Qualia XXIV: The BASICS, of the Quantum Physics of Incorporeality! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

Qualia XXIV: The BASICS, of the Quantum Physics of Incorporeality!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. This Qualia Monograph-Document has, it seems, come about as a matter of necessity. For the QUFD Reader, who may have been intimately following the 'exchanges' of discussion between Physicists, of the several preceding Documents in this Qualia Series, it had probably become apparent that an impasse had been reached, in Dr. Ruquist's understanding of the complex-yet-simple-nature of God and the Unitary nature of Incorporeality, as the Infinite Condensate of Spirit and Dimensionality that it is!

  2. Thusly, this Monograph-Document of the Qualia Series will attempt to 'back-track' here a bit, as necessary, for those Readers who may also be having difficulties envisioning the All-Encompassing Infinite and Unitary nature of God and Incorporeality, and thusly not yet 'seeing' the basics... the most basic nature, of that Infinite Reality... with respect to Corporeality or anything else!

  3. And since it is All-So-Simple, in my Mind, as to how it all fits together and what the 'Realities' are, of most anything, I am going to go back TO the most-elemental concepts and 'realities', facts and Truths, of it All, in order to try to explain it in detail. So bear with me here, as I try to look at the Reality of Incorporeality and Infinite Consciousness from another, if not at least more, perspectives!

  4. What I am going to do here and now, is put more 'definition' into that very concept of that very basic 'particle' that is at the heart of All This - the quantum axion particle of Consciousness! I've sort-of 'defined' it previously, in the Main QUFD Formulation, but I realize now, that such 'definition', as to its 'relationships' to Corporeality and Corporeal 'functionality', is too limiting and inapplicable to its real 'realities', which are more so with its relationships to Incorporeality (i.e., Spirit!) rather than Corporeality (materiality)!

  5. Oh Yes! Those previous 'definitions' hold and are true, as to its relationships with Corporeality, but now I intend to expand that 'definition' and take a most intimate look at the quantum axion particle's 'relationships' with Incorporeality! Because, unless one truly understands such 'basics', one will have difficulty relating the quantum axion particle TO Corporeality!

  6. The first Rule-of-Thumb here is... that there are NO quantum axion particles of Consciousness IN Corporeality! BUT, I will need to 'qualify' that statement shortly, because there ARE quantum axion particles IN Corporeality, but let's just say, for now, that you need to know where to look!

  7. And the Reality here is this: Incorporeality... IS ALL THERE IS! It is the 'biggest' of everything, the largest and most all-inclusive, of all! THEREFORE, anything else MUST BE LESS THAN and smaller! Not only that, whatever it is, must be WITHIN or included within Incorporeality! And this includes Corporeality!

  8. So when I say that quantum axion particles of Consciousness ONLY EXIST within Incorporeality, I am also saying that such particles exist EVERYWHERE! But, let's throw a 'kink' in the discussion here. Let's say that we have two 'perspectives', or viewpoints, with which to look at what we will be discussing here. The first 'viewpoint' will be from the 'perspective' of an 'observer', AS THAT WORD applies to both Quantum Mechanics (i.e., the Newtonian Physics viewpoint of the quantum regions) and Quantum Physics, which is actually the QUFD 'viewpoint' of the quantum worlds!

  9. And I need to 'qualify' that which I have just said, in order to make sure that the Reader understands exactly what I am talking about! Because Quantum Mechanics says that anything that can be 'observed', is therefore 'brought into' the physical, material world, and thereby 'measured', quantified, or otherwise and somehow 'proven to exist' in Corporeality! WHEREAS, in QUFD and Quantum Physics, it IS entirely possible, to be able to 'view' (as in 'remote viewing'), or 'perceive' (perspective) something, WITHOUT 'disturbing' such 'reality', neither 'bringing it into' the physical, material world and therefore also NOT 'observing' such!

