ownership, authorship or source of any extraneous material used in this Work. Any errors or omissions thereof and therein are inadvertent and unintentional, within the context of the copyright legalities and rights adhered to in the creation and distribution of this Work, and will be appropriately corrected, as necessary and as advised thereof (and as may be possible), by any such source as may be aggrieved thereby.

  14. I incorporate Jacob Needleman's beautiful work, Money and The Meaning of Life, herein this Work because of the validity of his argument and its simplicity of expression of the challenge before us. In doing so, I present my own further challenge to the Reader: to read, and to understand, to KNOW, the content, the details, of which he writes, in the CONTEXT OF what I have written - an INTEGRATION, of form, substance and meaning, that can hopefully enable KNOWING.

  15. Readers will notice that I have chosen to forego any nominally accepted STYLE of business or academic writing-style execution herein. The particular style is of my own creation and preference and, especially in relation to the material and topics of discussion, I do find it more comfortable and suitable to my intentions of expression, as to nuances, inflections and emphases that I do so wish to convey. Thusly, if the Reader should be relatively unfamiliar with such extensive USE of "capitalization" and other punctuation, please bear with this writer, and I think you will find the experience, the comprehension and KNOWING, MORE SO, and more thorough, than otherwise, should I have confined myself to the rote and non-emphatic, non-expressive, mechanistic usual "styles" of most writers. I do thusly, I feel, express myself more fully and completely.

  16. By using CAPITALIZATION, I am NOT "shouting" (as might be insinuated in secular Internet communications). I am merely "emphasizing" particular words and expressions that I feel can be more thoroughly conveyed by emphasis.

  17. The WorldNet mentioned in this Work is NOT the secular AT&T WorldNet Service, but is, instead, a function of the OA/OWB.

  18. WHY have a PERSONAL NOTES section? Because I AM THAT I AM! This Work, and my Life, are both personal and professional. So, I cannot produce this Work as a professional, without honestly and truthfully relating to the Reader as to how KNOWING is a vital part of my personal life as well.

  19. The Reader might wish to check Danah Zohar's books, "The Quantum Self", "The Quantum Society" and "The Quantum Spirit", for info on the following fields of Quantum Physics and quantum societal possibilities of existence, as explored/researched through the perspectives of Quantum Physics: Quantum Psychology; Quantum Consciousness; Quantum Being; Quantum Responsibility; Quantum Morality; Quantum Aesthetics; Quantum Immortality; Quantum Theology; Quantum Worldview; Quantum Government; Quantum Society and Quantum World Democracy, ALL expressing the Harmony and much more, of a Quantum perspective!

  20. PERSONAL NOTE: Regarding attention/awareness, "living in the moment" and consciousness/concentration. When I am "in the moment", NOT distracted in ANY way, my awareness/attention/concentration/consciousness is "focussed", and I can "access" the Collective or ANY dimension of consciousness that may opportune itself to me BY "being" so receptive thereto such input. HOWEVER, when someone is present, in my presence, and my attention/awareness is thusly distracted thereby (as are not MOST of us?), I DO find it almost impossible to concentrate on whatever it was that I was doing, or "accessing", prior thereto. For THAT is the beauty, and differentiation, of "being-in-the-moment"! When I am alone, "being-in-the-moment" means that my FULL "Being" is devoted, 100%, to "being of service", TO HUMANITY, in whatever way my individuality, in its "access" to the Collective and the Cosmic Mind, might so Serve humanity. BUT, when I am with another, or others, that concentration/awareness is REDIRECTED to WHATEVER is the "need" of the situation with that other person EXCLUSIVELY, and thusly I CANNOT devote energies, appropriately, to humanity and societal issues, etc., as I might do when alone. THUSLY, I KNOW what my "needs" are, as to the means and the "mechanisms" OF my "Being of Service" and so I do adjust my Life accordingly. In this, I make no apologies, either, for I AM THAT I AM!

