QUALIA LIV: Intent, Integrity and Inviolateness: Being 'In The Moment' or Being 'In Your Face'! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA LIV: Intent, Integrity and Inviolateness: Being 'In The Moment' or Being 'In Your Face'!

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from the QUFD website,
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By Father Jerome

  1. This Qualia Monograph is intended to define further what it means to be living 'In The Moment', where the actuality and Reality of living 'In The Moment' might actually be intimidating and even, seemingly, a precursor to violence, to another person who is not living 'In The Moment'!

  2. "WHAT? A 'precursor to violence'? How could such a thing be possible, in that living 'In The Moment' is supposed to be a 'basking' in the Positivity of Christ and Infinite Consciousness?"

  3. Well, in Quantum Physics, it is said that 'all possibilities are possible' and just as with the relationships and exchanges of all kinds today, the 'possibility' of violence, as the natural result of a misunderstanding between individuals, is always possible. But the key to such a 'possibility' lies in the 'point' made in my first paragraph above, that such 'violence' could only involve another person who was NOT living 'In The Moment', and thusly misunderstanding one who was doing so.

  4. Because, in the 'Reality' of living 'In The Moment', there is such a thing as 'Not having an answer to anything!' Of course, such an 'answer' can certainly be considered offensive, rude and any number of other misunderstandings, all of which, to a person who is NOT living 'In The Moment', MIGHT be a precursor to violence, IF such an unenlightened-person was so inclined to such!

  5. So, let me take the next sections of this discourse to explain what I mean by 'Not having an answer to anything!' In order to do so, however, I am going to have to reiterate or repeat exactly what are the 'conditions' of living 'In The Moment' that might lead to such an 'exchange' or confrontation!

  6. First of all, I have noted many times already, in my discourse relating TO living 'In The Moment' on these webpages, the absolute difference between a person who is utilizing their 'Memory', or the Memory-databanks OF the lower mind (the self!), versus another person who does NOT utilize such local 'Memory', but instead utilizes their instantaneous access to the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, as the 'source' of all their 'Memory'!

  7. A person who is relying upon only their 'conscious-memory', or the databanks-of-their-conscious-mind, actually the self, or lower mind condensate ONLY, of the entire local human Mind of that individual, is actually, and ONLY, relying upon what that individual has been taught/trained/learned/educated and told by others (parents, teachers, etc.), during that person's Lifetime! ALL those, and such other 'memories', reside within the 'databanks' of the lower mind, the self, and are, of course, lost or destroyed over time and certainly with the ultimate demise of the individual! Unfortunately, this is the 'Memory', and the 'memory databanks' that most of humanity use each and every day today, not actually having access TO their Soul or Upper Mind, AND therefore, the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, because that person, and all such persons, are laboring and Living, under/with, the current IMMATURITY of the human Mind!

  8. On the other hand, a person who is living 'In The Moment', is actually accessing their Soul and Upper Mind and that Collective Consciousness of Humanity (where all that resides there is PERMANENTLY recorded forever and is NEVER lost upon the demise of ANY individual human being!) That person is NOT using their lower mind (self) 'databanks' as 'Memory', but is, instead, using those lower mind 'databanks' as they were intended to be used, as a 'cache', between the human brain/Mind and the Collective, where 'data' is stored only temporarily (in such 'cache'), just as a 'memory-cache' is so used in a computer to assist the 'memory' only in holding the more recent and repeated 'memory-accesses' that are being called-forth by the human brain and Consciousness, in delivering the function of 'Memory' within the human Mind and brain, that does so constitute the overall quality, or 'functional-aspect', of human Consciousness!

  9. Of course, Consciousness exists within both these individuals, the one utilizing only their Immaturity of Mind, but also within the other person who is utilizing their Full and Complete Maturity of Mind! But, by living 'In The Moment', the second individual is thusly able to 'breach' that 'barrier' of Lucifer's 'Veil of Unknowing' (of one's Soul!) or 'Veil of Separation (of Upper and lower Mind!)', which is actually Lucifer's 'Fingers of Negativity', his condensate of Negative Consciousness, that is 'sandwiched' between the Upper Mind and the lower minds of all of humanity, and thusly, for that individual, actually (but temporarily!) enabling access to one's Soul and thusly the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, and all of the permanent 'data' that resides therein that great 'Hall of Records', as it has been called over the ages!

  10. Getting back to the 'point' being made here, the aspect of a possibility of misunderstanding between differing individuals occurs because of just that 'Reality' which has just been noted about the use of the lower mind IN a person who is able to access their Upper Mind and the Collective! To repeat again what I have just previously said, is that an Individual who is living 'In The Moment' IS USING his/her lower mind (the self) 'databanks' AS THEY WERE MADE to be used, i.e., as a temporary 'cache', for normal operations between the Upper Mind/Soul and the human brain!

