QUALIA XXXX: Sex and Culture: Reality and 'Reality', and Human Health! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA XXXX: Sex and Culture: Reality and 'Reality', and Human Health!

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By Father Jerome

  1. Actually, I don't really have that much to say here again, regarding this particular subject, than I've already said in the pertinent section of the Main QUFD document (See 'Quanta: Ordered, Chaotic and Refreshed!') and elsewhere on these pages! Reviewing these just mentioned sections should also cover the intended comments here regarding human health.

  2. ..............................

  3. Well, upon deeper reflection/attention to the subject at hand, the Guy/Gal Upstairs 'informs me' that, apparently, there is something to discuss regarding this subject, so let's see what it is!

  4. First of all, we'll include 'Culture' in this discussion, because whether anyone will admit it or not, culture is quite intimately related to human sexuality! But then and there, right off, we will again have to distinguish or define, as to exactly what we are talking about when we use the term 'culture' here!

  5. So let me state, most emphatically, that I will mostly be discussing here the negative aspects of human culture! And the reason I use the term 'human culture', even though, by and large, I will mostly be referring to American culture, is that, truthfully, American culture has, by default and in effect, become the world's culture! Also, when I say that I will be looking at the negative aspects of human culture, this is not to imply that such is all there is! Most definitely, there is human culture which is positive and of great merit to the Life of humanity and its indigenous peoples, and I refer especially to what is known as 'Traditional' culture, of whatever kind, which is indigenous to the particular peoples and sub-groups of humanity worldwide! Such 'culture', as is 'traditional', I deem to be largely positive, and contributive to the essential human values of Love, Family, Life, Celebration (thereof Life, in all its forms!), Unity and Wholeness (however defined!), and so forth! (However, I will voice 'reservations' here concerning any 'traditional' culture that might, in any way, denigrate, debase and desecrate, those very basic human values of human equality-unto-all, for which the very Life of humanity nominally has such great regard!)

  6. So I will, by and large, be attributing such 'cultural negativity' as I will be discussing, to the basis of American culture, to include sexuality, music, film and so much more! But actually, I don't intend to dwell upon the symptomatology of the 'disease', but more so, to get to the actual etiology of the 'disease', as to its physical and usual psychological and psychiatric 'presentations', especially as such are 'presented' constantly in the American Media and Culture!

  7. So, speaking of such 'presentations', let's take a look at a few TV commercials, which are currently 'airing', as examples of what we are talking about here!

  8. First, we have the scene in which it is a few minutes after 8AM in the morning, and our young 'hero', a gentleman obviously in his twenties, with modern-day sideburns and goatee, is standing in his kitchen, in his bathrobe/house-robe/morning-robe and holding a cup of coffee (for those who are 'knowledgeably aware', that is the first clue!), looking quite 'drugged' and 'out of it' (next clue! But, you might say, "Aha! He just woke up, and is therefore in a usual 'morning stupor'! But, as you may soon see, there is more to it than usual morning 'fog'!"), and is staring at a picture of a Domino's Pizza that is pasted on the door of his refrigerator, with the phone number to call, to order a Domino's Pizza! Then we hear the voice of the voice-over narrator, who says, "Doug, here, has a craving for a Domino's Pizza! (Pause, during which Doug glances at the clock on the wall, which reads about 8:03AM!) Hang in there, Doug! Only 9 more hours 'til dinnertime! (Referring to the fact that most Domino's Pizza establishments might start taking telephone orders for pizza delivery at 5PM!)" Then Doug glances away from the clock and looks at the telephone hanging on the kitchen wall! END-OF-SCENE!

  9. Next, we have the scene in which a quite rotund middle-aged fellow is standing by his backyard barbeque grill, holding a quite plump hot dog and bun, and 'spouting' (i.e., saying!) something like, "Aha! Girthness!", as he then bites into his obviously delicious hot dog! Followed by a few seconds of commercial-ese for 'Ball-Park Franks', or whatever brand of hot dogs is being advertised by the commercial! END-OF-SCENE!

