Father Jerome's COMMENTS,
on the state of modern secular brain/mind research. (CONTINUED)

My next commentary will address briefly a significant perspective of many of today's researchers into the brain/mind phenomena. This viewpoint is exemplified in one of the best known books in recent years on the subject (although dated by a few years), that of researcher Francis Crick and his book, "The Astonishing Hypothesis" (1994, McMillan, NY).

Dr. Crick's "hypothesis" is that consciousness and sentience are merely biological mechanisms of the nominal corporeal functioning of the human brain and nothing more than this. Although holding to such a biological basis, he does consider such corporeal activity a "positively amazing" phenomenon of the human body and he goes into extensive detail in his book as to the possibilities of how such biological functioning might occur and present that which we know as consciousness. Hereinthefollowing, I will briefly critique such perspective and contrast it with my own theorization, that of Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD).

Crick puts forth the statement,

"We (Crick and colleague Cristof Koch) believe that it is hopeless to try to solve the problems (i.e., identify) of consciousness by general philosophical arguments; what is needed are suggestions (theories) for new experiments [of corporeality, with corporeal "results"] that might throw light on these problems. To do this we need a set of theoretical ideas that may have to be modified or discarded as we proceed."
Well, rather than Crick's well-meant "suggestion", what I think is needed is a detailed scientific explanation of how consciousness actually "works", NOT of what is the "result OF it" (IN corporeality) or anything (theorem or conjecture) DERIVED FROM those (corporeal) results or perceived functionalisms. So, what I have done, is a compilation of the detailed and theoretical works which have already been discovered and/or postulated by those reputable and eminent leading scientists of the Quantum of both yesterday and today (leaving OUT, of course, any and all Newtonian "scientists", for reasons already noted elsewhere in these pages). My contribution thereto (such a scientific "explanation") has been to merely take all those "trees", of individual research, inquiry and erudition, and put them into the "bigger picture", the "forest", of a reasonable and very plausible "hypothesis" (to secularity). Such theorems and observations, as to the sources thereof, are noted both in my Work, "Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD)", and in a DISCLAIMERS document therewith.

Okay, let's continue with our analysis of Crick's "conjecture". He states,

"The neocortex may well have an underlying simplicity, not at the level at which the mature brain behaves, but at the way by which it arrives at that intricate behavior [RESULTS, in other words], based on its innate structure and guided by its rich experience of the world."
Sounds to me like he is describing a Turing Machine, or a computer! He then goes on to distinguish between two currently-held viewpoints:
"The holistic viewpoint is that all parts of the cortex are broadly equivalent in function (distributed parallel processing)[the computer again] versus an opposing view that each small region performs a quite different task."
"There are many types of ion channels in the neurons, besides the usual excitory and inhibitory neuronal functions, and such ion channels operate at varying speeds and varying rates, all dependent on the stimulation of the neuron membranes electrical and chemical potentials, as well as whether the input stimulus to the neuron is a positive or negative signal, as received from another neuron."

"The secret of the neocortex, if it has one, is probably its ability to evolve additional layers to its hierarchies of processing, especially at the upper levels of those hierarchies."

"If 'hardware' of the brain refers to its myriad neuronal connections and functionalities, then cerebral 'software' does refer to its operating programs and innate conceptual and other abilities, as related to any and all levels of consciousness."

In contrast to such "computerization" and mechanistic functioning, let me relate (not quote) some concepts from my E-book, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!":

Thoughts (in the condensate-field ground-state of consciousness) are self-ordered "conceptual structures", of singular and complex coherence, that are (is) able to perceive a multiple dimensionality (3D or more) of conceptual organization and cognizance.

Neuronal function is similar (mechanistically ONLY) to the various computerized artificial life programs, that, having their basic algorithmic determinates set in advance, then initiate operation in a totally random manner, converting environmental inputs to output. However, at each instant of operation (of the mind), like artificial life "training" supervisory mechanisms, their outputs are "compared", for correctness of output, by the overall glial-cell condensate-field ground-state and the individual, localized, self-ordered, coherent, emergent conceptual structure, at that location and relating to that individual neuron and synapse, to what that ground-state determines, considering all other relevant cognitive structures of its coherence and organization, to be the "correct" output, for that individual neuron-synapse function. Thus, that ground-state then, accordingly, "inputs" the correctional inputs to such individual neuron/synapse, by the quantum mechanical operation of the molecular ion-channel gates, and, after such "firing" of the neuron/synapse occurs, receives the feedback "signal" (to the local glial ground-state), in the minute microwave signal that is generated by the post-synaptic dendritic activity. Thus there is a complete feedback loop, for each and every synapse, to the glial-cell condensate-field surrounding that synapse, by which the local glial-cell ground-state controls the "training" and subsequent instantaneous operation of each and every neuronal synapse, as the overall conceptual-cognitive self-ordering of that ground-state does so direct. And so this actual quantum operation, between the brain and the mind, is thusly similar to those artificial life computerized "training" operations mentioned earlier.

Crick's book thusly presents operational info pertaining to the mechanistic (biological) operation of neurons and their synapses at the material (molecular) level, rather than the quantum mechanical supervisory levels that I do present. Therefore, in works such as Crick's, the reader does need to be on the lookout for, and aware of, the many incorrect instances of implied BIOLOGICAL-MECHANICAL supervisory mechanisms of consciousness which are usually attributed to highly-evolved functionalities of the neuronal "networks" and their interconnectedness, rather than the actual quantum mechanical (instead of any biological-mechanical) "supervision" which is being reported by this researcher.

