Qualia IV: The Quantum Physics of Truth/UN-Truth, Religion/NO-Religion, Corporeality/INCorporeality and other Realities. From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA IV: The Quantum Physics of Truth/UN-Truth, Religion/NO-Religion, Corporeality/INCorporeality and other Realities.

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

"It's not about Right or Wrong; it's about Power!"
'Buffy, the Vampire Slayer'

  1. I've written here before about Truth versus Untruth (see Father Jerome's Epistle, The Truth & Reality About TRUTH!) and I've written many times about Corporeality and Incorporeality, but now I'm going to go into more scientific detail about such matters herein this next installment of the QUALIA Series. So, to start this scientific exploration of QUFD principles, let's examine RELIGION.

  2. Religion, as I've also said many times, is man's 'interpretation' of Spirit, the true Spirit of God, of Infinite Consciousness (God). And Religions are mankind's individual 'interpretations' of God and Spirit, coming into existence FROM the individual 'interpreters' OF God and Spirit, the individual Prophets, seers, visionaries, Disciples and so forth, who did 'create' whichever 'Religion' one might talk about. But again, that 'Religion' IS but THEIR 'interpretation' OF God/Spirit.

  3. But now I'm going to talk about NO-RELIGION! "What?" you might say. "Atheism, or Agnosticism or what?" No, neither of those. When I say No-Religion, I am thereby making a comparison with Religion AS THAT which has been 'created' by man. "Okay," you say. "But what is the comparison to?"

  4. Well, No-Religion implies, therefore, THAT which did NOT come from man! "Well, if it didn't come from man, where did it come from?" Why, FROM GOD! In other words, No-Religion IS SPIRIT, is the PURE, TRUE Spirit, OF God, AS FOUND IN Incorporeality, or Spirit, or Consciousness, which, incidentally, as I've already mentioned a number of times elsewhere in my writings, consists of quite a large percentage of All That Is, in the Universe and in the Cosmos, and is, in Astrophysics, known by the term 'Dark Matter', or 'Cosmic Dark Matter'.

  5. So, Dark Matter, Spirit, Consciousness IS No-Religion, because it 'comes from', or IS, that Infinite ground-state Condensate of ALL the quantum forces WHICH IS Infinite Consciousness (God). And, incidental to the subject matter here, Spirit, or Incorporeality, IS TRUTH, in that, as explained in Father Jerome's Epistle, The Truth & Reality About TRUTH, Truth CAN ONLY EXIST (in relation to this world, this civilization), in INCORPOREALITY......NOT in Corporeality (the physical world)!

  6. "Okay, if No-Religion is Truth, Incorporeality, Spirit and all that, how can we further compare it to Religion?" Well, since Religion exists in Corporeality, which therefore lacks Truth, or even Spirit, WHAT is the main 'ingredient' of Religion, that gives it 'substance', or that gives it a 'connection' TO Spirit, and to God? THAT 'connection' IS BELIEF! Believing in God......apparently, is the best that one can do, IN the Corporeality of this world, of this civilization.

  7. "Hey! Wait a minute, here. There are some issues here that are still not clear. First of all, why do you keep referring to 'this world', 'this civilization', in making some of your comparisons?"

  8. Well, the answer is this. As I have mentioned numerous times elsewhere in my works, 'this world', this civilization (beginning in 9,644 B.C.), IS THE PURVIEW OF......the 'Prince of this World', LUCIFER, and the Negativity of his Luciferian Complex of consciousness and spirit. THEREFORE, as to my 'comparisons', anything that I might say, or discuss, HAS TO BE 'realized', or compared, AS TO the realities BETWEEN Corporeality and Incorporeality, between TRUTH(s) and Un-truths, between that which is REAL, and that which is UN-real!

  9. So, getting back to the various issues which we are discussing, therefore, by way of comparison, as to RELIGION, we can say that we have Materiality, or Physicality, which is Corporeality. THEN, Corporeality begets BELIEF, but also UN-truth, rather than Truth, in that whatever exists in Corporeality, in the actions of humanity, in this world, this civilization, IS, thereby, influenced and corrupted BY Lucifer's Negativity, and thusly, as I have also said, "All is MAYA, or illusion/delusion!"......INCLUDING BELIEF and Religion! And as I have also said, "Who is it, that is 'leading the faithful' TO the pew and the altar OF each and every 'Church'?" NOT God, BUT LUCIFER! AND ALL BECAUSE OF......IMMATURITY, of the human mind!

