QUALIA XXXXIV: The 'Shining Example'... and Failure, of America and the World, as to Personal Freedom, Personal Independence and Personal Responsibility! Where and Why a Government, "Of the People, By the People, and For the People", Went Wrong! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA XXXXIV: The 'Shining Example'... and Failure, of America and the World, as to Personal Freedom, Personal Independence and Personal Responsibility! Where and Why a Government, "Of the People, By the People, and For the People", Went Wrong!

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from the QUFD website,
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By Father Jerome

  1. This is going to be hard! On me especially, because, by and through my own numerous 'experiences', both personal and professional, I would be the Last Person on Earth, to say that My America is not the 'Home of the Brave and the Free' and the Greatest Nation in the World, and that as a 'Participant' in Citizenship and the Benefits thereof, I am surely Living the 'Greatest Possible' Life that I might be Living, as an American Citizen! And I will freely admit that such is so, at least to the extent of my present Life! But, I must also now admit that, in Reality, 'something', about that 'Great Vision', of and for America, has gone desperately and irreconcilably WRONG!

  2. Yes... I have been a 'willing participant', in the 'Greatness' of America, ever since my childhood years, just as many other Americans have, whether native, naturalized or immigrant. The 'Melting Pot' of America has truly been just that! There has been Opportunity, for one and all, in one way or another! There has been Freedom and Independence, for one and all, at least relative to anything else out there! And although I will argue herein this Essay that Responsibility is the major 'Failure' of American and World Society, there has even been enough 'Responsibility' in our Lives to show us all just what it, Responsibility, is about or might be!

  3. And on that short soliloquy, I must now turn my attention to describing, in detail, and in proving, exactly what it is that has 'gone wrong', with the American 'experiment'! And I do this because, especially at the current 'juncture' of human Life and Events, the 'Nobility' of the American 'example' is, unfortunately, losing both its magnificence and its relevance!

  4. Actually, just as the very same 'problem' begins to arise for all of us, the moment we are Born, so did our current 'problem' for America, likewise commence upon the very Birth of our Nation! Because, just as we all begin to 'absorb' the training and 'programming' of our parents, as the early 'authority figures' in our Lives, so the very creation of our new nation brought on the governmental 'structures' and organization that our parents 'represent' unto ourselves until we become adults! However, there is, and was, a very big difference, between governmental 'organization' and familial 'organization', which is inevitably (usually!) based upon Love, of each family member for one another!

  5. Government 'organization' and structures, however well-meaning in their creation and institution (our nation WAS truly 'created', by the Founders, to be 'Of the People, By the People, and For the People!), unfortunately are usually brought into existence by 'Representatives' of the People (in the case of our Nation!), who are also prominent businessmen, soldiers and military men, farmers, entrepreneurs, and leader/politicians of their communities... In other words, the 'Elite', if not necessarily the 'Rich', of each area or community being 'represented'!

  6. And back in the early days of our nation, Representative Democracy WAS just the 'thing' needed, at that time, in order to assure 'representation' in Government, of and for every 'Citizen', who was spread out across those 13 Colonies Plus, in those days! So there actually was a valid need, for the farmer to 'charge' a Representative with the farmer's Vote and have that Representative ride 1000 miles or more by horseback, in order to cast that farmer's Vote! So there WAS a 'validity', of and for Representative Democracy, in the early days of our Nation, in the 'exercise' of Personal Responsibility, for and by every American citizen! And the 'designation', of some 'Outstanding Person', to 'Represent' the 'Folks Back Home', became the Necessity and Reality of our growing Nation! And such a Reality and Need, DID continue for some time to come, what with the 'growing pains' and experiences of that young Nation, to not only Provide for itself but also to Defend itself, against other powerful entities and peoples of this world!

