QUALIA LXVIII: The Overwhelming Need for Fundamental Change/Reform of the 'System'! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA LXVIII: The Overwhelming Need for Fundamental Change/Reform of the 'System'!

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from the QUFD website,
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By Father Jerome

  1. I think most any intelligent citizen of the world can certainly realize that wars, conflicts, animosities, dysfunctional relationships (both civil and political), adversarial relationships (almost all law and politics), competition (sports, economic, organizational, governmental, etc.), religious and philosophical differences, opinions and even genocides and most any atrocity, actually have their roots and basis in one thing... the fundamentals of the 'System'!

  2. And it doesn't matter where in the world we may be talking about, because no matter where one lives (travels, works, etc.), there is some kind of government, along with all the 'accompaniments' of that 'System' (military, executive, legislative, judicial, etc.), whether it be local, regional, national or worldwide! And along with that, or those, government(s), we usually have the economic, educational, business and all kinds of other organizational groupings that government, education and economics engender and promote!

  3. The point is that we are all... Yes, everyone worldwide, within whatever their context is! ... 'located', or firmly entrenched, in that 'Position' in Life that Life itself has 'accorded' unto us, whether at the top of the 'heap' or at the bottom of that 'heap'! And our 'Reality' is that, no matter what we might do, in our day-to-day living of that Life, there is not much that can change our basic 'positioning' within the context of our societal situation! Even if one is the Sultan of Brunei and has spent billions of dollars to 'achieve something', his basic 'position' in the societal structure of the world and its people would not change much at all!

  4. Because of the very fact that... our Institutions, have 'institutionalized' all of us! And you are correct, if by definition, you interpreted the word to mean 'as a penal institution or such'! THAT is our 'location', or position, in Life! And we, individually, cannot change this. It can only be changed by... All of Us!

  5. Because, again, it is all of us (whether we knew it or not!), who have 'created' the 'institutions' (i.e., the 'System'!) that 'enslaves' us! It is we (Well, mostly the Rich, but they did so with our 'acceptance'!), who have 'created' (or have allowed to be 'created'!), the government, the judiciary, the legislature, the economics, the educational system and more, that today constitutes the 'System', wherever we are!

  6. But, to get more to the point here, as to how each and every one of those 'pieces' (or functions!) of the 'System', affect us and control our Lives. It was recently pointed out, with the recent resignation of Justice Sandra Day O'Conner from the Supreme Court, as to exactly how each and every Justice of the Court and their Rulings, has actually affected the Lives of all Americans!

  7. And in order to show the immense 'positioning effect' that this one 'Institution' (and, by extension, all Courts and Laws everywhere!) has had upon our American lives, we only have to think of exactly what our American Life would be like if:

    1. Slavery did yet exist, and all 'people-of-color' were mere chattels or 'property'
    2. Roe vs Wade had not existed, and pregnancies were not only physically, but psychologically, politically, religiously, medically, etc. controlled
    3. Unions and social organizations were not allowed to exist
    4. Medical practice was rigidly regulated by the 'System'
    5. The workplace was rigidly regulated as well
    6. Education was overtly repressive (instead of merely 'hidden', as to its 'repression', as it is today!)
    7. Religion was also most 'fundamental' and not accepting of other religions
    8. Family law and relationships were 'dictated' by our societal 'Institutions' (i.e., Churches, etc.)
    9. and on and on! (These are all, of course, 'Negativities', that have been 'corrected' and made Positive by the very existence of the Courts and Laws! But, this is not to say that, in a Society, a 'System', of 'Just' and 'Equal' Representation-of-Everyone (a truly worldwide Participatory Democracy of 100% of the 'People'), that such an 'Institution' as the Judiciary, would yet be needed!)

  8. And those are the results of but one 'Institution' (Courts and the Law!), as to exactly where, how, why and so forth, that we live our Life today, i.e., as to the context of the Law! Of course, as you are sitting there, driving your car down the street, you don't really have the time to think about, and realize, that every second of your driving 'experience', from your Drivers License, to your car itself, to the red-light up ahead, are all the result of Laws!

  9. Okay, passing beyond all the other aspects of one's Life that are controlled by Laws, such as your marriage, your children, their education, your job, your basic Human Rights and so much more, all the results of this one 'Institution', the Courts and Law, let us go on to a few other 'Institutions', in this 'Examination' of all the 'Institutions' of the 'System' that have 'placed' you in... the specific 'Position' that you are today!