  10. Because our second 'viewpoint' is exactly as I have just described relative TO QUFD and Quantum Physics! In other words, the QUFD 'viewpoint', we shall say, is the exact same perspective that one would have, when 'viewed' FROM THE MIND OF GOD! From an All-Encompassing, overall 'perspective', which is looking at itself, WITHOUT disturbing a thing about itself, or by NOT 'observing' anything, but merely 'realizing' and acknowledging that something is 'there'! For you old 'fogies' out there, let me 'hark back' and tell you that this is also known as... 'awareness', the word which started the 'Hippie Era' of our societal history!

  11. SO, from the 'perspective' of Quantum Mechanics, anything that can be 'observed', is thusly 'real'! BUT, from the 'perspective' of QUFD and Quantum Physics, something that CANNOT BE OBSERVED, but which one can be 'aware' of, in one's Mind and Consciousness, is yet just as 'Real' as that which was 'observed'!

  12. And this also makes perfect 'sense', because didn't we just say previously that Infinite Consciousness was EVERYWHERE! If Consciousness exists everywhere, then from the 'perspective' of Consciousness, every POINT within Consciousness is therefore a PART THEREOF such Consciousness and thereby most 'Real'!

  13. Now, as to that specific POINT which I just mentioned, which we just said we were 'looking at' from the 'perspective' of the totality of Consciousness... that said POINT is very Real! BUT, if we were to be 'looking at' THAT VERY SAME POINT (of time and space!), from the 'perspective' of an 'observer' (i.e., the Quantum Mechanical 'viewpoint'!), that POINT would NOT EXIST, there, in Corporeality!

  14. BUT, that very same POINT DOES EXIST, in both Incorporeality AND in Corporeality! From the 'perspective' of Incorporeality, it can be 'seen' because Incorporeality is aware of All That Is! But from the 'perspective' of Corporeality, because it cannot be 'observed', we can say that it does NOT EXIST, and yet it is still there, as a 'reality', and therefore it DOES EXIST, but it is NOT 'observable' IN Corporeality!

  15. And this is true because EACH AND EVERY POINT of Corporeal 'existence' is, in reality, a sub-set OF Incorporeality and is, as I have previously herein noted, a part thereof the 'whole' of Incorporeality and Infinite Consciousness (God)! Actually, as I will attempt to explain further herein this Document, using such principles of QUFD and Quantum Physics, Corporeality is a condensate-dimension existing within the larger condensate-dimension of Incorporeality.

  16. But the thing to remember, relative to our discussion here, is that what can be 'seen' in Corporeality is therefore 'real', but what can ONLY be 'seen' in Incorporeality is likewise just as 'real', and extant, as that which exists in Corporeality! I hope I have 'clarified' our viewpoints and 'perspectives', and that the Reader hereof can now, as appropriately needed, switch one's 'perspective' between the Corporeal and the Incorporeal!

  17. Actually, I think I will need to add two more 'clarifications' to our 'definition' here so far. I mentioned that one of our 'perspectives' might be as though we were to be 'viewing' something from the Mind of God! Well, since God, and any other 'entity' that we might talk about, are quantum region condensates and QUFD 'dimensionalities', we can also say that, when we are 'looking at' something from WITHOUT, or outside of itself... from such a 'perspective', we can also say that we are looking at it extra-dimensionally, or from outside of its own 'dimension'.

  18. Now, in order to even further 'clarify' this point, apparently I will also hereby need to 'clarify' or 'define' our use of the term 'dimension', which, in QUFD, seems to have a slightly different definition or meaning than a Newtonian Physics or Quantum Mechanical dimension. In QUFD, 'dimension' is ANY condensate of Life or Reality, wherein such a condensate ('world', universe, entity, Life-form or even 'state' of existence!) can even have infinite numbers of even smaller 'dimensions' or condensates within itself! And, as I have just previously noted, such an Incorporeal 'dimension' (Yes! Found exclusively in the Incorporeal regions of quantum Reality!) as God, can 'view' or perceive ItSelf (be 'aware' of ItSelf!) FROM OUTSIDE of ItSelf! In such a manner, God is thusly 'aware' of each and every 'part' of Him/HerSelf!

