QUALIA CVII: Awareness and Healing: Of self (brain/body), of Self (Mind/Soul), of One's Place in The Cosmos, of Mind-Healing-Body and more! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA CVII: Awareness and Healing: Of self (brain/body), of Self (Mind/Soul), of One's Place in The Cosmos, of Mind-Healing-Body and more!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. Okay, this seems to be a somewhat comprehensive discussion, so here goes.

  2. First, I need to begin with some Basics. If you are reading this, then presumably you have already read the 'QUFD Textbook' and my other online Works and are therefore familiar with both the Corporeal Condensate-of-Reality, as well as the Incorporeal Condensate-of-'Reality', of Life, Existence and Reality, of any human being. (If you already don't know what I am talking about here, you need to go back and read further in the Works noted hereinabove, because I do not intend to discuss such Basics/Fundamentals of Life, Existence and Reality here, except as might be incidental to the discussion.)

  3. Awareness exists at three levels of Consciousness, which may or may not be identical to that 'Awareness' of a Normal Mature Human Mind. (Nor will I discuss here the 'reality' of the normal Human Maturity of Mind, which I have already done so extensively in the afore mentioned Works, again except as might be incidental to the discussion.)

  4. The Three Levels of Awareness/'Awareness' are:

  5. First of all, within the lower mind, brain, body and the entirety-of-reality, which is that human individual's Life, Existence and Reality, within that Corporeal Condensate-of-Reality which One occupies. Of course, this includes any and all perceptions and realities-of-relationships beyond that personal, individual condensate, into and including any and all larger and smaller corporeal condensates of one's Existence and Reality. Such might include one's Family, Tribe, Nation, World, Universe as well as one's Brain, Heart, molecules, atoms, quantum particles and the basic quantum forces, fields and gravity of the universe. Oh, let's throw in Time and Space here also! In other words, everything that does so constitute One's Corporeal Condensate of Life, Existence and Reality... One's 'Bubble', of Reality!

  6. The Second Level of 'Awareness' that I intend to discuss here within this Qualia Monograph, is that of the Incorporeality of the Upper Mind, Soul/Self, of the entirety of the Local Mind and Consciousness, within that Incorporeal Condensate-of-'Reality' that One occupies.

  7. The Third Level of 'Awareness' is that of your Local Mind's Existence and 'Reality' within the Infinities-of-Consciousness of Incorporeality, which involves both quantum locality and quantum non-locality. This may also treat upon both point-locations and zero-point-locations, both of which have, again, been discussed extensively elsewhere in these Works.

  8. I suppose I should now 'paint' a picture here... It would be nice if I could actually paint the picture or, better yet, show it with computer graphics, but I am qualified in neither art form. So, here goes my attempt merely in prose.

  9. The 'totality' of a human being exists on, as I have already herein noted, three levels. One of those levels is the Corporeal Reality of the individual, the physical/material/corporeal reality, of Time and Space, existing within the allotted quantum forces, fields and gravity of the universe, which can be seen visually (as appropriate) and as so contained within both that personal condensate of corporeality of oneself as well as existing within all of the existential relationships as may exist with other greater and smaller corporeal condensates of the universe and of one's Life, Existence and Reality. This is all of the visible and real aspects of oneself that exist within one's personal 'Bubble' of Reality. ('Bubble' having been 'quoted' here merely as an emphasis of said Reality!)

  10. The second 'level'... quoted here because said 'level' is an Incorporeal 'Reality' and, as appropriate to written expression of such 'realities', is therefore 'quoted', when used in reference to an incorporeal aspect or dimension, i.e., the second standard usage of quotes, the first usage being, as noted above, merely as an expression of emphasis.

  11. The second 'level' is the incorporeality of the personal condensate of Life, Existence and 'Reality' of the individual. This is the 'duality', or twin-duality, of the individual's actual existence, within both Corporeality and Incorporeality, which is the invisible and incorporeal condensate of one's existence and both reality and 'reality'! This is the 'level' of the actual Cause of Oneself, as extant within the quantum and invisible realms of Incorporeality, which some people might call Spirit.

  12. The Duality of Oneself exists because both the corporeal condensate of oneself and the incorporeal condensate of oneself must always exist together. One cannot exist without the other. However, the incorporeal condensate of said Duality is the Cause and the corporeal condensate of said Duality is the Effect, or Result. Incorporeality begets Corporeality. Both exist together for the very specific Reason and Purpose for which that individual Local Mind and Condensate(s) has thusly been 'created'. However, as I have just said, the incorporeal condensate of oneself came first and then the incorporeal condensate, in turn, immediately 'gave birth' to the corporeal condensate of oneself, and nine months later, the individual was born into the Real World! But, before his/her 'appearance' (an 'emphasis') in the Real World of Corporeality, said individual did already exist within the 'Real' World of Incorporeality!

