Esoteric Astrology: For Jungian Soul-Searchers


This is not a subject I would normally address, as I have my sincere reservations about any kind of ‘Astrology’, as not being scientifically-based and thusly realistic.  But I had an interaction with a friend the other day, and during the conversation I was reminded of an old Esoteric Astrology chart that I happened to have in my wallet and have been ‘carrying-around’ for many years because it apparently had some ‘merits’.  Those ‘merits’ were that it was Jungian-based (coming from the Psychological principles of the great Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung) and thusly had some scientific relevancy.


So, in the interests of scientifically-inclined persons everywhere, I have decided to present that chart here, for your consideration.  I say that each individual should read what one reads here and then double-check with your Soul, as to whether it ‘feels right’ or not.  From most people’s experience, it seems that it usually does ‘feel right’.  As a ‘reference’, I have no idea where the chart came from.  So keep that in mind, as to your possible ‘justification’ of its info, if you are a person who ‘values’ justification of your sources.


Incidentally, as a further ‘justification’ of its merits, its scientific rationale and truths do find reality in the principles of QUFD, as I shall explain here briefly.  In the chart, each astrological sign has its nominal “Ruler’, or Ruling planet, as you might remember from any regular astrological studies you may have done.  What the chart does is expand upon those ‘Rulers’, giving the Esoteric (Jungian) ‘Ruler’, as well as the Jungian ‘Archetypes’ expressed and their Esoteric ‘Qualities’ (most important).


Further, in relating this to QUFD Principles (which I will not really go into here, as to delineating those Principles), what the chart shows is what is called one’s ‘Mundane’, or ordinary, level of ‘Being’ or existence, following ordinary astrological ‘wisdom’.  This pertains to the person in their ordinary ‘Life’, when one is just ‘existing’ as one is, or as one has been ‘given’, by society or others.  It is what you do, or ‘Be’, when you are ‘living’ in that ‘cage’ that you have built and which constitutes your ‘Life’.


On the other hand, IF you were to ever ‘stretch yourself’, to ‘break-out’ of your ‘cage’ and that ordinary Life, stretching yourself to really ‘Be’ Who and What you were Born-to-Be …… some might say this is called ‘getting-in-touch’ with your Higher power (however defined) …… the Reality is that it is really a ‘getting-in-touch’ WITH YOUR Soul, as explained by Carl Jung and the Principles of QUFD.


The Esoteric (Jungian) ‘Ruler’ is that which ‘Rules’ your Soul, and the ‘Archetype’ and Qualities show what your Soul expresses WHEN you are Living IN THE MOMENT with your Soul!  As you read over the chart, you can probably see why many folks can identify with the Esoteric ‘attributes’ shown here.  For further understanding of such Esoteric ‘attributes’, one should thoroughly understand the QUFD Principles.


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