Qualia XXIII: "The Quantum Physics of God!" Continued Conversations between Physicists - 5. From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

Qualia XXIII: "The Quantum Physics of God!" Continued Conversations between Physicists - 5.

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

    Hi Richard

  1. It is 7 AM my time and I just logged in to tell you of something important that has just come to me regarding something I told you in my last post. Also I just found your most recent post, which I will reply to in a minute but first let me tell you of what has come to me, as 'clarification' or 'qualification' of what I said previously.

  2. It is with regard to my previous statement that there are NO 'absolutes'. Actually, there are a few absolutes, but they are of the most basic 'nature' and they are related to, or consist of... DUALITIES! (And this 'qualification' encompasses both of those two 'methodologies' that I have put forth to you - both Theology and Science.)

  3. Okay, Dualities which are Absolutes:
    God versus Lucifer;

  4. And then, based upon these previous two Dualities, we have further Dualities WHICH ARE BASICALLY THE SAME THING:
    Positivity and Negativity, occurring in both Corporeality AND Incorporeality!
  5. Also:
    Order versus Chaos, which derive from Positivity and Negativity.

  6. Okay, those are the basic absolutes (if I may have left something out, and you might wonder whether it is an 'absolute', just ask yourself if it, whatever it is, is related to any or either of those absolutes which I have just given. If it is, then it is an absolute, or is derived from an absolute!)

  7. Now, as I have said, all these absolutes apply in both Corporeality AND Incorporeality! There is one more basic state or 'quality' that can be considered an 'absolute' and that is Positive polarity and Negative polarity. But here I have to differentiate as to WHERE such state or quality exists! Let me say that polarity exists in Corporeality but does NOT EXIST in Incorporeality! But, again, that very statement needs to be 'qualified', because this is a very significant case of... "...'Tis So!" versus "...'Tain't So!" It all depends on the perspective here, as to whether we are talking about something existing (or not!), within a condensate or without (outside) of a condensate. Because, here the reality is, that polarity exists ONLY in Corporeality, not Incorporeality! But since Corporeality - ALL of Corporeality - IS A CONDENSATE, a 'dimension', or a 'world' (actually a Universe!)... AND that Corporeality actually exists WITHIN INCORPOREALITY...

  8. Okay, you might be ready to say, "Whoa!" here, but just think about it! What I have just said, is actually the same thing which I have said many times before, and have also already written about on the pages of the QUFD website! Remember me saying such things like: "Incorporeality BEGETS Corporeality!"; "Condensates are 'created' within other condensates OR from other condensates!"; "Condensates (and the ground-states of each individual condensate) are also 'dimensions' (in the sense of a QUFD 'dimension', although I am NOT sure as yet whether such corresponds to a Corporeal dimension!); and so on!

  9. So, if Corporeality actually exists within Incorporeality, as a condensate within the larger penultimate condensate of Incorporeality or Infinite Consciousness (God), then, as I've just said, we have a case of something (in this case, ANY and EVERYTHING, within the 'boundaries' or 'area' of Corporeality!) that DOES EXIST, at a specific point-location (actually myriad point-locations!) of time and space, WITHIN that condensate of Corporeality... and remember, what I am talking about here, is the 'absolutes' of POLARITY, i.e., Positive polarity versus Negative polarity... which does NOT EXIST WITHIN THE larger condensate, the condensate of Incorporeality or God! And yet, each and every point-location of Corporeality IS THE VERY SAME point-location of Incorporeality! And yet, from one Perspective, as to the condensate of Corporeality, such polarity absolutes DO EXIST, but from the larger Perspective, of the condensate of Incorporeality (God), IN WHICH that Corporeality condensate resides, AND within which (Incorporeality) time and space do NOT EXIST, so neither does the 'absolutes' of Polarity!

  10. What this means is that, ANY quantum particle (getting down to the smallest qualities here), AT ANY POINT-LOCATION whatsoever (of time and space), when considered from WITHIN the condensate of Corporeality (the 10-d 'real' world!)... HAS Polarity, as an Absolute! BUT, AT THE VERY SAME POINT-LOCATION (of NO time and space!), which is to say that we are now considering this from WITHOUT (or outside of) the condensate of Corporeality (or from the 10-d 'shadow' world, existing in Incorporeality!)... we do NOT have Polarity, as an Absolute! And the reason for this is because time and space exist AT our specific point-location INSIDE the condensate of Corporeality (thus we have Polarity, in the 10-d real world!), but, because that very same point-location is also existing (if only momentarily!) OUTSIDE the condensate of Corporeality, in the larger condensate of Incorporeality (the 10-d shadow world, that exists in the 11th dimension!), not only do we NOT have the Polarity absolutes, but we also DO NOT HAVE TIME AND SPACE, because time and space (and the Polarity absolutes that go along with spacetime), cannot exist in a unitary environment or condensate... EXCEPT... at that very same POINT-LOCATION... WHEN that point-location is ALSO within a condensate of Corporeality!

  11. So, what this means further, when considered from either Differentiated Relativity (Corporeality) or Undifferentiated Relativity (Incorporeality), our two opposing Perspectives, on opposite sides of our hypothetical 'dividing line'... and yet remember, that one is contained within the other (Corporeality is a condensate within Incorporeality!)... is that we have our physical/material quantum particles (bosons, fermions, leptons, quarks, etc.) AND their 'absolutes' of Polarity (+ or -), which define 'realities' in the 10-d real world of Newtonian physics, WHEN considered from the Perspective OF Differentiated Relativity (Corporeality). But, when considered from the Perspective of UNdifferentiated Relativity (Incorporeality), which is our 10-d 'shadow world' (actually, it is a condensate 'reflection' of the real world, existing within the condensate of Incorporeality!) AND our 11th dimension... we do NOT have ANY quantum particles AT ALL, because EVERYTHING IS UNITARY!

  12. Actually, we do not have the same quantum particles that exist in Corporeality because they only exist in Corporeality (with their accompanying absolutes of Positive and Negative Polarity!) Instead, in Incorporeality, we have quantum axion particles, which can ONLY exist in Incorporeality, and which can be either particles OR waves, and which do NOT have the state or quality of absolute Polarity AT ALL, but DO have the 'ethereal quality' (and I am using that term because we are talking about a 'reality' which is occurring within the unitary condensate of Incorporeality!) of either POSITIVITY or NEGATIVITY (or several sub-varities thereof!), which has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the Corporeal absolutes of Positive polarity versus Negative polarity, but instead RELATES TO (Relativity, again here!) our original and Primary 'Source Absolutes' of... God or Lucifer, or the Heavenly (Positive) Regions of Incorporeality, versus the Nether-Hell (Negative) Regions of Incorporeality! THERE ARE NO CORPOREAL ABSOLUTES, within Incorporeality!