  13. And so we actually have two Bubbles, of both Reality and 'Reality'... condensate-bubbles of Corporeality and Incorporeality, both existing together, each within each other, in fulfillment of that specific Reason and Purpose for which such Duality has been 'created' in the first place! (Bubbles-of-Duality have already been discussed elsewhere on these webpages, so I will not discuss such here except as I may find such to be incidental to the discussion.)

  14. Okay, and then we have the third 'level' of one's Life, Existence and 'Reality'... again, the quotes indicating Incorporeality. The third 'level' is one's existence within the 'Bigger Picture' of Incorporeality and the Cosmos. The aforementioned Duality, of the 'bubble-condensates' of one's existence, is actually but a mere Part thereof the extensive Infinities-of-Consciousness that do so comprise the 'completeness', Oneness, Wholeness and Unity, of both Einstein's Grand Unitary-Field-Of-It-All and That of The Cosmos itself, Infinite Consciousness! This is the part of oneself that exists in Oneness and Harmony (or perhaps not!), with the Oneness and Unity of all the Worlds, Dimensions and 'Realities' of.... Incorporeality.

  15. Of course, the 'necessity' here, is the quantum axion particle, of Consciousness, Sentience, Awareness, 'Reality' and so much more! (Again, the quantum axion particle has already been discussed ad infinitum on these webpages, so no more for now, except as said axions do pertain to the discussion here.)

  16. Axions are the real enabling 'reality' of anything and of every human being, as well as, in fact, any Life-form as does exist anywhere within the Cosmos. (No! Although pulsars, black holes, universes, trees, rocks, ants, molecules, leptons and such are yet Life-forms, I'm not going to discuss such here because, again, I've already done so elsewhere on these webpages!)

  17. Although axions only exist within the two incorporeal 'levels' of oneself (the personal incorporeal 'level' and the Cosmic 'level'), axions certainly do have sway and influence over that personal corporeal condensate-bubble which is the Reality of Oneself. After all, axions were basically instrumental in the very 'creation' of that personal condensate-bubble which one does occupy. It was the axions of your own personal incorporeal condensate-bubble, which released, from within themselves (said axions, of your personal incorporeal 'bubble'), the very basic quantum forces, fields and gravity of the universe, into the actual confines-boundaries of what was to be your personal corporeal bubble. Said quantum forces/fields/gravity then, in turn, created your own personal Time and Space within that newly-created bubble, which, again in turn, created all of the necessary quantum realm particles, atoms, molecules, organs and everything else, that became... You!

  18. But, going even further here, as to our wonderful axions, not only did they 'create' all that is You... but they also gave yourself that Most Important 'Quality' (an 'emphasis')... Awareness! Because, axions also contain within themselves, a Most Important 'ingredient' of themselves... Sentience! Yes! Here, within axions, is the Ultimate 'Awareness', Knowing and so much more, of each and every Life-form! And since the actual 'reality' of an individual axion as well as all axions, is that they 'exist'... everywhere in The Cosmos... There is nothing that an axion cannot 'know'! Past/Present/Future, all Dimensions, all Worlds, all Condensates of both Reality and 'Reality', within all Bubbles of both Corporeality and Incorporeality, of all point-locations and zero-point-locations (of Incorporeality) everywhere!

  19. And axions can 'deliver' all of such 'knowing', data, information and wisdom, unto that one Important Part of yourself where it all counts... your Mind! Because your individual Local Mind also 'exists', within the very same 'medium' in which axions exist... the Oneness and Unity of Incorporeality!

  20. Let me here, very quickly, point out one more pertinent 'reality', with regard to what I have just said herein above, as to what axions can do. As I have already said, there is a Duality, within each-and-every human being, that Duality being, as it has been called, the Body versus Spirit. Well, Body is corporeal, and axions do not exist within Corporeality. Spirit, on the other hand (and NOT 'spirituality', which is a human corruption-of-the-reality!), is incorporeal and axions certainly do 'exist' within the realms and dimensions of Incorporeality! In fact, the point here being made, with respect to the just-previous discussion... is that the axions, and therefore the 'awareness', 'knowing' and so much more, of this 'side' of one's Duality, the incorporeal 'side', has axions that 'exist'... everywhere in the Cosmos! Because, each and every axion, 'exists' everywhere in the Cosmos! Therefore, that 'twin-duality' of Oneself... your Spirit... 'exists' everywhere, and 'knows' everything that it needs to 'know', with regard to the total Reality and 'Reality' of Oneself!

  21. Let me back-up here a bit, and explain some details with regard to the Local Human Mind. (No! I'm not going to discuss the Local Mind of a black hole or anything else, because I have already done so elsewhere!)

