Qualia II: The Quantum Physics of Genetic Immaturity and Maturity in the Human Mind. From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA II: The Quantum Physics of Genetic Immaturity and Maturity in the Human Mind.

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from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. In QUFD and in the previous Monograph in this series, "QUALIA I: The Quantum Physics of Cooper-Pairing and Negativity in the Human Mind, I noted that Maturity of the human Mind is dependent upon two factors: the activation of that gene pool within the human genome which is responsible for Maturity of the human Mind AND the resulting ACTION OF that Mature Mind in preventing any influence to that individual human Mind FROM the negativity OF the Luciferian Complex. In this Monograph, I will delve deeper into the underpinnings OF that gene pool in enabling Maturity of Mind and the Immaturity of mind that is the result of the absence of such Maturity, as well as what the individual and all of humanity can do to gain Maturity of Mind.

  2. In QUFD I noted, as a background introduction to this subject, that the current scientific researchers of the Human Genome Project have reported the discovery of a large gene pool within the Human Genome that is, apparently (to them), INACTIVE and cannot, so far, be related to any known functions of the human body. And I also noted, from my own research of non-secular sources, that such gene pool has already been identified and confirmed (by past secular researchers not known to the current researchers) as the gene pool which is responsible FOR activation of MATURITY of the human Mind. And I think that I have sufficiently detailed, elsewhere in these webpages, the functions and dynamics OF that Maturity of Mind.

  3. NOW, I wish to fill in a few holes, in this body of work, as to the exact job that that gene pool (of Maturity of Mind) does, in relation TO Maturity of Mind AND Immaturity of mind.

  4. Okay, I've said that WHEN and IF the genes of this gene pool ARE ACTIVATED (turned on), the consciousness of the human Mind becomes MATURE, in that there are many functions of Maturity, with relation to the Soul, that are enabled WITH REGARD TO the human individual who is the possessor OF such Maturity of Mind (and I trust the Reader of this Series has noted that, when referring to the Maturity of the individual human Mind, I always capitalize the M of Mind, to indicate its advanced level - just as I do the S of Self, or Soul - and that I do NOT capitalize the m when referring to Immaturity of mind - just as I do for the s of self, or lower mind - indicating its lower level). I've also noted that the major function that is activated by Maturity of Mind is Phase-Space-Shifting, AT WILL, of human consciousness, from one dimension (THIS dimension), TO other dimensions and levels of consciousness. As to the other functions of Mature Mind, I will not herein attempt to delineate any of such but leave that to the Reader to discover.

  5. One other important point, I preliminarily need to make here and that is: MATURITY of Mind is extant and operational ONLY IN THE INCORPOREAL REALMS of consciousness, therefore one CANNOT expect to find ANY corporeal, or physical, organs, cells or other bodily functions, relating TO Maturity of Mind, WITHIN the human body, OTHER THAN the gene pool itself! Also, there are NO physical, somatic operations attributable to this gene pool, activated or not, that might be found in the human body.

  6. Also, going further, I want to next point out THAT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR the individual to activate/turn-on this gene pool BY ONESELF! It is the responsibility, as Infinite Consciousness (God) has so created it, of ALL OF HUMANITY to "activate", PERMANENTLY, Maturity of the human Mind, which makes sense, in that it is the single means of preventing the Negativity of the Luciferian Complex from affecting human society, THEREFORE such a preventative NEEDS TO BE APPLIED TO ALL OF HUMAN SOCIETY, which is that which is so affected BY Luciferian Negativity! And as the experience of the previous earthly civilization of humanity has so pointed out, not only human societies of Terra Firma, or Earth, need to be included, BUT ALL OF COSMIC HUMANITY THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE COSMOS!

  7. One other thing I will note here, as to individual Maturity of Mind. An individual CAN "breach", that barrier of Negativity between self and Soul that is the result of the Luciferian Complex, BUT one can ONLY DO IT TEMPORARILY - not permanently! Carl Jung, the great European/Swiss psychologist has called those "fingers of Negativity" the Veil of Separation, or the Veil of Unknowing (see the definition of the terms 'Carl Jung', 'Veil of Separation' and 'Veil of Unknowing', in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES), and he has postulated that one can only "breach", or cross, that barrier BY KNOWING ONESELF - by "knowing" Who and What one "is", in relation to others, society, the world, the Cosmos and All That Is. Knowing oneSelf also means to "get in touch with your Soul", which is, in effect, accessing your higher Mind, your Soul. So anyone WITH IMMATURITY OF MIND can so do that, IF they "know themselves" AND can "breach" that Veil of Separation/Unknowing, BUT doing so IS NOT PERMANENT. Because when one returns to this "reality", this dimension, this "pseudo-reality" actually, ONE IS YET IMMERSED IN the Negativity of this world, AS perpetrated BY SOCIETY and all of the other Immature minds of this dimension and civilization. So, no matter how much Positivity one may have, or can generate, either here OR in another dimension, when one returns to these realities, one is again "swimming with the sharks", in that "sea of Negativity" which is our milieu and venue! Of course, it can be pleasant, to visit other Positive worlds and dimensions of reality (just as it can, likewise, be dangerous and negative, possibly, to do so!), and to learn and experience the realities of Who and What one "is" - one's Soul, actually! But when one returns, the world is still Negative, and is, in effect, ruled by the "Prince of this World", Lucifer, and his instrument of Negativity, MONEY, through those "fingers of Negativity" that exist in the consciousness OF EVERY HUMAN BEING! (See the third Monograph in this Series, "QUALIA III: The Quantum Physics of Societal/Sociological Existence and Reality and the Fundamental Negativity Therein As Created By the Human Mind, for the exact details of how that instrument of Negativity and those "fingers of Negativity" do affect us all sociologically.)

