Qualia XIX: Further Conversations between Physicists regarding QUFD and Quantum Physics - 1. From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

Qualia XIX: Further Conversations between Physicists regarding QUFD and Quantum Physics - 1.

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

    This QUALIA Monograph and the next few following documents will re-visit an old friend, Physicist-Researcher Dr. Ruquist, whose Paper was presented to the Quantum Mind 2003 Conference which brought QUFD to the attention of even more worldwide scientists and researchers than it already had been known by. In re-visiting, via email, with Dr. Ruquist, we continue our 'explorations' of both QUFD and the latest Quantum Mind research.

  1. Richard... I Welcome You back, and Yes, I will probably again post your words! But this time I can do so with the feeling that we are coming ever so much closer together in our understanding of 'That Which Is', because, upon reading of your following words this time, I can only say that, "YES! You are beginning to 'See the Light'!" So much of what you say, and of that which you refer to, 'connects' to, and explains portions of, that Incorporeality which is, of course, as you already know, ALL that I 'know'! Meaning, as we have previously discussed, that I don't know a damn-thing about that world of Corporeality and Newtonian Quantum Mechanics that you speak of... Well, maybe I've seen your 'terms' and terminology here and there, such as your various string theories, but I have largely ignored such things, as you can surely understand that I have long ago seen a 'division', where the realities of the physical/material and (as I have defined it) 'quantum mechanical' world are on one side of a dividing line, THAT ENCOMPASSES EVERYTHING IN THE COSMOS, while on the other side are the axion, Spiritual, Incorporeal, non-physical/material, unseen and undetectable, non-secular 'realities', which I differentiate from Quantum Mechanics and call 'Quantum Physics', and which is, in reality, ALL THAT I KNOW!

  2. However, what 'bothers' me in your words (and I am 'bothered' most joyfully!), is that your 'interpretations' of string theory and other 'theories' ARE BEGINNING TO 'correlate' with the 'realities' of Incorporeality AS I UNDERSTAND THEM! So, Joy of All Joys, there may yet be a 'Coming Together', of Corporeality and Incorporeality!

  3. Okay, so what I am going to do is to go back through your letter and let you know where exactly you are 'crossing-over', integrating, synthesizing, and at least 'beginning to see the Light', of Incorporeality and Spirit! And I say this with the cautionary words of Theoretical Physicist David Deutsch 'ringing in my ears', in the quotation wherein he specifically places any and all 'theories' into a status of something-less-than-required, or something like that:
    "The primary purpose of science is to understand what the world is like. Everything else that science does - test theories, produce new technologies - is incidental to this fundamental purpose of gaining a deeper understanding of reality."
    - David Deutsch, Theoretical Physicist, Oxford, Great Britain
  4. Okay, before I get into your specific words and conjectures, I want to repeat/clarify/define some concepts that you bring up and which are at the basis of understanding of the Incorporeal and Quantum 'Dimensions' and their 'interactions' with the Corporeal world of everyday reality! First, to go back to that which I have just mentioned hereinabove, that there is a 'dividing' line THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE COSMOS between Incorporeality and Corporeality! And yet there are many ways and in many forms that 'interactions' occur between these two 'sides'. But first of all, let's 'recognize' that dividing line: it is 'differentiated relativity' (Corporeality) versus 'undifferentiated relativity' (Incorporeality)! Hey, if ANYTHING is 'differentiated', it can be identified, in it's singularity and it's interaction with other singularities, and that includes people, protons, planets and what have you! And if ANYTHING is 'undifferentiated', it thereby implies that it is NOT of any kind of 'singularity' but is, instead, unified, coherent, correlative, condensative and non-singular and non-secular, such as axions, ground-states, 'dimensions', condensates, self-ordered 'organizations', adaptive complexities, decisions, criticalities, perturbations, and even Order versus Chaos, but... most significantly, LIFE!

