QualiaXCVII: Progress toward the 'Big Picture': Once Upon a Time...The QUFD Cosmology! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QualiaXCVII: Progress toward the 'Big Picture': Once Upon a Time...The QUFD Cosmology!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. Once upon a time, a Life-Form by the name of Barry Bonds was born. Now, the Barry Bonds Life-Form was a Human Life-Form Entity, not to be confused with all of the other kinds of Life-Form Entities that exist in the Universe, such Entities as: Ant life-forms; Mountain Lion life-forms; Caterpillar life-forms; Tree life-forms; Golden Eagle life-forms; Rock life-forms; Planet/Earth life-forms; Sun/Star life-forms; Galaxy life-forms; Black Hole life-forms; Human Heart/Organ life-forms; Molecule life-forms; Atom life-forms; Electron life-forms; Quark life-forms; Lepton life-forms; as well as the very quantum Forces/Fields and Gravity themselves (Weak Nuclear/Strong Nuclear/Magnetism/Electricity/Gravity) and, of course, we will include Time and Space, because they are two different things, i.e., Time and Space!

  2. Now, I don't know whether we can really say that Time and Space, as well as the quantum Forces/Fields of the Universe, are actually 'Life-Forms' (Time and Space result from the very existence of the quantum Forces/Fields and Gravity!), but they are all 'differing' entities and, along with all of the other Life-Form Entities in the Universe, including the few that I have mentioned here... All of these different entities, are therefore described by Albert Einstein's famous quantum physics term, "Differentiated Relativity"!

  3. Now, "Differentiated Relativity" means that any and everything that is of Differentiated Relativity is... Well, different, differing, distinct, and unique, from anything else, including those Life-Forms of its own kind!

  4. And before we go any further here, I'm going to include two different kinds of Life-Forms here, within this whole 'mess' of entities, that I am referring to as Differentiated Relativity!

  5. These two different kinds of Life-Form Entities are: Entities that are Natural and are born of natural causes, such as Barry Bonds. The second kind, is Life-Form Entities that are not natural, but are, instead, created by Mankind, and are human-made Life-Form Entities, such as the San Francisco Giants Baseball team, the United Nations, the U.S. Government, General Motors, Disneyland, KFC and the School from which you graduated! These were all created by Man and are, really, Man-made Life-Forms!

  6. And they are both Life-Forms (both the natural and the man-made kinds), because every Life-Form Entity in the Universe, has two interlocking and complementary 'Dualities' about itself (any Life-Form!) Those 'dualities' of all Life-Forms are, such as in the case of Barry Bonds, that he has a physical/material Brain and Body, but that physical, visible Brain and Body, is also 'accompanied' by/with an invisible Mind, Soul and Spirit, and, we shall note... Consciousness!

  7. Yes! This not only applies to Barry Bonds, but does also apply to every Life-Form Entity in the Universe, including our Man-Made Life-Forms! Barry Bonds may have a Body and Spirit, a visible Brain and an invisible Mind, but so does the San Francisco Giants Baseball Team, where the Owners and Players (and more!) are the actual visible 'Body' of the Team, whereas the invisible 'Mind' and Consciousness of the Giants life-form, is the many hours of devotion, of thought, of funding, of management, of Directorship (and/or Ownership!), that has gone into 'creating/making' the Giants Team, the actual Life-Form of Physical Reality that it is, in the first place! All of this does so constitute the invisible Soul, Spirit, Mind and Consciousness, of the Life-Form Entity, that is the San Francisco Giants Baseball Team!

  8. Now, getting back to Albert Einstein's term, Differentiated Relativity, as well as the 'Duality' of every Life-Form that exists anywhere in the Universe, we have another quantum physics term to 'bring-into-play' here, that will further our overall picture of exactly how everything in the entire Universe, actually the entire Cosmos, is interrelated and interlocked with each other!

  9. Our next term is... Corporeality! Which means any and everything that is physical/material, is visible (or can, somehow, be made visible, whether by a microscope or a telescope or ?) and is, therefore, Corporeal! Now, anything that is Corporeal, is also of Differentiated Relativity, and this pertains to everything in the Corporeal Universe, from the largest Black Hole, down to the smallest quantum particle, and including the quantum Forces/Fields and Gravity of the Universe, as well as Time and Space! Since all of these things are different and unique, they are of Differentiated Relativity and thusly are also of Corporeality!

  10. Now, again, everything that is Corporeal... also has a 'Duality'! In fact, it has to have a Duality, or it could not exist, could not be a Life-Form! Barry Bonds' Brain/Body could not exist, without his Mind/Spirit! The visible and corporeal side of every 'duality', could not exist without the Mind and Consciousness of that very Life-Form! And this pertains not only to Barry Bonds, but also to the Giants baseball team, to an Ant, to a Rock, to our Earth, to the Solar System, our Milky Way galaxy, to a Heart, to an Electron and to the smallest quantum particle!

  11. Visible Corporeal Reality, cannot exist without invisible Incorporeal 'Reality'! The Brain cannot exist without the Mind! And so on, as does so pertain to everything, from the largest to the smallest! One 'part' of our 'duality', of All That Exists... is the visible Corporeality! The other 'part' of our 'duality', of All That Exists... is the invisible Incorporeality!

  12. Next of all, I am going to focus exclusively on Corporeality, or at least try to! (Yes, the details of Incorporeality, will be forthcoming!) But first, I need to explain 'Dimensionality' and BEC Condensates. The details of exactly how a BEC Condensate of Incorporeality 'operates', are explained in detail in my online Book and elsewhere, as to the intricate 'dynamics' that occur within any Condensate-of-Incorporeality when it is 'processing', instantaneously, any and all 'inputs' to that incorporeal condensate, that might have relevance, in some way, to both the REASON and PURPOSE for the very existence of that incorporeal condensate, as well as those instantaneous 'dynamics' of that condensate, which are being 'processed' at that very instant! For now, let's just say that a BEC Condensate...

