QUALIA CII: The Wonderful World of the Future for Children Everywhere! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA CII: The Wonderful World of the Future for Children Everywhere!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. Actually, and hopefully, the future of Humanity bodes well for everyone everywhere, children as well as adults, of all ages! However, in this Qualia Monograph, I'm going to try to concentrate on my Vision-of-the-Future, especially with regard to our Children-of-Humanity, and certain revelations therein such discussion will, but incidentally, reveal the 'wonderfulness' of the Future, as it should also apply to all ages of Mankind.

  2. The Reader of these webpages and of the QUFD Textbook, as well as my additional online Document, "Imagine the World as One!", perhaps might have garnered a somewhat mistaken impression of my vision of the life of children of the future, perhaps relegating such a life to that of an early English or Continental boarding-school or clap-trap-orphanage 'facility', for homeless and wayward orphans, of the kind made famous by the writings of Charles Dickens in "Oliver Twist". However, none such was intended. Rather, as this discussion implies, the Future-World of the Children-of-Mankind could be absolutely wonderful!

  3. As I have stated, as one of the Criteria put forth in the above-noted "Imagine the World as One!" Document, in a wonderful World-of-the-Future, all children everywhere, are immediately remanded to the property of the World Government upon the moment of their birth, to become Wards-of-the-State until their 18th birthday. During those first 18 years of their lives, each and every child not only learns all of the necessary knowledge of all-of-Mankind, but also, most importantly, learns to "Love One Another, and All That Is!" (Of course, from the old and venerable postulate that, "When children learn Love, Love can spread 'round-the-World!")

  4. Incidentally here, with regard to the millions-upon-millions of caring-and-dedicated governmental child-care-workers, who will be responsible for these children during their first 18 years of life, and will be supremely trained and qualified in all aspects of child-care (having read and intimately learned such, from the "Manual for Child Care")... The question might be asked, "Hey! Exactly where do you presume these millions-upon-millions of governmental bureaucrats will come from?" Why, the answer is simple! From the ranks of the future unemployed 'money-workers-of-society', who now (in our wonderful Future-World) will be unemployed, in a world where money no longer has neither value nor significance and is actually detrimental to the very quality of Human Life! In the future, as 'child-care-workers', these people can truly not only find new and exciting careers being 'In Service-to-Humanity', but can also find a most-fulfilling means of experiencing their own personal feelings of 'care-and-nurture-for-children', as well as, in many cases, actually 'Being' or 'Doing', that-which-the-individual-was-Born-to-Be-and/or-to-Do, as one's individual Destiny in Life! In fact, as 'caring-representatives' of our Children, many actual Parents may even be such 'workers', exercising their innate talents and abilities, in the care of many children worldwide, not necessarily including their own!

  5. Which means that (getting back to the children themselves), each and every child is automatically, as a Cherished-Child-of-Humanity, given (by the World Government and its caring-representatives-of-said-children) every possible opportunity and experience, to learn and absorb, all there is to know about the World, the Cosmos, Society, Nature and Themselves! Which includes the opportunities, at any possible age, to 'travel' and to thusly experience All-That-There-Is to experience, in appreciation and Love, for All-That-Is!

  6. Note that, in the preceding statement, I emphasized the word 'travel', in that travel, in the Wonderful-World-of-the-Future, will certainly not be of the sort that we have today, involving planes, trains, automobiles, ships and such, and all of the attendant trials, tribulations, and miseries thereof.

  7. Because, of course, the World-of-the-Future, will no longer be 'powered' by the fossil-fuels and other sources-of-power that we already use and/or are attempting to develop. There will be no electrical grid, electric-generating-sources, transmission lines and electricity-using appliances, homes and other products. There will be no coal, gas, oil, petroleum, steam, water, biofuel, nuclear, chemical, solar or any other kind of 'power-source', such as we have today. Of course, museums and History, will 'tell-the-tale', of the 'retro-world-of-today', in which we now live, for all of the Children-of-the-Future, to learn of and about, and to see and understand the Progress that Humanity will have made!

  8. So, you might ask, "Exactly what will power our Wonderful World of the Future?" Well, the answer is, that Humanity will have finally learned of its tremendous History, going back aeons and billions-of-years, through hundreds-of-thousands of previous Human Civilizations-upon-this-World, and of the many wonderful technologies and power-sources that were, once upon-a-time, previously known to Mankind!

  9. Including the two most prominent sources-of-power that our Wonderful World of the Future will probably be using:
    1. The magnetic-ley-lines and tremendous magnetism of our Earth's giant hard-iron-magnet Crystal-Core.
    2. The zero-point-locations, of each and every corporeal-condensate-dimension of human, natural and man-made Reality. (See the previous Qualia discussions, regarding local, non-local and zero-point-locations.)

  10. Magnetism and transportable-dimension realities, will probably be the power-sources of the future, enabling our children to not 'travel', as in the olden-days, but instead, using magnetism and zero-point-location-devices, 'move-themselves' from one location to another, simply, efficiently and speedily (or instantaneously!), totally conserving all of the resources that our world-of-today expends and wastes, in the production and use of power-for-our present civilization.

  11. Thusly, our Children-of-the-Future, might leisurely 'travel', via magnetically-powered craft, totally 'viewing' all of the 'sights-along-the-way', of any sort, that should add to their knowledge of our world. Plus, our children will probably be living-in, and surrounded-by, magnetically-powered homes and devices, providing everything that they should need. And, if they should need to 'move themselves', from one place-to-another instantaneously, they can merely 'transport' themselves, via zero-point-location 'transporters' and devices, from anywhere in the Cosmos, to anywhere in the Cosmos, including other worlds and dimensions!

  12. Oh! The World, the Cosmos and Life-of-the-Future, should be absolutely Wonderful, for the Children-of-Humanity! Learning and knowing, everything and anything! Having the opportunities and experiences, to Do and to Be, anything that an individual Child was actually 'Born-to Be-and/or-to-Do'! And all based upon... Love of One Another, and Love of All That Is! Within a Society and a World, of Life, Existence and Reality, in which Each-and-Every-Individual, as well as All of Life, is cherished, as the Wonderful Life-form that such might Be, and as a Contributing-Participant, to the Unity-and-Oneness of Life, Existence and Reality everywhere!

  13. HOWEVER, such a Wonderful World of the Future, will require Understanding... an intimate, full and complete, understanding and knowledge, of the absolute Basics and Fundamentals OF... Life, Existence and Reality! (How can one use, either magnetism or zero-point-devices and such, if one does not even understand the very basic fundamentals thereof?)

  14. Not only our Children-of-the-Future, but all of ourselves as well... will absolutely have to Change Our World For The Better, as I have so written about on these webpages and in the QUFD Textbook... IF we, Humanity, ALL of us, is to have that Wonderful World of the Future! It is All Up To Us!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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