Wired: A further Analysis by Father Jerome, from the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD!

Wired: A further Analysis by Father Jerome

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. I'm going to return to an issue which I have not addressed in quite some time, but which I feel is due for an updating both personally and professionally, and that issue is Addictions, a definite Luciferian 'evil' and Negativity, that does adversely affect many of us of humanity. And the reason I feel an updating is due is because of both a recent personal experience as well as more past personal experiences in relation thereto, plus some very pertinent recent news headlines also relating thereto.

  2. I'm going to mention here briefly some aspects of my own personal experience that bear upon the issue. Although having taught, and presently occasionally teaching part-time, at some very prestigious and respectable institutions of higher education professionally, on the personal level I have also lived the Spiritually-rewarding life of a penurious Cleric of the Ancient Order for many years, as other such Clerics over the ages have done, by experiencing first-hand what are the issues for the homeless, the disadvantaged, refugees and the nominally 'disconnected' of such an economic system as the U.S. and the world's economies and political entities. (See one of my latest Works, Father Jerome's World Community Sermon: "The Least Among Us", on this website.)

  3. The experience of having no money whatsoever, not one penny of 'income', in almost 20 years, and thusly living among the homeless and poor of America, while enjoyably 'adapted' thereto such a condition (of finding that one CAN 'live comfortably' WITHOUT 'participating' in the monetary economy at all ...... In other words, having no need for money, once one has adjusted to being satisfied with NOTHING BUT LIFE ITSELF!) ...... Actually, as earlier Clerics have known, when one 'Gives' of oneSelf, to others and All, that one WILL RECEIVE that which one does need, however such a 'pittance' of any subsistance might be. And so I have thusly lived among, observed and Served, the 'least of us', while occasionally 'instructing' other more 'substantial' students (AND the world, via this website!), what the scientific AND HUMAN 'Realities' of existence and Truth ARE, in this world, from the 'bottom' to the 'top', as I can relate only by reason of my KNOWING and experience, of having been, numerous times and ways in my Life, ON either the 'bottom' or the 'top'! (See my other Works, on this website, relating both my personal and professional experiences, of corporeality and incorporeality - secular and non-secular - such as Father Jerome's Essay, "Burn-Out: A Personal Odyssey", and the many other Works that note various aspects of my non-secular experiences of incorporeality.)

  4. Anyway, the point is, "Been There! Done That!" And thusly I can truthfully tell what it is like to be making over $735,000 a year income AND what it is like to have NO income whatsoever. But beyond the personal aspects, what is fascinating more so is the people - humanity - and the extreme 'variabilities' of Life and existence FOR such 'people', who also 'exist', either advantageously OR disadvantageously AT either the 'top' OR the 'bottom' OF our current civilization. But even more so IS THE WHY ...... of why 'Society' and people - humanity - IS 'what' it is! And that is why my education, in Science/Physics and Reality [D.Sc.(Quantum Physics), D.Th.(In Esse-the Theology of Reality)], as well as my experiences of Life and Reality, BOTH have contributed to what I have to say on this website and in my secular teaching of the Principles and Realities of QUFD, in the Course that I occasionally teach.

  5. Because BEING ABLE to 'see' and understand the 'Why', and to be able to tell others about such, not only gives this Cleric of the Ancient Order Hope and Joy for the future, but also contributes to the KNOWING of others, likewise bringing Positivity (in the future AND in oneSelf!) to those who can thusly understand QUFD and the 'Realities of Life' which it does convey to those who are 'ready' for a 'new Life' and a new world!

  6. Anyway, getting back to my subject here, addictions, I can honestly say that I have beheld AND understood, the Why's and Wherefore's OF the 'addicted', whether it was an 'addiction' to money, power, status and so forth, or merely a disadvantaged-person's 'addictions' to whatever it is that would keep them going and enable them to 'forget' that which they don't have OR which they have already 'been through' OR, even, the misery and Negativity that they would certainly like to 'forget', of the past or the present.

  7. In this respect, I am going to herein talk further about the 'addictions' of the disadvantaged (I've addressed the 'addictions' of being on 'top' enough already on this website ...... such as in my Work, QUALIA III: The Quantum Physics of Societal/Sociological Existence and Reality and the Fundamental Negativity Therein As Created By the Human Mind., so I will not even try to touch that subject here.) And to start it off, I will refer the Reader hereof to several earlier Works that relate to 'addictions' and their influences on the homeless. See Father Jerome's Sermon entitled "Spending 'Quality Time'......with the homeless!", and Addictions.

