Qualia XIV: Overweight in America: The Quantum Physics of The One True Cause of Being Fat in America! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

Qualia XIV: Overweight in America: The Quantum Physics of The One True Cause of Being Fat in America!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. Actually, this Monograph of the QUALIA Series is going to be very short and sweet on the 'Quantum Physics' of the topic and much longer on the 'results' OF those Quantum Physics, that take place in Corporeality, or the everyday physical world of you and I. And this piece is also going to be about I, or me, because, as I've said elsewhere on these website pages, I, Father Jerome, am 'in this mess' with all the rest of us as well, with all of humanity, until all of us can do something about the 'situation', on not only a worldly scale, but also on a Cosmic scale! Because the Negativity that is produced, in our Minds and thusly in human Society, by the quantum 'dynamics' of the Luciferian Complex (of quantum incorporeality, consciousness, dimensionality, existence and reality), affects us all, all of humanity, even this humble servant of God (Infinite Consciousness), who is likewise 'afflicted' with Lucifer's Negativity of an Immature Mind, as long as all of humanity shall so be 'afflicted'. Until all of us can change the 'dynamics', the quantum physics, of what basically causes Lucifer's Negativity to be 'active' in our Minds, by 'bringing on' the genetic Maturity of Mind that is the Destiny of Mankind... until such time, as we all 'get our Act together', I shall be in the 'same boat' as all of us, being negatively 'afflicted' in Society and in our individual daily lives!

  2. And that is the other 'component' of this Monograph - the Societal impact - of those quantum realm 'dynamics' that I was just talking about, where Lucifer is 'interfering' with the normal mental functioning of all of us and consequently with our Lives - the results of that corrupted mental functioning. So now that I have briefly noted the one true cause of ALL of Societal and individual Negativity (Lucifer's 'messing around' with our Minds! For more details as to HOW he does this, read the other Qualia Documents as well as the Main QUFD Documents!), I can now go on to the actual sociological consequences thereof and get to my own personal 'role' in that part of those 'consequences' that I am addressing herein this document - OBESITY, and specifically the obesity of non-committed Senior Citizens of America! (Actually, Lucifer's Negativity affects all of us individually as to obesity, but in certain other people, such as the younger citizens of America, Lucifer's 'manipulations' are varied and may result in differing sociological and relational 'results' than those which I am going to address here as applying primarily to single, non-relationship-involved Seniors!)

  3. Actually, rather than 'discussing' this topic at all, I am merely going to insert here a recent email that I sent to a friend, which quite thoroughly explains the Societal and sociological 'results' and situation for those of us being described, including this particular single, non-involved, Senior Citizen. Herein follows the copy of that email:

    1. Okay, 'Father Kev'! This is going to be BLUNT and Confidential, because I've just stepped into your 'Confessional', and I hope you can spend half an hour listening (reading) my heartfelt 'confession' (if you can't now, do come back when you can, as this is important!), and then be able and willing to offer some good practical psychological advice, without the Hail Marys included! (Yes, I said psychological, and I said 'some good practical advice'! I did NOT say 'psychiatric', as you surely know that I am NOT amenable to drugs or medications curing anything!) Incidentally, I don't know how long this is going to be, but maybe you might want to print it out, to make it easier to read!

    2. Okay, you know that my situation is doing quite well, in some respects, partly due to your well-appreciated efforts on my behalf with what has been 'provided' for me in my certain needs. And when I say 'my situation', I refer to not only my 'professional' life, of helping others to the best of my abilities via my knowing, services and website (which has really been of my 'doing', as to such 'Doing Unto Others...'), but I also refer to my 'existential Life', or my physical/material 'daily existence', for which I DO largely have you to Thank, in being able to place me on a 'track' leading to a much-needed improvement therein such 'existential Life'!

    3. But the problem, Kev, is my 'personal Life' - I DON'T HAVE ONE! And it 'affects' me greatly! And no matter what I try to 'do for myself', it just doesn't work! I know... the Guy Upstairs has apparently 'accepted me' to 'Do Unto Others...', BUT NOT UNTO MYSELF! (I will say that perhaps this is my 'penance', for all the multi-million-dollar financial and tax 'schemes' and such, that used to be my 'stock-in-trade', before that Guy Upstairs 'led me into' bankruptcy and 'took everything away from me'!) However it 'came about', such has been my 'Reality' for the last 20 years almost - that I can 'Do Unto Others...', BUT NOT UNTO MYSELF! Just about anything that I have tried to do for myself, my personal Life, as to health, vitality, sex, Love, relationships and such, has inevitably failed!