  19. Quantum Mechanics (Newtonian Physics), though, has a more limited 'definition' or meaning, to/of dimension. It refers to the perceivable 'components' of a dimension, such as length, width, height, as well as 'state of existence' (Quantum Mechanics), which might seem to be a similarity to QUFD Quantum Physics, but, in reality, is not!

  20. The reason it is not is that QUFD Quantum Physics says that a 'state of existence' is thusly perceived from OUTSIDE of itself (Incorporeality), whereas Quantum Mechanics insists that a dimensional 'state of existence' (which may or may NOT be 'observable') is nevertheless Corporeal or of Corporeal-nature, which thusly and squarely places the very term dimension, WITHIN itself, or within Corporeality! So we can say that a Quantum Mechanical-Corporeal dimension is 'looking at itself' from WITHIN Corporeality and may be 'provable' or proven-to-exist! QUFD-Quantum Physics however, says that such an Incorporeal 'dimension' is looking at itself (or ItSelf!) from OUTSIDE of itself, and therefore it is NOT 'observing' itself but is merely 'aware' of all its many 'parts'!

  21. The further necessary 'clarification' here is that, when we are discussing either dimensions or (QUFD) 'dimensions', or Incorporeality versus Corporeality, or anything else of Reality and existence, it is most important to know WHICH 'perspective' we are referring to! Because, as an example, let us take a 'dimension' (which is also a 'condensate'!) versus dimension, which may not necessarily have any relationship to a Corporeal condensate (of the manufactured-in-a-lab-variety!)

  22. Our Corporeal dimension, or dimensions, might imply that, within any place where there is time and space, that the variously differing 'components' thereof, shall exist AT DIFFERING POINTS, and not at the same point. Thusly, when we say that we have dimensions, or even (manufactured) condensates (noting here also that I always use 'quotes' for Incorporeality terms and no-quotes for Corporeality, although this is not rigid), we can reliably assume that they are extant at differing points of time and space.

  23. On the other hand, an Incorporeal 'dimension' is something else! Because here we have to contend with the very fact of its Unitary-nature, wherein we have 'unification' of all quantum forces/fields/gravities and thusly time and space do NOT exist! (I'll also need to qualify that statement shortly, because time and space CAN EXIST within a dimension-condensate of Incorporeality!) AND we also have the following possibility: that ALL 'dimensions', ALL 'condensates', and ALL POINTS of existence... are one and the same, or unitary, AT the very same POINT! In other words, unlike Corporeality, whatever we are perceiving or being 'aware' of, instead of being located at differing points of time and space, we now have EVERYTHING existing AT the very same POINT of UNITY, or NO time and space!

  24. So, now (presumably!), we can begin to look at the 'Big Picture'! But we will start from infinitesimality, or the smallest possible probability or point-location. At this particular quantum 'point', let us 'imagine', initially, that we have infinitudes of something... anything, a 'dimension', a 'condensate', or any other Incorporeal 'entity' or 'reality'... and they are all 'layered', one on top of another, at this point! Well, such cannot be so, and is very UNTRUE, as to that 'reality' we are attempting to describe. In fact, if anything, we might take that multi-layered whatever, that we just described, and put it where it really belongs (and might exist!) Which is in CORPOREALITY! Such a multi-layered existence, might be a 'reality' (or possibility) in Corporeality, BUT NOT in Incorporeality!

  25. So, back to our starting 'point'! We still have those infinitudes of whatever it is we are attempting to 'look at', view or perceive... they are still there, AT THE VERY SAME POINT... but NOT IN layers! Okay, let's interject here, one more 'reality', which I started with earlier in this Monograph, but which I haven't finished as yet! That of the quantum axion particle of Consciousness!

  26. Because, whatever it is that we are 'considering', as being located at this single point-location (singularity!), it (whatever it is!) is composed of quantum axion particles of Consciousness, as long as we are to be 'viewing' it via the 'perspective' of Incorporeality! SO, in order to more fully understand the unitary-nature of our single point-location, let's take a look at the quantum axion particles that are extant at this point-location!