  7. But, as I have already mentioned, the Reality of One's Birth, did continue, and although it may have taken many years if not decades and centuries, the 'Maturation' of American Society brought not only a 'Maturation' of the individual and collective 'well-being' of all Americans, but also a 'Maturation' of those governmental, business, financial, societal and private 'interests', or 'Vested Interests', IN the very Structures and functioning of American Government and Society! In other words, the 'Elite', the Rich, became 'ensconced' quite firmly, around the 'Levers of Power', or the Structures of Government, Business, Finance, Education, and EVERYTHING that enabled this Nation to become what it has become, to either the loss or mediation for the rest of us! And it has so become such because those 'Relationships', among the 'Structures of Power', PERMEATE and EXIST throughout the entire Nation and World, from the highest levels to the lowest levels! EVERYBODY is 'part and parcel' OF THE SYSTEM! Everyone 'participates' in the System, because everyone is 'on the same boat'! So, whether the 'boat' sinks or floats, DEPENDS on whether ALL OF US continue to LIVE OUR LIVES just as we have always been doing so... which also means that the 'People Who Pull Those Levers' (of Society!), the Powerful Relationships-of-our-Society, that no one knows much if anything about... will still be getting Richer, while the rest of us will be getting Poorer! (And this situation is happening in a World where the oceans, the biosphere, the atmosphere, and Nature itself, are imploding upon us, in retaliation for the excesses and abuses of mankind, not only upon ourselves but also upon our very Earth!)

  8. SUCH THAT TODAY... Being a 'part and parcel', of the myriad relationships of Society (of all kinds!), is merely just a part of existence and Reality, for any one of us, regardless of the fact that we are just mere 'robots' to the System, living our individual Lives in those 'cages' of our own making, as the only and last means that we have had, of attempting to 'Be'... the Free, and Independent, and RESPONSIBLE, person whom we were Born To Be... but not what we have become! But, of course, very few of us even realize that much, so 'indoctrinated' are we, that 'Participation In The System', IS the 'Heaven-On-Earth' that we 'think' it is (unless we are so Poor and Destitute that it is not!)

  9. So, let's examine the 'Realities', of just Where and of What, Americans (and, by extension, the World!) have become, as a dual-consequence of not only History, but also those 'Mechanisms', Structures and Relationships-of-Power, in which we all participate, unknowingly and unwillingly, but most certainly to our detriment!

  10. First of all, History! The very Creation and Birth of our Nation, and its Democratic 'ideals' of Freedom, Independence and Opportunity, for every Man, Woman and Child, has been the wonderous Reality OF the very existence of America in the first place, as a Collective Place where All Who Were Truly Seeking To Be (and to Find!) Themselves, could so engage in the energies and opportunities that the freedoms and independence of our young Nation did so provide! And I will even add here that term 'Responsibility', because the early Citizens and People of our Great Nation DID actually realize, in some form or another, the Responsibilities... i.e., DIRECT, PERSONAL, Responsibilities, of their EVERY Word, Deed and Action, BECAUSE such Responsibilities were an INTEGRAL part of the very Living of their Lives! However, as to Responsibility today... I will talk about such later in this discussion!

  11. Structures... of Society! And here is where the downfall has occurred! Education, the very 'backbone' of a Modern Society, has, in Reality, been the major culprit! (See my QUALIA III Document, for details on this!) Such that we are left with, in the most highly advanced and civilized Society on Earth, a Society of 'Robotic Classes', of a populace who is entirely comfortable (unless one is of the most destitute of the Poor!) 'Being Who They Are!', whether that means being a Trash Hauler, a Receptionist, a Secretary, a Doctor, a Research Scientist, a CEO, a News Anchor, Reporter or whatever! We 'went to School', got our Degree (or not!), and Proudly (or not!) became exactly What and Who we 'are' today... WITHIN the exact same 'Class', of such people as that which we ARE! SO, we are essentially HAPPY! (Most of us, that is, except for those who are not!)

  12. Now, the other Reality IS... That in Becoming the 'Happy Campers' that we are, we have become ROBOTS! Because of the very Structures of Society, i.e., the Power Relationships, of which we have become 'part and parcel' thereof, ranging from Parents, Teachers, Professors, Employers, Bosses (of any kind!), Lawyers, Police, Judges, (Business) Suppliers, Manufacturers, Financial Agents/Specialists, Investment Brokers, and on and on and on... WE HAVE THUSLY become accustomed to... BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO! "Your Business can realize a better Bottom Line by using this particular Product!" Or whatever the 'Sales Pitch' may be, or the 'indoctrination' was, by parents or teachers!