  13. Whoa! Let's get it correct! A QUFD Condensate... And I guess I need to detail the differences between these two here-and-now! A BEC Condensate, is a quite limited condensate, originally discovered by Einstein and Satyendra Bose (the renowned Indian Theoretical Physicist and Associate of Albert Einstein), which is where most of 'Establishment Science' and Research is today, contemplating the 'effects' and results-thereof-and-thereupon, certain 'chemical stews', which are 'confined' within certain 'boundaries-created-by-electro-magnetic-fields' and such, the resulting research thusly describing certain Laws and Principles of these limited BEC Condensates!

  14. Father Jerome has taken these very same BEC Laws and Principles, and combined them with other accepted scientific Laws and Principles of Adaptivity/Complexity (see the various research of the Santa Fe Institute, available in print, in scientific journals, as well as online!), adding in further 'realities' to the 'stew', such as Sentience, Awareness, Self-Ordering, Coherence, Adaptability, Complexity, Order, Chaos, Criticality, Inputs, Levels-of-Order, Perturbations, Outputs, the Emergence-of-Life and more... in defining exactly how a QUFD Condensate of Incorporeality works! And, I said, Incorporeality, such a Condensate to be further described herein.

  15. But, for now, as I have said, let me first describe further a Condensate-of-Corporeality, which is NOT described by such details/operations, as those of a Condensate-of-Incorporeality!

  16. Every Life-Form in the entire Universe... is not only Corporeal, but is also a Condensate-of-Corporeality (defined by QUFD Condensate Laws and Principles). Also, every Corporeal Condensate, is a Dimension, of Corporeal Reality!

  17. I'm talking about everything in the Universe, from the largest to the smallest! Everything is, in and of itself, a Corporeal Condensate, and... a Dimension! The whole Universe, is a Corporeal Condensate... and it is a Dimension! Barry Bonds is a Corporeal Condensate... and a Dimension (within the confines of his Body!) The smallest quantum particle, is a Corporeal Condensate... and a Dimension!

  18. And, as one-half of the Duality, that is every Life-Form Entity in the Universe, the Corporeal Condensate-Dimension, that is Barry Bonds' Brain/Body, is, of course, entirely Corporeal!

  19. But, just like the Universe itself, within the Corporeality of that Condensate and Dimension that is the Corporeal Universe... there are infinite numbers of lesser Condensate-Dimensions of Corporeality! There are infinite numbers of lesser Condensates within the Universe! There are also infinite numbers of lesser Condensates... within the Corporeal Condensate-Dimension that is Barry Bonds!

  20. As I have said, everything in the Universe, from the largest (the Universe itself!) to the smallest, including the quantum Forces/Fields/Gravity and Time/Space... all is Corporeal, each one is of Differentiated Relativity, each one is a Corporeal Condensate-and-Dimension of Reality!

  21. Which means that each and every Life-Form in the Universe, each and every Corporeal Condensate-Dimension of Reality... has ITS OWN quantum Forces/Fields and Gravity, and Time and Space! And all of such inherent and innate quantum Forces/Fields/Gravity and Time/Space, are not only providing for all of the realities that exist and are occurring WITHIN each one of these Condensate-Dimensions, but such individual quantum Forces/Fields/Gravity and Time/Space... are also interacting with all of the external quantum Forces/Fields and Gravity and Time/Space, of both the larger Condensates within which each Condensate does exist, but also the lesser Condensates that exist within any such individual Condensate-of-Corporeality!

  22. In other words, just as the quantum Forces/Fields/Gravity and Time/Space, within the Condensate-Dimension that is Barry Bonds, and which have, in effect, created that Life-Form, from the very first moment that that Life-Form appeared as a human embryo-within-the-Mother... Those very same quantum Forces/Fields and Gravity, and Time/Space (as well as the molecules, DNA, genes, organs, brain, body, etc., created thereby!), are also interacting, not only with the Mother for 9 months (within the 'Birth Canal'), but also with everything external to that Body, which is the Condensate-Dimension of Barry Bonds! Interacting with all of the environmental Forces/Fields/Realities-of-the-Universe, of Society, of the Giants Baseball Team, etc., etc., BUT ALSO interacting with every LESSER Condensate and Dimension of Reality, WITHIN that Condensate that is Barry Bonds! Thusly, an organ within Barry Bonds, might develop cancer, or some disease, or interact in some way, positively or negatively, with any lesser Condensate-Dimension within his Body, or with any greater Condensate-Dimension of Reality!

  23. The point here is, that EVERY Life-Form, from the largest (the Universe itself!) to the very smallest, AND the quantum Forces/Fields/Gravity and Time/Space... has, WITHIN each and every such Condensate-Dimension of Corporeality, all of such quantum Forces/Fields/Gravity and Time/Space, which have thusly created that very same Life-Form, and which do interact with all environments of both larger and lesser Condensate-Dimensions.

  24. The further point here, is that all of these nested Condensates, from the largest to the smallest, are Corporeal, and exist as half of a 'twin-duality-configuration', in which the other half of each 'twin-duality', is an invisible Condensate-of-Incorporeality! The Corporeal Condensate consists of the Brain and Body! The Incorporeal Condensate consists of the Mind, Consciousness and Spirit! And, again, this pertains to ANY and ALL KINDS of Life-Forms, from the largest to the smallest! EVERY Life-Form, is a DUALITY! A Condensate of Corporeality, and a Condensate of Incorporeality!

  25. Further, they both exist simultaneously WITHIN each other! Neither could exist without the other! And I need to make a further qualification here, when I say that neither could exist without the other! Because there is a limitation here, which is, "as the Life-Form that it is, that twin-duality Life-Form of Corporeality!" Meaning that both condensates-of-duality, are extant within Corporeality ONLY, as a Life-Form of Corporeality! And yet, although neither one could exist as a Corporeal Life-Form without the other, it is nonetheless true, that the incorporeal condensate can, and does, continue to exist, without its corporeal counterpart, when the corporeal part of that duality has ceased to exist as a Life-Form. The incorporeal half of that previously extant Life-Form, now exists purely and only within Incorporeality, within what is known as, the 'Higher Dimensions' of Incorporeality! (Which are described further in the pages of the QUFD Textbook!)