  10. So, if that is Religion, then what is No-Religion? Well, in quantum mechanical reality, first of all, No-Religion IS INCORPOREALITY......that which takes place IN THE MIND, in Consciousness, and IN that ground-state Condensate of Infinite Consciousness WHICH IS Infinite Consciousness (God)!

  11. Next, as to No-Religion, if it is Incorporeal, therefore IT IS TRUTH, in that Falsity and Untruths CANNOT EXIST in Spirit, in the Incorporeality OF that Positive ground-state Condensate which is Infinite Consciousness (God)!

  12. And again, as to No-Religion, if it is Incorporeal, IT IS SPIRIT......No-Religion, which is God-made!

  13. "Okay, but getting back to 'Belief' and Faith, why do you, albeit but slightly, seem to denigrate both?" Well, the answer is, because they are BOTH subject TO Lucifer's MAYA, his illusions and delusions, and his Negativity, BECAUSE both exist in CORPOREALITY! Belief and Faith (I have examined such also in Father Jerome's Epistle, The Truth & Reality About TRUTH!), being of this world, are corrupted, although I have put more substance and integrity into Faith than I do in Belief.

  14. I'll put it another way. Since God is NOT Corporeal (He/She cannot be seen, touched, etc.), therefore all one can have is Belief and Faith. ONLY when one can go into INCORPOREALITY, into true Spirit, in the MATURE human Mind, OR by 'Living in the Moment', via the Soul, CAN ONE ACCESS, or perceive, or KNOW God! God CAN ONLY be KNOWN in the Mind, in Consciousness......NOT in Corporeality!

  15. I've mentioned this before, but here I go again. Carl Jung, the famous Swiss Psychologist, before he passed away in the 1950's, was being interviewed on a radio program. The interviewer asked Jung, "Do you believe in God?" To which Jung replied, "I don't need to believe in God. I KNOW Him!"

  16. Jung could GO INTO Consciousness, into Spirit, as anyone OF Mature Mind (OR who was Living in the Moment!) might so do. THAT is the ONLY PLACE where one can actually KNOW God! And I can, assuredly, verify that fact myself, having (as I have so mentioned elsewhere on these webpages) been actually Ordained and Consecrated BY CHRIST HimSelf, so when He congratulated me and I shook His hand, I was also actually shaking the HAND OF GOD! And then I also had the experiences of being IN THE MIND of Christ upon the Cross, as well as, later, actually being 'invited' INTO THE MIND OF GOD, to 'view' the actuality of the Universe, across and from the depths of Space and Infinity - a most majestic sight, indeed! SO I CAN SAY, I KNOW Him TOO, as Carl Jung did say!

  17. So, again, by way of comparison, Belief is NOT 'knowing' God, whereas KNOWING IS 'knowing' God, in actuality, in TRUTH, and in FACT, in that it is IN SPIRIT, in Consciousness, in the Mind, where ANY THOUGHT, any idea, IN A MATURE human Mind (OR one who is Living in the Moment!), IS POSITIVE, IS THE TRUTH, CANNOT BE FALSE, and is ONE WITH that Infinity, Infinite Consciousness! Now, such cannot be said ABOUT ANYTHING taking place in IMMATURITY of mind!

  18. And I'm going to qualify that statement here and now. IMMATURITY of the human mind IS THE RESULT OF LUCIFER, therefore there CANNOT be ANY Truth, nor anything else, that might be Good, or Right, OR EVEN Factual, UNTIL......that Negativity, that IMMATURITY, shall be removed!

  19. Let's get back to something else I just mentioned - a THOUGHT, an IDEA! YES! Any thought, any idea, appearing IN an IMMATURE, and Negative, mind, IS THUSLY CORRUPTED! HOWEVER......and this applies to ANY basically POSITIVE Mind, WHO IS LIVING IN THE MOMENT, even though one MAY BE SWIMMING IN THAT 'Sea of Negativity' that is the reality, or pseudo-reality, of this world......IF that thought, idea, IS 'created', expressed, IN THE MOMENT (see my Monograph, QUALIA IX: Utopia Revisited - An Examination of a Societal Alternative From the Past, for a discussion of the Utopian people, who were able to communicate directly by thought, WITHOUT SPEAKING, or involving the Corporeal, somatic 'Brain', because THEY WERE LIVING IN THE MOMENT, of a MATURE human Mind!), it is thusly expressed IN POSITIVITY, and is thusly TRUTH, as it is in, and OF, Spirit, the Soul, and NOT of Immaturity!

