QUALIA LXXXIII: "Mankind Needs To Return To God... By Eliminating All Religion, and All Other Lucifer-Inspired Negativities In This World!" FATHER JEROME'S INDICTMENT OF HUMANITY, ITS NEGATIVITIES AND ITS TRAVAILS! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA LXXXIII: "Mankind Needs To Return To God... By Eliminating All Religion, and All Other Lucifer-Inspired Negativities In This World!" FATHER JEROME'S INDICTMENT OF HUMANITY, ITS NEGATIVITIES AND ITS TRAVAILS!

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from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. Yes, I'm finally 'Going To Lower The Boom', and Tell It Like It Is! Yes, much of Humanity will feel themselves 'hurt', as to their 'Proclivities', their 'Vested Interests', their 'Passions' and more... All of which are truly THE NEGATIVITIES, in the Lives of Mankind and Our World, which are 'Hurting All of Us' and is the very Cause, of All the Sorrows and Travails that Mankind is experiencing in our Lives today!

  2. Yes, I'm going to discuss, and reveal, all of the Basic and Fundamental 'Negativities-In-Our-Lives', that are the Root-Causes of all of our Problems and more, that we 'experience', every day, day-in-and-day-out, moment-by-moment, in our Lives... All of which WE HAVE CREATED OURSELVES, under the 'influences' of Lucifer-Within-Our- Minds!

  3. So, Prepare to Be Offended... but also to Be 'Woken-Up', because they are ALL REAL and Factual, and the TRUTH! ... As to exactly What Is Happening, here in America and throughout the World! And they (such Facts and Realities!) ARE OBVIOUS, to anyone who can divest and disengage themselves from all of the 'Hoopla-of-such-Negativities' that is Going-On all around Us, in order to really See the Truth!

  4. Father Jerome Says, "MANKIND NEEDS TO RETURN TO GOD, and the SCIENCE of God!"

  5. So Bear With Me here, because here is What I have to say about it all!

  6. First of All... Religion!

  7. Let me remind the Readers hereof, of What my old Friend, Professor Mortimer J. Adler, the late Respected and Renown Philosopher said, as reported here on the webpages of this 'Textbook'...

  8. He said, in effect (for the actual words of the quotation, see the Link on The Opening Page of the QUFD Website!), that if there was anything that Mankind needed to Know and Understand, the very Basics, Facts and Truths OF, in detail... then Science and Scientific Investigation and Discovery, were the ONLY Reliable and Reputable Means of Doing So! And IF Science could NOT explain, or detail, the Facts and Realities of something... then 'The Next Best Bet' was Philosophy, whereby Logic, Reason and such Examination, might Be Brought To The Task, Of Explaining That Which Was Unexplainable By Science! And IF even Philosophy might Be Unable To Explain The Unexplainable and The Unknown... THEN, as the Last Resort, such an Unknown Phenomenon, could Finally Be Turned Over To Religion, To Be Explained as a Supernatural and Incorporeal 'Reality', that Mankind might at least have some 'semblance-of-understanding', of such things that might have Importance In Their Lives! (And, as will be noted later herein this Qualia Document, the scientific Facts and Details, of God, Lucifer, the Human Mind, and much more, of Incorporeality and the Unknown, are now entirely and scientifically available and explainable to All of Mankind!)

  9. Well, THEREIN LIES MUCH OF HUMANITY'S PROBLEMS! Because, regardless of the Fact that all of the Religions that Mankind has 'created' in this World, have inevitably Rendered Most Valuable and Helpful 'Service' and Charity-Unto-Mankind... The very Plethora and 'Differences' of those Religions, have been The Contributing Factor to much of Humanity's 'Problems'! And all of this is So, even though the Founders and Creators of Most of Our World's Major Religions, were ALL Members of The Most Ancient Order, of the OA/OWB, who had attained Masters degrees, as Initiates-of-The-Order! (Which is the highest degree conveyed by the Order, the Doctoral degree being the lesser-degree, of which any Graduate-of-the-Order, might have any number of Doctoral degrees, in whatever specialized Fields-of-Study, his/her many years-of-study might have qualified him/her for! But, it is to be further noted, that there have only been 27 Masters degrees conveyed during our current Human Civilization, and almost every one of them was to a Founder or Creator of one of our major Religions!) (Note: The original OWB Order of Scientists was Founded by the Greatest Human Scientist, the First Christ, over 47,000 years ago, to Train Members of the Order to impart the True and Factual Knowledge of God's Scientific Laws of the Cosmos, unto Mankind, so that Mankind might Know the Ultimate Scientist, Infinite Consciousness [God], most personally, thereby Living their Lives in Peace, Love and Harmony, both With Each Other and With All That Is in the Universe!)

