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QualiaXCIX: Finally, the 'Big Picture'!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
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By Father Jerome

  1. I am going to start this discussion at a level somewhat less than what I see as to be the 'Big Picture', in order that I might review some basics here that are necessary to the understanding of the 'Big Picture'.

  2. In order to do so, let me first incorporate here the first several paragraph-sections from my Book:
    Visualization/video (presented with the following 'voice-over' comments):

    1. A slightly stirring and rippling ocean of water, as far as the camera can see.

    2. Camera zooms slowly down to the surface of the ocean.

    3. Now visible are the air bubbles that are being produced as the surface waves of the water break.

    4. Zooming closer to that surface, the camera zeros in on a single air bubble, which slowly fills the screen.

    5. As that air bubble overwhelms the screen, the camera seems to penetrate to the inside of the bubble.

    6. There, inside that bubble, seems to be an entire complete universe, as seen from the edge thereof. However, the camera also seems to be 'seeing' this universe through a special green filter, as everything to be seen by the camera always has a light green luminescent 'haze' surrounding everything.

    7. As the camera slowly zooms down further (yet still through that light green haze), the distant and faintly-seen sworls of galaxies and cosmic entities (all seen as dark green colored pinpoints of light!) seem to be slowly rushing toward the camera, i.e., outwards, towards the edge of the universe.

    8. Slowly the camera pans across the light-green-hazed universe, seeing entire gigantic clusters of galaxies as well as individual galaxies (none, however, recognizable, and all of such cosmic 'entities' also having a dark green color to each one!), and gigantic Black Holes, where the camera pauses to watch, as dark-green cosmic material slowly vanishes into one of the Black Holes.

    9. Then the camera begins to slowly approach that individual Black Hole, getting closer and closer until the camera seems to have been caught up in the maelstrom of the Black Hole with the dark-green colored cosmic debris.

    10. The camera swirls into the Black Hole, passing through the core of the Black Hole, and then emerging on the other side of the Black Hole, into the swirling maelstrom of a White Hole (as evidenced by the overall whiteness of the maelstrom, as compared to the previous blackness of the Black Hole!)

    11. Swirling upward and outward of the White Hole (and noticing the complete absence of any dark-green colored cosmic material, instead noticing all around in the sworl, seemingly microscopic pinpoints of briefly flashing and exploding pinpoints of light).

    12. The camera eventually comes to a slowed-down pace at which it can now take a look around itself, at its new location.

    13. The first thing the camera notices is that there is no longer a light green luminescent haze but instead, now the luminescent haze is of a light blue color.

    14. Further, as the camera pans about itself, it notices that all the cosmic 'entities' of this new universe have a dark-blue color instead of the dark-green color of the previous universe.

    15. As a quick means of checking on its Reality, the camera quickly zooms upward and outward from the 'inhabitants' of this blue universe, to the very edges of the bubble.

    16. Penetrating the 'skin' of the bubble itself, the camera again rises beyond the bubble and the many surrounding bubbles, to again view the very surface of that gigantic Ocean which, this time, the camera seems to notice has a faintly luminescent white shine all about itself.

    17. The camera pauses, and seems to intently concentrate its focus on the surface of that great Ocean.

    18. Zooming slowly down again to the surface, the camera once again finds its most recent bubble-Universe of visitation, as identified by the light-blue luminescent haze Universe that the camera sees as it briefly and quickly again penetrates the bubble's 'skin' to actually see the Universe contained within.

    19. However, having verified that it is the same Universe, the camera again exits from that particular bubble-Universe and draws slightly back from the bubble's surface, enough so that the entire screen is now filled with that single bubble.

    20. Focusing very intently on the bubble, we begin to see that there are actually two bubbles, occupying the exact same time and space, a darker-blue bubble and a light-blue bubble.

    21. Now, what we are going to do, is to assume that our very unique and special camera can actually separate these 'twin-bubbles' from each other (which we cannot actually do, because they are both occupying the exact same time and space, in addition to the fact that they exist simultaneously within each other, so if we were to be able to remove one 'twin' from the other, then neither 'twin' would yet exist, and they would both vanish from our camera's viewer!)

    22. Two (2) Quantum Physics definitions here:
    Differentiated Relativity: That Relativity (i.e., those relations, actions, functions, entities), which are separate and individual (or differentiated!) from each other, at the most basic levels of Reality;
    Undifferentiated Relativity: That Relativity (i.e., those relations, actions, dynamics and condensates), which are incorporeal and unitary with each other (or undifferentiated!), at the most basic levels of 'Reality'. We will let the Viewer decide here, as to which of these definitions, might apply to our 'twin' Universes that we 'see' here!

    23. So, what our very special camera is now going to do, is to look separately at each one of these 'twin-bubble-Universes', the darker-blue one and then the light-blue one! Here we go!

    24. First, our camera is very gently sliding the light-blue 'Universe' off of the darker-blue Universe.

    25. And to briefly see what is contained within that dark-blue 'shell', our camera quickly and briefly penetrates the 'skin' of that bubble's 'shell'.