  13. And thusly WE HAVE ABDICATED our Responsibilities and our Responsibility... Remember??? Responsibility is DIRECT, PERSONAL Responsibility, for our EVERY Word, Deed and Action! And such Responsibility comes from WITHIN ONESELF, in True Response (via Word, Action or Deed!), TO whatever the exigencies of the Moment and of Daily Life might be! NOT a 'programmed' response, as 'learned' from someone else with regard to such a 'situation', BUT a carefully thought-out and 'measured' response, TO whatever is the necessity-of-the-Moment! THAT IS RESPONSIBILITY! Responsibility THAT COMES FROM WITHIN ONESELF! NOT from anyone or anywhere else! And certainly NOT... from some 'Third-Party-Agent' OF Responsibility, such as a 'Representative', a Lawyer, a Broker, a Teacher, or anyone else who might have a 'vested interest' IN WHAT YOU DO, and therefore is most interested, professionally or not, in TELLING YOU EXACTLY WHAT TO DO! (Which will, somehow, 'benefit' that other person's 'interests', i.e., IF you DO what that Third-Party-Agent of Responsibility wants you to do... that other Person will get Richer!)

  14. Now, as all of us are certainly Most Acutely Aware Of... via our jobs, employment, investment/financial relationships, home mortgages, purchases and so on... there is one other VERY IMPORTANT 'Third-Party-Agent-of-Responsibility', whereby the very existence of such 'Third-Party' PRACTICALLY Guarantees That We Will Exercise NO DIRECT, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY EVER, but ONLY What We Are TOLD to Do, as to our Words, Actions and Deeds (i.e., abdication OF ALL Direct, Personal, Responsibility!)... and that 'Third-Party-Agent' is Money! (I've discussed such matter extensively already on numerous other pages of this Textbook, so I will not belabor the subject here!)

  15. The Point is, that EVERY ONE of us, is Born a FREE, INDEPENDENT and RESPONSIBLE Human Being (unless there is actually some reason for not being so Born!) THEN, we LOSE every one of those qualities, by and through the 'programming' and indoctrination of Parents and Society, such that by the time we have become an adult, we are just 'Part and Parcel' of Society, Being Who and What we have been told to become, and doing exactly what the 'Levers-of-Societal-Power' would have us to be doing... all to Our Happiness, and someone else's Richness!

  16. Because, the Reality of Life IS... that there are a number of Dualities in this Existence (which I have already extensively discussed elsewhere!), on this Plane of Existence, of our everyday Dimension of Reality and Existence, and one of those Dualities is the Cosmic 'Struggle' between Positivity and Negativity! And here is where one's Birth comes in! Because, as I have scientifically explained elsewhere in these Pages, most of the Universe/Cosmos is of Positive Incorporeality or Spirit, and almost all of us human beings (but not all!), are Born in the Positivity and Light of Infinite Consciousness (God)!

  17. BUT THEN LUCIFER TAKES OVER, because Lucifer is 'The Prince of this World' (as has so been allowed to him by God!), and all of Lucifer's Negativities, as he does so promote and exercise them upon mankind and this World, AS SO 'exercised' VIA and WITHIN THE HUMAN MIND... are unleashed upon us (the minute we are Born!) and we become the eventual "I, Robot!" that is the name of the latest Hollywood movie! And we can only 'Do As We Are Told!' (since 'Looking Inside OneSelf', for answers and much more, is actually getting in touch with the Positivity of God, Lucifer certainly does NOT want anyone doing such a thing, and thusly as long as you 'Do As You Are Told', you will be helping Lucifer promote all his Negativities in the World!) (HINT: Gee, I wonder if that previous sentence might have some kind of clue as to how to get Lucifer and his Negativities out of our Lives?)

  18. Anyway, back to American and World Society... As long as there are Negativities in the World (wars, animosities, hatreds, divisiveness, competition, adversarial and dysfunctional relationships, POWER Relationships, and much more!), it has been said that "Mankind cannot be Free, nor Independent, and certainly not Responsible!" Current American Society (which the World examines with a fine-tooth comb!) has reached the impasse of Maturity, in which the Freedoms, Independence and Responsibilities (and Opportunities!) of days-gone-by, no longer seem to inure to One and All, such that, instead of most Americans 'looking for a job' (meaning, that they are willing to be 'told what to do' by others!), any upstanding Free and Independent and Responsible American, would nominally just go out and create their own 'job', doing whatever needs to be done, in Service To Others and humanity (WHICH Lucifer surely does NOT WANT!)