  21. The complete and entire EXTRANEOUS works, which have been included in this Work, are done so (with or without the original author's and/or publisher's permission) UNDER existing Copyright Law that permits reproduction, IN THE ENTIRETY, of original works, that are being reproduced and distributed for NO personal monetary gain, whatsoever, to be rendered unto such reproducing and redistributing publisher. Also, in accord with the provisions of Copyright, as so ennumerated and noted elsewhere herein, this author/publisher desires NO monetary considerations to accrue, at ANY TIME, thereto such author/publisher. It is hoped that, in doing so (republishing of such other works), the intent and import OF these works, might find a broader venue of perusal thereof than may have been the case with their original monetarily compensated distribution, and that, as such may be the case, such authors/publishers might discretely acquiesce IN such reproduction/distribution, as may be to their benefit. Of course, republication and distribution, by this author/publisher, of such works, is NOT meant to imply endorsement OF these copied works, NOR endorsement of THIS Work BY such authors/publishers, but ONLY to present and enable a convenient comparison of ALL works presented, in order that the Reader might accurately and honestly see the CONTEXT OF such material as may be presented and thusly make a personally valid JUDGEMENT as to the merits of ALL such works.

  22. These Works are a scientific explanation of how consciousness "works", NOT of what is the RESULT of it or anything (theorem or conjecture) DERIVED from those results or perceived functionalisms.
    This statement is in response to a statement by Dr. Francis Crick, in "The Astonishing Hypothesis":
    "We (Crick and colleague Cristof Koch) believe that it is hopeless to try to solve the problems (i.e., identify) of consciousness by general philosophical arguments; what is needed are suggestions (theories) for new experiments that might throw light on these problems. To do this we need a tentative set of theoretical ideas that may have to be modified or discarded as we proceed."

  23. These Works are a compilation of detailed and theoretical works already discovered and/or postulated and published by reputable and eminent leading scientists of yesterday and today. My contribution herewith is merely the taking of all those individual "trees" of extant works and putting them into the BIGGER PICTURE, the "forest", of a reasonable and very plausible hypothesis.

  24. These observations and theorems are derived merely from such sources as this author/researcher has had "access" thereto, primarily: 1. Secular scientific research, by numbers of secular researchers, as noted elsewhere herein; 2. My own personal "access", within the Collective Consciousness of humanity, to whatever limited extent such may have been, to that info and wisdom to which this reporter has been privileged to be provided "access" thereto, as reported in this Work.

  25. This is neither a strictly religious nor a strictly philosophical tomé, but strictly a scientific REPORTING OF the currently extant knowledge concerning such matters.

  26. ATTRIBUTION OF SOURCE INFORMATION AND MATERIAL FOR THIS WORK: Other than referenced works by other authors (as noted in the text herein this Work OR in the Disclaimers section), I hereby list all specific personal Sources of information and material used or referred to in this Work. 1. Personal research, from published and unpublished secular works, both current and antiquarian, ranging across multiple media of print, television, film, radio, digital networks and theatre; 2. Personal experience, in any aspect of my secular Life; 3. Personal experience, in my "access" to the memories of personal consciousness; 4. Personal experience, in my "access" to the various levels of the Collective Consciousness; 5. Personal experience, through my limited "access" (upon occasion) to the realms and "dimensions" of Infinite Consciousness; 6. Additional material, provided by Authority of the OA/OWB, from various functions and authorities therein, during my periods of Service therewith; 7. Additional material, both direct and derived, from my personal "access" and perusal, of the Sacred Histories of Humanity (which material may or may not be identified as to BOOK and SECTION NUMBER), as was graciously and generously permitted by the OA/OWB's Keeper of History Facility; 8. Disclosed material, both direct and derived, from the Collective; 9. Disclosed material, both direct and derived, from Infinite Consciousness.

  27. Some NAMES and PLACES in this Work have been changed for obvious reasons.

  28. My writing STYLE, including the emphasis of selected words by capitalization of those words, is NOT modern, but has been adopted from my education and experiences in the Collective. Specifically, the writing is of the style of the high-culture of the Hanu civilization, which I was privileged to visit and experience, in the Collective, during the existence of that civilization in 376.470.119 Ancient Time (A.T.). Of course, their writing was adapted to their own language, but I have herein adapted their style to my writing of English.