  13. So, looking at a, or any, point-location, which may or may not exist in time and space (depending on the Perspective!), we can say that we have, on the Corporeal side of the dividing line, all the spacetime absolutes and particles (and waves!), that might exist within such a condensate-dimension of Corporeality, which you have identified as the 10-d real world! Now, on the other side of the dividing line, the side of Undifferentiated Relativity, and yet at the very same point-location, which has NO spacetime because it is unitary and incorporeal, we have completely different absolutes and particle/waves, which act completely different than any quantum particles or waves of corporeality might act! Each and every quantum axion particle (or wave), being unitarily bonded to every other particle/wave, exists throughout the entire continuum of Incorporeality, encompassing also Past, Present and Future! This does not mean, however, that any particle/wave can be, or is, excluded from any self-ordering that might occur within that ultimate condensate of Incorporeality! And since any individual particle/wave, existing at any point-location, is not only 'bonded' (correlated) with all other particle/waves, in the unitary 'Oneness' and coherence of the basic ground-state of Order, but is ALSO 'susceptible' to being 'disturbed' (we shall say), in its 'unity' with all other particles, BY anything whatsoever that results FROM an 'Input', or Inputs TO, that unitary condensate!

  14. Such that, by the very 'interaction' with other particles which have also been 'disturbed' but from a different 'input' than the particular 'input' which has 'disturbed' our one specific particle, all these particles are now attempting to self-order themselves somehow into an aggregation which is the sum of all the various 'inputs' that have 'disturbed' each of the particles. (We also might say that an 'input' represents anything from the 10-d real world that has been 'mapped', or overlain, onto unitary particles from the 11th dimension, consequently creating particles of 10-d shadow-world 'reality' within that 11th dimension!) And remember here, all of the qualities of a condensate, that are about to come into action: coherence (we have already, which is the unitary ground-state of all the particles, including Order versus Chaos, because some particles are 'grouped' in their Negativity while other particles are 'grouped' by their Positivity, in that coherent ground-state, where Positivity/Negativity has no relationship whatsoever to the Corporeal absolutes of Polarity!); self-ordering (because of the stimulation of the basic ground-state by the inputs); adaptive complexity (relating to the differences of each input-particle); and Sentience, or Spirit, which will provide the rationale, logic, reasoning and other qualities for the self-ordering that is about to occur!

  15. Okay, all these input-particles (which have been 'disturbed' by whatever 'input' has been so 'mapped' into their state of Consciousness, but which are yet, at the same time, part and parcel of that unitary ground-state from which they are arising!), are now self-ordering and arising, through the actions and dynamics of all the basic condensate AND adaptive complexity qualities that are at instantaneous work here, working upon all these input-particles that have a mapped 'relevance' upon themselves in relation to whatever the 'input' was that created that individual input-particle. In the QUFD Main document, there is a section of that basic document which more thoroughly details the actions, dynamics, qualities and inputs that have come into play here, in producing the sworls, vortices, mountains, hills, valleys, plateaus and such that are being created, as points-of-criticality or perturbations upon our now-forming 'landscape' of our condensate!

  16. The further point here is, that all of these particles, which were unitary and coherent and without time and space, have now become, within the boundaries and area in which this particular self-ordering is now occurring, on the ground-state of the larger condensate, what we are calling 'input-particles' (to distinguish them from our original particles!), which have some kind of relationship to whatever this particular self-ordering is all about. But additionally, these input particles, in addition to their contributions to the self-ordering that is going on, have the further quality of, by their very existence, consequently CREATING a NEW CONDENSATE, or sub-condensate, self-ordered around whatever the reason for that condensate's existence is, such that the ground-state of this new condensate is totally coherent and unitary WITH whatever that basic reason-for-existence might be!

  17. BUT, there is one further kicker here! Because these input-particles, in creating a new condensate, have also 'created' something else, RELEVANT TO that condensate that has been created AND ALSO RELEVANT TO the original condensate from which it has been created... What has been 'created', is... TIME AND SPACE!

  18. Such that, the original particles, of the original condensate, existed in a unitary NO spacetime condition where the absolutes of Positive polarity and Negative polarity did not exist (although these same quantum axion particles were of either a Positivity or Negativity, in their 'relationship' to either God or Lucifer!) But the particles/waves that were converted to input-particles, while still retaining their basic unitary nature of atemporality/aspaciality, now also took on the quality of being able to 'create' spacetime BY their very existence, such that spacetime DOES NOW EXIST WITHIN that new condensate RELATIVE ONLY to such Corporeal nature qualities as that new condensate does relate to! In other words, Corporeal spacetime now exists within that condensate (just as it does in the 10-d real world!) and all corporeal absolutes apply... WITHIN that new condensate! But remember, the input-particles that have created such spacetime and such new condensate, ARE YET part and parcel of the original condensate, and thusly still have NO spacetime and are unitary! In this case, all of which is taking place in the 11th dimension of Incorporeality, the 10-d 'shadow' world (of input-particles/waves) is actually creating the 10-d real world, of new particles/waves, that exist solely in that new condensate-world, and which have absolute qualities of Polarity!

  19. So, I'd say we can now get back to our original POINT-LOCATION, that we were talking about originally. Now, everything that I am going to put forth in the following, RELATES TO that specific point-location, but, at the same time, is RELEVANT TO whatever the Perspective may be that is being considered (as to whether in or out of a particular condensate, or in relation to another condensate!) Here goes:
    1. We have absolute-polarity corporeal spacetime quantum particles/waves (bosons, fermions, or whatever the particle/wave may be), in relation to the condensate of corporeality that the point-location is WITHIN, i.e., the 10-d 'real' world.

    2. We have no-absolute-polarity incorporeal no-spacetime quantum axion particles/waves (of either Negativity or Positivity - Order or Chaos), in relation to the condensate of incorporeality that the point-location is WITHOUT, i.e., the 10-d 'shadow' world.

    3. We have no-absolute-polarity incorporeal spacetime (momentarily) quantum axion particles/waves (Positivity/Negativity), in relation to the condensate of incorporeality that the point-location is WITHIN, i.e., the 10-d 'shadow' world.

    4. We have no-absolute-polarity incorporeal spacetime (momentarily) quantum axion particles/waves (Positivity/Negativity), in relation to the larger condensate of Incorporeality that the point-location of our 10-d 'shadow' world is WITHIN, i.e., the 11th dimension (God).

    5. We have no-absolute-polarity incorporeal no-spacetime quantum axion particles/waves (Positivity/Negativity), in relation to the larger condensate of Incorporeality that the point-location of our 10-d 'real' world is WITHIN, i.e., the 11th dimension (God)

  20. Whew! You're putting me under pressure here, Richard, as to defining the details of all this! I hope I have kept the specifics correct, because the complexity of trying to determine which or what condensate is being referred to, does become trying. Anyway, the point is, that all of the foregoing exists at one specific point-location, as to all of these Perspectives, but does NOT EXIST at that specific point-location as to any Perspective OTHER THAN the particular Perspective being considered for that point-location. Thusly, we can say that spacetime may or may not exist, at that point-location, relative to any particular Perspective. Likewise, any particle/wave, at that point-location, may have a basically corporeal nature (with absolutes of Polarity) OR it may have a basically incorporeal nature (with NO absolutes of Polarity, but instead Positivity or Negativity). But they all exist, in REALITY, at that very same point-location!