  8. Now, to bring the discussion a bit up to date, I will say that I am presently yet living a most 'rewarding' Life - Spiritually and Professionally (and psychically, if one might consider such) teaching, here on the Web and otherwise secularly (and monetarily negligibly!), while yet personally 'living' my Life of a Cleric of the Ancient Order in a most 'respectable' Homeless Shelter (where, although, no one knows, or cares, of my Professional Life and Works, nor knows what 'work' I do when I go off on days to teach my QUFD class at the local university or to manage some concern regarding this QUFD website).

  9. And thusly, as just another homeless 'Joe Blow', I can Serve Others both innocuously (by just 'Being' that which I AM), as well as write about the 'problems' of the homeless AS I do thusly 'experience' them myself. (It was a long time back, when someone said something like, "Until one has walked a mile in his shoes, one cannot know another's 'reality'!") But this living situation not only enables me to observe and Serve Others, but, in its 'realities', does also enable me to confront and understand those Negativities that Lucifer yet does 'throw at me' personally (as he did also 'tempt' Christ), whether it is daily 'confrontations' with Negative (and Negatively-influenced) people, OR just a personal Negative 'experience', of one's own doing (as influenced BY Lucifer!)

  10. To bring this discussion down to specifics, let me first relate the personal 'experience' and then interpolate it into the context of others and the many. One of the reasons that I can 'see' and 'feel' addictions is that I have, personally, almost none at all myself - at least of the Negative variety, although I will admit to several Positive 'addictions', which it would behoove all of us to have as well, referring to such human attributes as 'Love' (of one and All!), sex (Christ did NOT deny such a thing!), family (togetherness), and more! With such a 'sensitivity' TO all Negative 'addictions' (via my understanding of the scientific basis of the 'Why' of such 'addictions', whether it be drugs or such 'evils' as sports-on-the-TV), I can readily see and understand, instantaneously (IN the Moment!), when an 'evil', a Negativity, occurs in my presence OR in myself! As to myself, I do not smoke, do not drink alcohol, coffee or even tea, and have never even had a reason to even consider 'using' drugs! Thusly my physical body is most acutely aware OF those just-mentioned 'influences' on others AND, indirectly, on myself. EXCEPT WHEN LUCIFER tries the 'direct-approach'!

  11. And that is what he did the other day! Not immediately having any work to do relating to the course I teach, except for my constant work on this website, I have recently been spending more daily hours at the Homeless Shelter living-community where I am ensconced, and so it was an innocuous 'experience' there that brought on this recent 'brush' with the Negativity-'evil' of addictions. As I have just mentioned, I am not a coffee-drinker, although most everyone around me is, as well as being ex-alcoholics (whether admittedly or not!) AND constant smoke-a-holics! But, the other day I had been working long hours on one of the house-computers, and I took a break. It was actually late in the evening and I was starting to feel tired. Having recently been imbued by Christ with the small amount of a regular wherewithal from the U.S. Government (NOT related to my Services or Works Unto Others, and thusly NOT in violation of my Vow of Poverty as a Cleric of the Ancient Order, to NOT receive any income whatsoever for my Services Unto Others), I did have a U.S. dollar-bill in my possession. Taking my work-break, it occurred to me that I could have a 'soda pop' (carbonated beverage) OR TWO, in that there was a soda machine on premises which dispensed cans of such beverages for 50¢ a pop. Well, to put matters briefly, I had two sody-pops, right after another. The cold carbonated drink tasted delicious, it being many years since I had regularly consumed such a thing.

  12. Anyway, I finished my drinks and my break, went back to work and finished what I was doing shortly. Taking a shower, I looked forward to 'hitting-the-sack' and then fell into my bed. BUT THEN I realized something was different! It was a while, of just 'laying there', WIDE AWAKE and 'WIRED', before I finally realized that Lucifer had 'slipped-me-one' (Is that what they call a 'Mickey', or is that the opposite?) Anyway, my body, my nerves, my legs and more, were just 'live' and jumpin' all over the bed! I HAD BEEN SLIPPED A DOUBLE-SHOT OF CAFFEINE, and that caffeine in the two sodas HAD REALLY 'WIRED' ME!

  13. Well, I finally got some sleep the next day, but it left me with a sour experience, that of having to live through the 'effects' and influences of CAFFEINE, and the realization of what that 'addiction' of COFFEE-DRINKING and SODA-POP DRINKING does to people, as Lucifer would have it to be! Because that is just what drinking soda-pops IS - another Luciferian 'addiction'! And I see it all around me, in the caffeine-and-nicotene-and-alcohol-and-soda-pop addicted souls that I experience, AND in the 'actions' and Negativities that such addictions bring on to the individual.