  19. SO, today instead, all of Lucifer's 'Robots', who are just waiting to be told what to do (or to use those 'skills' for which they have been 'educated'!), are looking for employment, where Lucifer can somehow insure that they are told exactly what to do in order to insure Lucifer's Negativities continue in our World! And the Rich folks, who are secretly 'Pulling the Levers' of Power in the World, can continue to get Rich!

  20. Incidentally, something happened the other day at the Democratic National Convention in Boston, which I would imagine will also be a similar Reality for the Republican National Convention in August! Many of us already know that NO Nation, whatsoever, not even the good old United States of America, actually 'runs', or even remotely 'influences', the World anymore (it takes Colin Powell to exert a maximum of effort to even get a minimum of agreement in the United Nations anymore!) And neither does the United Nations (which currently has the Sudanese Government's 'finger' up where it don't need to be!) The point is that, from that small machine shop in America's Industrial Belt, to that large factory in a most remote village in the interior of China, both of which places manufacture special parts for the newest Boeing 777 aircraft... POWER, and Power Relationships (and the jobs and lives that depend on such Power Relationships worldwide!) have become Global, and it is the RICHES and influence of GLOBAL CORPORATIONS, that now actually 'run' the World and keep all of us human 'minions' in our 'places' (and Classes!), doing exactly what we are told to do (in order to keep those worldwide Negativities going and the Money therefrom flowing into the pockets of the Rich!)

  21. Anyway, to get back to the Democratic National Convention, most Democratic 'Delegates' are there because they have been 'Good Troopers', in campaigning for John Kerry and John Edwards (as well as making the maximum legal contribution which is allowed, by IRS law, to be made to a Political Candidate, of $1000 dollars, OR, perhaps, attending a $1000-a-plate fund raiser dinner!) And most of these 'Delegates', are comfortably ensconced on the Convention floor with their State's Caucus or else seated elsewhere on the Convention floor.

  22. BUT, both the Democrats and the Republicans, and their Candidates and supporters, realize that the 'Power' (as to 'influencing' the Vote!) actually comes from the 'Money' provided-by-the Power Relationships behind-the-throne, or, in other words, the secret and elusive 'Rich', who have 'Vested Interests' IN whoever becomes the next President of the United States! SO, accordingly, the Democratic Convention (and probably the Republicans too!) has made 'arrangements' for such 'Special Persons', to not only attend the Convention In-Style (exclusive black-windowed SkyBoxes, i.e., Suites, from where such Privileged folks can look down on the Convention floor and its activities!), but also to attend a number of FREE Dinner-Events around town, where they are Guaranteed that 'A Fine Time Will Be Had By All' (including beautiful Ladies and the most exquisite drinks, eats and entertainment!) Of course, contrary to Election and IRS Rules and Regs (but yet entirely 'legal', for such Special Donors and their 'secretly-legal' financial circumstances, such Special Donors can get into such 'Special Parties' ONLY by 'coughing-up' a MILLION-DOLLAR 'cover charge' to get in the Door, OR by 'donating' 5 to 10 $Million or more, to the Special-Donations Office in the Suite next door!

  23. Well, surprisingly, Peter Jennings and the ABC News Team heard about a number of these 'Special Events' and tried to get in the door and televise the Events! But, if they were, with somehow excellent 'references', yet able to make it in the Door, such was not to be for very long. In fact, the most notable televised News 'footage' that they got of one or two of these 'Special Events for Special Donors', was their televised 'footage' of themselves being 'thrown out' of the Events! SO, such 'Special Donors' must really be 'Special Persons', when even Peter Jennings is not 'privileged enough' to be able to meet and talk with such 'Special People'!

  24. But, as I have said, it is yet today, the fact that the Rich People 'run' the World, create all the Negativities going on in it, and keep all the lower Classes of People, Nations and Governments, 'busy' and occupied with the 'work' of such Negativities and of their Promoter, Lucifer!

