An Excerpt from "The AANL and BANL Technologies" Chapter of the 8,973 page multimedia E-book, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!", by Father Jerome (

A Technical/Scientific Review of the AANL and BANL Technologies

This chapter shall attempt to professionally review the Quantum Physics principles underlying the functional operation of the new Below Ambient Noise Level (BANL) telecommunications technologies that are currently revolutionizing the electronic telecommunications industries and replacing the older Above Ambient Noise Level (AANL) technologies. In doing so, I hope to briefly cover the basic principles involved and the aspects of those technologies that are of primary importance to the present and future state-of-the-art in both manufacturing and operational useage of such technologies.

However, before I do get into such detailed analysis, I will herein give an overview/background of the current state of both technical knowledge and education, as relevant to the emerging technologies. Because, unfortunately, there does exist a great disparity and misunderstanding, in the professional telecommunications and electronics fields today, which has contributed to a lack of knowledge and education, on the part of personnel so involved therewith, which is necessary to adequately understand the new BANL technologies, sufficient for not only design and implementation of these technologies, but also for the continued operational useage of such by any and all users/consumers.

That disparity and misunderstanding reflects over 90 years of misinterpretation of Quantum Physics principles by scientists and the scientific communities through a bias toward the Classical Newtonian Physical principles and the almost religious adherence, by numbers of such professionals, to an ethics of identification and separation of atomic, micro-world Quantum Mechanical principles from the Classic Newtonian principles of macro-reality. Such a dichotomy, having existed for such a long period of time, has definitely contributed to a delay, if not only a regression, in state-of-the-art progress within the Quantum Mechanical fields. But now, the obvious realities of the basic Quantum Mechanical principles, and the overwhelming quantities of evidence thereof, have, in recent years, led to a "quantum leap" in the total consciousness/awareness of all involved therewith, to the extent that the old Classical Physics perspectives no longer outweigh the new Quantum Mechanical realities.

This is not to say that there no longer exist any scientists, within the scientific establishment and in positions of scientific authority, who might claim to be Quantum Mechanical scientists, claiming undisputed knowledge and authority in relation to Quantum Physics principles, but who, in actuality, being unrepentant Classical Newtonian Physics adherents, do still promote, within their purview, in effect, a separation of micro and macro worlds, just as Thomas Jefferson did, in reality and in sincere conscientiousness, likewise promote separation of Church and State. That such adherents exist, is yet so. But, as a pun within the modern scientific communities currently goes, one can now certainly tell an imposter by his "colors"......meaning that a person who still quotes a dictum that says that there is NO connection, whatsoever, between micro-reality and macro-reality, IS, obviously, to all who now know better, an incorrigibly Classical Newtonian Physicist, as compared to a modern, micro and macro-realities-encompassing true Quantum Physicist.

In fact, Danah Zohar, the eminent Harvard-MIT-Oxford Theoretical Physicist, who is one of the many numbers of Quantum Mechanical scientists who have investigated and written about the realities of Quantum Physics in relation to everyday physical realities, has related her own personal experience, as to the relationship of Quantum Physics to her own personal reality......"There was one great reason that compelled me to learn as much about Quantum Physics as I could. I HAD to know the reason - to understand WHY - this wonderful thing was happening to me - MOTHERHOOD!"

So, in order to further clarify and reiterate the point being made herein, relative to education and understanding of Quantum Physics, I quote herewith two comments, from certain professional lectures that this analyst has given in recent years: 1. "In our everyday Quantum Physical world, the smallest (sub-atomic) reality affects the largest (material) reality, and vice-versa." 2. "If you should ever run into a Physicist who claims that he knows all about Quantum Mechanics and that there is absolutely NO connection whatsoever between events in the microcosm and the macrocosm - Brace yourself! You've just encountered one of the few remaining old-time, stuck-in-the-mud, deterministic, Classical Newtonian Physicists, who cannot yet encompass the Quantum Mechanical existence of electrons and atoms, etc., that possess a consciousness which definitely interacts with human consciousness, forming the everyday realities of All That Is created and exists, whether in physical corporeality or incorporeal spirituality."

NOW, what does the aforementioned dichotomy have to do with the BANL technologies? Well, the fact is, that much of the BANL technologies superior operational characteristics DO depend on Quantum Physics principles, especially as such are understood in the context of an interaction between microcosmic and macrocosmic reality. Which means further, that if a person has the perspective that micro-macro interaction is a null and void concept/reality ("I ONLY believe in what I can see or touch or otherwise, in some way, perceive!"), such a person will have difficulty with the BANL technologies. As noted hereinbefore, unfortunately, the education/training of most telecommunications/electronics professionals, over the years, has followed the Classical Newtonian Physics cosmic-split dichotomy, resulting in such professionals knowing and understanding little about Quantum Physics principles, thinking that such principles do not have any relevance to their everyday professional realities.

