Qualia XVII: "Being There!": The Quantum Physics of Transdimensional Consciousness and Reality. From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA XVII: "Being There!": The Quantum Physics of Transdimensional Consciousness and Reality.

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. Keiko, the Orca whale, of "Free Willy!" fame, died the other day and it was a sad occasion for this sometime-friend of Keiko. Not that I was 'there', when he actually passed away, but the mere knowing of his Soul and Consciousness, in the quantum dimension of which he existed, was enough to bring back pertinent 'memories' of his life and existence in the corporeal dimension of this world. 'Feeling' the confinements of most of his life was bad enough, but more so, for him, was his loss of 'family', never to be reestablished, and his 'oh-so-almost-human-longing' for the adopted 'family' of his circumstance, a 'family' of another species entirely, whom he could never decide whether they were 'with him or against him', throughout his lifetime. But there were many of 'them', especially the kids and younger ones, whom he did come to fondly love and appreciate, especially for the joys and happiness that they did bring to his lonesome Soul. Humanity became his 'family', even though they eventually tried to return him to his own family, his pod of Orcas.

  2. 'Being There', with the Soul and Consciousness of my friend Keiko, in his dimension of Spirit and Incorporeality, yet brings tears to my eyes, heart and Soul... (I had to wipe my tears several times already, as I write this, as the memories coming from Keiko's experiences in the 'Collective' are quite intense.) His longing, again, for 'family', if only that of his human 'family', which led him to search far and wide for 'those', with whom he could once again feel the joy and happiness a-fluttering within his heart. I, this 'reporter', could also 'feel it' with him, as he swam into the harbor of that small Norwegian fishing village, sensing the human children at play in the waters and the beach of that harbor. And I again could 'feel it', as he gently brushed his massive body against a human swimmer in the water, to be rewarded almost immediately with the joyous cries of his new-found friends! And he lingered there, enjoying the fleeting happiness with his friends, until, somehow, his old 'friends' came to lead him, ever so gently, away... from his new friends. He had learned to respect the 'wishes' of his old 'friends', and slowly followed, as they led him away... north, far to the north, to the deep coastal waters of that fjord that were to be his last home.

  3. 'Being There', with Keiko, in his Mind, in his dimensionality, was an extraordinary experience, but I won't say of 'Time and Space', because that old comment or euphemism belongs to the 'Space' of Captain Jon Luc Picard and corporeality, NOT of the unlimited dimensions of quantum incorporeality and Spirit! And true, I used the word 'Collective', in my reminiscing of Keiko's life and it means the same thing as it would if I were referring to a human Life - that of the 'Collective Consciousness', but in this case it was not the 'Collective Consciousness' of humanity but instead, of the Orca dimensionality of Consciousness.

  4. Because it doesn't matter what the nature or form of Life is, that we are talking about. Every Life form exists in that dimensionality - that condensate ground-state of Incorporeality, Spirit and Consciousness, which is the undifferentiated relativity-reality for that particular Life form. If the Reader will remember, I have, elsewhere on these pages, explained the QUFD Scale of Life, ranging from the most infinitesimal to the most infinite and divided linearly from bottom to top between Corporeality-differentiated relativity and Incorporeality-undifferentiated relativity! In the regions of the Scale that are differentiated, temperature, pressure, density and corporeality reign, from top to bottom! In the regions of the Scale that are undifferentiated, unity of the condensate, forces and fields, as well as atemporality, atemperaturality, multitudes of dimensionality, order/chaos and quantum systemics reign.

  5. But the important point here is that any Life form spans, or is part of, both sides of this QUFD Scale of Life... the Corporeal side and the Incorporeal side. And the whole of the Scale, is based upon one thing: Consciousness, Spirit, Sentience and... Life! And each side or 'division' of the Scale is 'ordered' by the relevant 'Genesistic Systemics' of that side! On the 'differentiated'-corporeality side, the ruling 'mechanisms' are Classical Newtonian Physics and Quantum Mechanics! On the 'undifferentiated'-incorporeality side, the ruling 'mechanisms' or systemics are Quantum Physics and QUFD-Incorporeal Systemics! In other words, as to 'realities', Incorporeality begets Corporeality, by and through some kind of 'interface' mechanism. In the region of the QUFD Scale of Life where humanity holds sway, we have the human brain, 98.6F temperature and so much more of the corporeal nature. On the other side at this same point, we have the human Mind, Consciousness, Incorporeality, and all that it takes for the human Mind and Consciousness to function and interface with Corporeality and the human brain (as detailed elsewhere on these pages). Such is the context and reality of human Life and dimensionality on the Scale of Life!