  26. However, let me here just briefly note a 'reality' about the 'Higher Dimensions'! Higher Dimensions of Incorporeality that are not life-forms and do not have a life-form duality, such as the Cosmos itself, are purely 'Spirit' Dimensions, and yet may have other kinds of 'dualities' about themselves, which are not life-form 'dualities' but are 'spirit-based' dualities and which occur only within the quantum 'regions' and higher dimensions of Incorporeality! 'Nuf said!

  27. But, there are some Most Important differences, between these two 'Dualities', of Condensate-Dimensions, as extant within Corporeality as Life-Forms! In ANY Life-Form, the Corporeal Condensate-Dimension, has the very basic quantum Forces/Fields/Gravity and thusly that Corporeal Condensate-Dimension has... Time and Space! Which... Time and Space, thusly penetrates and permeates throughout each and every 'crack' of that individual Condensate-Dimension-of-Corporeality, such as the Body of Barry Bonds, providing what might be called the 'equivalent' of the 'ground-floor' or 'ground-state' OF that Corporeal Condensate, upon which, or throughout which, all of the every-day, moment-by-moment 'activities', OF that Condensate-of-Corporeality, do and will, so occur!

  28. However, the 'twin-duality' Condensate-of-Incorporeality, which exists within the Unity and Oneness/Wholeness of the Unitary Field of Consciousness and Spirit, of the Cosmos and of Infinite Consciousness... has NO Time and Space, and also has no quantum Forces/Fields/Gravity! (Which are... Remember? Corporeal, and NOT Incorporeal!) Thusly, this 'other half' of oneself, having no Time and Space, but consisting exclusively of Spirit, Mind and Consciousness, which are all enabled/provided by, the quantum axion particle (which I will get to here shortly)... This half-of-oneself, exists throughout ALL of Incorporeality! Throughout the entire Cosmos! Everywhere!

  29. And so, the Corporeal half-of-oneself, is limited, in its corporeal existence, to only the 'shell' of the body-within-which-it-exists, which is the 'boundaried-region' of that Corporeal Condensate! But, at the same time, the 'other half' of oneself, the Incorporeal Condensate, although likewise existing within Corporeality as the Life-Form that it is... At the same time, this 'half-of-one's-duality', existing also within Incorporeality, does also 'exist' within the entire length-and-breadth of... the Cosmos!

  30. I'll get into more detail here in a moment, with regard to Incorporeality. For now, I want to mention here... Mathematics! I've been talking about Corporeality, and Corporeal Dimension-Condensates, which are of Differentiated Relativity! Of course, anything that is of Differentiated Relativity and is of a uniquely Corporeal Dimension... can be Mathematically described and defined, as well as scientifically and logically re-produced, re-created, and/or scientifically 'proven', as a point-of-science-and-reality, which applies to most every scientific experiment, which attempts to 'prove' the 'validity', and thusly the 'truth', of something!

  31. Well, such does apply to everything, and every condensate-dimension-of-reality, which is Corporeal! But, it CANNOT apply to Incorporeality, NOR to the 'other-half' of each Corporeal Condensate-Dimension, which is the 'twin-duality' of each and every Life-Form! Because Incorporeality itself, is Unitary, Oneness and Wholeness, and is of... another Einstein quantum physics term here... Undifferentiated Relativity! Meaning that, when everything within a Unitary Field of Oneness, Coherence and Unity, is exactly the same, and un-differing, or not different... therefore Mathematics, theorems, experiments, provability and such... cannot apply! Such is the reason that the 'Modern Science Establishment' has not as yet 'explored' the quantum realms of Incorporeality and the Unknown! Because the Scientific Establishment cannot, or is unwilling to, "Go where no one has gone before!" (Captain Jean-Luc Picard, "Star Trek") At least, no respectable Establishment Scientist, who cannot do anything without his/her Mathematics! But Mathematics, experiments-of-scientific-provability and such, just cannot apply to Incorporeality, where everything is Unitary... but only to Corporeality, where everything is differentiated, different and unique!

  32. Okay, lets get to Incorporeality! What I haven't mentioned so far, is that there exists, what might be called, 'an invisible Fence', between Corporeality and Incorporeality, between the Known Worlds/Dimensions of Corporeality, and the Unknown and invisible, Worlds and Dimensions of Incorporeality! Yes, you might say that Incorporeality is a 'Parallel World/Dimension' of 'Reality', and it is true! Actually, there are infinite 'Worlds and Dimensions' of 'Reality' within Incorporeality! (And if you haven't noticed as yet, one of the definitions, and 'uses', of the simple 'quote', is to describe, define and/or refer to, some aspect or 'reality', of Incorporeality, where 'quoting' a word or term, means that one is referring to something existing or relating to Incorporeality, in some way, and does NOT refer to Corporeality, or a Corporeal Condensate-Dimension of Reality!)

  33. What I should do here next, is to introduce and define, the very basic-and-fundamental 'Reality', which defines Incorporeality itself... the quantum axion particle. But since this Document is attempting to describe the context of the QUFD Cosmology, rather than provide content-details thereof (which have already been detailed online), I will here-and-now merely refer the Reader hereof to the basic definition of the quantum axion particle, at:

  34. Now, to continue here further with the QUFD Cosmology, let us now say that we have 'stepped-over-the-Fence', into Incorporeality, and that we are now attempting to 'see' the Cosmology of Incorporeality and QUFD a bit clearer!

  35. First of all, as noted in the definition, the quantum axion particle exists everywhere in the Cosmos! And there are two 'flavors' of axions, the Positive Axion particle, and the Negative Axion particle! Now, over there, on the Corporeal side of our invisible Fence, the quantum Forces/Fields and Gravity, were the ground-floor/ground-state, of every Corporeal Condensate-Dimension, providing the Time and Space for everything that exists within that individual Condensate-of-Corporeality, as well as interacting with the external Time and Space of both larger and smaller Condensates-of-Corporeality!

  36. 'Over here', on the Incorporeal side of our 'Fence', since everything is Unitary, Oneness and Wholeness, we have nothing but our quantum axion particle, and nothing else! So, let's examine just what does constitute the 'ground-floor' or the 'ground-state', of both the Universe and the Cosmos! Of Incorporeality, that is! NOT Corporeality! Remember our Duality/'Duality'? Every Life-Form consists of both a Condensate-of-Corporeality, and a Condensate-of-Incorporeality, both of which are super-imposed upon each other, where Corporeality has Time and Space, but Incorporeality has NO Time and Space! Two Condensates - a Duality!