  20. SO, just as the words you are reading, having been 'created' IN THE MOMENT, ARE TRUTH, as to their thoughts and ideas, SO ARE THEY TRUTH IF......they are RECEIVED IN THE MOMENT (by the Reader hereof), of YOUR ONENESS WITH SPIRIT, of YOUR KNOWING, as to what is Truth and what is NOT Truth! But, of course, instead of being received IN THE MOMENT, in Spirit, in the TRUTH of one's SOUL......IF these words should be received by one (the Reader) of IMMATURE mind, one who is NOT LIVING IN THE MOMENT, who is Negative, rather than Positive, in one's mental functioning......Well then, these words WILL NOT BE TRUE, because one's very perception OF THE TRUTH has been Negatively corrupted, and therefore the ONLY 'reality' that such a person can see IS, the Negativities that one has 'been taught', or 'programmed', or TOLD, by others and Society, THROUGH one's 'teachers', or 'higher-ups', in the hierarchical 'Chain of Command' OF one's Life! Well, what a sorry way to live, is all I can say, Negatively influenced BY LUCIFER, through all that is extant IN one's Corporeality......BECAUSE THAT IS ALL one has! There IS NO Incorporeality, NO SPIRIT, NO TRUTH, NO GOD - one is actually LIVING A LIE! A lie, however, OF THEIR OWN MAKING, in 'creation' OF that CAGE, in which they are living! A CAGE in which they can say, "THIS IS MY LIFE, of my own making, AND I AM PROUD OF IT! I have everything that I want, AND I DON'T NEED YOU or anyone else! PLUS, I DON'T CARE, about anything else - ONLY ME!" (Revealing, incidentally, the 'Me-ism' OF THE self - the lower mind, which is all that person has - NOT the Soul!)

  21. As you can imagine - IN YOUR MIND (Hey! Remember John Lennon's "Imagine"?) - such a person is definitely the antithesis of POSITIVITY, of TRUTH, of SPIRIT, of FACT, of REALITY, and of GOD! And such a person, in THIS civilization, in THIS world, IS a person of IMMATURE mind, who CANNOT 'Be', speak, or do ANY action that is Truth (thusly, see my Monograph QUALIA VIII: The Psychosociology of 'Living in the Moment', as the Only Real Solution to Negativity.

  22. HOWEVER, and I want to make this further point here, that WHEN mankind SHALL HAVE REMOVED NEGATIVITY from this world, from this civilization, AND FROM THE COSMOS - having REMOVED DUALITY, from All That Is - THEN, humanity, OF a POSITIVE, whole and complete MATURE Mind - THEN mankind SHALL speak, and BE, TRUTH - in Corporeality as well as Incorporeality! In physical reality, as well as in Spirit!

  23. But, until that day, God is yet with us, with our Soul and as long as we use that WILL that he has given us, AND COOPERATE with each other, we can exist IN THE POSITIVITY of God, IN THE SPIRIT, and IN THE MOMENT! We can 'swim with the sharks', in that Sea of Negativity that is our world, and NOT become Negative ourselves!
    "Competition between groups can cause destructive emotions - depression, anxiety, hopelessness, as well as addiction to mythology, scientific theory, ideology, religion and hatred."

    "Humanity shall be the creators of its own atrocities."

    "Add to that a preoccupation with sex, a submission to gods and leaders, as well as a suicidal commitment to ideas, religions and trivial details of culture, and you have Modern Man."

  24. So, in closing this installment of the QUALIA Series, let me reiterate exactly what is required, in order to eliminate IMMATURITY of mind and Lucifer's DUALITY in the Cosmos, and to bring on MATURITY of the human Mind, ONENESS and Wholeness and Positivity throughout the Cosmos. It takes the exercise of WILL...... the WILL to make the RIGHT decision, FOR POSITIVITY, rather than Negativity! Next, it takes COOPERATION, NOT COMPETITION, which is just Lucifer's Negativity! In other words, the elimination of COMPETITION, in ALL of its forms, throughout our world AND THE COSMOS! Next, we can add LOVE, and RESPECT and ACCEPTANCE, of all that is Positive in the Cosmos. And thusly, with those ingredients and a few more, we shall have PEACE throughout the Cosmos. Let it BE!

Aum, Peace, Amen!

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