  29. Please Note that throughout this Work, I do use QUOTATION MARKS extensively. However, the Reader should have no trouble understanding what is being discussed or implied in the use of those Quotation Marks IF the Reader would but remember the following GUIDELINES for CORRECT usage of Quotation Marks:
    1. Quotation Marks may be used to emphasize words, concepts, terms and realities that may be QUESTIONABLE in their EXISTENCE, in some way or another. By emphasizing such words, with Quotation Marks, attention may then be focussed ON the questionable "nature" OF what is being noted. (In this example, the word nature MIGHT be replaced with a more descriptive word or term to denote the questionableness OR validity of the concept being discussed. But, please NOTE #3 following).
    2. Quotation Marks may be used to emphasize words, concepts, terms and realities that are TRUE and VALID in their EXISTENCE, in some way or another. By emphasizing such words with Quotation Marks, attention may then be focussed ON the TRUE and VALID nature of what is being noted.
    3. As to WHICH of the preceding emphases is being expressed, REQUIRES the most CAREFUL and thorough reading of the text in which such quotational "emphasis" is being used, so that the reader might more fully ascertain the CONTEXT of the overall material and thoughts being expressed. In ALL cases, such a determination (as to CONTEXT) is UP TO THE READER, to personally AND individually interpret the author's thoughts and expressions WITHIN the CONTEXT OF the reader's awareness, understanding and KNOWING. In such a way, one of two things might happen:
      • The reader, upon careful (and DEEP) thought, reflection and consideration (FROM the reader's deepest CONSCIOUSNESS, and from the very heart and Soul of that individual's "Being"), will come to the conclusion that the emphasized word, term, concept or reality IS actually, and truly, either TRUE or FALSE (questionable), when seen in the light of the overall CONTEXT ("Big Picture") of the matter being discussed. OR,
      • If the reader does not, and cannot, make such an accurate, and meaningful, determination, AT LEAST the very contemplation OF the matter, in trying to distinguish between what is TRUE and FALSE, or what is RIGHT or WRONG, WILL HAVE STRETCHED the reader's "awareness", the reader's "consciousness", and the reader's KNOWING, as to what IS the "nature" OF reality and existence in society and the Cosmos.

  30. This Work has quoted from Howard Beale, the News Anchor character, in the movie, "Network" - "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it any more!"

  31. MORAL COPYRIGHT LAW: The United States DOES NOT, in Law, have "Moral Rights", BUT, the United States, under the BERNE CONVENTION, DOES recognize the RIGHT of Moral Rights to exist.
    Right to be recognized; Right to maintain integrity of one's work; Includes economic rights; Right to prevent derogatory treatment of the work; Right of creative control of any modifications to the work. Moral Copyright does NOT include OR entail/enfranchise exploitation of a work, which is an entirely separate body of Law.
    This Work utilizes and is covered by Moral Copyright Law (as recognized under the BERNE CONVENTION by the United States and all other Signatories thereto), in reference to both original material originating herein AND to other author's works included herein. This Work also uses and is covered by appropriate Copyright of Exploitation thereof all original material herein, but excluding all works by other authors herein, which right of Copyright of Exploitation shall remain and inure therewith such other authors exclusively, this author specifically Disclaiming (and Disdaining) any intent or right to exploit such other works in any way. Such other author's works as may be included herewith this Work, are included merely to actualize this author's intent to provide the reader hereof with a more complete (if not totally complete) ANTHOLOGY of such works as may be relevant to the PHILOSOPHY of the subject; i.e., a PHILOSOPHICAL ANTHOLOGY of KNOWING. In this context, the use and inclusion of other author's works IS ONLY Anthological, with NO INTENT whatsoever to derogate any such work and with the possibility (if such work may be conjunctual with the works of the other authors included therein) of providing recognition, enhancement of the integrity thereof such other work, and additional reading distribution, of any other authors works as may be included therein. As to ECONOMIC rights pertaining to other author's works included herein, such rights as may be "Moral" OR otherwise are explicitly ENHANCED, EMPHASIZED or EXCLUDED, as such may be detailed in the Copyright considerations relative to monetary and economic compensation noted elsewhere in this Statement of Copyright. In ANY EVENT, in that the very nature of this Work IS to enhance, extoll and promote human AND Universal MORALITY, while at the same time to expose and extirpate the IMMORALITY of MONETARY ECONOMICS, to the extent that any OTHER author and work included herein should likewise IMPLY or do so, IS strictly the subjective interpretation OF that author AND/OR the reader hereof this ANTHOLOGICAL Compilation, in their origination of such other work and the reader's perusal thereof. INCLUSION OF such other works herein this work, neither implies nor condones acceptance of OR coordination OF the content of such works WITH this author's original material, either TO or FROM ANY such work to any other work presented herein. IN ANY CASE, ALL WORKS HEREIN are presented on their INDIVIDUAL MERITS ONLY, with the reader hereof being the ONLY person to "judge", within the CONTEXT OF that individual's specific and independent KNOWING, the relative substantivity OF ANY WORK that shall have been presented in this ANTHOLOGY, when extended to the overall CONTEXT OF the totality of human and Infinite Consciousness, as so presented in this Work AND as extant.