  37. I've already described the ground-floor of the Corporeal Universe, which is permeated by the quantum Forces/Fields/Gravity and the Time/Space created thereby! The 'ground-floor', or 'ground-state', of the Incorporeal Universe, is actually a 'mesh', existing everywhere, of both our Positive and Negative axion particles, intertwined with each other and, as I say, existing as a 'mesh', everywhere within our Incorporeal Universe! (There is an 'exception', to the 'reality' of this 'ground-floor' existing everywhere, which I will discuss shortly!)

  38. Actually, we might say that such is the 'ground-floor/ground-state' for the entire Cosmos, an intertwined 'mesh' of Positivity/Negativity, of Positive and Negative axions, existing everywhere. However, as I have already previously discussed, BEC, or rather QUFD, Condensates, always have 'boundaried-regions', within which 'region', an Incorporeal Condensate has been 'created' to 'Be' that particular Condensate-Dimension of Incorporeality, that it was meant-to-be, as the very Reason and Purpose of and for its 'creation'! And such is the case with our Incorporeal Universe! It was 'created' (No! I'm not going to discuss the 'Big Bang' here!)... to 'Be' the Universe! The Life-Form, that is the Universe! And, as a Life-Form, it (our Incorporeal Universe), also has its 'Twin-Duality', the Corporeal Universe, which it has itself 'given birth' thereto! And so, the quantum axion particles that I am here discussing, do so provide the very 'ground-floor' or 'ground-state', of the Condensate-of-the-Incorporeal Universe... but with the 'qualification' that everything within, or on, this said 'ground-floor/ground-state', has relativity TO... the Reason and Purpose, for the existence of the Universe as a Life-Form! But, before we can confirm such, I will need to discuss one more 'reality' here, with regard to Condensates and our quantum axion particles!

  39. Within Incorporeality, Incorporeal Condensates are formed or created, from other Incorporeal Condensates (i.e., the Universe has been 'created' from the Cosmos, or Infinite Consciousness!) And since the very 'ground-floor' of each and every Condensate-of-Incorporeality, is composed of quantum axion particles, which possess not only Sentience, but Awareness, Self-Ordering and all of the other 'qualities' of a quantum axion particle... Therefore, WHEN a brand-new Condensate-of-Incorporeality is to be 'created' (WITHIN Incorporeality!), that brand-new Condensate-of-Incorporeality, is thusly 'created' FOR the specific REASON and PURPOSE for which it has so been 'created'!

  40. EVERY Condensate-of-Incorporeality, exists by Reason and Purpose of/for its 'creation'! The Reason and Purpose for the 'creation' of the Incorporeal Universe, was to 'Be' the Universe! And, as I have already stated, WITHIN the Incorporeal Universe, are infinite numbers of lesser Condensates-of-Incorporeality, all of which have been 'created' to 'Be' that Reason and Purpose for which they were so 'created'!

  41. Now, returning once again to what I have already noted herein earlier... that EVERY Life-Form in the Universe, has a 'Duality', or Duality/'Duality', or 'Twin-Duality', of two Condensates, of Incorporeality and Corporeality! The fact-of-the-matter is that, since they (both condensates) are super-imposed upon each other, and inter-locked with each other, it only surmises thusly that... they BOTH have the exact same Reason and Purpose, for their existence! The Reason and Purpose for the 'Duality' of the Universe, is to 'Be' the Universe! The Reason and Purpose for the 'Duality' of Barry Bonds, is to 'Be' Barry Bonds!

  42. But, there is another overriding Reality/'Reality' here... INCORPOREALITY BEGETS CORPOREALITY! In EVERY 'Twin-Duality' Condensate-Dimension in the Universe, meaning EVERY Life-Form, the Incorporeal Condensate WAS CREATED FIRST, to 'Be' that 'Duality' which it was to 'Be', and once the INCORPOREAL Mother-Condensate-of-Incorporeality, after all of the 'processing' of the necessary 'dynamics' within that Mother-Condensate-of-Incorporeality were finished, that Mother-Condensate then 'Gave-Birth', to a 'perturbation' that was the 'Emergence-of-Life', of a new Life-Form, that was to 'Be' THAT for which such Reason and Purpose, it had so been 'created' to 'Be'!

  43. But, that OUTPUT, that 'Emergence-of-Life', was as a brand-new Condensate-Dimension of INCORPOREALITY! THEN, however, very soon, that Incorporeal Condensate itself, 'Gave-Birth', to the Corporeal Condensate ('Big Bang' here, perhaps?), which was to forever 'Be' the 'Twin-Reality' of itself! (At the level of the Universe, this is the 'equivalent' of a White Hole, which spews out the quantum Forces/Fields/Gravity and Time/Space, as well as all the newly-created corporeal quantum particles, necessary for the Reason and Purpose of that new Universe Life-Form, to 'Be' that Universe 'Duality' that has so been 'created'!) At this point (getting back to the Human Life-Form), the new Condensate-of-Corporeality, is merely the embryo within the Corporeal Condensate of the Mother! Nine months more, and the baby is born!

  44. However, it is important here to note, that when the new 'baby' existed merely as a new condensate-of-incorporeality, it consisted entirely-and-exclusively, of the quantum axion particles, which it had been 'given', by the incorporeal Mother-condensate, by Reason and Purpose FOR the existence of that new Life-Form of Incorporeality! THEN, in 'expression' of that Reason and Purpose, the quantum axion particles, in effect, the Spirit-Mind-and-Consciousness of-that-new-baby... those axion particles, then released, into the 'confines' ('boundaried-area'), that was to 'Be', or develop into, the Condensate-of-Corporeality (of Brain/Body, that the Baby was to Be!), the quantum Forces/Fields and Gravity, and thusly created, within that boundaried-area-that-was-to-be-the-Body, the necessary Time and Space, as so needed for that new-born Condensate-of-Corporeality to develop and grow!