  10. However, Mankind has 'lost Contact' with God, The Ultimate Scientist, and even that Great Scientist Christ, because all of the individual Teachings of the Master Disciples of the Order, as Taught to Mankind, have been 'corrupted' and denigrated over the aeons, by Lucifer, through his 'Influences-upon-the-Interests-and-Proclivities' of Mankind, as those 'Influences' have been so enacted within the Minds of all of us!

  11. As I say, that is basically one of Mankind's major Problems, in that the Basic Scientific Knowledge, that Master Christ Jesus, or Master Buddha, or Master Mohammed, attempted to impart unto Mankind, in the 'context' of the specific Time-Period and Environment thereof each individual Master, was inevitably 'Interpreted' and 'Taught' differently-in-each-case, than that of which they (each Master!) had actually Learned and Known Of, from The Order and from their 'Schooling-Within-The Order', which was Consistently Of The Purest Science and Factual Knowledge and Understanding of All Of Cosmic Life and Existence!

  12. So, even though each Master, of The Ancient Order, attempted (in each Time and Place!), to 'pass-on' the Truths, Facts and Realities, that they did so attempt to instill within the understanding of Mankind, inevitably, especially within our Current Human Civilization-on-this-World (since 9654 B.C.!), such 'Truths and Realities', were 'Corrupted-by-Lucifer', within the Minds of the People and The Teachings thereof such Masters! (Lucifer has been 'The Prince-Of-This-World' since the beginning of our Current Human Civilization-on-this-World, and his 'Influences-within-the-Minds-of-All-of-Us', have been the very Reasons and Causes of the wars, conflicts, animosities, divisiveness, adversarial and dysfunctional relationships, competition, politics, and any and all other Negativities-of-this-World, that we all are currently and constantly laboring under!)

  13. Religious 'Interpretation-and-Understanding', by the Masses, has been one of the major causes of the divisiveness currently extant worldwide among Humanity! Over the years and aeons of Religious 'Indoctrination', Strife and Conflict, such Religious 'divisiveness' has thusly contributed to much of the 'differences' that now exist between Mankind! And the individual Luciferian 'corruptions-within-each-Religion', whereby 'vested-interests' within-the-Religion, did (and do!) contribute further to such 'divisiveness'... Think of the usual 'Da Vinci Code suspects', involving Popes, Templars, Secret Societies, Wealth-and-Riches, and the Powers that such individual Religious-Persons-of-Any-Religion might so 'exercise' over their 'Followers'... Here, again, think of Iraq, and all the other Nations-In-Conflict! And pretty soon, one can begin to see the Results... Of what Lucifer's 'corruptions' and Negativities, within-the-Human-Mind, have so accomplished, in Bringing his Chaos and Negativities into our World!

  14. Enough for the Religious Indictment! I think by now that most any Intelligent, Knowing, Understanding and Concerned Citizen of our World, can certainly see the Truths of this Indictment! On to other of Lucifer's Negativities, all the while Remembering that the ONLY Way Out Of The Current Morass-of-Humanity's-Making, Is To Return To The Pure Science, Truth And Understanding, of The Ultimate Scientist... God!

  15. Other Negativities-of-Lucifer, as Imposed Upon Us, Within Our Very Minds...

  16. Next, we need to recognize a very Basic 'Duality' and Polarization that exists within Humanity, which Lucifer has truly 'exploited' to the maximum! (Incidentally, for further details on How This 'State-of-Affairs' came about, and the scientific-details-of-Lucifer-within-our-Minds, see the many discourses on such Facts and 'Realities', on the 'QUFD Textbook'!)

