QUALIA XXXXVIII: Being Who and What You Were Born to Be/Do versus "I Am That I Am!" From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA XXXXVIII: Being Who and What You Were Born to Be/Do versus "I Am That I Am!"

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
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By Father Jerome

  1. I've talked many times on these webpages about 'Knowing' and 'Being' the Who and What that You were Born to Be and to Do, as well as (besides Knowing YourSelf!) Knowing Who and What You Are, What Your Individual Destiny Is and What Humanity's Destiny Is. Somewhere, in all those pages, I do believe that I've mentioned, once or twice, the aspect of Being "I AM THAT I AM!" Someone might ask, "What is the difference between these two Realities?" So, let's explore this subject a bit further here.

  2. I realized this subject needed discussion when it occurred to me, In The Moment, that I no longer 'Knew' Who I Am or What I Am, even though I mention this specific aspect of Living One's Life quite often. But then, I realized that it no longer matters!

  3. Once or twice, on these pages, I do believe that, somewhere, I've also mentioned Human Evolution, meaning Genesistic Evolution, rather than Darwinian Evolution or, Heaven Forbid!, anything to 'do' with Creationism! And I believe I referred to it as the Tri-Partite 'Genesis' of Humanity, as to the three different 'Theories' of the Genesis of Humanity! (See one of these discussions, at Lecture 1, A Comparative Discussion of Human Evolution).

  4. In fact, quoting from that academic lecture of about 10 years ago:
    Now, one thing more I need to clarify. I am NOT talking about what is called Darwinian evolution, the old theory by Charles Darwin or his more recent followers, that humanity is descended from the Great Apes. NO, I am talking about modern, scientific HUMAN Evolution. Meaning that humanity IS, and always HAS, existed AS HUMAN BEINGS, FROM TIME IMMEMORIAL. Once a human is originally "born" (at whatever "time" such may be), that person's Soul will essentially live forever, going through MANY lives and stages of growth and evolution, and eventually reaching a level of maturity, in which that person KNOWS Who they are, What their reason for living is, and can consequently REMEMBER their existence, throughout each and every "lifetime" that the person has ever lived. THAT is Human Evolution, and it certainly DOES include the concept of Reincarnation, as a means of identifying the immortal Soul OF such a person, whose Soul does transcend the limitations and mortal "existence" of the corporeal "body". Note, however, that very rarely is the case, or even the possibility, that an individual Soul can, or will, achieve such a "maturity", of that Soul, which we define here as KNOWING, IN a single "lifetime". Such a process, as we have previously mentioned, does normally take MANY lives and stages of growth and HUMAN evolution (UNLESS that Soul shall have been imbued by Infinite Consciousness WITH such KNOWING, prior TO that person's original "birth"). Anyway, the point here is, that humanity, and the individual members of Mankind, DO go through the many "levels" of Human Evolution, as a "process" in the Soul's development and evolution. So, such is the definition of the term HUMAN EVOLUTION.
  5. Well, in light of the previously quoted info, I am coming to 'see' that, perhaps, I am merely and personally 'Transfiguring' to the 'next Stage' of my own personal 'Voyage' of Human Evolution, as so defined here previously.

  6. Of course, I am yet living under the limitations of our current human civilization, as we all are, which is the fact of Immaturity of Mind of all of humanity! And Yes! This also includes those of us who are occasionally or even regularly, able to temporarily 'achieve' Maturity of Mind, by Living In The Moment!

  7. And Yes! I guess I could say that I do yet 'Know' Who and What I Am, and Who and What I Was Born to Be and to Do, as well as my Individual Destiny... but it seems that somehow, even though I 'Know', or 'Knew', such, that I can no longer 'remember' those 'Details' at all!

  8. But then, I guess the Key here is the words that I have used in my opening paragraphs here... that "...it no longer matters!" Because, as long as I am Living my Life as it NEEDS to Be Lived... I no longer 'need' to even 'Know' HOW and WHAT those 'Needs' ARE, or 'Need' to Be, because I am Living such Life automatically... In The Moment!

  9. In this respect (and analysis!), I guess the 'Reality' is that, as I have also just previously herein noted, that everyone goes through different 'Levels' of Human Evolution! My next Level is, apparently, NOT 'needing' to 'Know' Who and What I Am (and the other aspects of such!), because I Am already BEING That Which I Am! This is what I would say is, Being 'I AM THAT I AM!'

  10. Not only that, besides NOT 'Knowing' Who/What I Am, etc., perhaps it is also a 'realization' that I do NOT 'need' to 'define myself' for ANYONE ELSE but me!

  11. Actually, I guess I don't even 'need' to do that! Because IF the 'Personal' no longer matters, THEN... I think I can truly say that the ONLY ONE Who Matters, is the Guy/Gal Upstairs (God!), and What I Might Be/Do For His/Her 'Children' (Humanity!), here in this World (by 'Being Of Service TO One and All!)

  12. Okay, all of the preceding 'makes'sense' to me, if I am to really 'need' an 'explanation' of Who and What I Am, even as 'I AM THAT I AM!' But, in 'Reality', even an 'explanation' doesn't matter! Because the most Important thing is... What I Do, and What I Be (Am), in relation to all the rest of this World!