  14. Let me briefly mention a few of the 'evils' that nicotene-caffeine-sodas-alcohol (Oh, I forgot! How about 'sweets' - candies, cakes, sweet-rolls, and such - whether for breakfast or anytime?) bring on. For some people it is various forms of ADS - Attention-Deficit-Syndrome. Whether an Internet 'surfer' (with their notorious 10-second-attention-span!), or a person whose nervous system has been so 'dulled' by those sodas-caffeine-nicotene-alcohol (OR even other drugs!), that they NEED the VIOLENCE and constant, instantaneous, STIMULATION, of ACTION/ACTIVITIES that can get a little-bit of movement going in that nervous system (EVEN while laying prone on the living-room-couch or sofa, while watching the TV!) and thusly, such a person seeks out, on TV, 'instantaneous-action' programs, NOT 'intellectual-stimulation' or enlightening-type programs of any sort (which would be too 'human', for someone devoid of any humanity!) And so such an addict fulfills that 'need' for 'instantaneous-activity' with dulled-nerve-addict programs, such as ANY sports event, or gaming-event - "Jeopardy", "Wheel of Fortune", "Hollywood Squares", etc., or, for the ladies, "ricki lake", "Oprah" - OR, of course, VIOLENT activity shows, such as "Cops", "America's Most Wanted Police Videos", and other 'Police' fare ("NYPD Blue"), as well as the 'indirect-violence' shows - "Law and Order", "LA Confidential", "JAG", "Judge Judy" - and any other 'criminal-justice' shows, which really 'gets-those-neurons-motivated' just seeing what happens TO OTHER PEOPLE! And all of this ...... "Before my afternoon 'siesta', or my 12 hours of sleep!"

  15. But then there are the others, influenced likewise by such 'addictions', who more likely do experience their version of my particular experience. They may be 'work-a-holics', or your respectable banker, lawyer, politician, truck-driver, musician, Army soldier, or just about anyone else in America, who gets up in the morning and 'can't get-going' until after that first cup-a-java and the cigarette (or even that first soda-pop!) These are the people who NEED TO BE 'WIRED, in order to DO ANYTHING, OR just to get through the day! "Hey! I need a smoke and a cup-a-java, before I have to go home and face the wife and kids!" Without that 'addiction', they merely 'drag' through the day, and might not even know whether they are 'coming-or-going'! (Maybe we could also add that their work and their lives show it!)

  16. Then there is a third class of addicts - those for whom these addictions may pull one UP OR DOWN! They may live on a 'roller-coaster-ride', panhandling on the streets one moment, and 'down' or otherwise the next moment, trying 'con-games', schemes and anything else ...... ANYTHING BUT TRUST, TRUTH or a real-live 'for-real' relationship with others, society or humanity!

  17. THERE ARE ALL KINDS of these 'addicts' out there, IN AMERICA TODAY, from your 'respected' employer-neighbor-official, etc. to the guy/gal at the 'bottom-of-the-heap'! And the 'means' to their Negative proclivities (AND EVEN their Positive 'proclivities' UNTO THE COMMUNITY ...... Does your teacher/minister/priest/lawyer, etc., etc., SMOKE, drink COFFEE, or otherwise engage in these 'harmless' addictions - INCLUDING sodas?) ...... Well, think about just how 'harmless' such an 'addiction' MAY BE, when it is something to do WITH YOUR LIFE, that that person (husband, spouse, elected official, professional, or ?) is responsible for! Because ALL of these 'addictions' ARE just more of Lucifer's NEGATIVITIES - 'evils' - CORRUPTING OUR LIVES, and the lives of others who might depend on us!

  18. And then there is the latest news headline of the day. (Oh! I forgot! For those 'addicts' who NEED 'stimulation' for their ADS, the constant daily TV fare of the 'News' also helps to stimulate those deadened nerves!) Anyway, here is the story, in the latest news, of what has happened, as I understand it. (Of course, with respect to such kind of news 'stories', politicians, M.D.'s, government/military people of all kinds, are probably trying to 'shove it under the rug' ...... "Such a situation DOES NOT EXIST!", or at least to get it buried fast, and say "it was nothing to worry about"!)