  5. Okay, and I am going to herein touch upon some of your words again, in this next 'definition'. Which goes back to what I have just mentioned... LIFE! (And if you will remember, one of the 'constants' that I put forth to you in previous discussions, on a par relevance with Plank's Scale, was the QUFD 'Scale of Life'!) And in the QUFD Main Document (Qufd2.html), that QUFD 'Scale of Life' (as described in the document) runs linearly upward from left to right (theoretically), epitomizing Plank's Scale and placing ALL THAT EXISTS in the Cosmos somewhere on that Scale, as to three (3) determinants: temperature, density and Spirit! ('Spirit' here referring to those combined qualities of the Incorporeal quantum realms as may be found in a BEC condensate, such as Sentience, decision-making, adaptability and aggregation between Order and Chaos, and so much more!)

  6. Okay, so EVERYTHING that exists in the Cosmos, whether planets, people or protons, is considered to be SOME FORM OF LIFE, and thusly has 'consciousness', comprising your 'dark matter', 'dark energy', axion particles and so forth. But... Wait a Minute! I though I'd said that such things as 'consciousness' and so forth, were to be found in that 'state of existence' known as Incorporeality or 'undifferentiated relativity'! YES! Because, Lo and Behold, running linearly down the center of that 'Scale of Life' IS... Yep! That 'dividing line' between Incorporeality versus Corporeality! (Actually, in the document, I 'visualize' the entire center expanse, linearly up the Scale from left to right, as being Incorporeality, and on both sides of Incorporeality, is Corporeality! It could probably be drawn or 'visualized' otherwise! All I am trying to do is make the point about BOTH Incorporeality and Corporeality SIMULTANEOUSLY EXISTING at any point on that 'Scale of Life'!)

  7. Such that, at such a point (of temperature, density and Spirit) on the 'Scale', might occur the 'consciousness' of a... quark! At another point on the scale, appears the 'consciousness' of an... ant! At another point, appears the 'consciousness' of... Hey! the temperature is the Fahrenheit-equivalent of Kelvin or? In other words, 98.6F... Hey! That must be a human being! (According to Prigogine!) Continuing up the 'Scale', we find a point of 'consciousness' for a... tree! Further, we find the point of 'consciousness' for a... rock! Then, a point for... a planet! Then, a pulsar! Then a black hole! Then the universe! And so on!

  8. The further point is that the 'Scale of Life' tells us that ANY FORM of Life exists IN A DUALITY, with its individual location on that 'Scale of Life' defining such 'Life-form' in two respects: the Incorporeality of Mind and Consciousness and Spirit, of that 'Life-form', no matter where it exists on the 'Scale of Life', AND THE CORRESPONDING Corporeality, or physical/material 'nature' of that 'Life-form'! In other words, a pulsar may have a physical/material nature that places it at a certain point on that 'Scale of Life', but it also, at the same time, has an Incorporeal 'nature', or 'consciousness'/'dark matter'/'dark energy', THAT BEGETS, or causes, the very Corporeal nature of that 'Life-form'!

  9. And I need to clarify something in regard to what I just said in the last statement, regarding DUALITY! I was referring to the 'Duality' of 'undifferentiated relativity' (Incorporeality) versus 'differentiated relativity' (Corporeality), as far as Consciousness on that 'Scale of Life'. There is, however, another 'Duality' that exists in Consciousness and in Incorporeality. It is the 'Duality' of Negativity versus Positivity! And since axion particles of Consciousness and 'dark matter', by their very nature (they are NOT singularities!), appear unitarily EVERYWHERE in the Cosmos SIMULTANEOUSLY, the only 'distinction' with regard to axion particles of Consciousness IS whether they (AS they might be so CONJOINED IN a ground-state or other 'dimension' or condensate!) are Negative or Positive, or half-half each! Of course, Negativity, and Negative Consciousness, is the Luciferian 'dimension' of Consciousness and Reality! Positivity, and Positive Consciousness, is of Infinite Consciousness (God).

