QUALIA VC: Reviewing the Three Levels of the Human Mind, for the Benefit of a Forum! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA VC: Reviewing the Three Levels of the Human Mind, for the Benefit of a Forum!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. Not to involve myself in your group's discussions, and without commenting upon such discussions nor digressing upon the upload, download and feedback modes of mind 'reality', I would merely note that there are extant three levels of storage/processing modes of mind activity and dynamics, with relation to both (invisible and beyond the mere brain constructs themselves) BEC condensates (of incorporeality) and Jungian (Carl Jung) philosophy of Mind and Consciousness.

  2. The first level, beyond the brain itself but interfacing between brain and mind at the glial-synaptic-junctions, is the lower mind condensate of the dual-condensate Local Mind of any human being. The lower mind not only performs all the necessary actions of both upload and download data processing, involving both local point-locations (of the Landscapes of the Mind) and non-local point-locations (of the lower mind's BEC condensate sensory and autonomic-systems non-local point-locations), but the lower mind also has two further and very important functions. First (or second) comes the routing-ability of the lower mind, whereby, in that it is at all times (via its glial-synaptic-junction interfaces) fully aware of the entire and complete mapping of the entire brain, spinal cord and ganglionic extensions of the human body and of the functions that occur at each such location via the glial-synaptic-junctions which interface brain-mind at each such location, the lower mind is therefore the routing-agent between the brain's various areas of functionality and the upper-level processing and ultimate dynamics of the Upper Mind. Secondly (or thirdly), of the lower mind's first-level functions, is that the lower mind is actually the day-by-day temporary repository of memory and memories, the essential and existential data-banks of day-by-day human existence and function. However, all such memories that are based here are, as I said, but temporary and cease to exist upon the death of the individual. It is also to be noted, that the lower mind, which is not consciously aware of the existence of the Upper Mind (although it processes Upper Mind decisions and data moment-by-moment!), is, in effect, the 'Me', or 'myself', of the individual, wherein the individual, not 'knowing' of one's Upper Mind or Soul, thinks that all of the memories of one's lower mind do so constitute-the-reality-of-oneself, and thusly is the human source of any and all aspects of 'Me-ism'.

  3. The second level beyond the brain, interfacing with the lower mind across the interstitial-spaces of Infinite Consciousness (as a 'Cooper-paired' dual-BEC-condensate/dimension, known as the Local Human Mind) and via the various local point-locations of corresponding Landscapes-of-the-Mind (Upper and lower), is the Upper Mind, known as the Self or Soul (the lower mind being the self!) It is here, in the Upper Mind, where all 'inputs' to the Upper Mind (from wherever in the Universe and the related physical body/brain) are received and acted upon, moment-by-moment, via the 'dynamics' and processing thereof. (It should be noted here, that any Upper Mind 'dynamic' is an instantaneous, never-to-be-repeated-ever-again, process, that occurs with relation to all of the Sum-Total of likewise instantaneous 'inputs' that have been received in that instant from everywhere!) The Upper Mind receives 'inputs' for its operational-dynamics, from both non-local point-locations in the lower mind (which are processing 'inputs' from the human brain/body itself, as well as Corporeality), plus infinite-levels of non-local point-locations throughout the Cosmos, via all of the quantum axion particles-of-Consciousness that are participating and so providing their 'inputs' to that instant of non-spacial/non-temporal Unity of the Upper Mind within the Unitary Field of BEC Cosmic Consciousness.

  4. The third level beyond the brain, interfacing with the Upper Mind, the lower mind and the brain (via the lower mind!), is Carl Jung's 'Collective Consciousness of All of Humanity', as the permanent repository of each and every moment-by-moment experience of each and every human being everywhere. (Actually, between the individual Local Mind and the 'Collective', are also the myriads of other non-matter BEC condensate/dimensions and groups, of which that single individual may be a part thereof, including condensate/dimensions of Family, Tribe, Race, Occupation, Recreational-group, Ethnicity, Nation and more!) The point here being, that moment-by-moment 'communications-of-experiences' are usually but one-way only! Each and every moment of every experience that an individual has, is immediately 'registered' in the individual's 'loss-able' lower mind, but, at the exact same instant, that experience is also 'dropping-down' through all of that individual's 'condensates-of-association', to immediately be received and 'registered' by the 'Collective'... permanently and forever! In effect, the 'Collective' is the True-Mind of the human individual, where all of one's instantaneous experiences are recorded forever! (Which has also been called 'The Hall of Records' and 'The Akashic Records', in the Legends of Human History!) And since this functionality does not require that the individual even 'be aware' of anything-of-Consciousness beyond oneself...

  5. However, re-claiming or re-experiencing, of those permanently-stored memories and experiences, is another story! Because only the Upper Mind can 'access' the 'Collective', and therefore one must 'Know' or be aware of, one's Soul! The 'kicker' here is what Jung has labeled, the 'Veil-of-Separation' or the 'Veil-of-Unknowing', wherein the self, the lower mind and brain, does not 'Know', is not aware of, oneSelf or one's Soul, one's Upper Mind! And, as I said, one needs to be 'in' one's Upper Mind, in order to 'access' the 'Collective' and any memories therein! (Including not only one's personal memories, but also the entire complete memories, Past/Present/Future, of All of Humanity, which are permanently recorded therein that database which is the 'Collective'!) Jung always said that the Key-To-Access to the 'Collective', is to 'Know ThySelf!'

  6. Incidentally, as a section of 'The QUFD Textbook' points out, 'Maturity-of-the-Human-Mind' will not occur until Mankind is finally and fully able to 'access' the Upper Mind/Soul and the 'Collective' at will! But doing so requires that Humanity must first Change The World and Remove All Negativity therefrom, in order to 'access' one's Soul and the 'Collective'! But, I will not digress further thereupon here!

  7. All of the above has been scientifically detailed extensively in 'The QUFD Textbook', online at http://go.to/QUFD .

Aum, Peace, Amen

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