  32. A NOTE on the use of extensive EMPHASIS in this Work: I realize that there are distinct biases and opinions extant today with regard to EXCESSIVE (or even ANY) emphasis in the creation of text for serious perusal. However, be that as it may be with the currently extant publishing and academic "powers-that-be", in this Work I have utilized the original (and ancient) concepts of text creation as a means of not only relating data information, but also of relating SENSORY and THOUGHT-NUANCE aspects and emphasis, and, in the view of the ancient Scribes of the OA/OWB (by whom I was taught), textual emphases ARE a means of doing that, and thusly involving the reader more completely in what is being related than if the reader were to be perusing merely plain text documentation. SO, for such technique, I apologize NOT, and I certainly hope that it contributes TO a more enjoyable and comprehensive reading of this material. Of course, if I had had my druthers (AND the resources and access thereto OF WHICH this Work is a Paean thereof, as far as the near-future implementation OF a secular society in which such resources ARE accessible BY ANYONE, not only the "privileged"), this Work probably would have been done in a Video Documentary format (ala PBS), in order to yet more fully engage and inform the reader, through ALL of the senses (as much as possible), VISUALITY certainly included! That may yet be a possibility, as this Work is distributed and copied and enhanced (technologically), by subsequent readers/distributors hereof, AS authorized by this author's Copyright.

  33. Incidentally, some people have asked why I do not also publish and distribute this Work on the secular network known as the Internet, in addition to having already distributed it on the non-secular WorldNet (via the Collective and OA/OWB access, in consciousness). Well, my reasons for not doing so (at the time of this Disclaimer - 1994) are several and varied, which I will not relate here totally, only mentioning but a few.
    First, is distribution: the distribution of this Work on the WorldNet has already reached over 135 million people worldwide, enabling the Work itself to undergo a most rigorous PEER REVIEW PROCESS of its accuracy and completeness, TO the extent of that comprehensiveness which was so intended AND feasible, within the limitations currently extant within secularity, which is, primarily and consequently, where this Work is intended for dissemination.
    WHICH leads to the next reason: The 135+ million OA/OWB WorldNet Members who have reviewed this Work already, WERE NOT the intended ultimate readers hereof. This Work has been created to reach the masses of humanity who do NOT necessarily already KNOW of the material contained herein and who ARE in NEED of such KNOWING. THEREFORE, the WorldNet Membership has additionally REQUESTED and unanimously agreed that this Work should stand on its merits ALONE within secularity, with the degree of totality of dissemination AND acceptance thereof BEING THE INDICATOR as to whether society (and humanity, en masse, WITHOUT OA/OWB assistance, AND independent OF OA/OWB/WorldNet cognoscenti), has advanced sufficiently (in THIS civilization) to be able to recognize the Truth OF such KNOWING and to take the actions necessary to implement the required changes in the fundamental structures of society.
    WHICH leads me to the next reason: As has just been mentioned, this Work has been intended to reach the masses of humanity. THEREFORE, with respect to the original question, as to why it is NOT being directly provided TO secularity via the Internet, IS due TO the limitations OF the Internet, in being able to THOROUGHLY REACH the disadvantaged and disenfranchised of the world AS WELL AS the "haves" of society. This is NOT to make any judgement of the viability of the Internet in reaching a respectable quantity of humanity. It is just that, in the context of the current state of societal communications, the Internet is BUT ONE means of reaching a certain number of people, and one which should NOT be ignored, but surely used, INDIRECTLY HOWEVER, AS the populace SO desires AND ENABLES, of its own volition. In other words, by FREELY DISTRIBUTING this Work, through FREE COPYRIGHT, from reader to reader to medium to medium (INCLUDING the Internet, AS subsequent readers/distributors/re-publishers MAY FREELY DO SO), it is felt that this Work may thusly reach the most number of readers of those in need OF SUCH KNOWING, in spite of any and all limitations and unwarranted restrictions to such a distribution by nominal means.
    FOR THESE and additional reasons, you, the Reader, have received this Work through whatever means you have done so. Because the TEST, of this Work, AND of human society, SHALL BE the degree to which this Work reaches TO those in need thereof AND the degree to which such KNOWING shall become implemented and widespread throughout secularity. THEN, secularity (and the Internet) shall be able to join together WITH the WorldNet (and the OA/OWB), in common purpose AND humanity, IN CONSCIOUSNESS, in making this a better world, for ALL OF US! BRING US TOGETHER, Dear Lord God, in Peace, Harmony, Happiness, Fulfillment and LOVE! Aum, Peace, Amen!