  10. Okay, a further 'definition' here. I know you have a certain concept of 'dimensionality', which is primarily derived from Corporeality and the Newtonian Physics thereof. But such 'dimensions' do not apply in Incorporeality! Let's try looking at 'dimensions' in the quantum incorporeal realms in a different manner. Okay, envision a BEC condensate ground-state, the totality of which is constituted thereof by the 3 components that I identified relative to the 'Scale of Life': temperature, density and Spirit! Or, we could also look at that BEC condensate as a 'balloon', however a 'balloon' that might be flattened-out or distorted in some way, as well as both sides (upper and lower) of that balloon having a 'landscape' or ground-state, which may be relatively smooth or highly irregular, with mountains, valleys, peaks, plateaus and so forth! That 'balloon' is a 'dimension', a condensate, a ground-state, a Life-form (of some kind!)

  11. Now, when 2 'balloons' (ground-states or 'dimensions', such as a male and a female!), get together, eventually a 'peak of criticality' or a 'perturbation' occurs (this is basic adaptive-complexity self-ordering BEC condensate theory!), on the 'landscape' of that balloon, which eventually 'rises' to such a peak of criticality that it PARTS FROM the originating 'balloon', thusly giving BIRTH TO NEW LIFE - a new Life-form or 'DIMENSION'! And thusly we have one gigantic balloon, Infinite Consciousness (God) or the Cosmos (see the end of the Main QUFD document for a 'visualization', looking out upon the Mind of God and the Cosmos!) And contained within that 'balloon' are infinities of more balloons, ranging from the largest to the smallest, all interacting (or not!) with each other in some way or form! Now, these balloon ARE ALL DIMENSIONS! They are ground-states! They are all UNITY! The quantum nuclear forces and field and gravity within EVERY ONE of these balloons is null and void! They are all correlated! They are all composed of axion particles, but of which type, Positive or Negative, makes a difference! (Heaven versus Hell!)

  12. Okay, all these 'dimensions' (balloons), have both Consciousness/Mind and Body! Actually, that is not true! It is true ONLY for those Life-forms that do have a Corporeal 'body' or existence, such as our previously mentioned pulsar! The point being that there ARE some 'dimensions' (ground-states) in the Cosmos, in the Incorporeal realms, that are Incorporeal-ONLY! (And this might include earlier 'dimensional-entities' from the 'Big-Bang', ranging down to those individual denizens of either Heaven or Hell!) In other words, this 'enlightened' or Spiritually-elevated-status of these individual 'dimensions' having occurred over the time (temporality) of their once-upon-a-time Corporeal existence, but now there is no longer a Corporeal 'body' attached to such 'Consciousness' of these 'dimensions'!

  13. Okay, I may have run out of definitions here. I hope you can see the picture. On to your words, and I am going to interject my words to such appropriate points!

  14. ----- Original Message -----

  15. From: "RICHARD" yanniru@harvard.alumni.net mailto:yanniru@harvard.alumni.net To: fatherjeromeusa@fiwd.org mailto:fatherjeromeusa@fiwd.org Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2004 7:39 AM Subject: String theory and entanglement

  16. Dear Father Jerome,

  17. It has been a while since I last wrote to you. I hope this email finds you in good health and spirits. I finally have some new ideas regarding consciousness and the axion condensate. They involve string theory. [Well, Richard, I've always considered string theory to be another of the 'singularities' of Corporeality, 'differentiated relativity' and Newtonian Physics, but perhaps your thinking may yet cause me to 'cross-over' to consideration of string theory within the confines and condensates of Incorporeality!] I would like to pass them by you, as I value your insight; or should I say the revelation you receive. You may recall that I had difficulty understanding your thinking regarding the processes or mechanisms that connect the axion condensate to the physical consciousness of the brain. As I remember you kept insisting that there was no mechanism- it was all incorporeal, or something like that. [See my opening 'definitions' above. Is there yet a misunderstanding of the interaction between Corporeality and Incorporeality in the Mind/brain?] Well, what I am about to describe seems consistent with incorporeality.

  18. It all starts with string theory, specifically M theory. For completeness, since you may put this on your site, a quick review of string theory. (I read all our correspondence there- you got in the last word!).