  19. And what was it? Well, let's just ask the question (and I think most of us will know the answer), "Of all the men and women, who go into and are already IN, our military services (all branches), HOW MANY of them: 1. smoke, 2. drink coffee, 3. drink alcohol, 4. drink tea, 5. drink sodas, 6. eat sweets, 7. or otherwise use any other DRUG, INCLUDING PRESCRIPTION DRUGS?" The plain and simple answer IS: IF ANY OF THESE ADDICTIONS are 'in use', we can honestly say that, IN REALITY, that person IS NOT 100% physically AND mentally 'THERE' (or HERE)!!! They may be 'performing their job' 100%, but the true, human, 'PERSON' is NOT present! It is a ROBOT - a drug-addicted-influenced 'roboton', who is 'going through the motions' (of whatever is taught/programmed or otherwise!) DO WE REALLY WANT SUCH A PERSON in charge of our SECURITY? A person who is 'defending-us', in 'whatever way'! CAN SUCH A PERSON be relied upon, to be behind the gun, or wheel, or rudder, or whatever they might do? And regardless of HOW such a person MIGHT SERVE, how about that person's PERSONAL LIFE AFTER their 'Service' is over? Such are the questions that might be asked about addictions in the military (AND anywhere else!)

  20. And the reason IS ...... the news headlines of recent days. It seems (if I have this correct, and even if INCORRECT, the situation and the consequences OF 'addiction', STILL APPLIES!) that four (Marines/Army or whatever!) soldiers came back from Afghanistan recently (where there was much instantaneous VIOLENCE, of War, on the ground and everywhere, WHICH, incidentally, the Afghan people ARE USED TO, whether they might likewise 'indulge' in such 'addictions' as we are talking about here OR NOT!) The point IS that these four soldiers (I don't know if they were all in the same regiment or not.) came back home and MAY HAVE BEEN EXPOSED to the 'violence' of War, IN REALITY (NOT on a TV movie or show!), possibly causing (in them) such a thing as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). (I'll let the Psychiatrists/Psychologists try to figure that out.)

  21. BUT, the further point IS, that IF they were ADDICTS, the possibility exists that, under the stress of War, and the possibly PROLONGED DEPRIVATION of their 'addiction' ......coffee, smokes, etc. - EVEN IF REGULARLY PROVIDED BY THE MILITARY ...... the point IS, that these four men WERE, IN REALITY, NOT 'THERE', but in skin, flesh and blood - NOT in Mind, or Spirit, or even in their HUMANITY!

  22. Because WHAT HAPPENED after they got back to the U.S., to their families, to their wives and kids? ALL FOUR MEN SHOT AND KILLED their wives and kids, before killing themselves! IS THIS the actions, of a 100% HUMAN BEING? NO! It is more likely the action of an 'addict', who cannot COPE with the 'REALITY' of War and Violence. And even if such a person does not kill themselves and their family, they may well as yet wind up in a Veterans Hospital PTSD 'Ward' or such, where such 'veterans' can 'smoke their smokes and drink their java' WITHOUT THE STRESS of worrying about 'going to war' again!

  23. Sorry, but I've seen the realities of what I talk about. At VA Hospitals, the only ones who may not smoke, drink coffee, sodas or tea, are the few Doctors and Nurses, and even they might be so 'addicted', so NO ONE in the whole place IS GOING TO RECOGNIZE the situation for what it IS - 'addictions', and the consequences thereof! EVERYONE IS ADDICTED, and very few are NOT!

  24. So, back to the question. DO WE (Americans) WANT 'ADDICTS' SERVING IN OUR MILITARY (OR anywhere else for that matter, such as in Congress or even the White House?) WHERE is the truly HUMAN - 100% HUMAN - person, of Mind, Spirit, and HUMANITY? Certainly NOT in our military! And maybe NOT anywhere ELSE! America IS AN ADDICTED SOCIETY, and we teach our kids that such 'addictions' ARE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!

  25. Well, just think about what would happen to THIS SOCIETY IF ...... the tobacco plant, the coffee bean, the tea leaf, the (opium) poppy, the malt, the hops, etc., and on and on, OF OUR ADDICTIONS ......IF all of these were TO GO OUT OF EXISTENCE! COULD we find at least a few TRULY HUMAN persons, of humanity, REMAINING? I don't know.

  26. WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT? I can't answer that right off either. But I leave it to all of us to think about. ARE WE YET HUMAN, or are we addicted 'robots', in OR out of our 'CAGES', who, like any animal out of their cage, IS NOT WHAT THEY HAVE BECOME, IN their cages. But yet, IF we MIGHT be 'human' OUT of our 'cages', WHO WILL LET US OUT? Well, since Lucifer and ourselves are the ones who have put us there, and instituted all those addictions, IT IS WE who are responsible for GETTING US OUT!

  27. What more can I say? Nothing!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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