  27. First of all, we might say that each 'layer', of what we were talking about, was comprised of its own quantum axion particles (or even individual particle!) But then, remember, we said that we could not actually have 'layers', in Incorporeality! So let's 'envision' our point-location a bit differently! Let's say that, for each instance, of each 'reality' (of our infinitudes of 'realities', at such a point-location!), we might only have one quantum axion particle actually residing at our specific point-location. Plus, to further identify it (that specific particle), as being part of the larger 'reality' of which it does actually belong to, we are going to give it a 'color' (NOT a 'Beauty'-particle, of Quantum Mechanics, but certain similarities might herewith apply!)

  28. Thusly, we now have, not only ONE individual quantum axion particle, at our specific point-location, but that single particle is also color-coded, to identify itself as to the larger 'reality' of which it is a part thereof! NOW, envision ALL of these quantum axion particles, as existing, or being extant, AT that very same point-location! They are ALL THERE, everyone of them, BUT, whether you can 'see' them individually or NOT, depends on whether you are 'wearing' the proper-colored-glasses or not! In other words, rose-colored-glasses will enable you to be 'aware' of rose-colored quantum axion particles, and so forth! They are ALL there, in REALITY, but you can ONLY 'see' each one from the 'perspective' OF whatever color glasses you put on! And yet every one of those particles, being Unitary in nature and representing its own individual singular 'reality', IS REAL AND EXTANT, and fully functional, AT that individual point-location!

  29. Okay, I got to add this here as well. Since we are talking about individual color-coded quantum axion particles of Consciousness, WHAT do you get when you put all those various color-coded axion particles together, en masse? Well, perhaps we would get, just like a rainbow... WHITE or nothing! In other words, when all the colors of these axion particles are put together at a single point-location... you could NOT see anything but 'clearness' or whiteness! The individual color-coded axion particles could NOT be 'seen'! BUT, if 'viewed' from Incorporeality, we would 'know' they were there, just the same, because they are all Unitary!

  30. Okay, I think I'm going to quit here, as to defining this aspect of a singularity, a single point-location, and go on to other aspects of this situation. NEXT, yet talking about our quantum axion particles, I am going to go back to a statement made earlier in this Monograph. It was: "...that there are NO quantum axion particles of Consciousness IN Corporeality!" So, therefore, quantum axion particles of Consciousness ONLY EXIST in Incorporeality! (Oh, it is SO simple!) But, also remember, that I have said that Incorporeality IS EVERYTHING, is everywhere, and is All That Is! SO, on that basis, the quantum axion particle of Consciousness... IS EVERYWHERE!

  31. Okay, to resolve this apparent quandary, we have to go back to our 'perspectives' (Oh, again, it is So simple!), and determine not only whether we are 'viewing' Corporeality or Incorporeality, but also whether we are wearing 'rose-colored-glasses' or NOT! Here is the 'reality':

  32. IF we are 'viewing' our point-location 'dimensional-reality', from the 'perspective' of Corporeality (the physical/material world, where observation and falsifiable and/or provable 'observables' exist), THEN our quantum axion particles of Consciousness do NOT exist, because we are 'viewing' ourselves and our point-location from WITHIN such a condensate-dimension of 'reality'! On the other hand, IF we are 'viewing' our point-location 'dimensional-reality', from the 'perspective' of Incorporeality, THEN our quantum axion particles of Consciousness DO EXIST!

  33. Let's go further! Not only do quantum axion particles of Consciousness exist in Incorporeality and NOT in Corporeality, they are the ONLY quantum particles which can exist in Incorporeality! ALL other quantum particles, are actually particles of Corporeal 'manifestation', deriving themselves FROM Incorporeality but NOT EXISTING in Incorporeality! YES! Bosons, fermions, leptons, quarks and EVERYTHING ELSE in the quantum regions (of Quantum Mechanics, or Newtonian Physics!), can ONLY EXIST in Corporeality, where they have been 'created' FROM Incorporeality and can thusly be 'observed' (or not!) Such quantum particles DO NOT EXIST in Incorporeality!