  21. Okay, I give up here, on trying to explain this further right now! I'll respond, in the remainder of this email, to your following comments.

  22. (Actually, I seem to think that I have left something important out here, that I was talking about earlier and which had relevance to all these further complexities that I have discussed, but that, in doing so, so extensively, I have lost 'track' of, as to the continued relevance of what I have subsequently discussed, in relation to whatever it was that I had earlier discussed! Well, if it comes to me, I'll get back to you! Such are the 'perils' of that which is both Simple and Complex at the same time!)


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    Dear Father Jerome,

  23. [Ruquist]Yes, I am really enjoying our exchange. And I think I am beginning to get at what you are talking about. I add comments after each of your paragraphs as before. I presume that when posting the discourse on your site, you add more comments as well. So the end product begins to look like the Talmud, or is it 'tall mud'.
    I have to laugh at this, NOT at you, but at the mere 'mechanism' of our exchanges, as they are becoming quite enjoyable, in that I am certainly learning from you, if only, as you say, as to semantics. That is the reason I included, in my last post, a statement that I was going to try to not use the words and terms that I have used on my website to define or explain something and, instead, try to use your words, terms and concepts, so that you might be able to see that most clear and simple picture that I see, but in your own words. Such as your reference to a research source that used the terms 10-d 'real world', 10-d 'shadow world' and 11th dimension. By using those terms in my own explanations, that has enabled me to even more clearly and completely explain my own previous 'explanations', when explained using these new terms!

    I just logged into my emails and I was going to send you a most urgent 'notice' anyway, before I found your latest post. Because, in going back over both of our dialogues in the last post, I realized, perhaps, a basic problem in our understandings of each other. Richard, I want to say this but once! Forget about ABSOLUTES! Please review whatever you can in the published literature (which is your source, whereas mine is direct!) about adaptive complexity and BEC condensates! BUT, instead of reading the texts, try to look for whatever pictures might accompany those texts! I know that Scientific American and such 'popular' scientific publications have surely had entire pages showing pictorially the actions and dynamics that are nominally going on in any BEC condensate, where the visual 'reality' of a self-ordered 'sworl' is usually shown, wherein the specific chemical or plasma 'reason' FOR such self-ordering, is creating a 'mountain', or hills, valleys and plateaus, over that visual landscape! Try to visualize those landscapes in your mind, with the understanding that EVERY POINT in that landscape is INSTANTANEOUS, momentary and RELATIVE! Also, find publications that have pictures of Santa Fe Institute articles and research about complex adaptability! THEN take those laws and princples, of both BEC condensates and adaptive complexity, and merge them together into one 'methodology' of seeing something or anything. THEN, as I said, forget about the absolutes, but see the RELATIVITY of anything to anything else! SEE the reason, why one of the most used expressions in the world is... and I can't remember the exact words, but it seems to say that something, ANYTHING, can exist, while at the same time, NOT EXISTING! THAT is the very definition of anything that is RELATIVE! But relativity goes further yet! It has to HAVE A REFERENCE! That which something/anything is 'referenced TO', or relevant TO!

  24. [Ruquist]I have followed the literature on BEC closely and have noted the very ordered vortices. I have yet to see any chaos in a BEC. Chaos requires forces and as you say the usual forces do not exist in a BEC. I have not followed the Sante Fe work. But again, if that is what you mean by adaptive complexity - a self-organizing process - that again cannot happen in a BEC. BECs are completely ordered from the start. They do not evolve.

  25. [Jerome]Sorry, Richard, they do 'evolve'! See my discourse earlier in this email!////
    Such concepts are the very basis of Quantum Physics... that a particle can exist, and at the same time and place, NOT EXIST, either case being dependent upon the 'reference', or what the perspective is relevant TO! Now, take that very basic understanding, that something can be 'so' at the same time that it is not 'so' (with the realization that it all depends on who is 'saying it is so or not'!), and put it together with the picture of all you are talking about... i.e., time/space and All That Is... put it all IN MOTION! Such that there are NO 'absolutes', NO 'certainties', and NO PROOFS, EXCEPT in Corporeality, the physical/material world! And then realize that we are NOT talking about the Corporeal 'world' (of Newtonian Physics or even Quantum 'Mechanics', but we are talking about THE OTHER SIDE OF THAT DIVIDING LINE... UNdifferentiated relativity, INcorporeality, Consciousness, Spirit, God, what have you, where NOTHING IS ABSOLUTE, but all is RELATIVE!
  26. [Ruquist]Here you seem to be talking about wave/particle duality. That is a corporeal process. If the incorporeal is a BEC, then it cannot 'exist and not exist' at the same time. There actually are no particles in a BEC. It's all waves. There is no friction in a BEC to collapse the waves into particles. What you describe above applies to waves - the almost infinite possibilities that waves can be at the same time. But the waves do exist. They are not non-existent.

  27. [Jerome]Again, Richard, it is Perspectives and RELATIVITY. As long as you confine your viewpoint of a BEC condensate to the static-ordering that created it in the first place (as to Corporeal 'condensates', created by the laws and principles of Classical Newtonian Physics and Quantum 'Mechanics'...) Yes! You are stuck with the rigidity and forced-structure of the absolutes that were used to define that BEC condensate! But we are not talking here, Richard, of lab equipment and lab tests, with their limited-experience-as-a-result-of whatever the equipment and chemicals might so produce! (I've never been to CERN or seen Alain Aspect's experients there, but I have been to SLAC. In fact, I've lived so close to, and even riden my bicycle by, SLAC for so many years, that I feel it is a part of me. Even SRI, Intl, is a part of me, having, years back, applied there for several positions in my younger years, as well as going by SRI every day for many years! Now Fermi Labs is something else...) We are talking about REALITY, Richard, and the conscious Mind, and of LIFE! Meaning THAT WHICH EXISTS, or All That Is! So, we superimpose, on top of your basic BEC condensate laws and principles, the laws and principles of Complexive Adaptability (compliments of the Sante Fe people!), and then we throw in further laws and principles (and facts!), RELATIVE TO (Relativity here, Richard, which pertains to all that is relevant to LIFE!) such additional fields/disciplines of science/physics, as: Medicine, Neurophysics, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Psychology (and there are various and differing 'Schools' of Psychology, but my orientation comes primarily from Carl Jung, although there might be some Adlerian and other influences!), Philosophy (there are various 'Schools' of this too!), Genetics, Sociology, History, Anthropology, Lattistical Structurizations (recursive crystal structures), Biology, Archaelogy, Paleology/Antiquities Sciences, Geophysics, Political Sciences, Evolutionary Sciences (all three: Darwinian, Human and Creationist!), P/S Wave Flow Dynamics (of tectonic plates), Electromagnetohydrodynamics (Richard, do you know what the Mohorovicic Discontinuity Layer is? Better than that, can you tell me where to find the Soul-level of Consciousness of the Mohorovicic Discontinuity Layer?), Theology, Ontology, Epistemology, and a bunch more disciplines and sciences!