BUT, the situation is NOW that, in order to understand BANL technology......Nay! Not only BANL, but almost ALL future technology OF ANY KIND......current, and future, professionals, will ABSOLUTELY need to understand Quantum Physics principles, and especially as such do pertain to the everyday realities of their now-emerging and future professional lives.

SO, the dichotomy MUST be transcended, in order for present and future generations of professionals to engage the BANL technologies with a full comprehension of all the ramifications thereof, not only for electronic telecommunications, but also as the Quantum Physics principles DO apply to the self-organizing coherence, connectedness, community, AND COMMUNICATIONS, between microcosmic events and macrocosmic events......AND to ALL THAT IS! THAT is the requirement, for future professionals, in respect to education and understanding of the Quantum Mechanical principles OF EVERYDAY LIFE!

One last note, in respect to professionals and their knowledge of BANL technology versus AANL technology: There is already a pertinent, but slightly off-color, pun making the rounds of industry analysts. I personally feel that it so "states the case", that it is innocuous enough to mention here. To wit: "What do you call a person who sticks with and RETAINS the AANL technologies, rather than updating to BANL? Answer: (Well, I think anyone can guess the answer, so I will not relate it here.)"

Okay, enough of subtle humor! On to the gist of this tome. Herewith are the pertinent aspects of the BANL technologies.

First of all, by necessity, a definition of the BANL and AANL technologies. AANL refers to technologies/systems that use a means of telecommunication that takes place at levels of incidence which are higher than (above) the ambient noise levels, such noise levels to also include all extraneous (from the equipment) noise sources, whether natural or man-made, as well as any form of spurious electromagnetic interference. The AANL technologies nominally rely on any and all of the following to enable communications: adequate signal power; time/frequency/phase modulation techniques; wavelength/propagational modes; other electromagnetic properties of macrocosmic materials and principles.

On the other hand, BANL technologies/systems may or may NOT, utilize ANY of the aforementioned criteria of the AANL technologies/systems. BUT, additionally, BANL techniques do ALSO utilize microcosmic Quantum Mechanical principles, especially interferometric principles, to enable the reception of communications signal energies at incidence levels that are BILLIONS to TRILLIONS of times LOWER than (below) the ambient noise levels. In doing so, the existence of the higher level noise signals does constitute an enhancement factor, of such BANL systems, in creating a number of systemic advantages, relative to security, useage, spectrum, etc., that are not applicable to AANL systems. Thus the BANL technologies DO constitute a "quantum" breakthrough in telecommunications technologies that, I feel, will be felt throughout human society.

Now, one more qualification, as to the current status of BANL technology, before I discuss the operational details, features and principles involved therewith. And THAT is what I will be discussing ONLY......that is, principles - specifically the Quantum Mechanical and already-existing telecommunications techniques, that the BANL technologies do utilize. Due to certain legal restrictions, I will NOT be relating specific engineering details, as to HOW those principles are obtained, because of the following qualification, relative to disclosure OF the BANL technologies, BY the inventor/manufacturer......

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Now, to the principles and operational features.
To briefly review the basics: The AANL technologies (Above Ambient Noise Level) have always resorted to the brute force of adequate transmission power and spectrum bandwidth, as well as propagational and other transmission mode techniques, to achieve a sufficient level of received signal, above the ambient noise level, to insure reliable communications. The cost of such technologies, however, has always been quite tremendous, in relation to hardware/equipment/systems needed, merely to get a minimum level of signal from point X to point Y, which was detectable above the ambient/background noise levels and interference from other man-made and natural sources. Additionally, the "infinite" electromagnetic spectrum is no longer as "infinite" as it once was, with more and more users clamouring for new and additional spectrum/frequencies/channels/bandwidth. Such events HAVE impacted upon ALL communications systems (as reported in the public media), resulting in rising costs all around, in providing the necessary communications services.

So, with the release of the new BANL communications technologies, with their inherently superior telecommunications techniques, a large segment of society, across a wide-ranging spectrum......from remote school districts to large universities; businesses, large and small; community organizations, such as libraries; individuals; and government......are apparently now in the market to take advantage of those BANL technologies, in updating their existing plant and systems.