    26. What we see therein, is the exact same Universe that we previously saw when our camera had first emerged from the White Hole into that blue Universe. In other words, all the exact same galactic clusters, galaxies, Black Holes and more, all now dark-blue colored and existing in the exact same time and space as before!

    27. But, wait a minute! Something is missing from this picture! Aha! The 'entities', or inhabitants, of this blue Universe are all there, but the light-blue luminescent haze is not here!

    28. "Of course, Stupid! Because your very special camera has now done something that it is impossible to do in the Quantum Physics world! It has 'separated' Spirit from Reality, and the Reality you are now seeing is only the physical, material or Corporeal Reality, bereft of, and without, its Spirit, which is, of course, an impossibility!"

    29. So where did our blue Universes' Spirit go?

    30. Okay, pulling our special camera back out of that dark blue Universe-bubble, we go looking for our missing Spirit within the light-blue luminescent 'twin' of our dark-blue Universe! And there it is!

    31. Our light-blue luminescent 'twin-Universe' is the missing Spirit from our dark-blue Corporeal Universe! But, as our special camera penetrates the 'skin' of our missing 'twin-Universe', we begin to realize that 'something's not the same, here in Kansas City!'

    32. Because, we are no longer 'in Kansas City!' That much is obvious! Besides the fact that our Spirit, or Incorporeal Universe, of light-blue luminescent Incorporeality or Spirit, has no dark-blue 'entities' or inhabitants... Wait a minute! I get it! No dark-blue inhabitants! Therefore, no physical or material matter! Whoa! Now I get the real point here! In this Spiritual, Incorporeal, 'twin' of our blue Universe, there is NO physical or material matter AT ALL! Therefore, there is NO Time and Space! Spacetime does not exist! WOW!

    33. Okay, since our very special camera has now done the impossible, in separating our blue-Universe from its own light-blue 'twin', its very own Spirit, a Spirit that exists in NO Time and Space, let us delve deeper into exploring this Spirit-Universe, to see exactly what the 'twin' of our physical-material Universe is made of!

    34. But, Whoa! Wait a minute! Something else has been noticed here! Without the light-blue 'twin', our darker-blue Universe is just... Well, dark-blue, or physical/material, or Corporeal! But, our light-blue 'twin', being not only luminescent, is downright radiant! (Which it would not actually be, of its own accord, because it cannot exist separately from its darker-blue Corporeal 'twin'!)

    35. But what has also been noticed, is that the radiance, and luminescence, of our Spirit 'twin', seems to come, not from itself, but from the surrounding luminescence of our gigantic Ocean itself, from the pure white-light luminescence of that Ocean-Source, of all the 'colors', of all Universes and Dimensions, including our single blue-Universe here, and its Spirit 'twin' Universe of light-blue luminescence! In other words, our Spirit 'twin' Universe, of light-blue luminescence, is of the very same Consciousness and Spirit as that immense Ocean likewise is, in the 'Creation' of All That Is!


  3. The point here is that all Life-forms, including the Universe itself and the Cosmos, are twin-duality, superimposed-upon-each-other, condensates of corporeality and incorporeality, where the visible and corporeal condensate-dimension-reality does exist as superimposed upon the invisible and incorporeal condensate-dimension-'reality' which created it (the corporeal dimension) in the first place!

  4. And I want to note here especially, that I have also included the Cosmos, herein what I have just said! Because, in both reality and 'reality', the herein previous quotation-from-my-Book, as a 'picture' of the Cosmos, does also imply, in and of itself, that we are looking at a Corporeal-Dimension that, although supposedly infinite, is yet visible and of differentiated relativity, in the separation-and-existence of all the bubble-universes extant on the surface of that gigantic ocean of Consciousness!

  5. But again here, do we have a conundrum, in that Consciousness is Incorporeal, and nominally not of the differentiated relativity of which I just spoke? Not really, in that we are talking about a Life-form of Infinity and Infinitude, of both Corporeality (which we have just noted) and Incorporeality, where, in effect, if such might be possible, both Corporeality and Incorporeality are Infinite! In other words, a Life-form that includes a Corporeal Reality that matches its twin-duality of Incorporeal 'Reality', in its Consciousness and Infinitude, or Infinite Consciousness!

  6. But, Whoa! Wait again here, because we're still yet not at the 'Level' of the 'Big Picture'! Because, whether or not the Corporeal twin of our Cosmos Life-form can, in any way, be considered to be infinite, the most certain 'reality' is, that the Incorporeal twin surely IS!

  7. Because here, in examination of the Incorporeal side-of-the-Cosmos, the Incorporeality that we are looking at, is yet so much infinitely larger than the mere Corporeal Reality of itself! But, remember also here, that we also have two 'Realities' in effect here. (And remember, that I am speaking ONLY of Incorporeality here!)

