NEW Constitution

of the United States of the World

All Citizens of the United States of the World are Encouraged to Participate in this Project,

To Write a New Constitution for the Secular World of Today, which might Be, In it’s far-reaching

Humanity and Compassion, for All Peoples of Injustice and Unfair Transgression everywhere,

a Model for a New Political Entity that Shall Embrace Peace, Love, Equality and Satisfaction,

for All Peoples and Individuals Everywhere!

(If you are Reading this Website, YOU ARE A CITIZEN of the NEW WORLD!)

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We the People of the United States of the World, In Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the universal Defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty unto ourselves and our Posterity, do Ordain and Establish this Constitution for the United States of the World.



Article. 1.


Section. 1.


All Legislative Powers herein Granted shall be Vested in the People of the United States of the World, who shall Exercise such Powers both Individually and Collectively, leaving no Citizen unaccounted for.


Section. 2.


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Following are a number of preliminary Draft ideas from Father Jerome, which you may or may not agree with, but are certainly open for discussion and refinement.  It is to be noted though, that all of these ideas presented here do already espouse ideas, concepts and Principles at the Heart and Soul of QUFD and can probably be further found in the pages of the QUFD Textbook, as to their Egalitarian and Humanitarian Concern for All Peoples everywhere!


Nothing shall inviolate the Principle of Direct and Personal Responsibility of any and all Individuals, i.e., such Principle shall mean that any and all Individuals shall never be Granted Absolution or Forgiveness for Following the Dictates or Instructions of Others or of any Other Individual, which would be a Violation of the Personal Integrity and Responsibility of that Individual!


Animosity and Competition, between any and all Individuals and Groups, shall be Abolished Forever in the National Character of any and all Participants in the Public Life of this Nation.


Malignment of another Individual or Group and the Speaking or Writing of an Untruth shall be Abolished Forever!


Monetary, Financial, Investment and Insurance forms of societal and economic programs and functions shall be Abolished and shall never again be deemed as substitutes for the Direct Responsibility of the Entire Society to Provide for All or Any of the Needs and Necessities of Life for any and all Individuals, utilizing the natural and physical or man-made Resources of All of Society in lieu thereof such abolished financial means and mechanisms!


Accounting of all Resources of any type and their Utilization throughout Society shall no longer be Based Upon any Monetary or Financial means or mechanisms!


Any Principle that is, in effect, a ‘Peter Pays Unto Paul’ Principle, and such Programs thereof, shall be Abolished, as Contrary to the Basic Constitutional Principle of Direct and Personal Responsibility of all Individuals everywhere!


The issue and matter of ‘Debt’, as to Personal and Public Life, for the Nation, Society and the Individual, shall be Abolished, replacing such ‘debt’ with actual physical societal resources, as permanently as possible!


‘Deficiencies’ of Individuals and Groups in Society shall always be Acknowledged and Society shall do everything possible to equalize the Resources and Abilities of such Individuals/Groups such that they are, at all times, sufficiently enabled to exercise their own Personal Responsibilities just as any other Citizen might so do!


‘Democracy’ shall be interpreted solely and only as Participatory Democracy of all Individuals everywhere and NOT of any form of ‘Representation’ as to any and all Personal and Civic Responsibilities!


All Religion, Faith and Spiritual Practice shall Be Respected and Allowed Freedom of Expression, as long as there is no conflict with the Civic Responsibilities and Principles thereof any Citizen!


There shall be NO Judgment of any Individual, Group or Civic Institution that is in Compliance with Constitutional Principles and it shall not be the Duty of any Individual to Render any ‘Judgment’ upon any other Individual or Group!


Simplification of the Economy, via the Elimination of all Financial Mechanisms, should greatly increase the Natural and Man-made Resources of the Economy and Society, freeing tremendous ‘resources’ for the Good of All, such as mankind to pursue those goals that would better Serve All of The People rather than exclusively the Individual.  In this respect, the Butcher might become a Jazz Trombonist; a Broker might become a Farmer; and so on.  When All the Resources of a Society and Economy are available to All Equally, there should be more Contentment and Opportunity for Individuals to Fulfill their Individual Destinies, while at the same time, also Fulfilling Society’s and Human Destiny!  (See my comments on the Jig-Saw Puzzle of Mankind, where it is assumed that EVERY Individual born was born to Do and to Be that ONE ‘Job’ for which they were Born and that there is NO OTHER Individual ANYWHERE in the entire World who is qualified or capable of Doing that ‘Job’ for which an Individual has so been ‘Born’ TO DO!)


