A Website By and For the Intellectual Homeless Person

As Authored by:
Father Jerome, OA/OWB (the "Ancient Order"), D.Th. (In Esse-the THeology of Reality), D.Sc. (Quantum Physics)

For the highly-educated and degreed scientist, professional, physicist, physician, economist, entrepreneur, psychologist, anthropologist, political scientist, geologist, paleontologist, archaeologist, historian, or whatever your specialization may be! Surely you will find something here of interest to you, as a person of intelligence and eminent qualifications, who just happens to be homeless!

Of course, this is a POSITIVE website - of celebration of Who and What a person is - NOT a negative website concerned with commiseration of one's "bad luck". If you are a homeless person looking for sympathy, a hand-out, money or anything else as such, LOOK ELSEWHERE - you won't find it here!

This is a website for positive people (see the definition/listing for "people", in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY who are making their important contributions to others and all of society regardless of their homeless status. Many of which are doing so IN SPITE OF their situation, and many who are doing so IN CONCERT WITH their situation. Also those who are making their contributions within the context of their willingly free choice to do so WITHOUT their participation in the nominal monetary economy. In other words, people who have found the FREEDOM to DO and BE themselves, as they were born to be, as free individuals dedicated to Serving Others and All, WITHOUT MONEY or any personal financial resources in their lives. People, some of which have NOT had a penny of "income" for many years, and have found themselves to be that much the better for it. People who enjoy and relish the FREEDOM FROM MONEY, and the full and total responsibility (for one's words, actions and deeds) that such a situation does entail. AND, most importantly, the exercise OF that non-monetary freedom, in finding ways to assist others and all who are yet laboring under the chains of money.

SO, if you are one of us, just click on these following Links to go to various topics of interest TO the homeless scientist of today:

Father Jerome's COMMENTS on the state of brain/mind research today,
with a further LINK to a new FORMULATION of the Quantum Mechanics of CONSCIOUSNESS -
Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD).
Father Jerome's Video Documentary PROPOSAL
The Homeless Intellectual Website
Father Jerome's PERSONAL MINISTRY to the homeless, in San Mateo County, California.

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