  25. Incidentally, I'll mention here, a fact that I have already mentioned on another Page of this website. Even though President Bush is President of the United States (merely a Nation, or Government, as compared to the Global-Corporate 'reaches' of the worldly 'Empires' of most of these secretly Super-Rich People, and thusly of minor 'consequence', perhaps!), apparently he does have some 'Power Relationships' that are in-effect on that 'Grander Scale' of the World-Stage (besides his own Presidental 'posturings' and 'activities' in other Nations of the World!) So Kerry and Edwards may really have a 'Battle' brewing against Bush, because of his 'Special' financial 'relationships'! I had a personal 'revelation' into such things, when I reviewed the details of the Lease for the 'Penthouse Apartment' that I currently occupy in a sizeable downtown commercial-offices-restaurants-and-mall building. On my Lease, it tells me, besides the Name of the Building Manager/Office, the Name of the Building's Owner, as well as the Name of the Building's Investor (Financial Firm, investing in Real Estate!) The Owner is an Arabic-named individual (whom I have actually met, as he does have 'concerns' about his 'properties'!) However, what is most interesting is the Name of the Financial 'Investor', which is actually the LARGEST Real-Estate-Investment Firm in the World... the Bush (Texas) - Bin Laden (Saudi Arabia) Real Estate Investments Corporation!

  26. So, What more can I say? Money Rules The World! (It should be Love!) If you have not as yet 'determined' Who and What You Are, What You Were Born To Be and to Do, and Your Personal Destiny (as well as the Destiny of all of Humanity!)... and you are not being True to such Calling... Well, then you are obviously 'employed', working for Lucifer and being Told What To Do! (Go see the movie, "I, Robot!" You will identify therewith!)

  27. However, IF such as I have just said, as to KNOWING Who and What You ARE, etc., does apply to you... all I can say is, besides encouraging and supporting whatever is YOUR 'Thing' to Be Doing in the World, I would say, as John Lennon has said, "Join Us! And The World Can Be As One!"

  28. Lastly, Participatory Democracy, in which every human being in the World, EVERYWHERE, REPRESENTS themselves, with full and Direct, Personal Responsibility, for their every Word, Action and Deed... NO MONEY involved, because that Person is DOING WHAT he/she WAS BORN TO DO or BE... casts their VOTE, on any and everything... So much more! BE Who You Were Born To Be! That is the ONLY Answer! THEN... Love Will Truly Make The World Go Round (and keep the pounds off!) (By which I seem to be saying that Americans are getting fat because we are actually prevented from establishing REAL, Loving Relationships, with each other! NOT based on Money!)

  29. Okay, one last comment, and question: Do you know the Name (and even the Nationality/Race) of the Richest Person in the World? No, it is not Bill Gates, nor even the Sultan of Brunei, nor an Arabian Sultanate! I am talking about taking all of Bill Gates's money, PLUS ALL of the instantaneous 'Funds' OF EVERY Nation in the World, PLUS ALL of the Money OF EVERY PERSON in the World, EXCEPT this one single individual... And even then, ALL of the Money, IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, just barely exceeds 50% of this Person's 'Riches'! No, you won't know this Person's Name or Nationality, because you've probably NEVER heard of him/her! This Person leads a truly RICH, and PRIVATE (i.e., secret!) existence, and anyone meeting or dealing with this individual personally, would surely think this Person to be of no consequence! And yet, imagine someone who is not even on the 'radar screen' of ANY financial or regulatory agency ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD... and yet collects totally tax-free 'payments' FROM EVERYONE EVERYWHERE! NO 'identification'... and ALL 'identification' (as necessary!) But any 'identification' is rarely necessary, when one has their own private, as well as top secret, 'means' of getting to anywhere, totally under the 'radar screen' of anyone! Sorry! Can't tell this Person's 'Name', because even I don't know it! BUT, such a Person does exist...

  30. ......................................

  31. (Update) Wow! You folks out there are really reading the QUFD Textbook and looking to 'keep me on my toes', as to what I post here on these pages! This Qualia44 Document hasn't been posted but a few days and you've already sent me over a hundred emails about it!

  32. Okay, there IS a 'point', to the point of the last paragraph No. 29 above! And Yes, you are right! Normally I do comment and discuss the realities and possibilities of 'Equality' in the World, especially Participatory Democracy and of People Worldwide taking Government AND the 'USE OF ALL THE WORLD's RESOURCES, INCLUDING THEMSELVES - HUMAN RESOURCES'... into their own hands, via a Participatory Democracy of All The World! So when you ask, "What is the point of that last Paragraph 29?", I am sure you will see that the 'point' is obvious (although unstated!)