  17. This is the 'difference' between the Rich and the Poor of this World, wherein, for whatever reasons, of usually some-kind-of-disadvantage-to-others, some people have gained some kind of advantage over others! Although many times such an 'advantage' is through the hard work, efforts and dedication of Responsible and Respectable and Conscientious Individuals... Usually, however, the Majority of such Wealth and Power, is merely an 'accumulation-of-advantages', which are 'passed-down' to the children of the Rich, with little effort on their part but to 'exercise-control' over such advantages, which has usually been made quite easy by the enactment-into-Law, of such Legal-Means that do legally 'maintain' such Powers-over-Others (via both Government and Educational Systems, as I shall discuss shortly!)

  18. Of course, the 'Means' of such Power and Wealth, is both Money and Government, as well as the Educational Systems everywhere, which I intend to discuss here shortly! But first of all, I wish to further comment upon that very 'aspect' of 'Richness'!

  19. IF it has been so Promulgated, by The Ultimate Scientist (God), that Mankind should Live in Peace, Love, Harmony, Cooperation and Equality-of-Opportunity-and-Existence With Each other... Exactly WHY is that NOT SO, in our World of today?

  20. Well, I have most thoroughly discussed the 'Reasons' for such a Situation hereon this Website, extensively detailing the scientific facts and Realities (and the 'Realities!) for such Situation, and they can All Be Attributed To... The Influences of Lucifer, Within the Minds of Humanity! But, in detailing such 'influences', relative to my concern here right now (i.e., the 'advantages-of-Richness'!), let us examine such 'Realities-of-Life', a bit further here! And then I will tell you How God has 'Provided' for Mankind, of his/her own Willpower and Cooperation, to not only Bring Peace and Harmony To-Our-World, but also as to how it is that we might All 'Fulfill-Mankind's-Ultimate-Destiny'! (Actually such details are already to be found on the Website. See the individual webpages for such details!)

  21. True! Every individual human being Life-form, of our current Human Civilization, is inevitably Born-into-this-World, under some 'disadvantage' or the other, as a result of the mass-accumulation of all of Lucifer's 'corruptions-and-influences' upon us since the beginning of this Current Human Civilization, when he took 'Control' over our World and Existence!

  22. As an example of but one 'corruptive-influence', that has been 'passed-down' through the Ages, and which seriously 'affects' All-of-Mankind today... Consider what happened, on one particular Day, in the early Days of this current Human Civilization, when two Survivors of the previous (lost and destroyed!) Civilization, happened to 'get together'! (I've written about this 'Event' on other webpages of this Website, and I may have noted the exact Day and Time-Period, but I no longer remember such exact date, and I can no longer 'access' the Collective, for the specific details thereof! So I am just presenting the 'context' of the Event here, which is sufficient enough!)

  23. Both individuals were Farmers, basically 'tilling-the-soil', in order to reap the very sustenance-of-their-survival! But Lucifer was already at work within their Minds! Because one man said unto the other, drawing a Line-In-The-Sand, "This side of this Line is My Land! And that side of this Line is your Land!" And ever since then, we have labored under the 'divisiveness' of Lands, Property, Real Estate and Nations, all of which has contributed immensely to the Destruction of Mankind and the Destruction of the Positive and Up-lifting 'Values', of Human Cooperation and Community!

  24. Getting back to my discussion of 'Richness', however, as I said earlier, some People did achieve their 'advantage' over others, by hard-work, effort and dedication, many times by the very Effort To Help Others, who were not so enabled-to-do-so, but were thusly 'disabled', for whatever reasons (usually Luciferian!) Such Realities and Efforts were, and are, truly Laudable and Positive!

  25. The 'Reality' here, however, is that what was 'missed' (of course, through Lucifer's 'influences'!), was the chance to 'exercise' God's Admonition-of-Human-Equality, where any and all those of Humanity, who were (and are!) 'disadvantaged' (by Lucifer!) in any way, SHOULD HAVE been 'Given-The-Opportunity', in whatever-way-possible, to ALSO, through their hard-work-and-efforts, ACHIEVE a 'viable-Equality', with others of Humanity, that would have more so 'Equalized' such a 'disparity' between the resulting Rich versus the Poor, in the utilization and conservation of our World's Resources-of-all-kinds, both Human and Natural!