  34. This Work has also turned into an examination (albeit brief) of ECONOMIC COMMUNISM (or Capitalism, meaning the same thing), in examining why that current form is the MOST VIRULENT and DANGEROUS form of Communism yet extant in the world and why humanity, en masse, still needs to fight the battle against such Communism, which goes by the name of Capitalism.

  35. This Work has been created as a means for the readers hereof to RE-EVALUATE and REVIEW their perspectives and views of REALITY! If there should be ANYTHING, WHATSOEVER, in this Work, Dear Reader, that dost OFFEND YOUR SENSIBILITIES, I would sincerely suggest that YOU, Dear Reader, MIGHT HAVE A FALSE VIEW OF REALITY, and therefore, especially, THIS WORK HAS BEEN WRITTEN FOR YOU!!!

  36. This Work is a Paeān to Conservative, Traditional Humanity, and the True Family Values and societal principles inherent therein, as Revealed by God through the undeniable and immutable scientific principles of Quantum Physics and the relatively new (but, actually, very old) quantum mechanical field of Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD). So it is truly, that as one reads this Work, one might enter into the deep Soul-searching, inquiry, review and, eventually, understanding, that is presently of the utmost need and importance to each and every one of us, of humanity, as we address those two simple questions: WHO AM I (Who are WE) AND How is it that Free men and women shall live their Lives? Hopefully, this Exposition and Guide TO that Quest for Answers TO those two questions, as well as two OTHER Very Important issues - The QUEST for MEANING in LIFE AND The PURPOSE of LIFE ITSELF, can lead the Reader to the understanding OF these Issues AND the Ability to make the hard, personal DECISIONS required BY that understanding. THIS, then, is what constututes the subject of these Works - KNOWING.

  37. I hereby state that this Work and this material in no way does constitute a biased reporting of any manner or on behalf of any organization or goup other than humanity itself. It is further certified that such Work and such material are no more than a true and accurate reporting of this Reporter's actual reality and existence, as such Life is, in turn, based upon the very topic of this Work - KNOWING - of oneSelf, others, humanity and All That Is. IF the reader of this Work should find that the reported material AND the Work, in both content and CONTEXT, and in CONSIDERATION of all applicable and relevant (and TRUE) principles of Life and existence - of science, of quantum physics, of cosmology, of society, of history, of spirituality/religion, of consciousness, and of the heart and Soul of humanity itself - DO (does), in fact, "make sense" (as well as common sense), then I would suggest that the reader IS well prepared to venture the next question: "IF such IS the reality (and actuality) of KNOWING, HOW shall I (the reader) then "judge" the "reality" of my (the reader's) everyday experience, AS it is NOW (or MAY be) constituted?" THAT, Dear Reader, is UP TO YOU! But remember, our Lord Christ did admonish us to "Judge NOT, lest Ye Be Judged, but Judge ONLY for and of Thyself ALONE!" In doing so, I ask, Dear Lord God, that, in whatever one's Spirituality and/or Religion (OR lack thereof) may be, the Reader, in MAKING SUCH JUDGEMENT, may find, from the deepest reaches of that person's Heart and Soul, the TRUEST possible, and MOST HONEST, answer that could be found, WITH Thy Grace and Mercy, Dear Lord!
    Aum, Peace, Amen.