  19. The first complete or consistent string theory was of bosons (forces or energy) only and required 26 spacetime dimensions (different from your axion dimensions). [Yes, in that 'space' and 'time' cannot exist in a BEC condensate which is comprised of unitary fields/forces, not the 'singularities' of 'space' or 'time'!] This theory was not liked because it predicted tachyons, particles that can travel faster than the speed of light, and did not predict fermions or matter. [My personal opinion is that this is the theory of the unified field. Recently researchers have found aspects of the 26-d theory that lack tachyons.]

  20. Anyway, by introducing supersymmetry, that is the existence of as yet undetected partners to the particles of physics (like squarks for quarks and photinos for photons), [Okay, I can go with the 'undetected partners' to the particles of physics, but not quite! Your particles of physics are 'singularities' of 'differentiated relativity' or corporeality, whereas the 'partner' to ANYTHING you might consider is of an incorporeality nature, or 'undifferentiated relativity'! I would more so say that the 'partner' of ANY particle is the ENTIRE BEC condensate ground-state which is the unitary-state of Infinite Consciousness, or all of the Infinite condensate of Incorporeality!] Green and Schwarz were able to derive a consistent superstring theory in 10 spacetime dimensions. It was claimed that 6 of these dimensions compactify into Planck sized balls and are therefore undetectable. Unfortunately other researchers then found two more consistent 10-d superstring theories and one in 9-d. So superstring theory appeared to be not unique. However, Witten and others then found dualities by which all these string theories and even supergravity could be related. [Does that mean we can have 10-d in corporeality and a correlated 10-d in incorporeality, although I think that violates QUFD 'theory' that Incorporeality consists of infinite 'dimensions'? Of course, your 'dimensions' are different from QUFD 'dimensions'.]

  21. The dualities suggest that there exists an all encompassing 11-d super theory called M theory (M for membranes) that yields the other string theories in various limits. [Interesting here, in that 'membranes' might define a condensate or individual ground-state or QUFD 'dimension', of which there are infinite QUFD 'dimensions'!] M theory is not known as of yet. But Duff has specified the consequences for cosmology. According to him, M theory predicts the existence of two 10-d worlds connected by the 11th dimension. One is our physical world [Corporeality] and the other is the world of dark matter [Incorporeality]. So according to Duff, M theory supports the dualism of Descartes, a separate physical and mental world. By the way, the Advaita School of Hinduism says that dark matter (Tamas) is the seat of primordial consciousness. [Well, irrespective of the Hindu perspective, I am yet trying to place your 11th dimension. Perhaps the key to doing so may lie in the difference between Newtonian dimensions and unitary or QUFD 'dimensions'.]

  22. Now for a brief discussion of entanglement since I am going to claim that the two 10-d worlds are connected by entanglement. Entanglement is best described by the so-called EPR experiments. EPR stands for Einstein-Podalsky [I think it is Podolsky] -Rosen who first proposed these experiments as a means to prove that quantum mechanics was unfounded. The experiments are to use some form of energy to produce at a point a particle and its anti-particle, a particle pair. The first experiments by Alan Aspect [at CERN] used photons of opposite spin. Since then it has been repeated many times using electron/positron pairs and even molecules as well as photons.

  23. What happens is that the particles fly off in opposite directions. [All 'observable' directions yet being within corporeality, anything happening in incorporeality being unobservable!] The EPR contention is that measurements on one of the particles would not be correlated with instantaneous measurements the other because the finite speed of light would not allow information to be transmitted from one to the other, thereby proving that quantum mechanics is incorrect. The experiments however proved that quantum mechanics was correct and that relativity was wrong in this case as the particle properties were correlated. [Perhaps they were correlated by whatever happened on the incorporeal side of the experiment, which was unobservable!] Bell inequalities are required to understand why. In fact, Bell had to derive the inequalities before the experiments were feasible. The correlations are rather subtle.

  24. The particles are said to be entangled until a measurement [an 'observation', which is an aspect of corporeality!] unentangles them. That word covers up the fact that it seems that no one understands how the two particles could possibly be connected. [Corporeality derives from and interacts with Incorporeality!] They act like a single particle. Here is my insight. Photons and electrons, according to superstring theory, require 9 space dimensions for their formation (or 8 in one theory). In order to get to the 3 space dimensions we all observe, it is said that 6 of these dimensions compactify as stated above.