  22. The Local Human Mind, as I have discussed elsewhere, consists of two incorporeal condensates 'pancaked' together, in what is known as Cooper-Pairing in quantum terminology, although Orthodox Quantum Mechanics (scientists) may differ somewhat in their interpretation of the term. The Upper condensate of the pair, the Upper Mind, is the Self/Soul and the actual decision-making final-arbiter of any and everything which that Local Human Mind does address and control/supervise, of that human individual's Life, Existence and Reality, within the bubble of their corporeal existence. Although the lower mind, the self, the 'me' of the individual, is yet an incorporeal condensate as well, in some respects it merely follows the 'advice' of the Upper Mind, but it also does 'perform' exclusively individual 'functions' as well, which I shall address herein the following.

  23. I will discuss the primary 'function' of the lower mind here next, but first let me merely note the other perfunctory 'functions' of the lower mind. It automatically 'transfers' and/or 'processes' (between Upper Mind and the human brain/body), certain parasympathetic operations of the human body.

  24. Let me insert here one more minor item of concern. Quantum point-locations exist throughout all of Incorporeality. Each point-location is the 'repository' of the specific information at that point-location, which also may be extant at that point-location in varying 'points' of Past, Present and Future, of all of the 'incidentals' at that 'point-location'. Within Incorporeality, there are both local-point-locations (locality) and remote-point-locations (non-locality). Remote-point-locations may be anywhere in the Cosmos. Local-point-locations are usually local to the 'point' being considered. In the case of the Local Human Mind, a local-point-location might be said to 'exist' within either the Upper Mind or the lower mind. In any case, when an axion is 'gathering/collecting' information from point-locations, said 'data' might 'come from' either a remote-point-location (non-locality) or a local-point-location (locality)... which also might include the parasympathetic 'functions' of the lower mind, all of which are 'contributed' to the instantaneous 'dynamics' being processed by the Upper Mind as 'inputs'.

  25. Zero-point-locations are a 'singularity' associated with each and every 'locality', whether of the human Life-form or of any other kind of Life-form, whether natural or man-made. As the heart is the vital-organ within a corporeal human body, a zero-point-location, within Incorporeality, is the actual 'heart' or Most Vital 'Reality', of any 'locality', no matter how large or small. And since the incorporeal condensate-bubble is the actual 'Cause' of any 'duality'... the corporeal condensate-bubble being the Effect or Result... without the zero-point-location of that incorporeal condensate 'bubble'... neither bubble would exist!

  26. The other minor 'function' of the lower mind, is that it is the local repository of the 'knowing', experiences and such, of the individual. In other words, it is the 'databank-memory' of the individual, what is sometimes called (inaccurately) 'My Mind'! Because, the actual reality is that, any knowledge, information, experience, etc., is not only 'registered/recorded' here, in the lower mind, but all of such 'experiences' also pass through the lower mind, to the Upper Mind and from there to the Collective Consciousness of All of Humanity, where each and every such 'experience' is instantaneously 'recorded'... Forever! The point here, is that all of said 'experiences' that are 'registered/recorded' in the memory-banks of the lower mind, are really only available temporarily for immediate use within one's bubble-of-corporeal reality. The fact of the matter is, that everything that is 'recorded' within the 'memory' of the lower mind, is not only subject to deterioration due to the loss of faculties of the human brain and body (i.e., memory-loss), but the very 'existence' of these 'memory-banks' ceases-to-exist with the existence of the individual. But, all of such 'memories', each-and-every tidbit of data and experience, that has also 'passed-through' the Upper Mind and has also been 'recorded' in the Collective Consciousness of Humanity... is 'recorded' there Forever!

  27. Okay, the major 'function' of the lower mind. The upper-side of the pancake-condensate that is the lower mind, actually 'replicates' the instantaneous Landscape of the lower side of the Upper Mind (Cooper-Pairing). Actually, it only 'replicates' the 'background' Landscape, of the Upper Mind's instantaneous 'dynamics' of Ordering-and-Chaos and of decision-making. Even though such Landscape 'background' is automatically-and-instantaneously 'felt' upon the lower mind, the lower mind yet does not automatically 'realize' or receive any 'decision-outputs' from that instantaneous Landscape of the Upper Mind. Such 'outputs', of the actual 'dynamics' of the Upper Mind, actually have to be passed from the Upper Mind to the lower mind, for 'execution' thereof. The 'background' of the Upper Mind's instantaneous Landscape, is all of those amassed-and-inputted 'realities' which have contributed to the instantaneous 'dynamic' that is being 'produced' therefrom. That 'background' is reflected upon the lower mind, in order that the lower mind might so fully 'understand' the resulting 'decision-output' that it is to receive. Although both condensates are separate, individual condensates, of differing 'functionality', this 'reflection-upon-the-lower-mind' (of the Landscape-of-the-Upper Mind), occurs because both condensates 'exist' for the same Reason and Purpose, as the 'totality' of that Local Human Mind.