As a Peaceful means of converting to a 100% Efficiency (in the Utilization of Resources!) Non-Financial Economy, from a Financial-based Economy (of minimal Efficiency!), a ‘Conversion Date’ should be Set, such Date to be effective worldwide everywhere!  As of that Date, NO ONE ANYWHERE will be allowed to PAY, monetarily, for ANYTHING that they might Need and that Need MUST BE FULFILLED by any and all Suppliers AT NO COST!  In fact, as of that Date, ALL Monetary, Financial, and Investment ‘Resources’ will be WORTHLESS and may not be ‘exchanged’ or transacted in any way, shape of form, other than for Destruction (referring to any form of Financial Document or such!)  After such Date, a Person may then enter a Restaurant, say, order a meal, eat it, and then Thank the Proprietor and leave, without Paying anything, secure in the knowledge that the Proprietor will legally and sufficiently Receive any and everything that he/she Needs, in order to Provide that Food and Services to his/her Customers!


The POWER to Enjoy the Resources of Society and the Economy WILL RESIDE IN THE INDIVIDUAL and all previous ‘Powers’ to enrich and provide ‘Special Rewards’ to certain and all ‘Vested Interests’, at the ‘expense’ of Society and the People, shall be MOOT and Disabled!


These Principles, and this Constitution, shall Authorize the Establishment of a World-Wide Government “Of The People, By The People, and For The People”… not an establishment of ‘vested interests’ versus the disenfranchised, or the Rich versus the Poor!


The only extant ‘Power’ shall be ‘People Power’.


Inequality is apparently the major reason for Violence against the People.  Therefore, any and all forms of Inequality shall Be Banned!  All of Society and Individuals shall Enjoy an overly Abundant Existence and Life, with each Individual Contributing to the maximum of their Individuality and Efficiency to the Welfare and Well Being of One and All, as Each and Every Individual Shall have been Born To Do, as Determined only by the Individual!  Accordingly, Each Individual Shall Be Required to Know Who and What that Individual ‘Is’ At Any Moment, What that Individual Has Been Born To Do or Be, and of What that Person’s Personal Destiny ‘Is’, and Shall further Be Required to Declare Such to the Whole of Society at any time, in order to Consolidate the Resources of All of Society Toward The FulFillment of Such Individual Destiny!


A Consensus and Agreement, Democratically Reached, Shall ‘Voice’ That Which ‘Is’ the Overall ‘Destiny’ of All of Humanity and All Individuals and Peoples Everywhere Shall, Over the Time Necessary for Achieving Such, Dedicate Themselves To Such Fulfillment Of Mankind’s ‘Destiny’!


In that current worldwide humanity is much concerned with the Creation and Use of Weapons Of Mass Destruction, both Pro and Con, and that the Scientific Community currently is about to realize the Knowing or Knowledge of that Supreme Weapon Of Mass Destruction, an Axion Device, which is capable of not only destroying entire worlds but of annihilating the entire known Universe/Cosmos and thusly All of Life everywhere, it Shall Be Made a Principle of this Constitution that the Perspectives, Attitudes and Policies of All Individuals and Groups Everywhere, Shall Be Dedicated To ‘Rooting Out’ and Eliminating Of All Vestiges of ‘Negativity’, wherever Found, such that That Complex of Consciousness and Negativity Shall Never Again Be Enabled To Invade and To Overcome Human Consciousness nor That Consciousness of Any Other Life-Form, In Guarantee That Such Negativity and all of the Negative Consciousness relating thereto, including the Use and Creation of Weapons Of Mass Destruction, but also including Wars, Animosities, Divisiveness, Adversarial Relationships of All Kinds, Competition, Jealousy and so much more, all of which Shall Be Replaced By Cooperation, Love of One and All, Respect for All Life-Forms, and  Recognition for Each and Every Individual Everywhere, as to their Individual and Vital Contribution to the Welfare Of All Of Society and Humanity!