  25. My model of entanglement is that the EPR particle pair remain connected by the 6 compactified [unobserved] dimensions even as they separate in 3-d space. These 6 compactified form a Planck sized diameter thread that goes from one particle to the other. Thus in 10-d spacetime, they remain connected. Such a simple and to me obvous model for entanglement, I am suprised that I have not seen it in the literature. I came to this idea because in OBE (out of body experience) it is said that a silver cord connects the out of body consciousness with the sleeping body. [Well, I don't know about the 'silver thread', although it might 'fly' as a 'euphemism' for that which is actually happening. As I see it, wherever you have a correlated corporeal/incorporeal pair, those pairs are connected by the very nature of the two incorporeal parts being part of the same unitary incorporeality or 'dimension'!]

  26. By the way, when a measurement is made on either of the particle pair, the thread is broken and the properties of the particles are thereafter not correlated. I also suspect that the thread precipitates into 3-d space as axions; and that in fact, that is the origin of cosmic axions- from the original primordial break up of particle pairs in the big bang. [Don't know! Axions are everywhere, except where there is 'space' and 'time', i.e. corporeality!]

  27. So now to the point of this discussion. My new idea is that the 10-d world of dark matter is entangled with the 10-d physical world via the compactified 11th dimension. Moreover, every particle in the physical world is entangled with a portion of the dark matter world via the 11th dimension. That is, a shadow world of the physical world exists in dark matter that exactly reflects the physical world. Dark matter is much more massive than the physical world, so this seems likely. [Hm-m-m. Okay, we might say that a 'parallel world' exists for every physical world-dimension, which I know to be so because I've been there, to 'parallel worlds', although in the 'realities' of Consciousness there are inevitably slight differences between such worlds. But as to your supposition that 'dark matter' is a 10-d world... 'Dark Matter' is consciousness and incorporeality, which is infinite! Unless, by 10-d you are referring to merely the 'reflected' equivalence of the real world, a 10-d 'reflection', in Consciousness (which is infinite), of the real world's 10-d. In such a case, the 'reflected' 10-d world is merely appearing in Consciousness as the 'medium' in which the process occurs (and which enables the process!), the 'reflected world' just mirroring the 10-d of the real world! Because, in actuality, the 'real' world's 10-d is really being created from Consciousness and therefore the 10-d 'shadow' world is merely the correlation to that which has been created 'real'!]

  28. One unanswered question is whether the 11th dimension connects physical particles to axions or to supersymmetric particles. Since the 'super' particles are required to cancel infinities that would otherwise occur in an unsupersymetric 10-d string theory, it would seem that the connection is to supersymmetric particles, which are also called WIMPS for weakly interacting massive particles. The axion condensate of the dark matter world would then indirectly connect to physical consciousness [Whoa! The axion condensate IS consciousness ALREADY!] via WIMPS, perhaps by means of forces in dark matter that are not of the physical world. [Okay, I got some problems here, disregarding the 11th dimension, which I yet don't know what that might be, except that it must be within Corporeality somehow and certainly not Incorporeal. First of all, physical particles are 'singularities' but they surely might 'connect' to axions, which are not 'singular' but are everywhere! In fact, the correlated 'side' of all (or anything) that exists is actually ALL of the axions in existence! Incorporeality is Infinite Consciousness, of unitary axions everywhere! The other matter here regards 'infinities', by which I think you are referring to mathematical 'infinities'! If only mathematics could, somehow, come to 'see' the 'opposite side', rather than use 'infinities' to cancel something out which might lead to an 'unobservable'! Hey, Incorporeality IS 'unobservable' and it does EXIST! When mathematics begins accepting the 'other side' of those 'infinities', perhaps then mathematics will cross-over from Corporeality to being able to 'see', mathematically, Incorporeality!]

  29. Anyway if the consequence of string theory is a shadow world of physical processes including consciousness in dark matter, then the mechanism of the connection is entanglement and is rather automatic. That is, it is not a physical process. It is outside the scope of ordinary physics. [Yep!] Since the axion condensate is totally entangled with itself, at least on a global scale, entanglement may be the basis of the incorporeal properties of the axion condensate- hence your claim that the connection was incorporeal, which I did not previously understand.