  28. Now that we have all these 'inputs', Richard, in Consciousness, do you think they are just sitting there, waiting to be observed??? Hell NO! This 'stew' is really boiling! It is dynamic, in motion, and continuous, as to the results, decisions, condensates, Life-forms, and what have you, that are being produced thereby... GOD!////
    Richard, perhaps if you can change the fundamental way that you look at something, and realize that there are INFINITE probabilities and possibilities out there, that they are all correlated but non-local, and... THEY CANNOT BE OBSERVED, which is an ABSOLUTE! Any yet they all exist! NOW, try to 'see', visualize, this 'world' WHICH CANNOT BE SEEN, and cannot be OBSERVED! But, instead, see it in your MIND instead, in Consciousness! And guess what? I'll bet your Consciousness will automatically 'show you', in your MIND... NOT by 'observation', in the Corporeal 'world', but by mere 'realization' OF that Which IS, IN Incorporeality... what that overall 'Big Picture' ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE, IF IT WERE OBSERVABLE (which it is NOT!)
  29. [Ruquist]Dark matter, a BEC, cannot be observed. Being all waves, they are probabilities, not actualities in a physical, corporeal sense. I can see the waves in my mind.

  30. [Jerome]You're getting there, Richard!
    Also, Richard, I realized that I made a number of typos in my last post to you, as I didn't read and correct it adequately. Those typos may have added to the difficulty in trying to understand what I was saying. Anyway, I have corrected them. And, as you have already realized, I have already posted our communications on my website, with the corrections made! Our most recent dialogue, regarding God, can be found at: https://www.angelfire.com/ca/sanmateoissues/Qualia22.html
  31. [Ruquist]That's fine.
    I hope these words can enable you to see that picture... the 'Big Picture'... that I have seen! But it can only occur within your own MIND, and it must be OF your own 'Reality', for you to see it, NOT mine!
  32. [Ruquist]I can see the waves. But they exist. I suggest that you just say that in the corporeal world, wave/particle duality works where waves due to friction are collapsed into particles that have unique location in space and time; whereas in the incorporeal worlds, there are only waves. No Particles and no wave/particle duality. And each incorporeal world is completely entangled with itself. It is entirely conscious of all of itself.

  33. [Jerome]Yes and No, Richard! Because we have 5 different Perspectives (and maybe more, even!)

  34. [Ruquist]Then go on to discuss how the different incorporeal worlds at the same level interact, apparently through corporeal spacetime and collapse of waves into particles at points in space. The particle pairs come in that discussion. The landscape is also a result of wave collapse. The landscape is made of particles. I suspect that the shadow world is also made of particles, the supersymmetric partners of physical particles.

    However, in my mind I see a hierarchy of incorporeal worlds, with a portion of each higher order world being entangled with the entirety of the lower order worlds. That is how I see God working and knowing everything, because he is entangled (conscious) with (of) everything. I guess I am coming to the conclusion that consciousness is entanglement.

    But for incorporeal worlds on the same level, since they are not likely to be entangled with each other, the only way they can communicate is via the wave collapse/particle pair mechanism, which results in landscapes.

    However, beings residing in any lower order incorporeal world can communicate with other beings, in a different incorporeal world at the same level, by going thru a higher order incorporeal world that is entangled with both lower order worlds where the beings reside. That for example, is how mental telepathy works.

  35. [Jerome]Wow, Richard! You are definitely beginning to see the 'light'! Now, I have detailed and defined it according to my 'vision' of QUFD, as I have 'seen' it! Now, you take your own conceptualizations, as you might see it, put it in your own words, and then we might have something!


    On Thu, 22 Jan 2004 19:58:09 -0800, Father Jerome FIWD wrote:


  36. Okay, I just remembered what it was that I left out of my last post. I'm not sure whether I would call it Perspective #6 or not, though. But it has to do with the fact that condensates have to 'phase-space-shift' in time and space in order to communicate with each other. But this pertains only to condensates that are incorporeal, or 10-d 'shadow worlds', NOT corporeal 10-d 'real worlds' and then it further only applies to the 'landscape' on a side of that condensate, where the 'perturbations', that might either create a new condensate (Life-form or Spirit-form!) or merely communicate to another condensate (or the human brain!), do so by 'creating' the spacetime within which they then communicate, such 'created' spacetime being necessary to create because that point-location of such communication is yet within the 11th dimension of Incorporeality, which is yet basically unitary and not Corporeal! Also I am talking about 10-d 'shadow world' condensates, in which, again, Positive polarity and Negative polarity absolutes do NOT EXIST, NOT 10-d 'real world' condensates of Corporeality (where such absolutes DO EXIST!) In other words, spacetime 'creation' and 'phase-space-shifting' therein are necessities ONLY between incorporeal condensates, wherein the 'communication' is between 'landscapes' of both condensates, where each and every point-location of the 'landscape' of one condensate matches exactly the corresponding point-location of the 'landscape' of the other condensate, and thusly 'communications' can flow between those two corresponding point-locations. BUT, the further 'kicker' here is that, when such pertains to the two condensates of the individual local human Mind, the two condensates being Upper Mind and lower mind, there is the further matter of whether that human Mind is a MATURE Mind or an IMMATURE Mind. What I have defined hereinabove pertains to a MATURE human Mind, which all human Minds should normally and nominally BE! BUT THEY ARE NOT, or at least have not been since 9644 B.C., the beginning of our present human civilization. Presently, ALL human Minds are IMMATURE, meaning there is NO DIRECT 'communication' between those two condensates of the human Mind as THERE SHOULD BE! The reason for this is that Lucifer's 'fingers-of-Negativity' have 'incursioned' themselves into a layer of Negativity (of Negative quantum axion particles of Consciousness) between the nominally POSITIVE condensates of Upper Mind and lower mind, which are nominally of POSITIVE quantum axion particles of Consciousness. This Negativity had thereby changed the actual quantum 'states' of the quantum axion particles of each condensate. The Upper Mind and lower mind condensates, which would normally consist of whole-integer-spin quantum axion particles, are now constituted of half-integer-spin quantum axion particles of Positivity! And the 'incursioning' Negativity, which would normally be of whole-integer-spin quantum axion particles when such Negativity is resident in its Nether-Regions, or Hell/Hades portion of Incorporeality, has, instead, due to the 'sandwiching effect' with two condensates of Positivity, now been changed to half-integer-spin quantum axion particles of Consciousness!

  37. So, instead of the normally MATURE human Mind and the nominal 'phase-space-shifted' communications that would normally occur between Upper Mind and lower mind (with all communications normally connecting with their corresponding point-locations!), we have instead, an ADDITIONAL 'phase-space-shifting' occurring between Upper Mind and lower mind, wherein the NEGATIVE quantum axion particles of Lucifer's Negativity are SECONDARILY phase-space-shifting' each and every 'communication' that occurs between the two condensates of the human Mind! Meaning that, when the 'landscape' of the Upper Mind attempts to 'communicate' LOVE to the corresponding point-location of the lower mind which would normally receive that 'communication' of LOVE... it is 'waylaid' by Lucifer, and additionally 'phase-space-shifted', BY Lucifer's 'fingers-of-Negativity', so that, instead of arriving at the desired and normal point-location for LOVE, instead that 'communication' arrives at the point-location for HATE! And since Lucifer KNOWS the exact point-locations FOR ANY and EVERYTHING that exist between these two condensates of the human Mind, therefore he can, at his WILL, CORRUPT any and every 'action' of every human being on the planet!