  26. Because, as I have also noted elsewhere upon these webpages, True-Equality-of-Mankind can ONLY be achieved, when each and every individual has the Equal Opportunity to-Access-All-of-the-Total-Resources of this World and Humanity! Such is the 'Means' to achieving 100% Efficiency, in the Utilization and Conservation of any and all Resources! Because, any 'Inequality' ANYWHERE, regarding ANY Resource or Resources, or Opportunity therefore, is actually a Reduction-of-Efficiency, in the Use and Conservation of Resources! So, it behooves Mankind, to Find the Means of Achieving Equality, as well as Opportunity!

  27. Continuing on to other of Lucifer's Negativities...

  28. The next major Negativity, that Lucifer has foisted upon us, is a 'Biggie'... Money! Money, and Finances the World Over, is/are the Means to enabling any and all of Lucifer's Negativities! Think about it, as to Rich versus Poor ("Keeping You In Your 'Place'!"), Opportunities and Resources ("The Have versus the Have-nots!", and all the 'financial skullduggery' that you've ever heard of (and don't even mention Taxes!) I don't even have to detail anything regarding Money, because we All Know That It Is The Biggest 'Baddie'!

  29. However, now let's Think Positively! Imagine (as John Lennon has!) a World, not only without Religion, but also Without Money! Where Equality and Freedom-of-Opportunity Rule, and everyone gets to Share in Everything! (Even if a specific Resource is relatively small and inconsequential, relative to the Demand For It By All Of Humanity... With Equal Opportunity, Every Individual Has a 'Say' and a Share, in How That Resource gets Used!) A World where Everybody Has Access To Everything! Think About it... Now Create It!

  30. Enough about Money! Although Money and Power go together, as well as Government and The Educational System... However, without Money, the Power of Individuals becomes Equalized, unless... And here we have Government, and the enactment of Laws benefiting the Rich! Well, we simply Change The Government, and Eliminate all of the Third-Party 'Corruption', which is only possible, when the Individual Voters have Given their 'Responsibility-For-Themselves-and-their-Vote', to a Third-Party... i.e., 'Representative Government'!

  31. Yeah! Back in the olden days, we may have 'Charged' our 'Representative', to Be Our Third-Party-Agent-of-Responsibility, and to mount his/her horse, to ride for two weeks, in Order To Cast Our Vote... But this is another Day and another Age! INSTEAD of Government by 'Third-Parties' (i.e., Representative Government!), we now have the Possibility of PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY, where Everyone gets-to-Vote-Equally... True Government 'Of The People, By The People, and For The People'! (See the Participatory Democracy, New World Constitution, and New Declaration Of Independence webpages of this Website!)

  32. No more 'Representative Democracy', and Third-Party Politics-as-Usual... corrupted by Lucifer! ALL of us, having a 'say', with regard to our Direct 'Responsibilities', of our EVERY Word, Action and Deed! Perhaps you didn't Know... that previously, NO ONE WAS RESPONSIBLE for anything, much less their Words, Actions and Deeds! 'Responsibility' was 'Vested' in Third-Parties... our 'Representatives', the Biggest of which was... MONEY!

  33. Eliminate ALL of those corrupt 'Third-Party-Agents-of-Responsibility', especially Money, and Return FULL RESPONSIBILITY to the Individual! Responsibility for our every Word, Action and Deed... and I guarantee this will be a Most Peaceful and Sane World!

  34. But, Wait a Minute! Lucifer has many more Negativities, in this World of ours, that affect us All! The next one is... COMPETITION!

  35. Yep! Eliminate Money, and Institute Equality-of-Opportunities and Resources, and Economic Competition will be eliminated! Cooperation, in ALL THINGS, will Be Much Better!