  45. And thusly it is exactly the same for EVERY Life-Form of any kind! Incorporeality 'Gives-Birth', to the Mind-Consciousness-Spirit, of the new Life-Form, and then the quantum axion particles release, from within themselves, within the axion particles (of the Incorporeal Life-Form that has just been 'born'!), the quantum Forces/Fields/Gravity and Time and Space, thusly creating the Corporeal Condensate that is to 'Be' the 'twin-duality' of oneself, by Reason and Purpose, forever in the Life-to-be-Lived!

  46. One more point-of-Cosmic-detail here. Not only are there multiples of nested Condensates-of-Corporeality existing within Corporeality, all interacting with larger and lesser Condensates, from the largest to the smallest, but a 'hierarchy' also exists on the Incorporeal 'side' of every Life-Form 'duality'!

  47. First of all, the 'twin' incorporeal condensate of Barry Bonds (his Spirit, Mind, Consciousness and more!), also exists, as a condensate, within the incorporeal condensates of both his Mother and Father, or that incorporeal condensate known as his 'Family'! (However, also included herewith, for EVERY Life-Form of any kind, is that 'Third-Party' to the 'birth' of-a-new-Life-Form, which is Infinite Consciousness, which exists everywhere, and which 'provides' all of such as might be necessary TO the Reason and Purpose of any new Life-Form, coming from the 'Higher-Dimensions' of Incorporeality!)

  48. Next, the Incorporeal Condensate of Barry Bonds, exists also within many other Condensates-of-Incorporeality, such as any groups/clubs/organizations that he might belong to (including the San Francisco Giants Baseball Team Condensate-of-Incorporeality!), as well as the incorporeal condensates of his home, his city-of-residence, his county-state-nation, his race, his financial (banks, cars, loans and more!), his ethnicity, and on-and-on, multiple Condensates-of-Incorporeality, all the way up (or down, as the case may be!), to the biggest Condensate-of-Incorporeality-of-All-of-Humanity... the Collective Consciousness of All of Humanity! (The 'functions' of the 'Collective' have already been discussed in my Works and are readily available online!) I might only note that, as I have written elsewhere, until all of Humanity has, collectively, 'achieved' Maturity-of-the-Human-Mind (which is collectively Immature, for each-and-every one of us, at the present time!), by eliminating all vestiges-of-negativity (wars, conflicts, animosities, divisiveness, adversarial judgements, competition, all kinds of negative relationships, and more!) from the Human Existence-and-Reality... Mankind will not be able to 'access', in Consciousness, the 'Wonders', Dimensions and 'Realities' of Consciousness AND the 'Collective', that 'require' a Mature-Human-Mind to do so! (The following is quoted from my webpage at:
    https://www.angelfire.com/ca/sanmateoissues/lecture3.html )
    Dr. Singer's interpretation of the Collective Consciousness is this:
    "The collective unconscious is better conceived as an extension of the personal unconscious to its wider and broader base, encompassing contents which are held in common by the family, by the social group, by tribe and nation, by race, and eventually by all of humanity. Each succeeding level of the unconscious may be thought of as going deeper and becoming more collective in its nature. The wonder of the collective unconscious is that it is all there, all the legend and history of the human race, with its unexorcised demons and its gentle saints, its mysteries and its wisdom, ALL within each one of us - a microcosm within the macrocosm. The exploration of this world is more challenging than exploration of the solar system; and the journey to inner space is NOT necessarily an easy OR a safe trip."
  49. Until then (such a time, of achievement of Maturity-of-the-Human-Mind), Mankind will thusly continue to exist under the duress-of-Negativity, as so 'felt' within the Minds of all of us! In the meanwhile, Barry Bonds (and all of us!), will not be able to 'access' the Hall-of-Records, the Akashic Records, or the 'Collective' (except but briefly, in dreams and in lucid-Consciousness), to/for any benefit-to-Mankind! Of course, however, yet every moment-by-moment 'experience', of every one of Humanity, will yet be 'recorded' there, in the 'Collective', instantaneously and forever, because we, all of us, exist within that Final-and-Most-Basic Condensate-of-Incorporeality, which is the 'Collective'!

  50. I left something out of the Cosmic Picture. As I have said, when a Condensate-of-Incorporeality (as a Life-Form) is 'created', by/for a specific Reason and Purpose, the 'ground-floor' of the Universe/Cosmos (or the larger Condensate-of-Incorporeality which is so 'creating' the new Life-Form!), is nominally a 'mesh' everywhere, of intertwined Positive and Negative axion particles! Within ONLY the 'boundaried-area' of the new Condensate-of-Incorporeality ('boundaried' by Reason and Purpose, for/of the new Life-Form-to-be!), the intertwined Positive and Negative axions, then unravel, to provide the 'ground-floor' of that new Condensate-of-Incorporeality, or the 'ground-state', upon which all of the 'dynamics' of the 'Landscape' of that Dimension, are to subsequently take place! Of course, of most importance, to this 'ground-state' and its attendant 'Landscape', is the 'creation', upon that 'ground-floor', of the basic 'necessities' needed for the 'processing' of all 'dynamics', which is Order and Chaos! Order is provided from the unraveling of the Positive axions, while Chaos is provided by the unraveling of the Negative axions! Upon such a 'ground-state', any and all 'inputs' thereto, from everywhere in the Cosmos, and the 'dynamics' thereof, are 'processed'!

  51. Okay now, lets discuss 'First Cause'! In my Lecture on 'The Quantum Physics of Time' about 15 years ago, at: (https://www.angelfire.com/ca/sanmateoissues/lecture4.html ), although I was correct as to what I said in the context of that lecture, which was Time, it was, however, incorrect in the overall context of the 'Big Picture', QUFD Cosmology! Because 'First Cause' actually refers to Incorporeality (or Infinite Consciousness), as the 'Creator', or the 'Source-of-Creation', of every Life-Form in the Universe, meaning that every Condensate-of-Incorporeality which is 'created' to become the 'twin-duality' of a Life-Form, along with its other-half, a Condensate-of-Corporeality... Well, that Condensate-of-Incorporeality is, of course, by Reason and Purpose therefor, always 'created' FIRST, usually by the 'exit-of-a-perturbation', which is actually the 'Emergence-of-Life', from the condensate-of-incorporeality which is the 'Parent', or 'Creator' thereof, and thusly the 'First Cause'! I've explained the details of 'Parturition' (giving birth) here in this Document, as well as elsewhere in my Works, so I'll just confine my discussion here to the context of the 'Big Picture', or Cosmology. The point here, again, is that, of all 'Twin-Duality' Life-Forms, the condensate-of-incorporeality comes first, and then that new incorporeal condensate, in turn, 'gives birth', to the 'twin' condensate-of-corporeality, both of which henceforth go through Life together, one Corporeal and other one Incorporeal!