  38. Such is the definition of an Immature Mind, which is one that has been corrupted by Lucifer, which IS ALL OF US! Normally, if the human Mind has NOT been corrupted by Lucifer, it is a normal and Mature human Mind, in which the lower mind (the self!) actually KNOWS, and can access, one's SOUL (the Upper Mind!) and condensates of Consciousness BEYOND our individual Soul! But as long as Lucifer exists between Upper Mind and lower mind, we do NOT KNOW our Soul, nor do we know WHO and What we are! (Such is why Carl Jung has said that we need to 'Breach' that 'Veil of Unknowing/Veil of Separation' (i.e., Lucifer's 'fingers-of-Negativity'), in order to 'Know ThySelf'... one's Soul!

  39. Since this Immature Mind situation has come about through a reversal of the GENETICS that 'create' the individual incorporeal condensates of the human Mind, it is only by a GENETIC RETURN to the original genetic 'blueprint' for a NORMAL Mature human Mind that this 'situation' can be corrected. But doing so (triggering a genetic 'reversal' back to normal) requires the elimination of COMPETITION and the rest of Lucifer's Negativity in the Corporeal world and the restoral of COOPERATION and Positivity throughout the world! In other words, the WILLPOWER of ALL OF HUMANITY, to 'correct' the situation, which was caused by the collapse of the last or previous human civilization, prior to 9654 B.C. (and I am not going to talk about that here, because it is already discussed in detail on the QUFD website at Lectures, in the Lecture entitled "Remembering!")

    I trust this further clarifies actions between the condensates, Richard!

    Father Jerome, OA/OWB

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    Subject: Re: I remembered

    Father Jerome,

  40. The requirement that incorporeal condensates need to phase-shift (a space time effect) to communicate with other condensates appears to be inconsistent with string physics. In string physics a portion of a higher level condensate, say dark energy, is entangled with all of the lower level condensates, say dark matter. If so, then dark energy knows all about dark matter, and can comunicate directly with it. And condensates in dark matter can comunicate with different condensates in dark matter by going thru dark energy rather than spacetime. Likewise, the god condensate knows directly about all other condensates.

    How does that grab you??


    -----(Father Jerome replies)-----


  41. Okay, somehow it sounds like you're saying the same thing I am saying, as to communications, but I still think you're leaving something out. What you're leaving out... and I don't know that I can relate this to what you still call 'levels', meaning, from the way you use it, 'layers', because you have said, "... higher level orders... versus lower level orders (or condensates)..." That is still layers! In fact, don't 'layers' or 'levels', by your very own useage, defeat your own concept of 'entangled', which I am accepting to imply unitary??? If things are in 'layers' or levels, they are certainly not unitary! They are singular (NOT unitary) and unique, in those 'levels'... is that all of this is... I don't know that I would use the term 'entangled' but it is 'enmeshed'... DANG IT! It is UNITARY! THAT is the word! Meaning that it is all mixed together into a 'stew'!

  42. But the further 'reality' is that, this 'stew' of ours is 'stewing' at one single point-location which, somehow, by its very nature, does and does NOT have spacetime, at that point-location, at any particular moment/instance of 'time' (which may or may not exist!)

  43. Another further 'reality' is that, at this particular point-location, some of the 'actions' going on there, and/or the condensates involved in such 'actions', are observable while others are NOT! But, irrespective of... and dig this!... irrespective of whether any particular thing or 'action' is observable (meaning that it's 'reality', or the 'uniqueness' of what it is, is to be brought into the 'Present' OF that one 'Perspective' of observation, and thusly 'grounded' IN THAT Perspective, for further lab testing, analysis and observation!), ALL of the 'actions' taking place at this point-location, IN every Perspective, can yet be 'viewed', or somehow 'felt' and understood/comprehended, and yet NOT OBSERVED (from any one of those Perspectives!)... can be 'viewed', FROM the overall Perspective (a Grand Perspective, or from the 'Big Picture'!), OF God! Yes, the Infinite Almighty, can certainly 'see', and look into, or 'visualize', ALL of these Perspectives TOGETHER... WITHOUT 'observing' any one of them, from inside of that individual Perspective!

  44. Now, since this may be difficult to conceptualize, let's go back to our 'stew'. Remember, I said that everything is all 'stewed' or meshed together. If so, therefore, let us also 'visualize' another 'reality' here, in our discussion. Instead of a single 'particle', at our point-location, for each Perspective, lets say that ALL the particles, for each Perspective, are extant AT that single point-location. We have red particles, orange particles, green particles and so on, each 'color' representing the particles for each Perspective, just like the colors of a rainbow! But, all these colored particles are unitary at that point-location, not individually viewable, as to color, and thusly that point-location IS... just like a rainbow that is NOT 'viewable' or observable, because it is WHITE (all colors!)

  45. Now, when we want to observe any one Perspective... and remember, ALL these differently colored particles, of each and every 'dimension' or Perspective, are all sitting there, at the same exact point-location!... we merely put on our rose-colored glasses, and then we can 'see', or observe, all the rose (red) colored particles INDIVIDUALLY, sitting there AMONG all the other particles! Or we put on our green colored glasses... And so on!

  46. But, remember, by 'observing' these individual Perspective-dimension-realities, we are GROUNDING them IN whatever the individual 'dimension' IS that is doing the observation (basic law of physics!) Now, instead of 'observing', and thusly grounding, ANY 'dimension'-Perspective, how about if we 'rise-up' TO the Supreme Spiritual Perspective OF the God-Dimension, the highest possible vantage-point, where we will say that NO 'observation' is possible (because 'observation' would be 'grounding' oneself IN that particular condensate-dimension!), and we 'look at' all these condensates, all these dimensions, all these Life-forms, all these worlds, all these Perspectives, OF PROBABILITY and LIFE (because any particular 'probability' may or may NOT have been yet 'realized' into Life!)... from the Minds-Eye of God! In other words, look at the 'Big Picture'... WITHOUT 'observing' ANY individuality! See each and every colored particle AT our single point-location, and yet, since we are 'seeing' it, or them, from the UNITARY 'view', our rainbow of colored particles, at our point-location, is WHITE, or Unitary!

