Qualia XVI: The Quantum Physics of the Quantum Axion Particles of Consciousness and Cosmic 'Dark Matter'. From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA XVI: The Quantum Physics of the Quantum Axion Particles of Consciousness and Cosmic 'Dark Matter'.

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. The Quantum Axion Particle??? NOT (+) and (-) 'charges' (of electromagnetic 'charge'), but instead, (Positive) and (Negative) 'States' (of existence and reality)!

  2. A scientist wrote me via email the other day with the following questions:
    "Father Jerome: What kind of charges will you suggest for Axions? What would be the wavelength of an axion of mass 10^-22 ev? Does it have a thermal de Broglie wavelength? How do they interact between themselves and with ordinary matter?"

  3. Well, he didn't say much more, so I don't know how much or how little of the QUFD Textbook he had read, or even where he got my name and connection to axion particles. But here, in the following, is what I wrote back to him. I present it here as a further 'Exploration of QUFD Principles'. Perhaps I shall have to add more 'detail', whatever that may be, before folks understand what I 'see' so clearly, or maybe someone else will present a more understandable explanation. Whichever or whatever, here is my current answer to the gentleman's questions.

  4. First of all, I need to say that 'definition' of the quantum axion particle is found in several documents on this website, including the Main QUFD Document, the Qualia 1 Monograph, several more of the Qualia Series Documents and other pages of this QUFD Textbook.

  5. Here is my further 'reply' to the good scientist:

  6. As to your questions, I believe your answers can be found in the QUALIA Series of the QUFD Textbook (and possibly in a few other documents), although the point you bring up is well taken here, to the extent that I may have to further explicate such realities more succinctly.

  7. First of all, as I believe Qualia15 points out, we are dealing with 'states' (for the lack of any alternative term as yet) here rather than 'charges', fields, forces, et al, as are to be found in nominal corporeality. In incorporeality, we have many 'states', which are all mixed up and in flux or dynamism, just as the very definition between corporeality and incorporeality defines the difference between two 'states' - that of 'differentiated relativity' versus 'undifferentiated relativity'.

  8. As to your further questions, all them again reflect conditions for the corporeality 'state', not the incorporeal 'state', in that de broglie wavelengths, 'charges', 'mass', 'ev', 'thermal' and matter are conditions of the corporeal 'state', but not of the incorporeal 'state'. Incorporeality encompasses many 'states' within the incorporeal 'state'. As such, perhaps you can thusly realize why the corporeal 'state' is the only 'state' that can 'exhibit' or realize, display (extant/existence/reality), anything (force, field, particles, charges, et al) which is differentiated, or distinguishable from anything else by some recognizable factor involving temporality or?

  9. But underneath all such corporeality, and creating such 'Life' as corporeality does differentiate and entail, we have such instantaneous and momentary dynamics as... Let's see if I can recall a few here! How about: order versus chaos; criticality versus non-criticality; organization versus non-organization; affinity versus non-affinity; coherence versus non-coherence; adaptability versus non-adaptability; condensate versus any other condensate; 'dimension' (defined as the 'ground-state' of any condensate) versus any other 'dimension'; and more that I cannot yet declaim.

  10. But, further underlying all of these 'dynamisms/dynamics', we have the very 'basis' of it all... a basic, or fundamental 'state' (if it might so be called!), that makes all of such 'dynamics' possible. The very 'ground-state' of it all! The BEC condensate... of sentience, intemporality/atemporality (all fields/forces are zero or unitary!), dark matter, or spirit... which is comprised of nothing other than axion particles (the basic unit of such 'state'), of distinct 'states', NOT 'charges'! When we define a 'positive' axion particle, we are not talking about a particle of 'matter' which has a positive electromagnetic 'charge'! Nor do we define in the same way a 'negative' axion particle! Because we are talking about the two PRIMARY 'states' that comprise that gigantic and infinite BEC condensate which underlies and encompasses ALL other condensates, and which I call Infinite Consciousness (God).

  11. So if axion 'particles' (of the spirit/sentience 'state'!) are the basic unit of consciousness, and they (axion particles) can only be defined by several 'states' of the two primary 'states'... therefore what are those two primary 'states'? They are 'Positivity' versus 'Negativity', wherein the very meaning is of 'Good' versus 'Evil'!

  12. And I am NOT 'defining' anything here beyond Quantum Physics! You can integrate such physics further into any and all 'disciplines' and realities of human and cosmic 'Life' as you might (and as I have so done throughout the QUFD Textbook!), such 'explorations' making quite interesting reading, no doubt! I merely 'lay-out' here the realities of the quantum realms which I am describing, in the 'terms' that I know to be apropos thereto. Perhaps some other scientist of the quantum might appropriately and correctly 're-define' my 'definitions'! If so, such 'scientific methodology' shall therefor show that 'all is good and well' yet with, and within, 'science'!

  13. The QUFD Textbook goes into further details throughout itself as to the various actions and realities of those two 'states' of Good versus Evil in the world and the cosmos, which I will not go into here. QUFD documents also further explore the incorporeal 'distinctions' and 'dimensions' of those two 'states' (i.e., beyond corporeality!) and of their interactions with each other within incorporeality (from both the perspective of physics as well as the human, sociological and other perspectives, such as the use and definition of the further 'terms', 'God', 'Lucifer', 'Heaven', 'Hell/Hades', and so on). And again, to repeat what I have just said here, as to the CONTEXT: I am talking about what 'goes on' in INCORPOREALITY... in the various 'dimensions' of reality which lie within the quantum realms... NOT within Corporeality, or our nominal physical/material world! (We've heard enough, every day, regarding such! What I describe is the 'dynamics' taking place in INcorporeality, which underlie and cause/result in, those 'realities' that subsequently take place in that 'state' of differentiated relativity which is known as Corporeality, or the physical/material world/'dimension'!

  14. I trust I may have answered your questions.

  15. Sincerely,
    Aum, Peace, Amen
    Father Jerome

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