  52. Which brings me to the next point here, which is to merely point out that EVERY Condensate-of-Corporeality, everything-that-is-Corporeal... is actually 'second-hand-goods', as it might be said, having come-into-existence 'secondly', FROM the 'Twin-Duality' of itself, its accompanying Condensate-of-Incorporeality! In other words, ALL of Corporeality, EVERYTHING in the Known World, has been 'booted-out-of', or 'perturbed-therefrom'... Incorporeality!

  53. Because the 'First Cause', is Mind/Spirit/Consciousness, or Incorporeality! So it can truly be said, that ALL of the important 'processing', 'dynamics' and other functioning, actually TAKES PLACE within Incorporeality... and that anything within Corporeality, or the Known World, is merely an after-thought, or the result-of, the 'processing' within Incorporeality! Not only that, but each and every Life-Form (natural or man-made) within Corporeality, is confined within the actually Body or Dimension-of-its-Birth, and thusly has no existence-outside-of-itself except those, or such, 'existences' as it might so 'create' of its-own-doing, by and through its own 'actions-within-Corporeality'!

  54. On the other hand, the Incorporeal 'Twin-Duality' Condensate-of-Spirit, has no such 'limitations-only-to-a-boundaried-region' or Dimension-of-Corporeality, because our 'Twin-Duality' Condensate-of-Incorporeality... exists throughout the entire Cosmos, by reason of the quantum axion particles of that 'twin-condensate-of-incorporeality', which axions do also exist throughout the entire Cosmos!

  55. Next, QUFD condensate Laws/Principles apply to all incorporeal condensates, but NOT to corporeal condensates. Corporeal Condensates exist as corporeal realities only, of whatever design, form, function, reality, such a condensate might have, and which has thusly been given to it by its very birth as a Corporeal Life-Form.

  56. Next, basic to all Life-Forms, is the incorporeal-corporeal 'twin-duality', where the incorporeal condensate is 'created' first, as an independent-and-emergent 'perturbation' from the appropriate 'parent' condensate(s), specifically for that Reason and Purpose of/for its 'creation'. Then, consequently (no Time/Space exists here, so we will only say, "at the appropriate instant"), that incorporeal condensate, which is to be the 'twin-duality' of the corporeal condensate that is to be born, 'gives birth' to the corporeal condensate, whereby the axions of the incorporeal 'twin-duality' release a 'boundaried-region' corporeal condensate, which is defined by the quantum Forces/Fields/Gravity contained therein and the associated Time and Space thereof and therein said 'boundaried-region'. Thusly the initial condensate-of-corporeality is created as an embryo Life-Form, already equipped with all of the corporeal Forces/Fields/Time/Space/quantum particles, atoms, molecules, genes, DNA, organs, brain, body and more, necessary to develop into a human being. Such is similar for all Life-Forms.

  57. As to the Cosmos versus the Universe, and the 'ground-floor/ground-state' of either/both... At the Cosmos level, the 'ground-floor', under everything and all universes/condensates in the Cosmos, is simply the intertwined axions, of Positivity and Negativity, existing everywhere. And such is so because, at the Cosmic level, Positivity (Infinite Consciousness/God) and Negativity (Lucifer/Negative Consciousness), are both con-joined with each other, existing as yet in the Original Yin-Yang 'Cosmic-Duality' of their Creation, and the axions thereof are thusly 'beneficial' throughout the Cosmos, existing as the 'ground-floor' under all of Incorporeality, condensates and universes everywhere!

  58. At the level of our Universe, there is still the basic Cosmic 'ground-floor' of intertwined axions, however, within the 'bubble-condensate' that is our Universe, within the 'boundaried-region' which defines that 'bubble' of our Incorporeal Universe... And remember here, I am talking about our Incorporeal Universe, and NOT its 'twin-duality', the Corporeal Universe! The Incorporeal Universe was 'created' FIRST (i.e., First-Cause!), and then 'gave-birth' (via a White Hole!), to the Corporeal Universe, whose ground-floor/ground-state is a 'mesh' of the quantum Forces/Fields/Gravity and Time/Space, permeating throughout the entire boundaried-region of that Corporeal Condensate that is our Corporeal Universe!

  59. Continuing, within our Incorporeal Universe, as is so within any incorporeal condensate that has been 'created' for a specific Reason and Purpose... the Reason and Purpose of/for our Incorporeal Universe, is to BE the 'Universe', as the 'twin-duality' of that Life-Form that is our Incorporeal/Corporeal Universe!

  60. Thusly, within our Incorporeal Universe 'twin-duality', the interlocked Cosmic axions are no longer intertwined, but have un-raveled themselves, in order to provide the basic Order (Positivity) and Chaos (Negativity) OF the 'ground-state' of our Universe, upon which the 'Landscape-of-the-Universe' (all of the lesser Condensates-of-Incorporeality and their 'dynamics') will/have been 'created'!

  61. In doing so (providing both Order and Chaos within our incorporeal Universe), thusly has been 'created' those two 'regions' of the 'Landscape-of-the-Universe', which are also known as 'Heaven' (i.e., Order!) and 'Hell' (i.e., Chaos!) Both of these 'regions' do so 'function' in relation-to-the-'creation' of any Condensate-of-Incorporeality (by Reason and Purpose!) that is/has been so 'created' within our Incorporeal Universe! 'Heaven' is commonly known as Positivity or Infinite Consciousness and usually permeates throughout the entire Condensate-of-the-Incorporeal Universe.