  30. Another digression- My personal view is that actually 26 spacetime dimensions are required for the unified field. Sixteen 16 of them compactify to get to 10-d worlds where fermions or matter can be created. Particle pairs of ordinary and supersymmetric matter are then created simultaneously- otherwise singularities would occur. The particle pairs separate in 3-d space via 6-d compactification in both worlds. Subsequently when the particles interact with the environment, the 6-d compactify threads precipitate as axions which automatically form a BEC Bose-Einstein Condensate because of the minute axion mass, and as a result, global overlapping wave functions. [I don't think I'll touch this... except that there are certainly multitudes of 'globally' (everywhere) overlapping quantum wave functions WITHIN Incorporeality!]

  31. The 26-d unified field is then what dark energy is. My conjecture is that it is a third world, and that a portion of the world of dark energy is entangled with the entirety of the dark matter world and the physical world. Dark energy subsumes dark matter, which in turn subsumes the physical world. I further suggest that there are even higher order worlds that contain particles without mass or energy, so they are completely undetectable by us. End of digression. [Well, I've mentioned before that 'dark matter' or Consciousness is merely the 'medium'! Perhaps your previous 'reflected' world is the result of 'dark energy' occurring in 'dark matter' as the result of Consciousness/dark matter creating the real world!]

  32. So to briefly summarize, axion consciousness is entangled with physical waking consciousness. All our sensations and thoughts are automatically reflected in the axion condensate. That is such a subtle, incorporeal mechanism, that it may be beyond our means for its detection. [Oh, I wish I yet had the drawings that I had, once upon a time, made to visually present some of these realities! The best I can do is refer you to the section of the Main QUFD document where I describe what it might look like (and feel like!) to be a part of the 'landscape' of a condensate ground-state of Consciousness. Of course, one would have to be familiar with the various psychological 'mechanisms' and 'inputs' to that ground-state of Consciousness, such as the phyllogical 'inputs' that might cause that large 'mountain' on the 'landscape' of the Mind that is actually the 'ground-state' of one's emotions!]

  33. Now all this thinking is based on string theory. But there is some evidence that string theory may be unfounded. It predicts the wrong sign for the cosmological constant and it is not unique. It predicts many possible laws of physics. Also, supersymmetric particles have never been observed, as well as the extra dimensions. Furthermore, a new type of theory called Loop Quantum Gravity in which spacetime itself (a discrete one) is derived from first principles predicts the correct sign of the cosmological constant and does not require supersymmetry or extra dimensions. On the other hand, LQG might be able to derive string theory. It has already been able to derive quantum mechanics and a non-singular big bang. Its first principles are the same as in General Relativity. A revolution in physics like that of the early 1900s seems to be happening right now.

    Hope you find this interesting. My best to you.
    Richard Ruquist

  34. (End of Dr. Ruquist's message.)

  35. Well, Richard, your comments were quite interesting, coming closer, as they were, to the actualities of QUFD 'theory' and reality. Perhaps some day you will have got it all down so pat that we can finally produce a video or actual video-documentary of all the interactions that go on between Corporeality and Incorporeality which do constitute Consciousness. Then we can have the video shown on public televion, or even commercial television, to educate the masses!

  36. In the mean while, I was glad to be able to comment on your new findings and reflections. I hope that I may have been helpful. As always, I am ready to discuss the Incorporeal side of Consciousness, as I have seen it and know it to be!

    Father Jerome, OA/OWB
    D.Th.(In Esse-the Theology of Reality), D.Sc.(Quantum Physics)
    Father Jerome USA,
    Author of the world-renown 'textbook-on-the-Web'
    (listed in the TOP 1% of worldwide websites),
    the QUFD (Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics) website, at:
    An Affiliate of the
    Freedom, Independenace & World Democracy (FIWD) Institute,
    London (OA/OWB)

  37. (End of Father Jerome's reply to Dr. Ruquist.)

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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