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May I suggest that the hereinfollowing website be reviewed for inclusion in your database. Philosophical, humanities, social sciences and much more are covered therein, therefore reading the QUFD main document(s) and the accompanying research report (at least) should give a reviewer perspective as to the contents/context. This is a huge database that is NOT searchable but is intended to be read as a textbook, detailing scientifically, using quantum mechanics and atomic physics, the realities of everyday life and all that is in the universe. The material has been written in plain, simple Classical American-English, understandable by 5 year old children and adults having an interest in science. The website has already garnered considerable acclaim and awards from scientists, philosophers, psychologists and ordinary people, including a recent award from the European Space Agency's Distant Suns website. Daily emails from readers present new and varied perspectives on the content/context of QUFD but any significant analyses thereof and dissertations thereupon by academics and professional media are cordially invited.

Additionally, the recent conclave of world scientists at the Quantum Mind 2003 Conference in Tucson, Arizona, found prominent and extensive discussion of QUFD and the QUFD website, as presented in a scientific Paper from a research team from Harvard, M.I.T., the Univ. of Washington, Oxford and the Santa Fe Institute, Dr. Ruquist of Harvard being the Presenter. That Paper and details of the QM2003 Conference are linked herein below.

The website is located at: http://go.to/QUFD

Father Jerome

(The following is also included herewith to point out the inclusion of the on-website Dictionarys and the extent of the multidisciplinary subject/category and word/phrase listings.)
Might I suggest that your bibliographers check the following website for possible word/phrase subject/category inclusions in your Dictionary:
http://go.to/QUFD (The QUFD website) >>> (which re-directs to)

This website is a huge database of over 1500 webpages and the foregoing webpages are Dictionary/index pages of definitions of the Words/Phrases/Subjects/Categories used in this website.

The Google Search Engine has recently listed over 1610 on-site QUFD webpages in addition to numerous additional webpages by other websites in review and commentary upon the QUFD website.

Following is the webpage link (mentioned hereinabove) for the Quantum Mind 2003 Conference and the scientific Paper that was discussed there by world scientists:

Also of interest may be the following pages:

Thank you.
Father Jerome

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