  62. 'Hell' is commonly known as Negativity or the Luciferian Complex-of-Negative-Consciousness and mostly 'holds sway' within the Negative 'regions' of our Universe. (See my webpage for further details at:
    https://www.angelfire.com/ca/sanmateoissues/BookofJerome.html as well as in the pages of my online Book)

  63. Although both Positive axions (Order) and Negative axions (Chaos) are necessary for the operation of all 'dynamics' within this overall incorporeal condensate of our Universe, the Luciferian Complex of Negative Consciousness (here, within our Universe only, not within the entire Cosmos!) has 'dis-associated' itself from the 'beneficial-alliance' (of Yin Yang 'Reality'!) that once existed within our Universe (and does yet exist at the Level of the Cosmos!), and is presently in 'competition' with Infinite Consciousness within our Universe! Such a 'competition' does most seriously affect all Condensates of Corporeality (i.e., Life-Forms) within our Universe, but especially, at the present time, our Human Civilization. And why I say, "At the present time...", is because, since the catastrophes that took place at the beginning of our Current Human Civilization, we (Humanity) have 'occupied' a 'special place' in the Incorporeal Condensate that is our Universe! Actually, not only we, ourselves, Humanity, but the entirety of our Planet Earth... the actual incorporeal condensate 'twin-duality' of our Earth, NOT referring to the corporeal Reality of our Earth's Life-Form, although both halves of our 'twin-duality' Earth are certainly most affected thereby such 'situation'. "Okay, exactly WHAT is the 'situation'?"

  64. The 'situation' is that, since 9654 B.C., our Earth has 'existed'... WITHIN 'Hell'! Within the Luciferian Complex of Negativity, of Negative Consciousness, within our Universe! At the time of the catastrophes at the beginning of this Civilization, Lucifer 'made-his-move', and taking advantage of the opportunity-so-presented-by-the collapse-of-Earth's-magnetic-fields, he was able to re-locate our Planet, within Incorporeality, from its previous location within Positive Consciousness, TO where it is now located, within the Luciferian Complex of Negative Consciousness! In other words, our entire World is positioned within 'Hell', including ourselves!

  65. Of course, on a moment-by-moment basis of both our everyday Reality/'Reality', we, Humanity, still have available to us (within our Consciousness!), at any time in our Lives, the Positivity of Infinite Consciousness, as well as, of course, Lucifer's Negativity!

  66. The Positive Consciousness is 'there', in our Minds and Consciousness, because our very Minds and Consciousness, are yet composed of/constituted of, the Positivity of Infinite Consciousness, and our Minds/Spirit/Consciousness (and the quantum axion particles thereof!) do 'exist' within the Positivity-of-the-Universe and are both (Upper and lower Mind, our entire Local Mind!) thusly of Positive Incorporeal Condensates-of-Consciousness, in and of their 'reality'!

  67. However, Lucifer, by 'placing', re-locating, our Earth, to within his 'region' of Negativity-and-Consciousness, he did thusly accomplish something that was to his great benefit! Not only did he 'immerse' the entire World itself in Negativity, but he also was thusly able to 'interject' his 'Fingers-of-Negativity', into the small 'interstices' of Universal/Cosmic Consciousness, existing between the two actual halves of all of our Local Minds (all of Mankind!), the Upper Mind (Soul or Self, which actually does almost all of the 'processing' of the instantaneous 'dynamics' of that Local Mind), and the lower Mind (the self, or 'Me', because it does not 'realize' that it has a 'Big Brother', the Self, and which contains all of our day-to-day 'memories', which are lost when we die, as well as performing its major 'function', which is to 'interface' with the human brain, via each and every synapsial-junction of that Brain-Mind 'interface', in allowing the 'executive-decisions' and 'supervision, of the Upper Mind, to 'control' every aspect of that human Brain and Body!) The result is that Lucifer's 'Fingers-of-Negativity' do effectively 'corrupt' almost each-and-every 'output-perturbation-decision' that is 'handed-down', from Upper Mind to lower Mind, and has to cross-over between the two halves-of-the-Mind, across those 'interstitial-spaces' between the two halves of every Local Mind! (Further details of the 'corrupting-influences' of Lucifer's 'Fingers-of-Negativity' can be found in my Book and in the 'QUFD Textbook' website!)

  68. Continuing here at the Cosmic level however, our Earth is thusly now, once again, within Lucifer's 'clutches'! And I say, once again because, according to the Sacred Hermeneutical Histories of Mankind, as well as the permanent-records of the 'Collective', such a 'situation' has already happened several times before in Mankind's Past, of over 3 Billion-years-of-existence upon this Planet Earth. The people of previous civilizations experienced both Positivity and Negativity, with and without Lucifer, but, in each case, each Human Civilization 'came-crashing-down', somehow due to the malfeasance of Humanity itself!

  69. The further point here is that, at the Cosmic Level, at the Level of Infinite Consciousness-within-our-Universe... we DO, All of Mankind, have the ability to 'correct' such a disastrous 'situation', to not only 'throw' Lucifer out-of-our-Minds-and-Consciousness, but also to get-our-Earth-out-of-Hell!

  70. Such is the 'Destiny' of Mankind itself, as so 'charged-unto-us' by Infinite Consciousness! "And exactly HOW is that to happen?" Well, by and through the Consciousness, and COOPERATION, and Willpower of Mankind, in conscientiously eliminating-from-our-World, each and every instance-and-reality, of Lucifer's Negativity and Negative 'influences', within our Minds and within our World! Creating a new World, a Better World, of Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness, for All of Humanity!

  71. But, there is more! There is a second-part to this 'Destiny' of Ours! Because, when we have completely eliminated Lucifer from all of Mankind's activities, affairs and Consciousness (as so 'determined' and 'verified' by the 'Collective Consciousness of All of Humanity', which 'knows' of each-and-every Human 'experience' and thusly can tell if there is yet any Negativity remaining within our World and individual Consciousnesses!)... When that has happened, two things will have occurred, as the result of Mankind fulfilling its 'Destiny'!