  10. Are you, Dear Reader, 'getting the picture', as yet? Well, let's try one more!

  11. Here we are, on the ubiquitous TV show "Oprah!" (watched by millions upon millions of Oprah 'fans' worldwide!), and its typical daily heart-rending fare! Today's guests were (without including any details here of the 'sympatico' exchanges that the entire hour-long show might have featured!) Hollywood Actress Halle Berry and her husband, currently a prominent Rock Artist (I think, as I only caught the end of the show!) Halle, of course, was looking her usual Number 1 Sex-Object attractiveness and her husband was the typical American Sexual-Hunk, a typical Hollywood pairing that culturally appeals to the 'masses' of both genders! As a 'finale' to the show, Oprah asks Halle's 'hunk' how he feels about being 'paired' with such a Beautiful Woman as Halle. His quite 'cutesy' reply is to take out his cell-phone and, putting it to his ear, tell Oprah that he is constantly getting calls from all his friends, wanting to know if they can 'get together' (implying sexual-approbation, in some way!) with him and/or Halle! He says that he tells them all, "I'll get back to you!", implying that he is 'too busy', fulfilling Halle's 'needs', to bother with his friends any more! Of course, Halle laughs, and duly enjoys the waves of 'approbation' flowing over her! END-OF-SCENE!

  12. So what does the picture look like here? What is it telling us, about the generality of American and worldly 'culture'? Well, so far it seems to be telling us that there are several (basic!) kinds of 'cultural aficionados', starting with those who are young, hip and beautiful and on-top-of-the-world (see my QUALIA III document, for an examination of this 'reality'!), and then there are the rest of us, who are either desperately trying to 'live-the-good-Life', as Society and its 'icons' show us, through fashion, art, film, movies, entertainment, music and all the rest of it, that is 'Culture' here in the good 'ole U-S of A (INCLUDING that very basic cultural item... FOOD!); OR who have actually 'given up' on the 'good Life' (i.e., 'Culture'!), for any of several reasons; OR are in 'rebellion' against that 'good Life'; OR any of various 'permutations' thereof! Of course, these latter types are really 'locked-in-their-cages', of (they might say!) their own 'making' (but actually of Society's, and Culture's, 'making'!), which (in either case, or all cases!) is of Lucifer's 'doing', in reality!

  13. So, our third 'scene' above, of Oprah and Halle, shows the top-of-the-heap, as far as the Cultural scene, and as 'dictated' by money, power and the relationships-of-the-rich which enable such, and as described in my QUALIA III document! The first 'scene' above shows Doug, as the typical Banker, Engineer or whatever, who is, nonetheless, totally influenced and indoctrinated by Society and Culture, in telling him Who and What he 'is', i.e., a 'robot' - "Eat Now (whenever told to do so, or, better yet, when your eyes catch sight of anything that makes you 'hungry'!)", or "Purchase This, or That (whatever, WHEN 'told', OR SHOWN, by some Cultural 'icon', to do so!)" And the second 'scene' above, shows our Bar-B-Q 'rebel', who is so indoctrinated by the American 'culture-of-food', that he just has to resist-and-rebel (in his 'cage'!) against all those 'health-fanatics' who are trying to get him to lose-weight and fight that obesity! Of course, our Bar-B-Q 'rebel', overwhelmed by all the 'good-health-fooders' and their various medical and commercial 'claims' (actually, just another economic 'business', after all!), is 'rebelling' by proclaiming his 'steadfastness' and 'devotion' to the 'good-ole-fattening-American-food-diet', that he can totally understand because it not only tastes good to eat, but he feels full and satisfied after he has eaten such a typical 'meat-and-mashed-potatoes' (or chips, franks and beer!) diet! And so, in rebellion to those-who-would-instigate-their-diets-upon-us, he proclaims his 'Proudness', to Be American And Fat ('Girthness'!)

  14. But, if the 'aware' person is 'seeing' between-the-scenes here, one begins to realize that 'all-is-not-well' in the chicken-house! Because, to a great extent, there are other 'factors' actually underlying all of these 'propensities-to-culture', most obviously power and money ('giving' and 'receiving'!) I'm not even going to get into a discussion of such negativities here, because I have already talked about such factors extensively elsewhere on these pages! But, to get back to what this document is primarily all about, there is one other 'factor' that I do want to go into, with regard to Culture and all of those 'scenes' that I have so described, and that 'factor' is... Sex!

  15. Actually, the psychology and negativity of Sex, in America and human culture! Because, there is another underlying reality to all of what-passes-for-culture-in-America-and-the-world! And, pure and simple, it boils down to the biggest-and-most-basic-reality in the world today... the 'haves' versus the 'have-nots'! Or the Rich versus the Poor!