  47. Okay, to go back to the individual 'dimensional' level (and I am talking about QUFD 'dimensions', or condensates!), or Perspective. Now, at this individual point-location, with all its various colored particles (whether 'observable' or not!), we have another 'reality'. Some of these particles, because of their existence within a particular condensate-dimension, have the unique ability to 'create' TIME and SPACE! The necessity, of spacetime, of course, is to be able to 'communicate' with other condensate-dimensions! And yet remember, that rose-colored-particle, may be the 'resident' of THREE simultaneous 'dimensions' or condensates! Remember, that Love condensate, that was 'created' on the slopes of the Emotion condensate (and, at the same time, was part of the slopes of the Family condensate-dimension)... That rose-colored Love particle was also a part of both the Emotion condensate-dimension and the Family condensate-dimension! Actually, if we consider the RGY perspective of producing colors via electronic (or Heavenly!) means, there can be a minimum of 3 colors required to produce the color red, or rose... OR, if we use more complex 'methodologies', we can range up to millions of color permutations, from which our red/rose can be produced! Here, it seems, for some reason, that I am again implying that man's 'technologies', and the scientific 'laws' from which such technologies are produced... for some unknown reason, seem to correspond TO... the very Laws of the Universe, or Cosmos, or God! God's basic 'Law of One', for some reason, reaches everywhere!

  48. Anyway, with time and space now 'created' and extant (if only momentarily!), any particle needing to do so, can now communicate across that spacetime via either physical means (the long way, via the speed of light!), or instantaneously, via 'phase-space-shifting', wherein the (non-local and non-observable!) unitary nature of an underlying condensate is used! And, as you know, long-way speed of light communication, within the corporeality of a condensate, requires separate quantum field/forces/gravities, whereas instantaneous communication, via 'phase-space-shifting' from one condensate to another... communication from one 10-d 'shadow' world to another 10-d 'shadow' world, via the underlying 11th dimension... Gee, Richard, I wonder how they'll do it, come the day when we can actually 'transport' our physical-body 'realities', from the 10-d 'real' world to one of those 10-d 'shadow' worlds (wherein, of course, our 10-d 'reality', from our original 10-d world, then 'materializes' into 10-d physical 'reality', in our new 10-d world)???

  49. Okay, Richard, now translate all of the foregoing into 'orthodox' terminology and research, because I yet feel that your 'Perspective' is somehow the same as mine, but... And Please, Richard, ask that Guy Upstairs nicely, and try to see it all from His viewpoint!

    Father Jerome, OA/OWB

    -----(A further message from Father Jerome)-----


  50. A further thought. Actually, colors are an excellent way to explain some of the 'workings' of a condensate, if not all of such. The potential or possible millions of colors (particle-realities in a condensate), from which any one or single, unique 'reality', or color, is derived. And yet, all together are white, or non-observable. And, in addition to the millions (or infinities!) of probabilities, we also have basic ORDER versus CHAOS, or Order (White) versus Chaos (Black).

  51. Additionally, remember, I've said that we are talking about the smallest possible point-location, at the scale of a particle or particles, at that point-location. But, also remember, that I've also said that the smallest quantum particles are also Life-forms, or CONDENSATES, or 'dimensions', in and of themselves! So, in the Grand Scheme of things, envision this! The smallest possible condensate or Life-form 'entity', in the entire Cosmos, is, at the same time, the 'beginning' of an underlying 'super-dimension-Cosmos-condensate', in which that smallest 'entity', of this 'dimension', is the largest possible 'entity' of that underlying Cosmos-Dimension!

  52. Hey, Richard! It's all RELATIVE! But Relativity has to have a 'reference', but... Guess What? In God's Scheme of things... there are INFINITE Relativities, or Realities! And they are all... ONE, or Unitary, or whole and complete! Like mankind/humanity should be, instead of being 'grounded' in but one physical corporeality or condensate!

    Father Jerome, OA/OWB

    -----(Another further message from Father Jerome)-----


  53. I am going to ask you a question, as I would say, between the two of us, you are the one who is the 'expert' in the topic which I am about to bring up! I think that you are beginning to 'see' a more Total, All-Encompassing perspective, or 'dimension', to the Totality of Reality, the Totality and Oneness of Life, of which we, as individuals and as the entirety of humanity, are 'enclosed' therein!

  54. So answer me this: Is it possible, within the existing laws and principles of Newtonian Physics, and even the latest Quantum Mechanics research, to be possible, to have the probability, of such 'scientists', researchers and scientific organizations, to be able to 'see', such a Grand Scheme of things, as I am trying to describe here? OR, are the existing laws and principles, as such, limitations or constrictures, in Science's ability to 'see' beyond itself??? In other words, I know Science would like to 'observe' any and everything, BUT, when there is the 'reality' that, by the very act of 'observation', that which is to be 'observed' will be destroyed... Can Science 'rise' above itself, and possibly try to 'see' the Totality of Everything FROM a Perspective in which NOTHING will be destroyed by 'observation? Can Science REALIZE, that by using the extant laws and principles, it is GROUNDING ITSELF within one mere and single corporeal perspective-dimension ONLY, and not allowing itself to adequately INFUSE ITSELF WITH ALL THE PROBABILITIES and possibilities that are out there... i.e., the INFINITY of the Cosmos??? Can individual researchers, possibly 'see' the Magnificence of this all, from a 'viewpoint' that goes beyond the limitations of their 'methodologies', to encompass a Big and Beautiful 'Picture'... that is all of LIFE???


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    From: "RICHARD" yanniru@harvard.alumni.net
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    Subject: Re: Question???

    Father Jerome,

  55. No, I do not think that most scientists could 'see' your total vision, perhaps not any would admit it if they did. They would at least not admit that it was falsifiable science or theory. You are too far ahead of your time. Some might consider it to be interesting metaphysics.

  56. Talking about metaphysics, I began writing down my most recent thoughts in the guise of a paper. But I got to the point where I could establish an upper limit on the supersymmetric partners, if an entangled shadow world exists. Since we have not detected these particles, the shadow world may not exist.

  57. Here is a copy of what I have so far written:

    (Dr. Ruquist's draft paper omitted here, pending completion and final draft thereof)


    -----(Jerome responds)-----

  58. Oh, come on, Richard! I know you can 'see' it! Now all you have to do is find some way, apparently, where 'orthodoxy', as to research and concepts, will allow you to 'throw' away those limitations of upper limits on particles, even throw away that concept of 'entanglement' (substituting a more unifying term and concept!), and somehow push research beyond its 'obsession' with observation, whereby you, and the rest of Science as well, will be able to 'see' (but NOT observe!) the UNITY of All That Is! All it takes is a little perseverance and imagination, which is what I thought scientists were usually about! How many times have I heard of instances where the 'day was won' by some individual, who not only turned the 'Old Fogys' on their 'tails'... (Does that imply that old Newtonians are really Lucifer in disguise???)... but also used the very same 'Rules and Regulations', to explain and define whatever it was that was at issue (of course, probably modifying or re-defining those 'Rules and Regulations' along the way!