  33. One does not have to see Hollywood Movie-Maker Michael Moore's latest pseudo-Documentary, "Fahrenheit 9/11" (Yes! It IS a pseudo-documentary, because it shows the TRUTH! Most documentaries are truly documentaries because they are nominally 'objective' in their 'rendering'! "Fahrenheit 9/11" is totally SUBJECTIVE, and therefore it qualifies as THE TRUTH! Or at least as close to the Truth, as is possible within Corporeality!), to realize that what he was talking about, and showing us, the most in his movie... was the Realities and 'influences', that 'Vested Interests' and especially the Powerful and Super-Rich (and their 'minions', or collaborators, i.e., President Bush, the Bin Laden family, the Saudi Royal family, etc.!), actually have upon our Lives... ALL OF US, anywhere in the World, whether American soldiers sent out to die, or Iraqi civilians, who die because they are also caught in the middle of a War based upon 'Vested Interests'!

  34. So, for those of you QUFD Readers who might have missed the obvious (but missing!) 'Point', of that Paragraph 29 above, instead of directly giving you the 'Point', let me give you something to ponder! If it is NOT Love, "That Makes The World Go 'Round"... but INSTEAD, it is something else, that is surely the 'Cause' of all the Negativities (wars, competition, etc.!) in this World, and, by and through the use of Science, ALL of mankind can finally come to understand exactly WHAT the 'Nature' OF that 'Cause' IS... THEN, would NOT any one of us, REALIZING the Truth of such a 'Reality', THINK that one of the first 'Necessities', that ALL of Mankind NEEDS TO DO, with Worldwide WILLINGNESS and COOPERATION OF EVERYONE... Would Be To Eliminate THE MEANS, by which such an 'Entity/Cause', 'creates' INEQUALITY (and INJUSTICE!) in the World IN THE FIRST PLACE? And WHAT IS THAT MEANS?

  35. "WHAT? You don't think it is POSSIBLE?" For ALL of mankind to "DO UNTO EACH OTHER, as ANYONE should so NEED!"... WITHOUT MONEY! (Please reread the small section of my Research Document on An Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind, as to WHAT humanity CAN BECOME, WHEN 'It gets It's Act TOGETHER!') COOPERATION, Respect, Acceptance, LOVE, OF One Another, and much more... ARE THE KEYS, to Changing This World, AND THIS CIVILIZATION, For The Better! IF NO ONE, can find it WITHIN THEMSELVES, to DO WHAT THEY WERE BORN TO DO, and To Stand Up, FOR ALL Of One's Fellow Man, and BECOME that Whole and Complete 'Jig-Saw-Puzzle' OF HUMANITY that We Might Be... Well then, I, and Michael Moore, and all of Those Who HAVE Had A 'Vision', Of a Better World For Everyone... have just been 'Blowing In The Wind'! And Lucifer will yet be In Control of this World... AND Our Minds!

  36. ......................................

  37. HOWEVER, I don't think THAT will be 'The End'... Because there is SO much potential and possibility, in Humanity... IF we ALL would but Just Be... THAT Which We, ALL of Us AND Each of Us... Were Born to Be! IF We Can Do THAT... Anything Is Possible!

  38. The following, and final comments here, are addressed, not only to each and every one of Us, and to All of Us, but also to those 'Entities', of Power, Riches, and Money, and Of Control, who 'Run' This World... and I especially am talking about YOU, Oh Most Negative Of Negative Ones!!! This is Your Warning... AND an Inspiration, To All Of Humanity!!!

  39. Remember, the ending of the Hollywood Movie, the original and first "Matrix"??? Just before the final scene, Neo picks up the phone, in a sidewalk phone booth in a downtown area of any modern city anywhere, and he most clearly 'speaks to' ALL of those 'Entities' to which his comments are addressed:
    Neo: "I know you're out there! I can feel you now! I know that you're afraid! You're afraid of Us! You're afraid of Change!

    I don't know the future! I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to End! I came here... to tell you, How it's Going To Begin!

    I'm going to hang up this phone, and then I'm going to show these People What You Don't Want Them To See! I'm Going To Show Them A World... WITHOUT You!

    A World Without Rules, And Controls... Without Borders And Boundaries! A World... Where ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

    Where We Go From There... Is A Choice I Leave To You!"

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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