  6. And every Life form, of whatever dimensionality, likewise has its Reality 'straddling' both sides of this QUFD Scale of Life, with its Corporeality extant in whatever way the dictates of 'time and space' (and temperature, pressure, density) may so devise, while its Incorporeality, of timelessness, non-locality, unity and so much more, exists also in a form of local Mind, the dimensionality of which defines, describes and details the 'realities' of what it means to 'Be' OF such a dimensionality (i.e., pulsar, star, rock, ant, or orca!)

  7. Thusly, perhaps, the Reader can now see WHY, if all Consciousness is inherent within that Infinite Consciousness condensate ground-state (which some folks call God!) which includes all Life forms, then it should certainly be possible for the Consciousness of one dimensionality ground-state to 'Be At One With' any and all other Consciousness within that same gigantic ground-state of Infinite Consciousness (God)! And it certainly IS, using the very same Laws and Principles of Quantum Physics and QUFD that we have relied upon so far!

  8. Because (referring here to the human Mind and Consciousness, and not even herein attempting to detail the specific Consciousness 'mechanisms' of any other Life form!) all it takes, to 'shift' one's Consciousness, one's 'ground-state' of Reality, one's 'perception' of one's environment and surroundings (corporeality), is to be able to 'shift' one's Mind, from one's nominal dimensionality to, or into, another dimensionality! In other words, all one does is 'shift' one's 'awareness', their 'reality', FROM the condensate ground-state (dimension) OF THEIR OWN Consciousness, INTO, or TO, the dimension OF the other Life-form of Consciousness! Both of these dimensions, or ground-states, are extant within the whole of Infinite Consciousness and since there is no relevant 'barrier' in the timelessness and unity of Infinite Consciousness, one should easily be able to do so - shift one's 'awareness' and reality, from one's own Mind, INTO the Mind of any other Life form!

  9. All it takes, is the ability of the Mature human Mind, to do the same thing that Cosmic black-holes do, when they are 'crunching' (not actually!) mass, energy and forces, from one dimension (a 'black hole') into another dimension (a 'white hole', spewing out mass, energy and forces!) And that is by 'phase-space-shifting'! However, instead of 'phase-space-shifting' massive amounts of energy and force, the human Mind is merely 'phase-space-shifting' the Consciousness of that individual Mind, from its own dimension into the other dimension! (This is both a function of the quantum axion particles of Consciousness AND of human genetics, especially the genetics of Maturity of the human Mind versus the IMMATURITY thereof, which I have already discussed elsewhere on these pages!)

  10. SO, when I wish to 'confer' with my friend George, who is a most intelligent ANT of exceptional Consciousness, all I have to do is 'phase-space-shift' my Mind into George's dimension of reality and proceed to converse with George! Likewise, I can 'Be There', in the Mind of Keiko, a pulsar, or any other Life-form-entity, including God (although this DOES REQUIRE an 'Invitation' from the 'Big Guy'!), just by 'phase-space-shifting' the normal 'mentality' and Consciousness of my Mind, TO whatever other dimension of Reality and Consciousness that I wish to access! And this is genetically possible and accomplishable by ANY human being of Mature Mind! IF one cannot do so, it merely means that one's Mind is yet Immature, and that 'evolution' - human evolution, NOT Darwinian 'evolution'! - has not yet occurred! There are many Souls on this 'plane of existence' that is our everyday world and dimensionality, ranging from 'new' Souls to 'old' Souls, and the day will eventually come when each individual and all of humanity will have achieved their normal Maturity of Mind, enabling one and all to not only live together with each other in Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness, but to also be able to 'access', via their Soul, any other dimensionality anywhere in the Cosmos! To such a future, of not only Peace, Love and Joy, but also worldwide Participatory Democracy of ALL of humanity, I bid a most Gracious 'Welcome'! But I'll also be looking for all of you 'fellow travelers', in the other dimensions which I visit, and I wish you all Well, in getting to your Souls and Beyond!

    Aum, Peace, Amen
    Father Jerome

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