  28. But it, the lower mind, actually has to 'receive' an 'output-decision', across the interstitial spaces between the two condensates of Upper Mind and lower mind, because even though they both constitute the very same Local Human Mind, of the exact same Reason and Purpose, yet the two condensates perform differing 'functions', and therefore have to 'communicate' with each other with regard to their individual 'executioning-functions'. As I have said, the Upper Mind condensate performs the actual 'dynamics' with regard to anything. The instantaneous 'output' of those 'dynamics', is then passed to the lower mind, across the interstitial-spaces between the two condensates. (Which 'spaces' are, of necessity and of 'reality', a part thereof the overall Incorporeality of the Cosmos and of Infinite Consciousness... that infinitely larger condensate within which that Local Human Mind does exist!)

  29. The lower mind then 'receives' any 'output-decision' from the Upper Mind, via the simple medium of 'phase-space-shifting', of the (resident) quantum forces/fields/gravity, of the axions between the two condensates, said 'forces' only being 'released' unto each individual-and-specific 'output-decision', only for 'transfer-communication' as needed, in order to be 'received' by the lower mind.

  30. When the lower mind 'receives' the 'signal' from the Upper Mind, the lower mind's 'function' is then to accurately 'route' that 'signal' (and all of it's components-and-implications) to the appropriate areas of the physical human brain, for execution within the corporeal world of Reality! I've already explained and detailed elsewhere on these webpages, both the exact details of the 'interface' between Incorporeality and Corporeality, between the incorporeal Mind and the corporeal Brain, as well as the neurophysics thereof.

  31. For the simple purposes of the discussion here, let me just say that the Local Human Mind, specifically the lower mind, 'interfaces' with the Human Brain, via each and every synapsial-junction of that Brain, Spinal Cord and Ganglia. In fact and in reality, it is the glial cells, which surround each and every synapse, which are the 'interface-agents'.

  32. The lower mind has a 'map', as it's primary 'function', of each and every glial-cell within the human body! And it 'interfaces' with every one of those glial-cells. (As explained elsewhere.) By and through this 'interface', each and every glial-cell not only provides a feedback-mechanism regarding the full-cycle of any glial-cell's instantaneous 'neural-charge-transfer' functioning (of the accompanying synapse), but it also provides, to both Upper Mind and lower mind, the most intricate details of its specific relationships-and-operations, with every area and functionality of the entire Brain, Spinal Cord and Ganglia.

  33. In other words, the lower mind (and the Upper Mind) not only 'know' where each and every synapsial-junction glial-cell is located... but it also 'knows' exactly what that synapsial-junction/glial-cell do, within the human brain and body! The Upper Mind also 'knows' all of these details of the operations of the physical human brain and body and thusly, when the Upper Mind sends a 'communications-signal' to the lower mind for 'routing', that 'signal' already contains the details as to exactly where, in the human brain, that 'output-decision' is to be sent and/or exactly what areas of the brain are to be 'supervised/controlled', in 'execution' of that 'output-decision'!

  34. The lower mind then merely 'routes' that 'signal' accordingly, to the proper synaptic-junctions of the Brain, Spinal Cord and Ganglia, in effect supervising/controlling the entire human brain and body and thereby 'executing' that 'decision-output' which has been rendered from the Upper Mind!

  35. Now, however, I now have to bring in the Negativity, to our discussion here. Because, the awful Truth here is... that I have been talking about the way it is supposed to work... with a Mature Human Mind! But, the Reality is, that ever since 9,654 B.C., since the Fall of our previous Human Civilization upon our Earth (which has been discussed elsewhere already)... the Human Mind has not been of a Mature Human Mind! Each and every one of us, presently has an Immature Human Mind!

  36. Let me return to my previous comments about the composition of the Local Human Mind. Although we do yet have two incorporeal condensates, Upper Mind and lower mind, which are both comprised of Positive axions of Positivity and Consciousness (Remember? Axions are the very Unit of Consciousness!), in a Cooper-Pairing... they are, however, yet separated by those interstitial spaces between themselves, over which all 'communications' and 'output-decisions' have to pass and which (said interstitial spaces) are inherently part of the overall 'totality' of the Incorporeality of our entire Universe.

  37. As explained elsewhere, within our specific Universe, that incorporeal-and-quantum scientific 'reality' that is known as Lucifer, has 'created' his own realm of Negative Consciousness-and-Reality, known as the Luciferian Complex of Negative 'Reality' and Consciousness, commonly known as Hell or Hades. In our universe alone therefore, Lucifer, while yet providing his 'part' of the beneficial Ground-Floor/Ground-State of Yin-Yang with God throughout the rest of the Cosmos (the negative axions which are intertwined with the positive axions, of the basic Ground-Floor/Ground-State of all of Incorporeality and the Cosmos), here, in our Universe, his Negative realm of Consciousness is in 'opposition' to the Positivity-and-Consciousness of God, or Infinite Consciousness. He has consciously 'opposed' both God and Humanity, by 'inflicting' his Negativities into every sphere of human interaction and reality!