  11. WHICH MEANS, therefore, that those areas of that lower mind that, in most other human individuals, would be crammed-to-the-gills WITH ALL of the learning, knowledge, training and MEMORY thereof, which that Individual might have absorbed in that Individual's Lifetime... ALL OF THESE AREAS of the lower mind, ARE NOT being used for such 'Memories', but instead ONLY for such temporary 'data' as might be necessary for 'caching', in the normal operations of the human Mind and brain! IN OTHER WORDS, those areas of the lower mind ARE ENTIRELY (or mostly!) EMPTY, of ANY 'learning', 'training', 'programming', or anything else that human Society MIGHT have 'inflicted' upon a nominal 'Citizen of Society'! IN OTHER WORDS, to say it a different way, this Person's Mind IS COMPLETELY BLANK, and he/she HAS NO 'MEMORY' of anything!

  12. The ONLY 'thing' (data) existing within this Person's Mind, brain and Consciousness, IS THAT DATA that the 'exigencies' OF THE MOMENT do so 'require' OF the Individual, AS DETERMINED BY Infinite Consciousness (God)! THAT is Living 'In The Moment'! Which means that such an Individual DOES NOT NEED TO KNOW ANYTHING, meaning the having OF subjective or objective 'information' ALREADY CONTAINED within the lower mind's 'databanks' or 'Memory', IS NOT NECESSARY! Such 'information' is just NOT THERE, at all! Whatever such 'info' MIGHT be needed, by the Individual, IN THAT MOMENT, WILL BE PROVIDED, by Infinite Consciousness (God), FROM the Collective OR, possibly, anywhere ELSE in the Cosmos, that such 'info', as an 'answer', might come from, INCLUDING DIRECTLY from God (IF necessary!)

  13. So the Individual can comfortably NOT 'KNOW' ANYTHING, and have NO preconceived 'answer' to ANY question that might be asked or any situation that might be presented. And what is to further be stressed here, in defining such a situation, is that the Individual ALSO makes NO 'judgment' WHATSOEVER, as to the question asked or the situation presented, but merely 'leaves it to God' to determine whether the question will even be 'answered' or the situation responded to! Of course, that means IF the question being asked (by the 'asking person'), has anything other than a pure and honest intent, such as a malicious or other such intent... Well then, here is where that Person asking the question, will get the Reply that, "No answer can be provided!", because God has already determined that there can be no honest 'answer' to such a malicious question and therefore the very 'answer' that MIGHT be given, is entirely withheld FROM the Consciousness of the Individual who is Living 'In The Moment'!

  14. Of course, if all of this, as a 'Reality', is not understood or is misunderstood BY the Individual who is NOT living 'In The Moment', THEN is when the proclivities of that Individual, as to the venting of any 'hostilities' upon the 'non-answerer', might become Reality!

  15. As has already been related elsewhere on these webpages several times, I, Jerome, have been Privileged to not only be 'Provided' access to the Collective Consciousness of Humanity AS NEEDED (such 'access' is certainly NOT automatic NOR 'forthcoming' to anyone, WHEN all of humanity does yet 'reside' within the Domain of the Luciferian Complex of Consciousness and 'Reality'!), but also to the Very Mind Of God Him/HerSelf, as well as additionally being 'Privileged' to 'Be There', In The Mind Of Christ, Upon The Cross! Such 'Realities' were only possible through Living 'In The Moment', of Positivity and Positive Consciousness!

  16. Also, I might mention that I have also related previously on these webpages, what such a 'condition' of Living 'In The Moment', did appear to 'Be', as 'told' BY one's 'dreams', and as interpreted in the context of one's Life Experiences! In this respect, this Individual has, in effect, 'burnt-out', as it might be called, several times in my Lifetime already, each time being indicative of the need for a 'career-change', which I did so pursue on the Corporeal level of my Personal Reality each time, all of which has certainly led to that Most Exhilarating 'Life' which I have been Privileged to Live IN this Lifetime!

  17. However, once upon a time, I 'saw' myself in a 'dream' and it was most enlightening! Not that I do pursue such any more, the 'Study of Dreams', but I did once know that most any 'Dream Dictionary' that one might pick up, does certainly place one's personal Life and Existence in the 'context' of some kind of 'building' or structure, around or within which the 'dream' does 'play out'! In my case, in my 'dream', I was to find myself inside of a gigantic warehouse, which was so large that one could not even see from one end of the warehouse to the other! But also, another reason that it was impossible to 'see' anything inside of that gigantic warehouse, was that... it was ALL BURNT OUT!

  18. Yep! Nothing but blackness everywhere, indicative of the numerous times that I had 'burnt-out' within the Corporeality of my Life! However, THERE... at the very center of that blackness, was an infinitesimally microscopic 'pin-point' of Light! BUT, that 'pin-point' of Light WAS SO BRIGHT, that no one could look at it! THERE... was my Soul, burning brightly, and giving me 'access', to all the 'Realities' and Dimensions of Consciousness and 'Reality', that I might have need thereof!

  19. And thusly, has come about the 'Reality' of what you and everyone might read, herein this Document AND within the Book and Video-Documentary, soon to appear nationwide and even worldwide, entitled "God, Lucifer and You!", a ScienceBook of Quantum Physics and Reality! Look for it in your bookstore and on the silver-screen!

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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