  13. So, getting back to that which I have forever been 'Preaching' herein these webpages, in that sense, I am like everyone else in this World! IT ALL DEPENDS UPON US! What We Do and Say, and Who and What We ARE! So, in that sense, 'I AM THAT I AM! is no more than anyone else, as to What needs to Be Done!

  14. In fact, just like anyone else, I am also as 'human' as anyone else, in that I can Be 'I AM THAT I AM!', and yet 'fall out of' such a 'reverie' or 'state of Being', JUST LIKE anyone else! I can be 'kicked/seduced/fall, etc.', INTO the Past or Future (see my Lecture, The Quantum Physics of Time!), just like anyone else, who is likewise 'susceptible' to Lucifer's 'Fingers-of-Negativity', AS LONG AS those 'Fingers' yet exist within the Minds OF ALL OF US!

  15. So, what is the 'cure' or solution? Well, I've said it many times already, on the webpages of this QUFD Textbook... WE - Humanity - NEED TO get those damn 'Fingers' of Lucifer's, OUT OF OUR MINDS! The Minds of ALL OF US! And the only way to do this, and to 'Activate' the genetic 'change' that will Bring On MATURITY of the Human Mind, AND GET OUR WORLD OUT OF Lucifer's Nether-Regions... is to enable WORLDWIDE COOPERATION and LOVE for All, and more, as a Worldwide Participatory Democracy of EVERY Human Being, in eliminating Lucifer's Negativities, one by one, FROM our World! (Of course, kicking Lucifer's 'Fingers' OUT OF OUR MINDS, completely and en-masse, would be Better YET!)

  16. As a more thorough and detailed 'Review' of What Needs To Be Done, I hereby refer the Reader back to that Research Report that I wrote almost 10 years ago, which explains it all even more fully than I have done here! See "An Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind!"

  17. And finally, in Conclusion of this Qualia Monograph, I hereby refer the Reader to two pertinent sections of the Original QUFD Formulation, which are sections of the QUFD Philosophy. Those two sections are reprinted here:
    KNOWING - knowledge, objectivity (corporeal AND incorporeal) IS the "observer", the observation, in Quantum Physics, which resolves any and all issues of uncertainty, as to BOTH/AND EITHER/OR possibilities of any and everything. KNOWING "creates" REALITY! And, in this quantum mechanical world, "reality" CAN BE corporeal OR incorporeal! Reality IS what "reality" does, or is that which is "created", HOWEVER and in whatever manner. Thusly, the fact of the matter - "Just the facts, ma'am!" - is that, in Quantum Physics AND QUFD, that reality which is "created" IS REAL and OBJECTIVE, in its actuality, existence, factuality and REALITY! And this is all the result of the MIND - the conscious Mind. When knowledge - KNOWING - occurs, the "buck stops", right then and there, and consciousness - KNOWING - has now "created" REALITY, BOTH corporeal AND incorporeal, EITHER corporeal OR incorporeal. The facts, the realities, MAY BE "any of the above"! Thusly, subjectivity BECOMES, and "is", objectivity. What IS, "is"! No question about it! Corporeal OR incorporeal, what "is" is REAL! As the old C&W (Country & Western) song goes, "Ah'm a walkin' contradiction, a study in opposites...". KNOWING does that, because KNOWING is INDIVIDUALISTIC - no one Mind can ever KNOW that which is fully "known" by any other Mind. We (humanity) are all individual and unique Minds - each one of us KNOWING that which one "knows". And that is the beauty, and the UNITY, and the wholeness, of all of us - that "jig-saw puzzle" which I have written about - meaning that we, humanity, can ONLY be "whole" and complete WHEN we are individually THAT WHICH we are, and were so "born to be". The REALITY of Life is that each piece thereof (the "jig-saw puzzle"), in acting together and in UNITY - as ONE - maximizes, and utilizes, with utmost efficiency, that individuality which has been so consecrated into each one of us and our individual consciousness.

    In order to KNOW what one IS, one must BE. In order to BE what one knows, one must KNOW. Total questioning in our living is the key to being. The responsibility of man is to question himself on the meaning of his being. What really defines and shows us a MAN is his RESPONSE and RESPONSIBILITY to his existence. RESPONSIBILITY properly means to respond, to answer, the questions that one asks of oneself in order to BE. (And response, and responsiveness, to ANY existential input does NOT imply, or relate to, ANY such "formal" response as may be evinced by, or from, any "programming". In other words, TRUE response is free and natural, and IN THE MOMENT, being the singular result of our awareness and ATTENTION TO that moment). We must be FREE IN and OF CONSCIENCE enough that our consciousness shall KNOW that its purpose in being is NOT to forever ANSWER the questions of others, but instead to answer one's own questioning. In such a way can one come to KNOW oneself and THEN to KNOW HOW, WHY and WHOM to Serve, in order to truly Serve those others who DO need one's Services. Arising from BEING, such Service and the one who does thusly truly GIVE, has asked the question and then answered it FROM, and THROUGH, one's BEING. And thusly do we ask that ONE question throughout our Lifetimes - from our first question to our last - "WHO AM I?" And in the end, there can be but one answer - "I AM THAT I AM!"

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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