  36. But, we also have other Forms of Competition, ALL OF THEM bad for Mankind!

  37. SPORTS... Ball-Games (of every kind!), Stick-Games, Games-of-Chance (i.e., Gambling!), Car-Racing, Foot-Races, AND The Olympics! Eliminate EVERY KIND of Competitive 'Sport'! (Retaining only those personal, individual, 'sports-of-exercise-and-fullfillment'!) Yeah! No more 'Betting-On-The-Horses', or on your favorite Team!

  38. Hey, without Sports, and Money, and Gambling, and such things, Mankind might just 'Get Back-To-Nature', and begin to Appreciate our Environment and its Beauty, as well as What Mankind has Done To Our World! We would 'Get-In-Tune' with our Planet and Ourselves! All to the Good!

  39. What more Negativities, does Lucifer have in our Lives?

  40. DOCTORS/Physicians, and Medications/Drugs/Pharmaceuticals... which are destroying and debilitating many of Humanity! Mankind needs to Learn The Definition of the Word, 'Iatrogenesis'! Meaning: Sickness and Illness, Caused by Seeing Your Doctor!

  41. All of the Drugs, that are advertised-on-TV (generating 'mucho-Money' for the Drug-Makers!), ARE UNNECESSARY! IF we 'Get-Off' of Doctors, and our present Way-of-Life (with a Devil-May-Care-Attitude and worse!)... our human bodies WILL RETURN to a 'Stasis', wherein the Human Mind, which 'Knows-Everything-There-Is-To-Know' about the Human Body... WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF!

  42. Doctors are NOT 'looking-out' for You! They are 'looking-out' for themselves! (There ARE some Doctors, who really care about their Patients, but in Doing So, they are just as 'deluded' about the 'Health System', as 'Responsible-Teachers' are likewise 'deluded' about The Educational System!)

  43. In the Ideal-World, the ONLY 'Responsibility' that Doctors/Physicians would have, would be with Regard to Life-or-Death 'decisions', that are beyond the Individual Body-Mind to cope with! Otherwise, everyone would be entirely Healthy, and The Community and Society (and the Human Mind!), would Guarantee That!

  44. I mentioned Teachers, just previously! Which is another of Lucifer's 'Biggies'! I've detailed quite thoroughly, in the pages of my Book ("God, Lucifer and You! ..."), and on the Website, in the Qualia III Document and in the 'Book of Jerome', exactly how Lucifer has 'infiltrated' the Educational Systems of this World, in order to 'Separate-the Chaff-from-the-Wheat', and ensure that the Progeny-of-the-Rich get placed into the Positions-of-Power in our Societies... and the Progeny-of-the-Poor (and Middle-Classes!), get 'shunted' into the less-powerful and less-responsible 'Positions-of-Society', that are the 'province' of such 'Classes'! Of course, without Money and Government, to 'legitimize' such 'Power-Routing', Equality should Make the Educational Systems once again of the Highest Integrity!

  45. But, as I mentioned previously, we do need to consider the Teachers... who conscientiously and whole-heartedly, have been 'duped' into believing that they were performing an 'admirable-Service', in their 'complicity' with the Power-Integrated-Mechanisms, of the Educational System, that 'Routed' our Children so disproportionately-to-their-Demise, unbeknownst to both the Students and the Teachers alike, who unwittingly 'Followed-The Hare-Down-The-Rabbit-Hole', of the System's 'making'... as so Instituted BY the Rich, the Government and the Educational System itself!

  46. Those poor, unknowing and 'collaborating' Teachers/Professors, et al, will need to have their 'Educational Lens' refocused upon Integrity and Honesty, in the Judgement and Grading of All Students everywhere!

  47. What else, of Lucifer's Negativities, can we expose? The Elimination of Money and Power will 'do-in' many of Lucifer's Negativities!

  48. Oh, how about Sex? God has always held Human Sexuality, to be a Noble Human Attribute! But, American and World Societies, have so 'repressed' Sex and sexuality, under 'repressive' and Religion-based Governmental-edicts and unwritten Social Policies... But the Elimination of Religion (especially Right-Wing Politics!) and the Institution of Participatory Democracy, should resolve and Restore Sex and sexuality to a Position-of-Respect once again in our Societies!

  49. Eliminate Smoking, and Drinking of Alcohol! There are more of Lucifer's Negativities 'out there', but enough for now!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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