  34. And yet, remember, we have been talking about our singular point-location! So, in effect, what I am saying, as to our singular point-location, IS that some of the infinitudes of 'realities' existing at that point may be Incorporeal AND other 'realities' existing at such a point MAY BE CORPOREAL! Thusly, we can have, existing at our point-location, not only a single quantum axion particle (of rose coloring), but also multitudes of variously colored quantum axion particles, AS WELL AS various quantum particles of Corporeality, such as bosons or whatever! The further 'point' here is that all of these 'realities' can exist at our singular point-location WITHOUT any one actually 'knowing' or being 'aware' OF the existence of the other 'realities'!

  35. The only 'qualification' I give herewith this previous statement is that Incorporeality DOES KNOW, and is 'aware' of, THAT which it has Corporeally 'created'! Whatever exists in the physical/material Corporeal world, is intricately 'linked' to the Incorporeal Life-form 'entity' of Consciousness and Reality IN the quantum Incorporeal 'dimension' which has 'created' the Corporeal Life-form or 'reality' in the first place!

  36. Okay, further aspects of quantum axion particles! Since any one may be of any specific 'color' (of millions of colors!), axion particles of another color (another 'reality'!), may or may NOT perceive, or be 'aware' of, each other! And so individual 'realities' ('dimensions'-condensates), at our specific point-location, may or may NOT 'know' of each other! And again, remember, that quantum axion particles of Consciousness, are the ONLY quantum particle that exists IN Incorporeality!

  37. Okay, more aspects of quantum axion particles! Since any one axion particle may or may not 'know' any other axion particle, we might say that we have a conundrum here, if we are attempting to 'realize' and understand the 'reality' of particles which are extant (and REAL!) AT a specific point-location, and yet they may or may NOT be 'aware' OF each other! Actually, there is a quantum principle that resolves this conundrum. It is Coherence! Because, no matter WHAT 'reality' a particular axion particle may be a part thereof, THAT particle is yet Coherent-with, or intimately 'entangled' with, each and every OTHER axion particle in the Cosmos! THAT is the Unitary-nature of Incorporeality! (And I must herein apologize to Dr. Ruquist, because as of now, I have yet to 'find' a more adequate term than your 'term', entanglement, which describes the 'reality' of what I have 'seen' and am attempting to define here!) If the word entanglement can define or imply that there exists, at such a singular point-location as we have been discussing here, multitudes and infinitudes of individual quantum axion particles, each one belonging to a different 'reality' (condensate-'dimension'), and each one 'knowing', or 'aware' of, each other, OR NOT, then I would say that we have a valid definition.

  38. Now, one further 'aspect' of a quantum axion particle. I've just said that, each particle, depending upon its 'perspective' in looking at, or 'viewing' itself, may or may not also 'see' the other particles with which it is so intimately and unitarily entangled! In other words, let us say that, if an individual axion particle might be, for some reason, looking at itself, from a Corporeal 'viewpoint' (even though it is Incorporeal, therefore if it is 'viewing' something Corporeal, it MUST BE from OUTSIDE that Corporeality!) OR, on the other hand, that quantum axion particle might have performed another 'ability' of which it is so capable of doing... that of 'producing' (albeit temporarily!) CORPOREALITY!

  39. And how does a quantum axion particle 'produce' Corporeality? Why, quite simple! By 'creating', WHERE and WHEN necessary... TIME AND SPACE (the pre-requisites for the existence OF Corporeality!) So, quantum axion particles can 'create', not only time and space, but also the physical/material and Corporeal world, or 'dimensions'! And, Lo and Behold, ALL OF THIS (Incorporeal particles, Corporeal particles, 'dimensions', condensates, 'realities', worlds, Life-forms, etc.), CAN EXIST, at one singular point-location, of spacetime, no-spacetime, and it can all be intertwined, entangled, with each other, with or without such 'partners' ever 'knowing' of the existence of each other! THAT is a Unitary-field and condensate point-location! That is Incorporeality!