  16. As to Culture and Sex, it is the Rich, who 'have', AND MAKE, the 'Culture', and thusly also 'have' the Sex! And in America and most of the world, being 'Rich' is being young, beautiful, and on-the-way-up (to somewhere!), no matter how much money one might immediately 'have'! In other words, it is they who 'have-a-Future' (whether attained or not, and thusly 'Illusion', and its correspondent, 'Delusion', are both a big part of 'the game', as Lucifer would certainly have it!)

  17. And then there are all the rest of us! The 'have-nots' of the world, who may or may not yet be 'striving' to-make-it, in some way or the other! Most of which will not 'make it' (a Rich Life!), but will, instead, succumb-along-the-way to the everyday stresses-and-strains of just trying to exist (AND to stay alive, in some parts of the world!) Which means that, as far as Sex goes, the Hollywood Realities are somewhere-beyond-our-grasp and that we wind up with whatever comes along or comes our way, as befits all of us who are appropriately 'caged' in our 'cages' and thusly 'allowed' only that 'sex' which, for some reason, 'befalls us' (actually, is 'given-unto-us', by the 'designs' of some 'maker' somewhere, who is actually, in reality, usually Lucifer!) This is not to say that pure-and-honest and positive Sex 'shall-not-occur' to any of us! It most certainly does, as does the very Reason For Such, which is True Love! But, as I said at the beginning of this document, I am not talking here about the Positive and True few of us, but I am speaking of the realities of the majority of the rest of us, which ARE, inevitably, 'couched' in negativity, in some way, shape or form (whether we know it or not!) And such negativities are usually related to our 'have-not'-ness, especially with relation to sex and aging in this world!

  18. Actually, with respect to that last comment that I just made, I am going to confine my further discussion of such (sex and aging!) to only American society, but the Reader hereof can extrapolate my commentary unto the world as apropos thereto! In fact, I'm even going to get a bit personal here, in my further discussion of the subject at hand.

  19. But first of all, let me 'paint another picture' here, by describing Scene #4, following the modus operandi of hereinabove! In this 'scene', the Student, say a university grad-school student, has been working hard on his dissertation, and found himself needing a break, under the stresses of the work he was doing! (Now, this very-similar-situation-and-its-simple-and-normal-remedy has already been discussed on the pages of this QUFD Textbook, specifically in the section of the Main QUFD Formulation entitled, 'Quanta: Ordered, Chaotic and Refreshed!', which I hereby refer the Reader to!) So, in accord with the ingrained and innate 'cultural-dictates' within himself, needing his energy, 'purpose' and vitality, with regard to the work he was doing, to be 're-charged' and 'refreshed', he stopped by the cafeteria and had a hot dog, chips and a soda! As he was 'stuffing' his face with the chips, he could just 'feel' his 'batteries' being 're-charged', sexually and creatively and mentally, until he was finally again ready to face the task at hand! (Yes! There is the nominal 'carbohydrate-and-calorie charging effect' upon the physical body, but I am going to look here at the ingrained American psychological component of what I am talking about here!)

  20. Next, let me, rather than describing another 'scene', instead 'paint a picture' here by relating the 'gist' of a quite academic research article that appeared several years back in a professional publication, The American Journal of General Psychology. This research article was quite lengthy, taking up many pages of the publication. But it most thoroughly and sufficiently described the realities of Sex-in-America for the single and divorced geriatric population, specifically those who, for whatever reasons, have lost or no longer have, any close 'Loved One' or spouse, to give vitality, purpose and sustenance to their Lives! (Of course, there are always those 'idealists' among us, of any age, who can adequately 'substitute' for the loss or absence-of-Love-and-Sex in their Lives, by simple 'devotion' to their 'work' or a 'cause', which actually becomes a 'quasi-religious-substitution' in its reality and actuality, and I will not endeavor here to analyze such 'religious' fervor and inspiration, as a 'substitute' for Sex and Love in one's Life!)

  21. Continuing the story of this psychological-research article, the article went on to describe how such folks as the article was talking about, coped and existed in their daily lives, without Sex and Love to give 'fulfillment' to their Lives! As is the reality of the situation for most of these folks, they were unable to replace their lost 'Love' or gain a new sexual 'companion', usually and merely due to the circumstances of their Lives, but mostly because of age!