  59. Maybe this is more a 'reality' from Case Law, from the field of Lawyers and Attorneys, rather than Scientists, but I can't believe, Richard, that there are no 'Young Turks' out there, in the research environment, who are not willing to 'Go All The Way', put their Lives and their Careers on the Line, to Do What Must Be Done, in order that THEIR VISION, for a Better Life for ALL, might somehow be achieved! Of course, this gets right back to the basic definition that I have put forth in one of my documents on the QUFD website, that we, each one of us and all of humanity, are part and parcel of a gigantic jig-saw-puzzle, where every piece of that puzzle is unique and different, and was BORN to do ONE JOB, and one job ONLY in their Life (one's beautiful Destiny!): and that is to do that which NO ONE ELSE CAN DO (because YOU are the ONLY person qualified, by BIRTH, to do THAT 'Job'!), that which you have been Born to Do and to Be! And, Lo and Behold, when each and every individual human being does so, and 'lives up to' their maximum potential... What happens? All those individual pieces of that gigantic jig-saw-puzzle automatically fit-together perfectly, harmonizing with each other, and All of Humanity is WHOLE and COMPLETE and is ONE! (See https://www.angelfire.com/ca/sanmateoissues/Evolut2.html#jig-saw)

  60. Of course, in today's world, when someone does such an outstanding thing, there are, naturally, the many 'rewards', of someone 'doing that which they were Born to Do! BUT, why can't that 'reality' be extended, beyond the limitations of today's economic and financial-incentives-based world, to say that when each and every one of us, does their PART, as they were Born to DO... that when we all Come Together, as ONE... Hey, You know what I'm talking about! And all the beautiful things that might happen, in this world, if such were to happen, in eliminating Lucifer from those 'fingers-of-Negativity' that he currently has imposed between the Soul and self of every one of our Minds, and return our HUMANITY, our Minds, to that original, pristine state, of not only Oneness with each other (Upper Mind and lower Mind - Soul and self, with NO 'fingers-of-Negativity' sandwiched between the condensates of Soul and self, i.e., a MATURE Human Mind!), but also Oneness with God and All That Is!

  61. Hey, Sorry, Richard, but Theology and Physics and everything else in Life apply here, and I think it is about time that Science 'gets on the boat' and realizes such! That is why one of the most important 'Pleas' on the QUFD website is: "Bring US TOGETHER!'

    Father Jerome

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    From: "RICHARD" yanniru@harvard.alumni.net
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    Subject: Re: Question???

  62. NO, No, no! Not entanglement. No, nay, never! It's the only unitary thing about condensates


    -----(Father Jerome replies)----- On Sat, 24 Jan 2004 12:04:47 -0800, Father Jerome FIWD wrote:

  63. Yeah, it is the only thing unitary about condensates, but only corporeal condensates, NOT incorporeal condensates! Your 'corporeally-manufactured-and-designed-in-a-lab-or-research-center' condensates are of this world, this dimension, ONLY... NOT of the 11th dimension or any other incorporeal condensate where there are multitudes of simultaneous 'realities' abounding at the same time, some of which DO 'know' each other (which might be a form of 'entanglement'!) and others which do NOT 'know' each other (and therefore cannot be said to be 'entangled'!)! But they are all 'meshed' together, at the exact same point-location of NO-spacetime-and-maybe-YES-spacetime (depending on whether any condensate at such point-location has 'chosen' to 'create' spacetime for itself at that point-location!) You're still 'thinking' from the Perspective of the Corporeal 'world', Richard! Step over that 'dividing line', into the multitudinous 'worlds' of Undifferentiated Relativity and Incorporeality, and 'see', experience, EVERY POSSIBLE PROBABILITY of the quantum realms AT ONCE!


    -----(Dr. Ruquist replies)-----

    Father Jerome

  64. On that basis I know nothing over the dividing line. I know nothing of the incorporal. So there is no point in my even thinking about it. According to you everything is both true and untrue about it. I'll stay corporeal and sane, thank you.


    -----(Father Jerome replies)-----


  65. It has struck me that there is a bit of self-indulged 'chicanery' going on within scientific-research circles, where researchers can accept one (or more!) postulations which are presented as basic facts or laws or principles, but when it comes to 'application' of those basic facts/laws/principles, they have 'qualms' or reservations about such use in context!

  66. I am referring to a basic fact/law/principle of both Quantum Mechanics (based on corporeal Newtonian Physics) and Quantum Physics (based on Einsteinian and subsequent Physics) which 'postulates' the existence of infinite PROBABILITIES 'out there', whenever any research is done where such a 'reality' is necessary in order to accommodate the exigencies of the particular research being done!

  67. Well, here's my 'gripe' regarding such two-facedness! By merely 'recognizing' that such an 'infinity' EXISTS, i.e., that there ARE multitudes and infinities of probabilities POSSIBLE... Science and Quantum Mechanics/Physics HAS thusly and implicitly ACCEPTED the 'existence' OF GOD, of Infinite Consciousness, of Incorporeality, of a quantum realm or realms BEYOND 'that' which is to be corporeally 'observed' (in said experiment!) and thusly 'brought into' Corporeality (BY the very 'observation' of such!), FROM the 'infinity' OF Incorporeality!

  68. SO, IF Science can 'accept' a PART of 'something' FROM what it 'postulates' as an UNKNOWN "WHOLE"... WHICH, apparently HAS TO EXIST in order to thusly 'derive' said PART THEREFROM... WHY cannot Science therefore then also accept the existence OF THE WHOLE, as an UNKNOWN 'quality', that MUST EXIST, for there to be any 'reality' to ANYTHING... i.e., the penultimate Reality! If Science and researchers could do so, I think there would be less reluctance to even consider 'infinities' and 'infinite realms and possibilities' as viable 'factors' in their research! What do you think, Richard?

    Father Jerome

    -----(A further email from Father Jerome)-----


  69. Don't know if you have responded to my last post, as I haven't checked as yet, but I need to get this to you first before I consider anything further.

  70. What I have realized is that perhaps there is a new 'way of thinking' needed, for not only scientists but everyone, as each and every individual normally goes about their nominal daily activities and projects/experiments/goals (for scientists!) Actually, according to history, what I am going to refer to and describe is not so much a 'new' way of thinking as it is more so a return to an 'old' way of thinking, the means of which was once upon a time the predominant 'way of thinking' of previous civilizations of humanity, whereby full use was made of the Mature human Mind!

  71. So, what I am referring to, is the ability or 'awareness', to think or be aware of, not only one's individual and immediate concerns of Life (or of the 'experiment'), but to also, simultaneously, be 'aware' of the Totality of everything else in one's Life and Knowing, i.e., of Infinities! Now, I know you'll say that there is a problem with this, in that the very 'ability', of scientists and especially numerous individuals of humanity, to 'focus' or concentrate their 'attention' on one single goal or objective (or experiment), allows those individuals to 'free themselves of their worldly concerns' and to 'get down to business'! The 'reality' is, for many individuals, such (their work!) is the ONLY way that they can 'free themselves' of all the accumulated worldly and every-day 'stresses' of their Lives and, for these folks, being able to focus their attention accordingly is such a great relief!

  72. Now, I am not saying that this is the modus operandi of all scientists or of all of humanity! But such a 'way of thinking', whereby one can focus narrowly on specifics rather than generalities, is one certain means of reducing the effects of stress in one's Life! I could even say that, to a certain extent, I am engaging in such a way of thinking right now, as I concentrate on what I want to tell you herein this communication. But, in reality, there is more to it than that.