  8. Because, as to our Life-form Condensate-Dimension of the Cosmos, the exact same Laws and Principles for any Life-form do hereso apply! Which includes the very basic fact that a Life-form has been created to 'Be' that which it 'Is', by Reason-and-Purpose for its existence! The Reason-and-Purpose for the creation of the Cosmos was to 'Be' a Cosmos of Consciousness! In this respect, thusly, within whatever 'bounds' a Condensate-of-the-Cosmos might have, the underlying floor, or ground-state, of the Cosmos, of inter-twined Positive-and-Negative axions, have unraveled themselves, to provide both Positivity and Negativity, Order and Chaos, Yin and Yang, within the infinite-boundaries of such a Life-form, thusly providing the very floor or ground-state, of the Landscape-of-the-Cosmos, of Consciousness everywhere, which, as I have noted, also included Yin and Yang, in a cooperative and beneficial relationship.

  9. But, wait a minute, here again! If the Cosmos itself is a Life-form, that must mean that there is 'something' larger-yet than the Cosmos! Yes! Because, underlying it All, Everything, All-That-Is, including the Cosmos itself... is Infinite Consciousness! And Infinite Consciousness IS Incorporeality, which is defined by our trusty-and-everywhere-extant quantum axion particles, of Positivity and Negativity, intertwined together and providing the very basic and fundamental 'floor' or ground-state, of Consciousness, of and for All Life and All Dimensions everywhere, of both lower (Life-form) dimensions and the various Higher Dimensions as well!

  10. So, now that we are getting somewhat close to seeing the 'Big Picture'... Whoa! Wait a minute, again! We are now totally in the realm of Consciousness, or Incorporeality, or Spirit, of Oneness, Unity and Undifferentiated Relativity, where there is nothing but our trusty axions, which themselves, are the Unit of Consciousness! So, in such a situation, exactly how do we propose to be able to SEE anything further?

  11. Well, we just have to imagine that which I am about to present to you! So, as I have said, we now have nothing left but our trusty axions. So, let's take a further look at our axions. What we can see, is nothing but a big, gigantic MESH, existing everywhere! Remember? A single axion, and all axions, exist everywhere in the Cosmos, and beyond! So we have a big mesh of axions, existing everywhere!

  12. Now, further, suppose we could start peeling-away our mesh of axions, piece-by-piece, or layer-by-layer. What we would find, buried within that gigantic mesh, are all of our condensate-dimensions, existing as lesser-dimension-condensates, of corporeality and incorporeality, Life-forms superimposed-upon-each-other, all 'nested' within each other, from the Cosmos on down. But, remember here again, that we are only looking at a mesh-of-incorporeality, as we peel-away the layers of our mesh. Because, when we get to the incorporeal condensate-dimension of a Life-form, it is only the incorporeal twin-duality of incorporeality and consciousness, that we can see! We cannot actually see the corporeal condensate-dimension of that Life-form, whether that Life-form is the Cosmos, or our Universe, or any lesser nested condensate-dimension Life-form, such as a human being! In order to actually see the Corporeality of any Life-form, we would have to actually penetrate the 'bubble', or 'boundaried-region', of that Life-form's corporeal-condensate, to visually see what is actually contained within that 'bubble', whether it might be the Universe, or Barry Bonds! (Remember, so far, as to our 'seeing', it has merely been a 'visualization', within Incorporeality, of that which exists-but-is-invisible! When we 'cross-into' the realm of Corporeality anywhere, we now can actually and visually see, that which is to be seen!)

  13. But again, remember, that the Life-form that we are looking at, and the corporeal 'bubble', of the corporeal-dimension of that Life-form, is actually 'buried' somewhere within our gigantic mesh-of-Consciousness, along with all of the other condensate-dimensions that are likewise 'buried' therein our axion-mesh!

  14. Also, all of these condensate-dimensions, of any kind, are existing at some specific point-location within our axion-mesh! (Remember our discussions of incorporeal 'point-locations', of both local point-locations and non-local point-locations?) Well, every condensate-dimension everywhere, of any kind, Higher or lower, exists at some specific point-location, within our big, gigantic mesh of Consciousness, that specific point-location of which is 'centered-upon', and known as, a 'zero-point-location'! I'll get back to zero-point-locations in another Qualia discussion.

  15. For now though, looking again at our big, gigantic, mesh-of-axions, containing somewhere within itself, each and every dimension-condensate that does exist, i.e., All-That-Is... we now see one more aspect, or 'Reality', of that mesh that I hadn't really noted or stressed before! Remember? We are talking about Consciousness here, specifically Infinite Consciousness!

  16. And so, looking at our axion-mesh, we now can see that all of our axion 'pathways', everywhere, are brilliantly 'flashing', with instantaneous 'flashes' of brilliant white-light! And again, those 'flashes' of light, can be seen traversing all and every axion everywhere, to and from and into and beyond, any and all condensate-dimensions everywhere, within that gigantic mesh!

  17. What we have here, is THOUGHT, or more precisely, Thoughts... in THE MIND OF GOD! All-That-Is, is but Thought, in the Mind of God, or Infinite Consciousness! THAT is the final 'Big Picture'!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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