  10. Okay, Courts and Laws are primarily 'enforcers' of 'the Law', and it is Legislatures whom are 'charged' with, primarily, 'creating' the Law, supposedly on behalf of the 'Will of the People'! The problem here is that the Democratic 'System' of government, as to Legislatures, is 'Representative', meaning that your 'Representative-in-Congress' may or may not have your 'welfare' in mind but he/she most certainly does have his/her own 'welfare' in mind, usually, which means that 'Representative Democracy' is, at best, a System whereby the 'spoils' and largesse of the Society are distributed via corruption and power-relationships among the Rich! Truly, what is needed here, is a truly Participatory Democracy, "Of the People, By the People, and For the People!", where everyone equally participates in Society because everyone freely asserts their God-Given Right to Be Directly Responsible For Their Every Word, Action and Deed, contrary to the situation in a 'Representative Democracy', where your 'Representative', including the Dollar-Bill, is 'Responsible' and the individual has no 'Responsibility' AT ALL! (Leading, of course, to illegalities and law-breaking of all kinds, whether the 'perpetrators' are trying to demonstrate their irresponsibilities or whether they are actually trying to exercise some form of personal 'Responsibility'!)

  11. So, Legislatures, as an 'Institution' of Society, are also 'Responsible' for the Laws that have 'placed' you in the specific 'position' that you are in! Let us also say that, indirectly perhaps or not, the Executive Branch of Government, and perhaps the Military, or maybe your Employer, or your Priest/Minister/Rabbi, or your Professor/Teacher, or your Doctor/Physician, or your Counselor (Legal or Psychiatric/Psychological), or your Financial Advisor/Banker/Investor, or your Policeman/Law Enforcement Officer/Judge, or whomever, is also 'responsible' for where you are now, as to your 'Position-In-Life'! Certainly today, in a war-time Society, it is the Executive Branch's Command-In-Chief, who decides the Policies and Actions that determine whether, who and where our Sons and Daughters go to Fight our Wars, and, indirectly, whether they come home again whole or in body-bags! Teachers/Professors, unknowingly usually, determine whether our 'Position-In-Life' remains within our basic 'Class' or Caste! Of course, Doctors/Physicians, adhering mostly to an outmoded, bureaucratic and authoritarian Medical 'System', exercise their Life or Death actions and procedures upon us, oblivious that they themselves are but part of the 'System' that is enslaving and harming not only all of us, but themselves as well! Financial/Monetary 'Advisors', usually concerned mostly with the 'percentage' of any and all transactions that they might accrue, are epitomes of the 'Third-Party Irresponsibility' of such 'mavens'! And on and on!

  12. Can you not see that, as to exactly where you are, as to your 'Position-In-Life', that it (Your Life and everyone's Lives!) is/are so finely and minutely 'controlled' by so many 'Institutions' of the 'System', all such 'Institutions' concerned primarily with their own 'vested interests', that one can just wonder exactly what the word 'Freedom' really means? Of course, by one old 'saw' of an 'interpretation', there cannot be 'Freedom' without 'boundaries', implying that every 'Freedom' necessitates a 'context' or limitations, within which the exercise of 'Freedom' is a possibility, but outside of which 'Freedom' does not really exist! (It might be wondered as to whether the 'author' of such a 'definition' was, truly, a Rich Man, of 'vested interest' in the status quo of the Poor remaining confined to their Class and hovels!)

  13. But let us examine such a Reality for a second! Can we really say that one can truly be Happy and Fulfilled and 'Free', inside of their prison cell or their 'Cage-of-Life', regardless of the fact that it is they themselves who have put themselves there? No, because, whether one knows it or not, most of us are merely 'acting-out' the Lives that are 'Presented-Unto-Us', unbeknownst to ourselves that the basic, fundamental 'Realities' of the 'System' are what has truly determined each and every minute of our Lives! (And, of course, the 'System' itself is 'controlled' by the Rich and, indirectly, by Lucifer!)