  22. But, there was also another very important factor at work here, as the article went on to point out! And the reality here was just that which I have already described earlier in this document! If one is young, hip, beautiful... and Rich, in America, one can 'have-it-all'! BUT, IF you are 'old, fat and ugly', or at least 'over-the-hill'... pure and simple, you are a Member of the 'have-nots' in America! American Society says (and this is THE RULE!), "There ain't no way-in-hell, Buddy, at your age, that you're goin' to 'get any'!" Quote-Unquote! BUT, there's a simple solution! Just follow the Rule here in America! Which is: "If you ain't got none, you ain't gonna get none! And if you even try to 'get any' (in whatever way!), you're gonna be labeled an old 'pervert' and maybe even locked-up! So do yourself a favor! In reality, what you are, is 'hungry-for-Sex', right? But since you ain't gonna get any, let's change and substitute here, Food for Sex! NOW, you're entirely LEGAL! And it just makes sense! When you're hungry, EAT! And EAT, and Eat, and Eat... 'til you die, from overeating and such obscene geriatric-sex-drives, ya old bastard!"

  23. And so American Society promotes FOOD, as the LEGAL 'substitute' FOR SEX! And just to make sure that all you 'horny' guys (AND gals!) out there get the message, every time we show sex or a beautiful girl, on TV, in the movies and anywhere in Society, we will be sure to have, close at hand, a commercial (every minute!) for MacDonald's, Pizza Hut, KFC or something, before, in between and after, every minute that you see and experience the 'urge-for-sex' in your Life! (Exactly what the situation was on that Oprah show, where KFC and Pizza Hut reigned supreme after every minute or two of Halle Berry!) Even when you walk down the street here in America, for every beautiful girl you see, there will be three or more KFC or some other brand of 'Food Palace'!

  24. Hell! By now EVERYONE is 'conditioned'! It doesn't matter whether you're 'getting any' or not! Your ingrained (and indoctrinated!) REALITY IS... anytime I even THINK about sex (referring ONLY to those who don't already HAVE it, locked up and usually available!), that 'hunger' is going to be translated into a hunger-for-food instead! And you will be perfectly legal, and American! And we will become a nation of sexy, horny, and FAT... singles! (For those who ain't got none!) Especially that old, fat and ugly guy/gal, whom we are just waiting for to die from their obesity! And our 'heroes', of 'Scenes #1 and 2', earlier in this discussion... Doug, who had a 'craving' for Domino's Pizza; and our Bar-B-Q guy, who had a 'craving' for the 'girthness' of a thick hot dog... actually, the Reality of both of these guys, was that they really 'craved' SEX! BUT, being properly 'programmed' and indoctrinated Americans, they have, of course, converted that 'craving' to a 'craving-for-food' INSTEAD!

  25. But, getting back to our grad student, actually that just as well could have been his Professor, the old divorced 'Coot', who is getting ready to retire! (But not the well-nourished-in-Love-and-Sex 'other Professor', who has a wife of many years, which is sexually-legal-in-America!)

  26. The further point here, is that most of American Society has been programmed and indoctrinated to 'accept' what our authorities have 'told us', whether it is Culture or Sex or whatever! (Including the "Eat Food"-mentality, which is, of course, definitely good for business!) In fact, Culture, and all of its various 'incentives' and 'high-strung-activities' (including Sex, or the 'substitutes' therefore!), have actually replaced REALITY, for the 'normal' American citizen! And what I mean here, is that, "Hey! What'sa da matter wid Culture? My whole lif is cultur! Evryting I am, comes frum my cultur, my parents, my homboyz and my hood! Der ain't nothing else out der!"

  27. Which applies almost nationwide, in almost every neighborhood, ethnicity and locality, of whatever economic status! "All of God's People"... are duly and surely 'locked-away' in their 'cages', and are most certainly 'concerned' about ALL the 'cultural ramifications' of their families, schools, neighborhoods and the people and relatives thereof... AND DON'T GIVE A DAMN about anything else! "Why, this morning, the local grade-school had a Pancake Breakfast for a good charitable 'cause', and this afternoon, in the City Park, we are going to enjoy the Annual Pedigreed Dog Show and Convention, and this evening, the Monthly Social Dance and Party... WHAT? Sorry! I don't know anything about a million people who died somewhere in the world today, AND I DON'T CARE!" Culture... has taken over many people's lives, as a substitute for Reality, maybe because these folks can no longer bear the News-of-the-World and its daily atrocities! And thusly we become fat and obese, stuffing our face with Culture and other various substitutes therefor Sex and Reality! Is it because we can't take it anymore, or we just don't want to know? Unfortunately, one of these days, Reality will catch up with us, as the example of 9/11/2001 has somewhat taught us! But, we're still cowering in the 'shadows', of Reality! "PEOPLE! Citizens of America! YOU have got to DO something about THE WORLD, because you are a part of it too! Cooperation, NOT competition! NOT wars, animosities and all the other negativities (which you are ignoring)! And you can't do it by hiding behind your Culture! You're only getting fatter and less able to Change The World For The Better!" But, no one wants to 'look inside themselves' and determine their own 'Life'! Most folks are content to be 'told What To Do', and what Cultural 'ism' to follow, even to their grave! But then, I guess I'm no different than anyone else! This is '1984' after all, isn't it? And 'Big Brother' is watching us! ("NO! It is 2004, and it is no longer 'Big Brother'! Now it is the 'Department of Homeland Security', the FBI and any number of other governmental agencies!")