  38. In 9,654 B.C., when tremendous 'changes' (earthquakes, plate tectonics, etc.) were occurring, as the result of the Reversal of the Magnetic Poles of the Earth, Lucifer 'took advantage' of the situation, to his benefit. Within Incorporeality, he (Lucifer) 'grabbed hold' of the zero-point-location of our very Earth itself and pulled it into his realm of Negative Consciousness and Reality! In other words, since 9,654 B.C., our Earth has been extant... within Hell/Hades! Our World and ourselves, have been surrounded and immersed, within the Negativity of Lucifer's Negative Consciousness!

  39. But, the reason he (Lucifer) did this, is even more insidious! By placing our Earth within his Negativity, it was then all the more easier for Lucifer to insert his 'Fingers-of-Negativity', into those interstitial spaces between the two condensates of each and every Local Human Mind. His 'Fingers-of-Negativity' do currently 'exist', between the Upper Mind and the lower mind of every human being... where they can negatively impact and corruptively 'influence', every 'communications-signal' that passes between Upper Mind and lower mind. When the Upper Mind might send a 'signal' of Love, to the lower mind, on local-point-location #177694 of the Landscape of the Upper Mind, to be received by the lower mind on the same point-location, for execution of the quality of Love in the Real World... instead, Lucifer's 'Fingers-of-Negativity' also 'intercept' that very same 'signal' and then also 'route' that 'signal' (via his negative 'phase-space-shifting' of the 'signal'), to local-point-location #177544 on the receiving Landscape of the lower mind... a local-point-location that corresponds with... Hate!

  40. All of this is instantaneous, of course, as to both the 'signals' and the Landscape 'backgrounds' of both Upper Mind and lower mind. However, since Lucifer himself is part of the Incorporeality of the Cosmos, he is therefore intimately 'tuned in' to the instantaneous 'dynamics' and the Landscapes of any Local Human Mind anywhere. Therefore he instantaneously 'knows' exactly what constitutes each and every 'signal' as well as Landscape, and he can thusly and instantaneously 'execute' his nefarious intentions of Negativity upon any 'signal'!

  41. So now, although the inherent details and routing of both 'signals' are the same, one 'signal' has been 'received' by the lower mind as Love and the second 'signal' has been 'received' by the lower mind as Hate! Both 'signals' are the same, but the lower mind is now confused, and doesn't know what to do! And thusly, with enough such 'confusion', does Lucifer readily interject his Negativity into the Real World, through his influences-within-our-Minds (our corporeal Brains, actually!)

  42. But, knowledgeable Human Beings have already figured out Lucifer's machinations and intentions and have already warned Humanity. But, in the final result, it is still 'up-to-us', to remove all of Lucifer's negativities from our World (wars, conflicts, animosities, divisiveness, adversarial relationships, all hatred, all competition, all personal biases, untrustworthiness, unreliability, any and all psychological, psychotic, psychoses, hardness-of-heart... everything that is negative in our World, in any way!) and to permanently eliminate Lucifer's Negativity from our Consciousness, and thereby fully restore Mankind's inherent Maturity of the Human Mind and Consciousness!

  43. The famous Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung, offered his advice and counsel, based upon his understanding of the situation and problem. Jung called Lucifer's 'Fingers-of-Negativity' within our Minds, either the 'Veil-of-Separation' (separation of Upper Mind from lower mind) or the 'Veil-of-Unknowing' (the unknowing-of-Oneself, of the Soul or Self, i.e., the Upper Mind, of the person)! Jung said, "Know Thyself!" Meaning to Know exactly Who and What One Is! Only by 'knowing' Oneself, can One truly see through any and all Negativity and thereby overcome and eliminate all negativities! Such is the Message that all the Wisdom of previous Civilizations and Generations-of-Humanity have thusly passed on to All of Us... Know Thyself, and then do everything that you can... to Eliminate Lucifer's Negativities and Consciousness from our World, our Lives, our Existence and Reality!

  44. Okay, enough of the details of Life as it is extant today. Let me return to Life, as it should be!

  45. Let's completely disregard Lucifer and all of his negativities within our World, our Minds and Consciousness. Hopefully, some day, somehow, Humanity will 'Come Together', in Complete Cooperation and Willpower, in the Total Elimination of All Competitions, All Negativities, within Our World, Our Universe and Our Reality/'Reality'! Then we will have finally restored Maturity-of-the-Human-Mind, in Fulfillment of that singular Human Quest and Destiny! (Details of such have already been discussed elsewhere in these webpages!)

  46. So, let's talk about the Mature Human Mind, which is what we should all have in the first place. Although all Human Minds are presently Immature, yet much of what I am about to say in the following discussion, with regard to our Topic of Discussion, Awareness, should yet apply! In fact, unfortunately, I foresee that I will inevitably have to discuss certain negativities with regard thereto Awareness, Human Existence and the current Realities of our Lives!