To review, briefly, exactly what ARE the features of the BANL technologies:

1. Wireless communications,

from interoffice to local/global, eliminates hardware and connecting system operating costs, reducing costs to the mere capital acquisition of the equipment necessary to enable the required communications (voice/video/data), be that a portable, laptop computer or shirt-pocket mini-unit, to specific hardware that is not much larger, yet will handle infinitely more traffic than almost any larger system extant today. NOTE: BANL systems ARE primarily hardware-implementations of new technology that allows almost all currently existing software programs and systems to interface therewith. With over 50 different manufacturers (of radio systems using the ISM Part 15 FCC bands) currently marketing systems for personal/government/business telecommunications, broadcast, medical, remote data acquisition, space communications, videoconferencing, and Internet access, such new technology is certainly adaptable to any requirement.

2. Range:

Public Spectrum, Non-Commercial Digital Radio BANL technologies are currently being sold with LAN/WAN ranges from 10 miles to 100+ miles, to global connectivity, at operational speeds/data rates in excess of >50Mb/s, allowing the smallest user to communicate by digital voice/video/data, or any other multi-media useage. In regard to voice alone, there are numerous manufacturers already providing digital/packet data Voice-Phone software programs, that already enable world-wide voice communications, with exceptional quality, at NO operating/carrier cost whatsoever, except the capital purchase thereof.

3. High Speed:

With the implementation of technologies using Mb/s transmission speeds (rather than Kb/s speeds), reliable multi-media communications are definitely possible. The use of massively-parallel computing architecture, with signal processing speeds in excess of 16 GOPS(billions of operations per second), further allows processing of specific time-domain data that enables reception of the BANL communications signals at levels that are 10 billion times fainter than ambient noise (>100dB below ambient noise levels), allowing the much greater noise levels themselves to provide additional "masking" that further obscures such signals from unwanted users/interference, allowing millions of users in any one area, with NO interaction/interference whatsoever. In fact, thousands of users may be on any single frequency at any instant of time, with NO interaction whatsoever between them, with reception of the desired signal occurring ONLY to the designated receiving user. This ultimately secure and reliable communications is enabled further by the high signal processing rates, that prevent communications between ANY radios, other than that so intended.
Incidentally, these signal-processing technologies were originally implemented by NASA, years ago, when the signals received from NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft, transmitting the digital pictures taken as it traversed our solar system and beyond, allowed a transmitted signal power of less than 20 watts, from beyond Jupiter and the outer planets, to be reliably received, here on Earth, at received signal levels that were...NOT billions of times lower than the ambient noise levels, but TRILLIONS of times lower. Thusly, the current BANL technolgy levels, at >100dB below ambient noise, can almost be compared to signals "blasting in", as if the signals were from mega-million-watt transmitters, operating under the old AANL technologies.

4. Low Power:

Communications within local areas (exceeding 100 miles) is currently being accomplished with units radiating not WATTS, but micro/milli-watts of power, reducing the size and cost of the equipment required. Additionally, using the FCC Part 15 ISM (Industrial/Scientific/Medical) bands, and meeting all FCC requirements therefor, allows useage of equipment that requires NO FCC licensing whatsoever (except by the manufacturer). Low power consumption enables low-battery consumption, further contributing to lower costs.

5. Security:

As noted previously, the transmitted signal is very secure against interception. Transmissions are so small compared to noise that only a BANL technology device can even detect the signal, and it will respond ONLY to signals addressed to it.

6. Additional BANL technology features:

NO satellite repeaters required; omnidirectional, traversing any and all buildings, objects, etc.; implementation is possible on ANY desired frequency/spectrum, in addition to the ISM bands; NO interference with any other radio devices; NO licensing required, although adaptability to any licensing-required application is possible; NO commercial-carrier costs; millions of users, in any one area, with NO undesired interactions; efficiency of bandwidth is much greater than any narrowband radio.

Additionally, as the quite respected technological and policy analysts, George Gilder and Paul Baran (originator of the packet-switching technology), have noted (in the technical media): "Advances in signal processing power are bringing about far less necessity for governmental control over spectrum and technologies in the future, allowing a truly egalitarian leap in useage of the telecommunications media." Dave Hughes (, another eminent industry analyst, also notes, "Compressed, digitized voice, text, data and image...where increasingly the local computer processors do much of the work, tells me that the telecommunications situation is only going to get better." "Radios by different manufacturers do NOT communicate with each other (on the same frequency), by deliberate design! They are used to communicate with radios attached to specific servers, computers, repeater stations, or other like radios connected to yet other devices...providing access to servers, access to patch-points, access to Internet points of presence, access to field locations, access to relay points, substituting non-commercial wireless links (to public conferencing systems which serve the local community) - as well as links to the global nets."

(End of Excerpt)


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