  40. Okay, just a few add-ons here. WHEN does a quantum axion particle (or particles) know that it needs to 'create' space-time or a temporary 'Corporeality'? Well, usually when it (or they) are existing at such an Incorporeal point-location as may exist between condensates that need to communicate with each other and then such spacetime 'creation' is usually 'triggered' by a 'perturbation' of Consciousness from within a condensate which 'tells' the intervening axion particles between the two condensates that such condensates need to communicate with each other at that point-location. Additionally, such a 'necessity' also becomes the means whereby Negative Consciousness (of the Luciferian 'dimension' of Reality and Consciousness) can intervene and 'corrupt' the normal 'communications' that might occur between condensates when the intervening axion particles are of the Negative variety (Luciferian!) instead of the normal Positive variety of axion particles, i.e., Lucifer's 'fingers- of-Negativity', that he has imposed between Upper Mind and lower mind condensates of the human Mind. In such a case, the Negative axion particles intercept that normal 'Request for Communications' to 'create' spacetime in order to phase-space-shift such 'communications' between condensates. (Normally, the Positive axion particles that would normally be extant at such point-location would normally oblige and enable the necessary point-to-point communications between the two condensates!) However, when that 'Request' is intercepted by Negative Consciousness, that Negativity does 'create' the 'Requested' spacetime Corporeality, but that Negativity then phase-space-shifts the 'communications', NOT to the corresponding point-location on the landscape of the second condensate as it was supposed to do, but instead that 'communications' is phase-space-shifted to a different point-location, corresponding to something entirely different than what was intended by the sending condensate. Thusly, if the Upper Mind condensate might attempt to send a 'communication' of Love, from the Soul (the Upper Mind), to be enacted by the brain and body of the human individual... instead of Love, the Negative axion particles phase-space-shift that 'communication' so that, instead of the lower mind (and subsequently the brain/body!) receiving 'Love', what is received instead is 'Hate', received exactly at the normal point-location of the receiving condensate, on the proper point-location of its 'landscape' which corresponds to 'Hate'! (Both condensates, both Minds, Upper and lower, the Soul and the self, know exactly where any point-location IS, for any human attribute and 'communication' that might take place between them, but, the problem is, that Lucifer and his Negativity ALSO 'know' the very same point-locations of these condensates, so he is very well able to intercept ANY 'communication' and re-route it to another point-location whereby his 'corruption' of human Consciousness can be enabled!

  41. And, Yes! This is all occurring in Incorporeality, the Incorporeality that exists between condensates (in this case, Upper and lower Mind, of the human individual!) and the 'communications' that nominally take place between Soul (Upper Mind) and self (lower mind), in supervising and controlling the human brain and body and what exact actions, words and deeds are enacted or taken BY that human 'entity'!

  42. Anyway, getting back to our 'viewpoints' or 'perspectives' of the whole of Incorporeality, perhaps by now the Reader hereof can now comprehend the Unitary-nature of the quantum axion particle, whether 'entangled' and unitary with multitudes of other axion particles (AND their corresponding 'realities'!), AT any specific point-location, OR so 'entangled' with infinitudes of other particles and condensates throughout the entire Cosmos, each and every condensate-dimension 'doing its own thing', whatever such may be! And the Reader should also now realize that there is 'interaction' between Corporeality and Incorporeality, where the quantum axion particles of Consciousness and Incorporeality actually do 'create' the necessary time and space OF Corporeality AND the quantum 'denizens' thereof (bosons, fermions, etc.), but, however, Corporeality, looking ONLY within itself for 'observable' answers to its 'questings' and finding none, cannot realize that the reason an 'answer' cannot be 'seen' IS because it is located within Incorporeality, OUTSIDE OF Corporeality, and that the very 'answer' that the Quantum 'Mechanic' is looking for IS THAT which has 'created' such Corporeality (AND such Quantum 'Mechanic'!) IN THE FIRST PLACE, i.e. Incorporeality, or Infinite Consciousness, God!

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