  47. Currently, as individuals, we are only nominally aware of our Realities, of our corporeal existences, of that which we are, within our personal bubble-of-corporeal-reality. (Unfortunately, some individuals do not even encompass this reality!) We are not nominally even aware of our Duality, of that Twin-of-Ourselves, our invisible Spirit-Dimension, that is with and within us always. If we do even think of this invisible and incorporeal 'side' of ourselves, it is merely thought of through Myth, Legend, Religion or New-Age psychic fantasy. We have no concept of the actual 'reality' of said 'duality-of-ourselves'. Thusly, we have no 'awareness' thereof. And we certainly do not nominally have any 'awareness' whatsoever, of the 'Realities-of-Consciousness' beyond our personal and real selves.

  48. What this means is that, lacking total 'awareness' of ourselves, we are thusly susceptible to any and all of Lucifer's 'influences' and negativities upon us, our societies and our World. And we are the worse off therefore! Because, lacking 'awareness' of both the Reality and the 'Reality' of anything, we thusly condemn ourselves to not only the indirect machinations-of-Lucifer, but we also are manipulated, aggressed, savaged, controlled and much more, by all of the others-of-Humanity, who are likewise but minions of Lucifer and of his negativities-in-our-World.

  49. In fact, Lucifer and his negativities-within-our-Minds have so indoctrinated ourselves, that we do actually believe that any real and actual Negativity... is actually Good! Several such instances of such negative-programming come to Mind here.

  50. First, that of all Educational Institutions and Systems! It is a fact, that all Educational Systems exist merely to perpetuate Societal Rule by the Progeny of the Rich, to the detriment of both Society and the Classes-of-the-Poor! Every individual student being 'schooled', is actually being 'schooled' to merely become another of one's inherent Class-of-Birth. If the student has been born Poor, he/she will become nothing more than, say President of the United States, or Taylor Swift, as Winner of the Entertainer-of-the-Year Award, or an Astronaut, or a Scientist, or an Engineer... or any of much less categories of Existence and Reality within our World Society, down to and including the Cleaning-Lady. All of one's formal and informal education, experiences and realities, will be focused upon becoming that part of Society, which the Student consciously and unconsciously 'strives-to-Be', whatever it may be! But, whatever it may be (even President of the United States), that person will yet be nothing more... than the Class-of-One's Birth, in such cases, of the Lower or Middle Classes. And totally and fully unknown, unto and by all of one's teachers, colleagues, mentors, affiliates and such, both within and without of the Educational System and of any Educational Institution... everyone will just be 'playing-their-part', completely unaware, that they, everyone, is merely contributing to the perpetuation of such a Negativity, unto All of Humanity!

  51. On the other hand, again completely unknown and unwittingly, on the part of all the Participants therein and thereto, including the very Students themselves... the Educational System will be automatically 'processing', the son or daughter of a Rich Person... to graduate and become President of Bank of America, Secretary-General of the United Nations or Director of the World Bank, or other of such elite institutions, necessary to the Rich People of this World! It doesn't matter whether the Secretary-General, the Director or any President, comes from a poor village somewhere in Africa or such. When that person 'comes-to-the-attention' of the Rich People of the World, that person will be 'processed' to become the 'pawn-of-the-Rich' that he/she will become! And if it is through any and all Educational Institutions, all Participants therein and therewith any and all Educational Institutes... will be the unknowing progenitors of the accession-to-power of the desired student-individual, whether or not that individual is actually of Birth within the Rich Class.

  52. And thusly the Rich, the moneyed-peoples-of-the-World, will continue their Rule-of-Money, totally 'financed' and supported, by all of the unknowing Educational Institutions and peoples thereof, who have contributed to such a Negativity! (See my latest online Book as well as the 'QUFD Textbook', for further discussion of the negativities of the Rich versus the Poor!) All of such, due to the non-awareness, of Mankind, as to the 'manipulations' of both Lucifer and his Rich minions!

  53. Okay, the second instance-of-Lucifer's Negativity that comes-to-Mind... is the Negativity of Competition! Yes, all competition, in business, government, education, industry, international relations, economic trade, etc., etc.... is a Negativity! While inspired and instigated by Lucifer, competition is Lucifer's 'influence' upon us, to have us not cooperate with each other, to our betterment. Since cooperation would bring Mankind together and eliminate differences and all kinds of problems, of course Lucifer wants to prevent that and thusly he encourages us to participate in all kinds of competitions.

  54. But, the most insidious and outstanding example of Lucifer's Negativity of Competition... is Sports! Any and all kinds of sports, including all of the Olympic Sports and the Olympics Organization itself. Everything about sports is a negativity! The worst aspect of all, has been voiced by Concerned Citizens, who have said, "If you don't want your child, or anyone, to Think for Themselves, or even to just do Reflective Thinking, about Life, Existence, Reality, the World, the Cosmos, Humanity and more... If you don't want people to Think, just get them interested in Sports! That almost guarantees that they will not be able to Think!"

