QUALIA LXVII: Glial Genetics: Mind's Ability to Restructure the Human Brain! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA LXVII: Glial Genetics: Mind's Ability to Restructure the Human Brain!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. I've noted a number of times already in my discussions of the Mind and the Brain, that it is the glial interface between those two 'entities' that performs the major workload of the Brain-Mind interactions. Once or twice already, I think I have even implied that the Mind can repair and realign the neural networks of the brain, as necessary. Here I will be discussing this ability of the Mind to 'restructure' the brain just a bit more.

  2. As everyone knows, each and every synapsial junction within the human 'entity' is surrounded by it's own personal glial cell, which is the means-of-interface between that corporeal synapsial junction and the incorporeality of the Mind. But the activities of the nucleus of each and every glial cell go quite a bit beyond merely acting as an interface between corporeality and incorporeality.

  3. As you already know, via the activities of each and every glial-synapsial junction, the Mind, and especially the lower mind, 'maps-out' the entire brain, spinal cord and ganglia system of the human body, identifying and relating each and every synaptic junction TO the individual and specific function that is performed BY that junction. In order to do this, likewise via the glial-synaptic junctions, the Mind (Upper and lower) is consequently and fully 'aware' of each and every function and activity of that brain, spinal cord and ganglia system, as well as being fully aware OF that Brain's overall 'relationship' and 'interrelationship' WITH it's (that Brain AND the human 'entity' of which it is a part thereof!) 'environment' and moment-by-moment 'Realities'!

  4. Of course, this 'Total Awareness' of the Mind is a result of not only it's glial 'interface' with the Brain but also comes about through many other 'inputs' that the Mind 'receives', not only from the moment-by-moment 'Realities' of the individual human 'Host' but also via it's (the Mind's!) 'connection' and access TO the 'Realities' of other ground-states throughout Incorporeality and Consciousness, including the moment-by-moment 'Realities' OF the Collective Consciousness of Humanity ground-state condensate!

  5. Anyway, the ultimate 'result' of such 'Total Awareness' of the human Mind is that the Mind not only 'knows' what is 'going-on' outside of the Brain and Body of the individual, but also WITHIN the brain, spinal cord and ganglia of that individual.

  6. What this means is that, via the means of the glia of the human body, the nucleus of each glial-cell being the actual 'interface' between the corporeality of the brain and the incorporeality of the Mind, the Mind can accordingly 'restructure', as necessary, any function of the brain, spinal cord and ganglia.

  7. This is accomplished via all glial cells being able to replicate themselves and then have the 'duplicate-cell' actually 'divorce' itself from the generating-cell and move itself, gradually over a period of time (because this new cell is in the real, corporeal-world now, which has the cumbersome 'reality' of time to contend with!), to the new location within the brain, spinal cord or ganglia, where a new synaptic junction is to occur! Attaching itself over and around the precise location, that new glial cell then can proceed to 'stimulate' not only new dendritic activity on existing neurons, but then to actually create the new synaptic junctions between the appropriate axons and dendrites of the proper neurons. In effect, then, the Mind has 'created' entirely new (or repaired existing!) brain, spinal cord or ganglic 'functions'!

  8. Of course, as has already been noted, such repair and restructuring activities take time and are not accomplished overnite. So, whether it is a hospitalized patient or an on-the-go-and-active human individual, such 'activities' of the Brain and Mind nominally occur automatically, as the Mind does so realize the necessity for such, OR as the normal activities of that human individual might so stimulate the 'production-of-such' in the Mind's 'realization' of the inherent needs and 'wants' of the individual to be able to accomplish something!

  9. As it has been said numerous times by our human peers of days gone by, "The human body can well take care of itself, given but the chance to do so!" This normal somatic-function occurs automatically. However, activation of the same human function through Consciousness of the individual to Do or Accomplish something OUTSIDE the somatic-entity, requires 'application' of one's consciousness TO the task-at-hand. Thusly, one's Upper Mind (the Soul!) is 'activated' to 'join-the-Quest' for achievement of that-to-be-achieved, and success therein can usually be assured!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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