  14. So, going on from there, perhaps we can say that it all 'boils down' to but one thing... 'awareness', or the fact of whether we are or are not 'aware' of such realities-of-Life, as to the Basics or Fundamentals of the... 'System', and the 'impact' that those fundamentals have upon our Lives! True, this is not the '60's and the days of the 'Hippies', who, perhaps through their drug-induced 'haze' however, eventually began to become 'aware' of such fundamentals of the 'System' and thusly had their 'Freedom-influencing effects' upon the 'System' that we have existing today in many of the 'Institutions' of the 'System', especially the Laws! But, again, it is 'another Day and another Age', and the 'Freedom-visions' of the Hippies seem to have faded-out with their Days ('Daze'), leaving most of us today 'awareless' and just barely striving (or 'stressed out'!), to hold on to our 'Position' in the 'System'!

  15. In other words, the 'Cycle' has come full-cycle and 'awareness', 'Freedom' and such qualities of Life, are no longer relevant to most of us, as the 'controllers-of-the-System', the Rich (or, really, Lucifer!), would have it! We are yet again, and still, being 'led-about', by the vagaries and exigencies of the 'System', and particularly the 'Institutions' thereof, as such may apply!

  16. But yet, perhaps, some of us, and eventually, it is hoped, All of Us, might again become 'Aware' of these very 'transgressions' upon Human Nature and Reality, as to That which 'Has Been Created', as a Human Being and Human Life-Form, with a Destiny, and a 'Reality' of Purpose and Existence, that Might Be Defined (and Appreciated!) in What It Is That We Might Individually 'Be' and 'Do', as the Human Being which we were 'Created' to 'Be'! (See the Jig-Saw Puzzle of Humanity!)

  17. And, hopefully, these Words and these Essays, and these Works, might help People Everywhere to once again become 'Aware', of that which 'Is', today, versus That Which Might Be, were We, as true Human Life-Form Entities, of our own Free-Will, to 'Choose', to once again, to 'Be Free', and Vital, and Human! What I am saying here is, that it will take All Of Us, first of all, becoming 'Aware', of What 'Is', and then, by Working Together, with Will Power and Cooperation, to Eliminate Those Negativities of Society and the 'Institutions' that perpetrate such Negativities, and then, finally, the 'Creation' of a New Society, a New World, a 'Utopia', of Peace, Love, Happiness and so much more!

  18. In this respect, we might envision, as in the following, That Which Might Be, as to a truly Participatorily Democratic 'System', in which:

    1. The People 'Rule' (ALL the People, Happily and Unitarily, As One!)
    2. 'Government' truly 'Serves' the People!
    3. 'Government' is actually a minimality, and is really but a 'Coordination' of Everyone, toward achieving the desired 'Benefits' and 'Welfare' for/unto All!
    4. In that 'Government' is no longer 'Representative', but is instead Participatory, there no longer is a need for the 'Institutions' of 'Government'. Therefore, all such 'Institutions', as the Executive, the Legislative, the Judiciary, the Military (especially!), and so on, can be eliminated, with the People themselves engaging in any and all necessary 'Transactions' between each other, Peacefully and Harmoniously, to the Benefit of All!
    5. Other necessary 'Institutions' of Society, as Economics, Education, Resources (both Human and Natural!) and such, shall be reformed and changed, eliminating their remaining vestiges of 'Representative Democracy' and 'Representation-Of-The-Individual' (i.e., Money and Financial 'Means'!), leaving the remaining aspects of such Societal 'Institutions' truly responsive to Direct and Personal/Individual 'Responsibility' for their Individual Transactions of Word, Action and Deed, within a New Society that truly respects and accepts Direct Responsibility of the Individual!
    6. Such that specific Societal 'Institutions' as the Educational System, can now concentrate on 'honing' those abilities of the young to engage fully and humanitarianly, One and All, in whatever 'Now and Future' transactions and Possibilities/Probabilities they might so engage in or pursue, in accord with the Individual Destinies of those young!
    7. And this 'New World', and New Society, might Bring Forth a New World Constitution for itself, that Most Clearly and Emphatically States, the Full and Human Nature of a People Who Are Dedicated To Full and Individual/Personal Responsibility, of Each and Every Person, To and For All and Every Life-Form that Does So Exist!
    8. (See also the Qualia 9 document, and the New World Constitution Project!)

  19. As John, Paul, George and Ringo would have sung, "Let it Be! Let it Be! Let it Be-e-e! Speaking words of Wisdom, Let it Be!"

Aum, Peace, Amen

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