  55. Another Negativity that I want to mention here is Medicine and the modern-day 'Practice' thereof. But first, let me detail exactly how a Normal Person, of Mature Human Mind (which is not any of us today!) and Awareness, would 'resolve' any health issue or problem. Assuming that the 'problem' might be anything, from the seriousness of cancer, heart, lungs, brain, any organ of the body (including the skin), any stress or psychological issue, infection, accidental injury... anything!

  56. The 'Reality' of the matter is that, as I have already described with regard to the lower mind, the lower mind has a 'map' of every synapse-glia in the body and therefore that local mind and its Upper Mind, are 'aware' of EVERYTHING there is to know about the reality of the corporeality of the human brain and body! Not only that, but through this intimately connected network of neurons throughout the entire body, the Human Mind is 'aware' of any health or bodily distress or difficulty... any where in the body! Through this normally-existing-and-entirely-natural network, the Human Mind can heal anything in the Body!

  57. First of all, the Local Human Mind can 'call upon' the 'resources' of all three of our previously described 'levels' of awareness and 'awareness'. First, as necessary, the Mind can 'focus' ALL of the electrical-charge neuron-energies of the entire corporeal human brain and body, on exactly the location or point of distress within the human body. Via the 'routing' function of the lower mind, all electrical-energy within the entire human body, can be 'routed' and directed, to the point where healing is needed.

  58. If a stronger 'response' is necessary, the entire 'resources' of the incorporeal Self/Soul, the Twin-Duality of Oneself, one's Spirit, can be called upon! And if an Ultimate 'Response' is finally deemed necessary (by the Upper Mind), that Upper Mind can 'reach out', into the entire Incorporeality of the Cosmos and of Infinite Consciousness, and Bring The Energies-of-the-Entire-Cosmos to 'bear', upon the 'problem'!

  59. What am I talking about here? I'm talking about normal Healing-of-the-Human-Body by the Mind and Consciousness! If there is any 'healing' of any minute organ, molecule, cell, neuron or whatever, of the Human Body (including the removal of any cancerous growth or such), the Human Mind will normally 'direct' the appropriate 'electrical-energies', of any one or more of the three 'levels' of previously described awareness/'awareness', upon and to that exact 'point' of the human body, where the application of such 'energies' are needed. In other words, through normal, natural 'healing', your cancer, your skin 'problem', your infection or whatever, will 'receive' a JOLT... of electrical-neuronic-energy, from 'level' One, or both 'levels' One and Two, or even, ultimately, from 'level' Three! A JOLT... that you will definitely feel, but which will have definitely 'healed' that specific cell, organ or whatever, to which it has been 'directed' by the Mind! Of course, if there are more than one or multiples of 'distressed' cells, neurons or whatever, it will take more jolts to enable the 'healing' thereof! But, with every jolt, the 'problem' has become more so 'healed', until that final jolt that may be required!

  60. Incidentally, appropriate jolts may occur anywhere in the body, as the Upper Mind/lower mind might so decide and thereby 'route' thereto, from the heart, lungs, arteries, neurons, the tip of a little finger, or tip of a middle toe, the left shoulder, the right arm joint, the left hand wrist, the right ankle... anywhere, that the Human Mind, in its Wisdom and Intimate 'Knowing', of the entirety of the human brain and body, might so decide to effect such natural 'healing'!

  61. Such is how the Human Mind naturally and normally 'heals' anything within the human body! However, today, there is a most serious problem, with regard to this normal and natural holistic form of 'healing'. The 'problem'... is Modern Medicine!

  62. First of all... Yes! When a Jolt is 'applied' anywhere in the human body... the person... FEELS it! A Jolt is a Jolt! A Pain! Of INTENSE strength! A Jolt that will normally and naturally... make one violently react and jump, in response thereto! However, such a Jolt, is but instantaneous... and then finished, having accomplished the 'healing' at the exact point that was required. Of course, if more 'healing' is required, more Jolts will therefore be coming. But, it may not be for another minute, or five minutes, even an hour or more! Such is the very 'nature' of such 'healing'... instantaneous Jolts, of terrific strength... and then stopped!

  63. To make a distinction here, if you are in constant pain, every second of every second, such is the pain of the injury or of the infection or whatever... it is NOT the natural 'healing' that I have just described hereinabove. However, if you will allow such natural 'healing' to 'proceed' normally and naturally, the jolts will 'come' on top of the existing-and-constant pain and you will soon realize, that with each and every jolt, that constant level of pain has lessened, until it is completely gone, all due to the 'workings' of those magical Jolts!