    4. My latest 'failure' (again!), is trying to lose the damn pounds on my body that are making me sick and incapacitated at times, and unable to live my Life as I would like to! I guess I can successfully go for 7 days without eating (yet!), but the minute I put any food in my mouth, there I am 'gorging myself' again, trying to get rid of that forever gnawing 'hunger', that just won't go away! Oh yes, I know what it is! I remember reading the research article many years back, in the American Journal of General Psychology, which explained a very definite 'reality' of American life and existence, especially for elder and senior citizens in America who are divorced, single or who otherwise, for whatever reason, have no 'intimate relationship' in their Lives - i.e., no sex, Love or even companionship! And the article said its findings applied equally to men and women, but my concern was that it was talking about me!

    5. Because, as the article said, the 'cultural milieu' in America is such that, the 'younger generations', of Americans, is 'where it's AT', as to everyday American life, and all the 'vitalities', activities, energies, and especially the wherewithal - the money! - that 'drives' American Life! If you are 'over a certain age' (whatever such theoretical age might be!) - YOU'RE OVER THE HILL! American 'Society' no longer wants anything to do with you - except IF you're 'rich and famous'! And that includes, according to the article, having your 'basic needs', for sex, Love and companionship, met by Society! Because, in American 'Society', IF someone (say, an elderly 'gentleman') SHOULD, by some remote chance, yet have some kind of normal 'urging', or 'hunger', for sex, Love and companionship, WITHOUT already being involved in some kind of 'acceptable' relationship... WELL, the only 'legal' answer IS... That that person MUST BE A PERVERT! To be 'locked up' and the key thrown away! In other words, such a thing IS JUST NOT acceptable!

    6. And thusly, as the article put it, what is 'not acceptable', in American Society, i.e., that anyone over a certain age, does yet have their normal 'hunger' for sex, Love and companionship, became 'twisted', or turned around, into something that WAS ACCEPTABLE, to the American 'Polis', or Public! And so the 'hunger' (for sex, Love and companionship', AT ANY AGE!), became 'RE-interpreted' as something that WAS acceptable to everyone! In the 'common mind', there is a 'simple explanation', for someone who is 'hungry'! 'If you are hungry... EAT!' And so EATING became the accepted American 'substitute' for sex, Love and companionship! Such that it became such a big thing, throughout all the 'media', that unless 'sex, Love and companionship' could be 'presented' IN AN ACCEPTABLE MANNER (OR, in a Hollywood 'blockbuster' format, involving much money, which 'absolved' everyone involved, for 'breaking the American taboo'!), the only other 'acceptable' alternative WAS FOOD! Of course, this helped any and everything to do with eating and food to become such a big business in American Society and the American 'media'. And the result was, that all of the 'affected' people (those without an 'intimate relationship' in their Lives), were 'programmed' into the 'American substitute', i.e., eating, instead of sex, Love and companionship, and everyone Lived Happily Every After (UNTIL, of course, those obese and overweight people, throughout Society, died of their 'programming', eliminating them and their damned 'hungers' from the American 'Ethical Society'! Of course, until that 'Happy Day' might arrive, they can 'atone' for their 'Evil Hungers', by 'contributing' to the American 'Medical, Hospitalization and Insurance' businesses, keeping Doctors, Lawyers, Insurance and lots of other people, employed and making money, looking after these 'sickos' and their 'hungers', until their most welcome demise!

    7. Well, Kev, I PROTEST! I may be 'over the hill', and one of those 'sickos', whose 'hungers' Society will not accept, but those 'hungers' are nonetheless real, and my body has had enough of 'substitutes' like 'eating oneself to death', just because that is the American 'Way'! The damn problem is though, that I can't 'break the damn programming'! My body is 'hungry', for sex, Love and companionship, but the damn 'programming' sez, 'EAT, Buddy, 'cuz that's all you're goin' to get, at your age!'

    8. What the H--- can I do, Kev? You know of any 'Counselling' that isn't 'plugged into the System', as to their perspectives on these issues? Who can give some sane and reasonable advice, somehow? I've been trying to solve this dilemma for a long time, and just haven't been able to 'break my addictions' to food, as long as those normal, insatiable 'hungers' exist, without any means of 'satisfying' such, in a normal, responsible manner!

    9. Help!

    10. Jerome

    1. Since sending this email, I am presently seeing a 'holistic Doctor', exploring 'medicinal', nutritional and physical exercise 'methodologies' to alleviate some of the symptomologies which I personally experience with relation to this topic. But this does not change the fact of the Societal 'ramifications' thereof nor the underlying Quantum Physics of the Negativity that causes such. That can only be 'cured' and eliminated by all of us, together, in Peace, Love and Harmony!

    Aum, Peace, Amen!

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