Detailed Listing of the Specific and Inappropriate Activities Enacted By and/or

Condoned by the Telecare Staff-Defendant Mr. Pierre of the Transitions Housing Office


The inappropriate activities/actions (constituting Negativities, known as ‘evils’, from a Christian theological viewpoint) are of the following Two distinct and separate Types:


1. Condoning, Encouraging and Supporting anti-Christian and Abusive Competitive-Violence activities by a certain group of Transitions Residents (a ‘Gang’) who, by their very actions, did Cause and Inflict Discriminatory and Prejudicial Spiritual Harm and Trauma upon all other Transitions Residents who shall have enjoyed peaceful and Cooperative familial and Community activities (of whatsoever) had said Adverse Prejudicial Activities not occurred.  The Specific Negative (and Luciferian) Activities, which are known to have occurred during the Period of September 11, 2001 to Present, are as such:

The ‘Gang’ of Residents (the herein Named Resident-Defendants of this Case and their unnamed accomplices) did constantly and continuously ‘commandeer’ the Transitions TV-viewing-room for their extensively prolonged sessions of ‘Sports-Fanatic’ viewing on a daily basis, with continual switching of the TV from one form of Competitive-Violence to another, following one after another (football/baseball, basketball, boxing, etc.), their addicted hyper-emotional Luciferian vocalizations puncturing the calm and quiet of the Transitions Community environs, and preventing other Community Residents from enjoying the peace and quiet of familial cooperation and activity that shall have prevailed otherwise in such Community environs had not such competitive-violence sessions prevailed.  It is not a point of whether any Community Resident may have chosen to view any other program on the Community TV at any time, but it is a point that by allowing the Sports-Fanatic Negativities to occur as they did, the peace and tranquility of the Community was so violated as to cause divisiveness, dissension, dissonance and disruption in the Community.

Nor is the fact of the occasional or regular contribution to the activities of the Transitions Community by such Defendants at Issue or in Question, but such ‘contributions’ do not amend for the disruption to the Community so realized in the practice of their Luciferian-worship fanatical-sports activities.

Nor is the mental or psychological ‘need’ of the sports-addicted-fanatics of this ‘Gang’, as part of the overall Negatively-addicted cultural ‘sickness’ of the American people and society, to be addressed herein this Case.  Let us hope that this ‘Gang’ and other so-addicted Americans (including caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and drug addicts, as well as those notorious addicts of American TV-violence-programming, i.e., “Cops”, “America’s Most Wanted”, etc.) can, in some way, receive help for those addictions which are so detrimental to other people, to themselves, and to American society.

All of the Named Resident-Defendants are likewise Implicated in this Allegation.

Also, it is enough to say that any Transitions Program Resident, having been in some way a homeless person, possibly living on the streets and/or otherwise exposed in some way to societal and/or domestic violence, does not need to experience the competition-form of violence (sports) or any other form of violence in their lives while living at a place such as Transitions.

Hopefully, Resolution of this Case may Promote Enlightened and Thoughtful Activities among Community Members rather than Negative knee-jerk-addiction ‘reactions’ by Members.

Rather than exposure to such Negativity-‘evils’, Positive spiritual and/or religious values and empowerment should be encouraged, advocated and practiced within the Transitions Community.  Thusly, it is also sad to note and detail the very violation of this Principle in the following Second Allegation.

2. Condoning, Encouraging and Supporting anti- Christian and discriminatory actions against certain Christian Transitions Residents by a sectarian group of other Residents who, in their actions as alleged ‘Christians’ themselves, did show and reveal their trye Negativities and Luciferian biases.  Said Sectarian group of other Residents (of whatever specific ‘religious’ or otherwise persuasion and/or beliefs) shall not be Named herein.  It shall be enough to say that Mr. Pierre did aid and abet the specifically sectarian and religious biases of the said Sectarian group of ‘believers’, to the discrimination and prejudicial spiritual harm and trauma of such other Christians (including this Plaintiff) who were especially affected by the activities of said Sectarians, in their opposition and prejudicial actions against anyone who did not ‘believe’ in their specific sectarianism.  In their adverse and Negative actions, these Sectarians did further violate other Community Resident’s Rights to free speech and public hearing/notice/posting of their Christian and humanitarian concerns and interests, further violating and disturbing the spiritual peace and harmony of the Community.  And this is the point of this Second Allegation, that by aiding and abetting such religious and spiritual dissonance in the Community and by not allowing the free and open expression, by all Residents, of their religious and/or spiritual beliefs/faiths/knowing, Mr. Pierre did willfully Abrogate the Rights of the Community residents to enjoy a multi-sectarian, transspiritual Community of peace, quiet, fellowship and togetherness, in their daily activities.

This aiding and abetting by Mr. Pierre occurred over a period of time and was, on one occasion, verbally rebuked by Transitions Director Mr. Kevin Jones, who, encountering a most vocal and religious protest by the Defendant and his accomplices, chose not to further address such religious/spiritual matters and convictions by Members of the Community.  (I later told Mr. Jones that it looked like he had ‘run into a hornet’s nest’ of religiosity when he tried to engender a more open-mindedness about spiritual and religious persuasions and tolerance in the Community.)  In doing so, Mr. Jones is not herein admonished  in any way for the exercise of his administrative prerogatives with regard to the operations and tranquility of the Community.

It is further Alleged however, that in aiding and abetting the two aforementioned actions and Negativities, Mr. Pierre was also in Violation of his responsibilities to adhere to the Code of Conduct of the Telecare Corporation, as enumerated and detailed in Telecare Policy # G-1, and specifically in Violation of the numbered Codes so noted in this Case, as each and all such Codes shall apply to either or both of the Actions Alleged.  (Telecare Policy # G-1 is herewith attached.)