  64. But, as I have said, there is a 'problem' here, and it is Modern Medicine! (Again, a Negative 'influence' from Lucifer!) Because, in today's 'medical' world and reality... all PAIN is considered an aberration and is to be stopped, usually through the application of pain 'medications', to 'cover up' and suppress any and all...Pain. But, the 'problem' here, is that any such Pain Suppressant, also suppresses our normal, natural 'healing' jolts, and thereby actually causes the health 'problem' to persist much longer than it might, if normal healing Jolts were to be given their sway!

  65. Additionally, any and all prescription 'medications', of any kind and for whatever reason, further complicate and prolong the distress! First of all, such 'medications' interfere with the aforenoted natural 'healing' propensities of the body. And next, all of such 'medications' have their inherently notorious 'side-effects'. Taking any 'medication' today, will place toxins and other disruptive 'chemicals' and 'agents' into the cells of the body, that will not be expunged from the body but that will, over periods of twenty years and more, accumulate within the body, leading to further gradual physical 'breakdown' and distress of the body, until all such accumulated 'side-effects' finally cause the decease-of-the-body itself! Strictly due to the use of such 'medications', as 'contributors' to further distress and as 'preventors/inhibitors' of normal 'healing' of the Body by the Mind!

  66. Such are the insidious 'effects' of Modern-Day Medicine, as Lucifer might so 'direct'!

  67. Finally, I'm going to address one last issue-of-concern here, as to awareness! Actually, it is the non-awareness, of the General Public, the masses-of-Humanity, of an insidious everyday 'drug', to which we have all become addicted and which is killing us!

  68. Our drug-addiction, to this 'drug', is... the Eating of Food! Yes! Food is the 'drug', that is killing us, and to which we have all become addicted! Just try to go for at least an hour or more, without putting some kind of food or drink in your mouth! It is almost an impossibility! Just as Lucifer has so 'instigated', in causing us to become 'addicted' to the Negativity of Food!

  69. "What? Now you are saying that eating food is not only harmful to us and our bodies, but that the very 'practice' of Eating... is a Negativity?" Yep, and Yes! Disregarding here all of the Media-Programming (TV, etc.), by Big Mac, Jack-in-the-Box, KFC, etc., that certainly 'drives' us to eat (especially when we are under stress, have problems in our Lives, have no one in our Lives and such issues)... Yes! It is true, as has been proven by Psychological Research, that when you 'need' someone, but there is no one... Food becomes the acceptable 'substitute'! Therefore, Food becomes the 'addiction', for such a reason and more!

  70. But, again, as to Awareness... of the realities of the situation... the Human Mind and Consciousness have the Ultimate 'Solution' to this Eating Problem (weight gain, obeseness, disease, heart attacks, loss of friends and more)... IF the individual can do something that may be extremely difficult for an 'addicted' person. Which is... Stop Eating!

  71. Fasting has been shown to 'cure' most any physical malady of the human body! The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has recommended that each and every human being, in order to be as fully healthful as possible, should not put any food in your mouth, for three days, every month! This three-day fast gives the internal organs of the body time to 'catch-up' with yourself, to eliminate toxins and to cleanse the body... completely naturally! And if one has not done a three-day fast in quite a while, a two-week fast is then recommended. (John Lennon and Yoko Ono admitted to having done a 40-day fast!) Of course, such a two-week fast is what is commonly known as The Hollywood Rehab Fast, which has been done by the likes of Beyonc‚, Ellen and many other Hollywood Stars. The Patient is admitted to the Rehab Clinic, where the person is then hooked up to extensive medical monitoring equipment. If the person cannot actually go without putting food in their mouth for two weeks, then the person is also anesthetized unconscious. Two weeks later, the Client 'wakes up', completely cleansed, detoxified and feeling Great! Of course, at the cost of $90-100,000 per day! But, this gentleman can verify, that such a two-week fast surely does work! I did it several times, in my younger days, over 30 years ago, and each time, after two-weeks of no food, I FELT GREAT!

  72. Of course, today, I'm a 70-year-old senior citizen, who is now a 'drug-addict' just like every other person in America! I can't stop Eating, and it will probably kill me sometime soon! But, if I can just Stop Eating... I know I'll feel a heck-of-a-lot better and I'll live longer!

  73. Okay, before I close here, I might as well mention that there is one other natural 'solution', to the drug-addiction of Food! The old-time 'expression', has always been, "Instead of reaching for food... Reach for your Spouse!" True! Sex has always been the alternative 'cure' for anything and sexual 'activity' has always been known to be the Ultimate Personal 'Exercise'! But, when you don't have any one in your Life...

  74. Anyway, this Qualia Treatise has been about Awareness... and 'Awareness'! If Mankind can 'Get it's Act Together', find the Willpower within itself to Cooperate, worldwide, in Elimination of All Competition and All Negativity everywhere... then perhaps there is yet Hope, that All of Us, can yet create that Wonderful and Better World of the Future, of Love, Happiness, Joy, Opportunity and so much more... For All of Us!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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