QUALIA XCIV: Correspondence in the Quantum Realms, as Detailed in the Reality of Self-Healing of the Human Body! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA XCIV: Correspondence in the Quantum Realms, as Detailed in the Reality of Self-Healing of the Human Body!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. I am writing this document as the result of my personal experiences, not only with the Self-Healing of the Human Body, but also with the 'experience' of being shown, in my Mind, compliments of My Friend Upstairs, the actual Realities and 'Realities' of exactly what takes place, within the human body, when such Self-Healing is occurring!

  2. First of all, I will need to remind the Reader hereof, of certain Facts and 'Realities', of QUFD Physics as well as of some other things, before I proceed here.

  3. As I have previously explained in QUFD Physics, each human body/dimension has a dual-twin spirit/dimension existing on the other side of the Fence, within Incorporeality, both condensate/dimensions (of Corporeality and Incorporeality) existing by reason of the specific R&P (Reason and Purpose) for the creation of both of these dual-twin condensate/dimensions.

  4. Further, each and every Local Point-Location, within the physical body of the Corporeal condensate... a Local Point-Location which is evidenced by the reality of whatever physicality-of-the-body might so exist at such a Local Point-Location, such as a nerve ending, an organ, a muscle, or, more specifically, the molecules thereof such physicalities! Therefore, specifically, say there is an abnormal cancerous-growth of the pancreas. Specifically, each molecule/atom of that growth, does therefore constitute one specific Local Point-Location, within the Totality of that human body!

  5. The further reality here being, that the Dual-Twin of that specific human-body Local Point-Location, does also exist 'over-the-Fence', within Incorporeality, as a Non-Local Point-Location within the infinite quantum realms of the (Incorporeal) Universe! Here we have an instance of quantum BEC Correspondence, where a Corporeal Local Point-Location corresponds to/with an Incorporeal Non-Local Point-Location that exists within the Unitary Field of Mass Consciousness of the (Incorporeal) Universe!

  6. And, again here, the further point-of-contention, is that each and every molecule, of each and every Local Point-Location, does also have a neurological 'connection', to the 'whole' of that physical body. (The previous statement might be confusing, but it is intended to convey both an 'existential-reality', as well as a 'potential-reality', that might come to reality!) But, what is of even more importance here, is that this specific neurological 'focus', within the human body, does also correspond to what-might-be-called an 'equivalent-neurological-focus' within the dual-twin 'reality' within Incorporeality, such that there are corresponding Non-Local Point-Locations therein, that 'correspond' with each and every Local Point-Location within the human body!

  7. Now, the object here, is to heal whatever it is, that is located at a specific Local Point-Location within the human body, by applying an electrical-neurological current, that will 'zap' whatever needs to be zapped, as well as repair molecules/atoms and nerve endings, that need repair! However, the entire human body cannot, within the Totality-of-itself, thusly generate the high-voltage potentials needed to effect such repairs.

  8. So, on the other-side-of-the-Fence, within the Dual-Twin condensate/dimension of Incorporeality, the specific and corresponding Non-Local Point-Location, does thusly exert a 'signal' that, in effect, 'focusses' the 'energies-of-the-Universe', upon each and every corresponding Local Point-Location within the entire human body, such that there is then released, from every Local Point-Location throughout the entire human body, such a tremendous electrical-neurological potential, that is needed in order to effect the necessary repairs! (The necessary intensity-of-the-electrical-potential is precisely calibrated to effectively and harmlessly traverse the body's neurological network!)

  9. And that immense neurological electrical-jolt, is focussed upon that specific single Local Point-Location (which 'corresponds' with its Dual-Twin Non-Local Point-Location!), where the 'jolt' does effectively produce the desired result, i.e., the healing of that specific Local Point-Location! Then, it is on-to-the-next Local Point-Location, that should need repair!

  10. I might say here, that there could actually be an alternative-reality, at work here! Rather than the electrical-neurological-energies, from within the human body, coming to focus-discharge at the specific Local Point-Location within the human body, we might also infer that, instead, the energies-of-the-(Incorporeal) Universe, within the Unitary Field, are, instead, focussed upon the corresponding Non-Local Point-Location of the Incorporeal Spirit-Twin, and then that immense charge actually, somehow, 'traverses', from the Unitary Field specific Non-Local Point-Location (of the Twin), TO the specific corresponding Local Point-Location within the human body, where the neurological 'jolt' is actually felt! Such a possibility, though, infers a direct-connection between the Unitary Field and the human body, but ONLY when the Mind, in its automatic-processing of all physical-bodily-functioning, has 'enabled' such a 'force-transfer' AT such a Local Point-Location! (The human Mind is constantly 'reviewing' all bodily functioning, as a computer does, and, like a computer, automatically 'enables' repairs-as-needed, focussing the needed 'energies' to wherever such 'repairs' are needed!)

  11. Again, this occurs as a Correspondence, of energy and forces, that occurs between the quantum realms of Corporeality and Incorporeality, and between specific and corresponding Local Point-Locations and Non-Local Point-Locations. Of course, I could just as well have included the Brain-Mind here, as I have before, where there are also corresponding Local and Non-Local Point-Locations, although usually the interactions are not at such healing high-voltage potentials.

  12. Actually, Brain-Mind 'interactions' usually occur either via the substratum of the entirety of the glial-synaptic-junction 'interface' (between Brain-Mind) or the Local/Non-Local Point-Location 'uptake' or 'download', between Landscapes of the Lower Mind and the Upper Mind!

  13. But, in any case, as I have heretofore mentioned, the 'computer' of the Human Mind (of the Upper Mind!), is constantly 'scanning' each and every Non-Local Point-Location of the Dual-Twin 'Spirit/Reality' of the entire Human Body, to assure proper functioning of all such Non-Local Point-Locations and their corresponding Local Point-Locations of the physical body! If any physical Local Point-Location should show any injury or malfunction, it will be felt by its corresponding Dual-Twin Non-Local Point Location, and the Human Mind will then 'process' a 'repair-order', whereby all axionic resources of the entire (Incorporeal) Universe will be directed to converge upon that specific Non-Local Point-Location, in order to effect the needed repairs!

  14. Whether the 'focussing' occurs within Corporeality, the entire Corporeal dimension of the human body, or occurs within Incorporeality, within the dual-twin 'Spirit/Reality', at the specific Non-Local Point-Location, and is then 'transferred' to the Local Point-Location within the physical human body... I cannot be sure of at this time! Either case is entirely practical!

  15. As to myself, and my own personal experience... Actually, I have experienced such healing many times in my Lifetime! Of course, depending on just how serious the 'repairs' are that need to be done, it might take quite some time! It does not happen overnight! An unconscious, comatose person, does not 'wake-up' overnite! But, given time, the Local Point-Locations within the human body, that need repair, can and do heal themselves! (And, as has already been shown, neurological synaptic-junctions of the Brain, can grow new junctions, as well as re-arrange existing ones!)

Aum, Peace, Amen

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