  73. But first, before I 'expand my consciousness awareness' here, let me simplify this discussion a bit and give an example, albeit a most simple 'example', of what I am trying to say! Let us imagine that you happen to wake up one day and that all of a sudden there has been an 'addition' to your 'family', a new family 'member', who has overnite been 'accepted' into the family by all, thusly made a Member thereof and apparently accorded all Family-related 'rights and privileges'! However, that new family Member is a 600 pound Mountain Lion (or Panther, or Lioness!), who, incidentally, just walked in the door last nite (or came through that broken window!), took one look at you and just made herself 'at home', by curling up on top of the corner dresser-bureau in the corner of your room and promptly going to sleep! You, after noting Judy's presence (because that is what everybody is going to call her - Judy!), just roll-over yourself, and go back to sleep! The next day, you inform the rest of the Family that 'we have a new Member', which is accepted by everyone (the kids say, "Co-o-o-l-l!!!") and thereafter, everyone interacts with and treats Judy just as another welcome Member of the Family! In such a way, the everyday concerns, realities and AWARENESS, of the Family, have been expanded by the inclusion of an 'infinity' (although Judy might only be a rather limited 'infinity'!) in their Lives!

  74. In the same way, perhaps, a 'religious' family might go through their everyday activities and Lives with the CONSCIOUS 'awareness' of God in their Lives! (Or Joan Gerardie, on "Joan of Arcadia" (CBS, Fridays 8 PM), might be 'aware' of God's presence or appearance, at any minute of her Life, in the form of the milkman, the delivery boy or whoever might appear at any instant!) The point is, that when one is 'aware', CONSTANTLY, of 'infinities', in one's Mind, one begins to actually INCLUDE those 'infinities' IN ALL THAT concerns one! Because one's Mind has now become 'attuned' to all those possibilities and PROBABILITIES that are 'out there' and thusly one begins to take any and all such infinities and probabilities into consideration!

  75. But, it actually goes much further than that yet! Let us say that now we DO have genuine concern and 'awareness', of all that 'transpires' and exists in the 'reality' of our 'world'... (Of course, to do so, we will have found some way to keep stress out of our Lives, so that, without stress, we are thusly able to 'open our Minds' up TO any and all probabilities and infinities!)... Okay, we have 'conquered' our 'world'! BUT, that is but one Corporeality, one condensate, of Incorporeality! Which we are 'aware' of by 'observation' (mostly, plus indirect data!)

  76. However, what if our 'awareness' ('realization', of Realities!), could 'rise above' ALL LIMITATIONS, and we could become 'aware' OF that Most Infinite 'Infinity' of All - God! Yes! WITHOUT 'Observation' (which would bring anything 'down' to a single 'ground-state' of existence!), you would be 'aware' of EVERYTHING that 'transpires', and goes on, in the entire Cosmos... THERE, in your Mind! Your Consciousness, being PART of it All, is now AWARE of it ALL!

  77. Not only that, but by looking at everything from the 'Mind's-Eye-of-God', we have not only put ourselves on a par WITH God, but we have also been 'Welcomed' BY Him/Her, to such a 'position', whereby ANY and EVERYTHING that one 'concerns' oneself WITH... will automatically be 'reviewed' by God Him/HerSelf and accordingly, you (your conscious 'awareness') will BE NOTIFIED by the Guy/Gal Upstairs Him/HerSelf, SHOULD there BE any additional matter or concern that you will need to consider at any moment of your Life! In other words, we have now become, not only a Member of the Family of Man, but now also, you are a Member of the Family of God!

  78. And thusly, henceforth, you now go about your everyday affairs and activities (just as Joan of Arcadia does!), BUT with a new 'perspective' on Life! A perspective that 'sees', or looks out for, ALL PROBABILITIES, in relation to ANY and EVERYTHING that one does! FROM a perspective that now is not only 'aware' of all that is 'Known', but also of all that is 'Unknown'... not only of all that is True, but also of all that is Untrue! Any and ALL Probabilities, OF the Cosmos! THAT is being 'aware' of 'Infinities'!

  79. But then one might say, "What in the h--- is the point of such a Grand Perspective?" Well, it boils down to this! IF each and every human being, could have such 'awareness of', all probabilities and possibilities, and thusly all resources and opportunities, that individual could 'perform' one's 'work', one's job, that which one was Born to Do and to Be, with 100% EFFICIENCY and with maximum Ability-to-Do-So (one's Beautiful Destiny!), and thusly each individual would merge with every other individual, in Peace, Love and Harmony (What else could there be, when everyone is equally 'aware' of EVERYTHING?), and the entirety of All of Humanity would be Whole and Complete! (Okay, maybe this is a bit 'swarmy', but you get the 'picture'!) There would be no wars, no animosities, no divisiveness, no competition, no adversity, no adversarial 'relationships', no Negativities, and NO LUCIFER! (God and Lucifer, Heaven and Hell, having been re-united, into the ONEness of Ying and Yang, or Harmony!) And all individuals of humanity, being 'aware' of all of this, and now cooperating with each other, with total individual Freedom and Independence to DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY to be done, BY ANY individual... "and thusly they Lived Happily Ever After!"

  80. How does that 'grab ya', Richard (in your own words)?

    Father Jerome

    -----(Dr. Ruquist responds)-----

    Dear Father Jerome,

  81. It is not true that science and particularly physics recognizes the existence of infinities. In fact, if a theory gets an infinity it is dismissed. For example for the simple closed string (or force)theory, they get an infinity for every number of dimensions except 26 and they therefore reject all dimension numbers except 26, for the closed string.

  82. The only exception to this is in renormalization, as in QED and QCD. What happens here is a sort of miracle. They calculate from first principles that the charge and mass of an electron are infinity at the exact location of the point charge. But they then remove the infinity, because they know infinities cannot exist, by substituting the measured values of the mass and charge in place of the infinity. So in this instance when they get an infinity, they remove it.

  83. Likewise, for an open string, which is matter, the infinity is removed by using supersymmetric partner particles to remove or cancel the infinity. So physicists constantly endeavor to cancel or remove or substitute out infinities wherever they occur.

  84. Infinity is just not allowed to exist in physics. Probabilities, in particular, are only allowed to exist from 0 to one. So I am afraid that the basis of your gripe is unfounded.



    -----(Father Jerome responds)-----


  85. Well, Richard, if what you say is so, as to the mathematics of it all (and I am no expert in such!), then all I can say is that it has been a 'Bad Day At Black Rock'! Sorry, Richard, but I just can't, like you, think of it any further! Reality is Reality, as far as I am concerned, but apparently neither you nor I can 'fight City Hall'! That's okay, I guess, because it does not change, in any way, what I know to be so! And I can yet accept and respect that which you are, Richard, as well!

  86. Best Regards, Richard! It was most interesting and enjoyable, our latest 'round' of exchanges! I am open to any further discussion at any time. Be Well.

    Father Jerome

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