  8. Okay, to complete this point, how does one temporarily "breach" that Veil of Separation/Unknowing, those "fingers of Negativity", and get in touch with one's Soul? Well, there are a number of ways, but the most common is IN DREAMS! When one is sleeping, one's dreams are but merely indicators OF those other realms of consciousness which are so accessible BY and through one's SOUL! Of course, depending on the extent to which one KNOWS ONESELF, and thusly "knows" one's Soul, it is possible to, as this writer/researcher has done, take extended visits to other dimensions of reality. But also, of course, in passing through Spirit, or Incorporeality, and the Intemporality thereof, time, in another dimension, IS NOT the same as time in this dimension, so your "millions of years", in the dimension of granite rock, conversing with the consciousness of your favorite rock (whose Consciousness/Sentience is in millions of years, rather than seconds!), may actually only have been a few minutes time in this dimension, as you may discover upon your return. Anyway, the point is that MATURITY OF MIND, and access to one's Soul, IS temporarily possible IN one's dreams, but, in reality, as I have said, it takes ALL of humanity, to REALIZE that Maturity of Mind which IS our destiny! As First Lady/Senator Hillary Clinton has so said, "It takes an entire village (i.e., the entirety of humanity), to raise a child (to bring on Maturity of the human Mind)!"

  9. Okay, for now disregarding such question as, "How does it become possible for ALL of humanity, throughout the Cosmos, to make the decision to nullify Negativity and to activate Maturity of the human Mind?" - I will let that up to more qualified experts on Cosmic travel and inter-stellar relations and such, as I do not have an answer OTHER THAN "Bring Us Together - in Peace and Love!" Actually, one way to do that - Bring Us Together - IS the part OF the keys which are necessary TO activating Maturity of Mind WHICH Earthly humanity CAN bring into reality - through the human WILL to COOPERATE!

  10. COOPERATION - in ALL human endeavor - rather than the Negativity of COMPETITION, and wars, and adversarial proceedings, and on and on. See my third Monograph in this Series, "QUALIA III: The Quantum Physics of Societal/Sociological Existence and Reality and the Fundamental Negativity Therein As Created By the Human Mind, for details as to what Lucifer has done to negate ANY such attributes which may contribute TO Maturity of the human Mind, and THEN DO WHAT CAN BE DONE TO REVERSE such Negativity, BY valuing, and executing (bringing into reality), such attributes as LOVE, instead of HATE, and so on.

  11. Anyway, the final point herein that I wish to make IS that Maturity of Mind, the gene pool of which is resident IN the corporeal, human body, but which activates an INCORPOREALITY - that of Mature Mind - CAN ONLY BE ACTIVATED BY the COMBINED WILL OF HUMANITY, which is, in effect, the highest-level executive "decision" OF that GROUND-STATE OF that immense condensate which IS humanity - the Consciousness OF the Collective Consciousness OF ALL OF HUMANITY EVERYWHERE! But, further requiring the ACTION OF EVERY INDIVIDUAL OF HUMANITY (see the definition of the term 'Activism', in in the Main QUFD Document, and also in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES), IS THE COOPERATION required TO WILL, or embrace, the decision TO BE POSITIVE......IN ALL THAT an individual might do, as to words, actions and deeds. In other words, that each and every individual of humanity SHALL BE, and ACCEPT, RESPONSIBILITY - for oneself AND for others!

  12. Everyone realizes that there is Negativity and violence IN EVERY INDIVIDUAL human mind, but it is WILL (AS given to us BY GOD!) and COOPERATION, in making the decision - the CHOICE - to embrace POSITIVITY, which will DRIVE Negativity, the Luciferian Complex, FROM the "doors of our Minds", from ALL of our Minds, and eliminate that quantum Cooper-Pairing with Lucifer (the "fingers of Negativity") AND RESTORE wholeness AND MATURITY, and replace DUALITY, in humanity AND in Infinite Consciousness (God), WITH ONENESS, of All That Is! May that, through LOVE, of one another and All, become a REALITY SOON!

Aum, Peace, Amen!

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