  72. First of all, Mankind will have finally achieved Maturity-of-the-Human-Mind, no longer having Lucifer's 'Fingers-of-Negativity', or 'Veils-of-Separation and Unknowing' (as per the famous Psychologist, Carl Jung!), within our Minds, 'blocking' our 'access' to the myriads of Worlds and Dimensions of the Cosmos, that exist within Incorporeality/Consciousness, and which only require that we possess 'access' thereto, by the Soul/Self of our Mature Human Minds! We will have achieved 'access' TO the entire Cosmos, and all of the Wonders thereof!

  73. But, there is also the second part, to this 'Destiny' of Ours! Because, by eliminating all Negativity from our World and from within the Minds and Consciousness of ALL of Humanity, we will have thusly 'put-Lucifer-in-his-place'... right back in his Original Yin-Yang 'existence-with-God', HERE, within our Universe, just like such does so exist elsewhere in the Cosmos! In other words, Infinite Consciousness has 'charged', and challenged, Mankind, to not only 'Clean-Up-its-Act', but to ALSO RESTORE the Peace and Tranquility-of-the-Cosmos, TO our own Universe! By getting Lucifer and God back together, here in our Universe! So that the entire Cosmos can thusly exist in the Yin-Yang of Oneness, Peace and Love, as so intended by Infinite Consciousness!

  74. As to the 'Higher Dimensions', of both the Universe and the Cosmos, I have discussed such 'Dimensions' within my Book and website. I will only say here that the OA/OWB's 'Dimension-of-Reality', which no longer exists within our own Dimension-of-Corporeality, does now have its own private 'Dimension', as a 'parallel-world' to our own, within Incorporeality, as the (OA/OWB)!

  75. One more point, with regard to 'point-locations', which exist only within Incorporeality. I have most adequately provided the details of 'point-location' specifics of operation/function already within my online Book, so this brief note here does merely point out an issue of Cosmological significance with regard to their existence. 'Point-locations' exist throughout the incorporeal Cosmos to provide, via the 'mesh' of quantum axion particles which are the 'ground-floor' of the Cosmos, 'access' to any and every kind of data/information, of Past/Present and Future, that might possibly be available and relevant to the Reason and Purpose of any condensate-of-incorporeality anywhere in the Cosmos, such info then of which is 'obtained' by the specific axions of that particular condensate-of-incorporeality, and carried back to that incorporeal condensate, to be 'processed' thereby as an 'input' to the moment-by-moment 'dynamics' thereof. And since a 'point-location' might exist at exactly the very same 'location', yet have different 'levels' of info, of Past/Present/Future (relating to the Past/Present/Future of the basic info/data or existence OF that very 'point-location'), such varied data/info at that 'point-location' might thereby be 'accessed' by several different axions, all of which then 'carry' that info, of Past, or Present, or Future, back to their 'common' condensate-of-incorporeality, to 'input' such Past, Present and Future info, as 'input' to the 'processing' of that condensate's Reason and Purpose.

  76. Anyway, the point here is that 'point-locations' can be either non-local or local, in their existence. Non-local 'point-locations' exist throughout the Cosmos, as well as within any and every other incorporeal condensate of the Cosmos. Local 'point-locations' are local only to the incorporeal condensate(s) of that Local Mind and Consciousness, such as existing within either one of the two condensates-of-incorporeality which are the entirety of the Local Human Mind, i.e., either or both of the Upper Mind and/or the lower Mind. In the Upper Mind, a local 'point-location' might provide Past/Present/Future info derived from the 'processing-dynamics' of that Upper Mind, to be re-cycled further at a next-stage 'point' of the 'processing'. In the lower Mind, a local 'point-location' might 'access' data/info that is either 'flowing' up-or-down, between Brain-and-lower-Mind, via the synapsial-junction 'interface' between those two entities.

  77. Changing the subject here somewhat, as to one more last point, that might be relevant to the foregoing Cosmological discussion of Past/Present/Future 'point-locations', however such 'point-location' as here so-noted, actually 'appearing' within the corporeal existence-and-reality of Corporeality, but actually 'existing' within the incorporeal 'twin-duality' of the said-discussed corporeality!

  78. In South America, in the High Desert regions of Peru, are what has been called 'geoglyphs', or the 'Nazca Lines'. For more detailed info as to these 'geoglyphs', I refer the Reader to the following Wikipedia website:
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazca_Lines. Anyway, such ancient constructions of said monolithic 'designs', of lines and patterns, are somewhat similar to what has been called the 'crop-circles' in England and elsewhere. All of these monolithic constructions are so huge in size, that they can usually only be seen in their entireties from outer space or very-elevated points.

  79. Anyway, the specific point that I wish to note here relevant to the Nazca Lines is this. Archeological investigators of these constructions have found, at various locations along such 'Lines', several 'rock-sculptures'. Nominally, when looking at such a 'sculpture', the 'figurine-so-detailed' might appear, to the naked-human-eye, to be the sculpture of an 'Old Man', perhaps Riding-a-Horse or otherwise. But, when a photo is taken of this 'sculpture' of an 'Old Man', something unique occurs. The developed photo, likewise 'shows' an 'Old Man'. But, when one looks at the photo-negative of the picture, one can clearly 'see' the outlines and 'figure', not of the 'Old Man', but of the 'Old Man' AS HE WAS, as a 'Young Boy'! Just an interesting tid-bit here!

  80. And finally, as a closing point-of-note to this Discussion of the QUFD Cosmology, I merely want to hereby repeat a Very Important Point that I have already made earlier in this Document. Which is that, Corporeality is merely the RESULT... of Incorporeality! Incorporeality BEGETS Corporeality! Everything within Corporeality, within the physical/material Known World, ourselves included... is merely the result, of the Most Extensive and Intricate 'processing', of the 'dynamics', that 'goes-on' within Incorporeality... on the 'other side' of our invisible 'Fence', between Incorporeality and Corporeality! Between the Known Worlds and the Unknown 'Worlds'! Between Reality and 'Reality'! Remember? Incorporeality... and all of the various and infinite 'Dimensions' thereof, are ALL 'First Cause'... including that Immense-and-Most-Infinite Cosmological Condensate-Dimension of all... Infinite Consciousness! Which, those folks of any kind of 'religious-persuasion', might call 'God', but which, in 'Reality', is merely a cosmological, quantum, incorporeal and scientific 'Reality'!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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