  28. Well, such is my 'Sermonizing' for the Day, about Sex and Culture and Americans 'hiding behind' their Culture and such 'realities'! And I think I've had enough of all this talk about sex! I'm going to go stuff my face! (Unfortunately, instead of my long-gone spouse's most-intimate-femininity, it will be a hot dog!) And so much for Sex and Reality in America! "Pardon Me... Burp!"

  29. ............................................................................................

  30. Actually, I guess I'm not finished yet! I've gotten the personal stuff out of the way... and, once again, Pardon my Burp! But now, I need to look at the 'Big Picture', of this topic of Sex and Culture, as to What it is all about! (And looking at the 'Big Picture', as any regular Reader of these pages should know by now, is my way of examining the Reality and the Truth, of any situation, which cannot normally be seen by just looking at the individual 'trees' of the 'forest'!)

  31. So, let's see what that 'Big Picture' looks like! Unfortunately, just as I have pointed out in my QUALIA III document, Lucifer wants many of his negativities in this life and world to be hidden, behind the scenes of everyday Reality, where such 'Realities' will not be recognized and known for What they are...

  32. And What is it, exactly, that they are, these 'hidden Realities', of Sex and Culture, that we are talking about here? Well, they are exactly the same thing as I have already explained in my QUALIA III document, as to why there is a hidden 'Function' to the very existence and reality of the Educational Systems of this world and Society, which is to educate and place the children of the Rich and Powerful, into the next-generation positions of Power and Money throughout Society and the world, so that such progeny of the Rich will, of course, thereby legally inherit the very mantles OF the Rich, from their parents, and thusly perpetuate the Rule of Society and the World BY THE RICH! Of course, the secondary 'Function' of all Educational Systems, is to gently, and willingly (WITH the consent of the willing Student!), appropriately (through all mechanisms available, most of which are hidden and unknown, and therefore considered entirely 'normal' and natural!) ROUTE, all the rest of the Not-Rich (AND certainly the POOR!) Students, into the dead-end jobs and lives that befit the specific 'Class' of Society from which they were born! In other words, to Keep The Rich Rich, and The Poor Poor, by keeping the lower classes AWAY from the Levers of Power and Money in Society! THEREFORE, the reason the Educational System exists, is to keep in place THE STATUS QUO, or the existing POWER and MONEY Relationships in Society, and to make sure that the children, the Inheritors OF such Power and Money, can appropriately 'Go With The Flow', of Life in this World, and duly KEEP all that Power and Money IN THE 'Family' (OR, more likely nowadays, In The Corporation or the Government!) See my QUALIA III document, for all the details on these just noted 'Realities'!

  33. BUT, the point I wish to make here is, as I have just said previously, that such IS ALSO THE VERY REASON that we have the 'hidden Realities' that I am going to discuss about Sex and Culture, in Society and in the World, i.e., MONEY and POWER, and keeping the Rich Rich and the Poor Poor! The 'Reality' here is exactly the same as the 'Reality' of the Educational System!

  34. Now, let's examine HOW this goes about happening, with regard to Sex and Culture! First of all, we know that there are all kinds of 'venues', or types, of American (and World!) Culture, from Music, Art, Entertainment, Sports, to even Religion, etc., etc., BUT definitely including SEX, in almost ALL of these 'venues' (even Religion!), in some way or form! And what I mean by 'some way or form' IS... that there are two sides, TO EVERY ASPECT of Culture... the Positive side, and the Negative side!

  35. Okay, in other words, there is a Positive 'aspect', to almost everything that is 'Cultural', as to the very Life of humanity! I won't disagree with that! BUT, as I said at the beginning of this document, I am NOT here to 'shine the light' on Positivity, but instead to 'shine the light' ON NEGATIVITY, and reveal or examine the negative 'realities' of Culture!