Additionally, rather than attempting to conjecture any and all infinities of possible brain operations and functions WITHIN A BIOLOGICAL-MECHANICAL "mechanism" (with its obvious physical-spacial limitations), the quantum mechanical condensate-field ground-state of human consciousness does provide access TO, and guidance therefrom, the infinitely greater sentience (than the individual human brain alone) of the Collective Consciousness, as the Source, and the resource, OF those every day, every instant, brain/mind operations and functions.

This is not to say that there is not an immensity to the biological-mechanical mechanisms of neuronal activity. Their interrelatedness of operations, in the various sequences and correlations of firing (i.e., such as in the visual distinction between red-circle objects and blue-square objects, and the correlated instantaneous moments of such firing, that produces a correlated array of neural activity, as described by Crick) are not herein denied. What is disputed, is the supervisory awareness and guidance which is attributed to being within such a biological mechanism. It is this author's hypothesis that such supervisory mechanism is NOT inherent within the neural mechanisms of the brain, but instead lies in the glial-cell condensate-field, as extant and operational as an "overlay" to each and every synaptic function, affecting and controlling such through quantum mechanical operations.

What is offered herein, in lieu of biological supervision as the correlating mechanism, is quantum mechanical correlation as the supervisory attribute. It is well known that quantum mechanical correlation does occur, and is the result of, the quantum unity of atomic coherence, and in a self-ordering condensate-field, of many individual, localized, self-ordered unitary emergent focalities, such local control of the individual neuronal-synaptic function does occur.

It has already been said by a number of scientific investigators, that the actual source of consciousness may never be known or seen. I would say, instead, that it CAN be known AND seen, IF investigators would but look in the right ways. Scientific experimentation/observation is dependent on both where one looks as well as how one looks. This Report is concerned with advising experimenters on both criteria. They are: 1. Look, not biologically, but quantum mechanically, as to the means and equipment, created to observe the operations of the condensate-field of consciousness. In doing so, be aware that, in the quantum realm, many times it is only the result that can be observed, NOT the actual quantum mechanism, and even then, the result can be highly dependent on the "observer". SO, 2. the individual local and/or overall supervisory coherences, of the condensate-field, MAY be seen IF a means of observing such can be found that would NOT disturb such coherence in the first place. Nominally, a quantumly conjugated coherence/unity/emergent-state CANNOT be observed WITHOUT disturbing its conjugate possibilities/actualities/realities (i.e., destroying it). So, until that possible time when it MAY become possible to "view" any possible reality BEFORE it becomes EXTANT, or comes into existence, such quantum states will NOT BE SEEN IN CORPOREALITY. In other words, seek NOT for physical/material manifestations, but ONLY for the quantum mechanical POSSIBILITIES, until such day as it MAY be possible to actually see those quantum realm possibilities (not as yet!) Until then, all one can see is the results. The further operation of consciousness is beyond corporeality, and lies within the quantum realm of Spirituality, the Collective and Infinite Consciousness (God).

Crick says,

"They (synaptic changes) appear to be mainly due to alterations on the input side of a synapse (the pre-synaptic side) and may involve calcium ions hanging about there and perhaps the movement of synaptic vesicles nearer to the synaptic junction. Whether there are transient changes that are Hebbian (as per the theories of researcher Donald Hebb) remains to be investigated. The theory of transient non-Hebbian changes has largely been neglected by theorists."
Hebbian changes refer to the postulated ability of synapsial operations to be "trained", or programmed. Whether such programming is effected from without or within the biological mechanism of the synapse, is not necessarily stated - WITHIN to imply within the biochemical matrix of the brain, WITHOUT implying, as stated in this book, the supervisory control of the quantum mechanical condensate-field ground-state of the mind.

Crick further states,

"Unfortunately, little work is now being done on these transient changes, mainly because long-term changes in synaptic-strength - a very hot topic at the moment - are easier to study. Nor have they been allowed for in most theoretical work on neural networks. We thus have the curious situation that a phenomenon that may be crucial for consciousness (and visual awareness in particular), is neglected by both experimentalists and theorists."
It is to be noted that there has usually been postulated, by most theorists and experimenters alike, that there is at least a minimum of constant background firing of most of the brain's neuronal networks, independent of "attentional" activities that would increase or inhibit neuronal firings based on more than incidental synaptic maintenance activity. Such minimal synaptic activity can probably be attributed to the evolutionary developmental construction of the basic neuronal mechanisms themselves, as compared to the random operation of a computer artificial life program operating in an "idle" or non-processing mode. This is consistent with the theory that such individual synaptic activity receives "attention" from the supervisory condensate-field ground-state ONLY when needed!

In review, Crick says,

"It can be seen that there is no lack of plausible ideas and feasible experiments (pertaining to the theorizations of biological mechanism activity). What is disappointing is that, at the moment of writing (1993), there does not appear to be one set of ideas that click together in a convincing way to make a detailed neural hypothesis that has the smell of being correct."

"The language of the brain is based on neurons. To understand the brain, you must understand neurons and especially how vast numbers of them act together in parallel."

I agree with Crick's assessment of where the secular status of knowledge about the mechanisms of consciousness stand as of today. He says, "Only scientific certainty (with all its limitations) can, in the long run, rid us of the superstitions of our ancestors." I concur, that such religious and scientific superstitions, as do exist today, need to have the cold, hard eye of scientific investigation and analysis brought to bear upon the matter of consciousness, in order to dispel such superstitions and misconceptions. In providing this truly scientific analysis of the pertinent work in this field, hopefully I may be instigating that much needed further scientific investigation among secular researchers.

Crick states further, "You cannot successfully pursue a difficult program of scientific research without some preconceived ideas to guide you." Herein, I trust that I have provided more than such, as a plethora of information on consciousness, which has been "reporting" not only from WITHOUT of the Collective, but also, as has been shown to this writer, from WITHIN CONSCIOUSNESS and the Collective, as well!

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