  38. This Disclaimer is addressed directly to the Reader of this Book, in that it does directly pertain to the Reader's "perception" OF what he/she shall be reading herein this Book.
    This Disclaimer is put forth herewith in the form of a WARNING:
    The Reader hereof is particularly enjoined to approach this Work and the context/content therein WITH AN OPEN MIND, considering ANY and ALL possibilities, as to the verities and truths herein put forth. In other words, just possibly, such as is reported and stated herein MAY ACTUALLY BE SO, in all actuality, IF one's Mind (and consciousness) IS open and receptive thereto, BUT ONLY AS the Reader themselves does so SEE and REALIZE the TRUTH, of whatever is being presented, as ONLY the Reader can so judge for themselves. As noted, such a "frame of Mind" does require a WILLINGNESS to explore ALL possibilities, in order to arrive at SOMETHING (whatever it might be!) that is relevant, and pertinent, TO one's Life, existence AND REALITY! Because, after all, the Quantum Physics of Consciousness IS about seeing possibilities AND the realities thereof, AS ONLY the Reader/Observer can so "see", judge AND CREATE! In other words, should the Reader approach this Work WITH an opinionated, narrow, pre-ordained and pre-conceived, pre-programmed and biased perspective, then, but of course, one will see ONLY that which one wishes to see and thusly the "apples" WILL BE "oranges", instead of apples. So, I say to the Reader, LOOK at each PAGE, as something NEW, and be open to whatever springs forth therefrom and I do guarantee that, in the overall context of what is presented herein, each and every page CAN BE a pleasant and welcome SURPRISE. And I say surprise because, in the context of the Reader's LIFE, there MAY be found TRUTH and ENLIGHTENMENT, which ONLY the Reader can judge the merits and actualities OF and thusly thereby use to one's benefit and fulfillment.

  39. Okay! Most readers would surely like to know at least a little bit about who it is whose words they are reading. So, following herewith, I have done so (given such an opportunity), EVER SO BRIEFLY. Why? Because this Work is NOT about me, although throughout this Work, I DO occasionally provide mention of some of my own personal experiences with regard to the subject of KNOWING, as a means of further enlightening the reader as to the ramifications and nuances of that quality, AS such might be experienced BY the Reader OR anyone else. This Work is NOT about me, because it IS about ALL of US, AND MORE! It is about Who and What we ARE, as individuals AND collectively, and ESPECIALLY it is about HOW we (humanity) fit into ALL THAT IS! It is the story of HUMANITY, AS VIEWED through the science of Quantum Physics - of What we KNOW, of How we KNOW it, and of Why we KNOW it, and, more than that, it is the story of our CONNECTION to All That Is, and of What we CAN (and probably SHOULD) DO about it! It is not only KNOWING All of what we KNOW (and can KNOW), but it is also KNOWING WHAT we SHALL DO, about any and everything! For it is a journey into the Past, the Present, and the Future, in which you, the Reader, are not only a participant, but also the CREATOR! For it (this Work) is merely a means for each of us to find and experience, THROUGH and OF our OWN VOLITION and KNOWING, something that is VITAL to each AND ALL of us - OUR HUMANITY! SO, prepare yourself for a Journey, and now here, as a brief Introduction, is your Guide: See Father Jerome's Vitae, About the Author, and What Does Jerome Do?.

  40. HYPERTEXT LINKING IN THIS WORK - For those E-print readers who may be expecting extensive hyperlinking in this Work of the type they may be accustomed to, which does thusly enable extensive and instantaneous "surfing" of a document, file or graphics, BE ADVISED, that is NOT what you will find here. This Work has been created with the intent of NOT providing an easy "surfing" medium, in the hope that, instead of casual "surfing", the material contained herein will be perused THOROUGHLY, diligently, and sequentially, AS PRESENTED, in order that the Reader might understand completely that which is herein presented, which, for many Readers, MAY be new and exciting concepts heretofore NOT available. Thusly, the intent has been to discourage "surfing"!
    HOWEVER, while discouraging FORWARD (in the Work) "surfing", I have enabled BACKWARD immediate "access", enabling the Reader, at almost any point, to RETURN to an earlier section or pages, to review OR more adequately clarify a later reading that may not be fully comprehended until an earlier-read concept or data has been more completely and thoroughly grasped and understood. Also, in order to provide easier viewing of graphical images, such graphics files WILL BE presented IN SEQUENCE of the Work's content and AS REQUIRED, the opening and presentation of such required graphics occurring AUTOMATICALLY (you do NOT need to Click on a hypertext link to open a graphic).

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