  36. AND, as I have said, almost EVERY aspect of Culture HAS SOME relationship with SEX! And Why is that? BECAUSE SEX IS MONEY! (At least for the Rich, and those who can afford it, whether 'paying' for it directly, or 'paying' for it indirectly, via marriage or some form of sexual relationship!) BUT NOT for the Poor, the 'old, fat and ugly', and such other disadvantaged members-of-Society!

  37. And What is it, that duly 'enables' SOME of Society (the Rich, and the Young and the Beautiful, mostly!), to 'get it' (Sex!), while others (the Poor, and lower classes!), have to 'struggle', to 'get any' (and then Be Glad they did!)... What, exactly, is it, that 'enables' such a situation, that benefits the Rich again, and not the Poor (including the 'Poor-in-Love')?

  38. Why, it is, again, one of those most important 'Functions', from my QUALIA III document (AND from Father Jerome's PSYCHOSOCIOLOGICAL Dictionary!), which Lucifer, AND the Rich and Powerful, have 'imposed' upon Society and this World! And that 'Function', is the Government Function... as exercised by, through and within Society! In other words, the Rules, Laws, Regulations, Mores, and 'Dictates', of Society (wherever!), that make sure that, if you are NOT eligible or 'authorized', for Sex... "Ya Ain't Gonna Get Any, Buddy!"

  39. But, again, Lucifer and the 'Powers-That-Be', in their generosity and egalitarian humanity, have 'equalized' the situation, by accordingly providing legal 'means', by which those who are thusly sexually-deprived-within-Society, can most happily 'make Amends', for not 'getting any' (especially when all the beautiful girls of Society are constantly 'shoved-in-one's-face', day in and day out, via fashion, movies, TV and so on!) And one of those 'means'... LEGAL 'means'!... was, as I have discussed earlier in this document, was for such sexually-deprived folks to EAT FOOD, instead of Sex, everytime they become 'hungry' for Sex!

  40. And, of course, then, by eating Food instead of Sex, these sexually-deprived folks can legally 'contribute' TO their Society, by keeping all the food businesses and food purveyors 'rolling in the dough', and thusly again keeping the Rich Rich and the Poor Poor!

  41. Also, since Sex is the most important and wonderful natural means of keeping the human body healthy and in top condition and free from illness and disease (except for HIV and all those sexually transmitted diseases, but a legally 'authorized' and married Rich person surely won't get such a thing!), by legally limiting and restricting Sex, Society exercises its 'right' and 'Function' to enable most of the Poor and lower classes of Society, to become ill and unhealthy, from both the combination of 'minimum Sex' and maximum Food (as a 'substitute-for-Sex'!), which again duly helps the Rich stay Rich and the Poor stay Poor, BY and through all the Medical expenses and monies that are thusly incurred, mostly by the lower classes, for all the illnesses and obesity that result FROM Food-as-a-substitute-for-Sex-in-America-and-the-World!

  42. BUT... Wait, there is more! And this duly invokes that 'egalitarian-quality', of Lucifer and the Rich, whereby, even if most of the lower classes have 'difficulties', in legally 'getting any real Sex', there is yet a most generous 'means', whereby such sexually-deprived masses of humanity, can yet 'get some', as well as 'contributing' TO the 'pockets' of the Rich (and the Corporate!) And that 'means', is by Pornography! Lo and Behold, all of the major Corporations, including Time-Warner, Disney, Hilton Hotels, Comcast, DirecTV and lots of Media, Entertainment and other Cultural 'businesses', provide, indirectly (of course, the Corporate Statements will NEVER even show anything about such 'revenues'!), the porn movies for this multi-Billion dollar industry!

  43. So, again, all the lower classes (usually!), put out all the money for porn, as a substitute-for-real-Sex, which again goes in the pockets of the Rich and Corporate! And here the final irony is, that not only are the Rich and Corporate now NOT hardly paying any taxes to the IRS on all the porn-money that they are making, but with such riches and the 'influence' thereof... they can get all the Sex and Porn they want... for free!

  44. So, to finally end this, the 'bottom line' is, that as far as Sex and Culture are concerned, it is yet another case of the Rich 'getting it all' and the Poor not 'getting much but the left-overs', if any! And Money and Power yet reign Supreme, as Lucifer would have it! Such is the Reality and the (hidden) 'Reality', of Sex and Culture!

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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