Qualia XXXIII: World Democracy: Eliminating Terrorism by creating Worldwide Equality Among All! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

Qualia XXXIII: World Democracy: Eliminating Terrorism by creating Worldwide Equality Among All!

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from the QUFD website,
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By Father Jerome

  1. I think I would most certainly be safe and correct in saying that, underneath all the terror and turmoil in our world, almost anyone and everyone basically realizes that the reason there is such a mess is because each and every human being is NOT equal, meaning that the lives and lifestyles of everyone, worldwide, is not with at least a modicum of normal similarity for all! In other words, everyone does realize that there are the rich, and then there are the rest of us - the poor!

  2. Such a state of being, and of Life, for all of us, is especially horrific when it is to be considered that, the wealth of resources which are potentially available to all of mankind, is virtually unlimited! And, in order to qualify that previous statement, I must say that the 'resources' of which I speak, should nominally include US - all of humanity! The ultimate and redeeming fact-of-the-matter is that what we, all of humanity, can individually and collectively create, from our wills, our abilities and all of that which resides within us, and can so be 'activated' and brought in actualization, does so exceed anything that Nature does so nominally provide us with, that it is a most unlimited 'resource' - US!

  3. Because, given the fact of mankind's spread across the face of the earth as well as his despoilation and destruction of earth's natural resources, it is only that innate and potentially unlimited potential within ourselves, that does so represent not only our only 'saving grace' but also our one and only redeeming grace, in this tragedy and destitution which we have all made of our present civilization and ourselves! (Here I will mention another QUFD webpage that I wrote quite a while back which relates the views of the great Futurist-Physicist-Researcher from Albert Einstein's Princeton University Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS), Dr. Freeman J. Dyson, who has used science instead of history and economics to predict the future of humanity, which the Reader hereof will surely find interesting relative to what I have just previously noted herein this discussion. The QUFD Textbook page is: Father Jerome's Sermon entitled "Are You Prepared for 2010 A.D.? - The Future-Realities of famous Physicist-Futurist Freeman J. Dyson!")

  4. But the more outstanding discrepancy to our 'credit', is the very fact that, knowing that equality and egalitarian policy and Life is basically the only viable Reality and solution, we have thusly allowed ourselves to become not only self-serving but also of self-denial, of impaired judgement and so much more! Of course, the multiple and manifold 'reasons' for such can be 'boiled-down' to the very fact and 'reality' of Lucifer and his worldwide negativities, not only in-our-Lives and our moment-by-moment-Reality, but also as the very reason that we thusly find ourselves in those 'cages', of our own making and of our own realization (as influenced by Lucifer!), within which we can say that "I am going to get every 'piece-of-the-pie' that I can (because, of course, I realize that the 'pie' itself, whether the economy or government itself, is some day going to implode on itself and vanish!) WHILE I CAN, 'come Hell or High-Water', and that this 'world' here, inside my 'Cage', is MY World and my Life, of my own 'making' and existence, and anything outside of here... I DON'T CARE ABOUT!" And so we go through our daily Lives! (The details and 'realities' of Lucifer and of his negativities, in creating the aforementioned human situation, have already been discussed extensively on these pages so I am not going to discuss such any further here except as incidental to any point of contention!)

  5. But, how can mankind go about creating equality and egalitarian policy, as well as the opportunities therefore, in our current civilization? Well, first of all, I am in no way going to even try to attempt to address any number of or all of the 'differences' within humanity which currently set us apart and thusly at each others throats! (I do so to a certain extent within other pages of the QUFD Textbook, especially those of Philosophia Perennis, as found in: The Book of Jerome and the QUALIA III document.) What I am going to do instead is remind us all of those human qualities and attributes which, if so eminently engaged in by all of us, must most assuredly Bring Us All Together, in the Cooperation and Willpower necessary to Change this World For The Better! In other words, I am going to discuss the 'Basics', of what got us here in the first place, and of what is needed to get us out of 'our mess' in the second place!

  6. As far as 'what got us here in the first place', I have already scientifically spelled-out the very basic reasons and Truths as to how Lucifer is able to influence and corrupt us all, on these pages already so I will not reiterate such here, except to say that I must come back to this situation in the end as to the How-to-Change THAT very basic situation finally in correcting our present situation! But, in the meanwhile, all of us need to change the very basic 'concepts' and 'realities' under which we do function and exist on a day-by-day basis in this world and in human Society.

  7. Which is to say, that each and every one of us, most diligently and conscientiously... IMPORTANT, because if we don't 'pay attention to' and consciously 'exercise' such qualities within our daily Lives and relationships with each other, the abandonment of such conscientiousness will inevitable lead to a 'vacuum of integrity' which most certainly will be 'filled' and 'corrupted' by Lucifer! ...need to, minute-by-minute, day-by-day, pay attention to such basic human attributes and qualities as: Respect, for one and all; Acceptance, of one and all; and I could go on and on here, noting many more important human qualities that we all need to 'make a part of ourselves', but I will hereby simplify the matter with but one statement, which I am sure that all of us already know: "Love One Another, as I Have Loved You!"

  8. THEN, going on here, and addressing the next issue-of-contention herein our 'problems-of-daily-Life', I will have to address the very basic issue of: Responsibility! Because, the very fact-of-the-matter IS... that nowhere, in all of the societal and human world of mankind... and I mean NOWHERE ANYWHERE, can we find ANY human being, of ANY nation anywhere, who is RESPONSIBLE... Yes! Responsible FOR that individual's very ACTIONS, WORDS and DEEDS! There is NO ONE ANYWHERE, who can truthfully claim FULL and HUMAN Responsibility, for themselves, their Lives and UNTO OTHERS! (And I include myself here because I am yet a 'part-of-this-world', a world where Lucifer is known as the 'Prince-of-this-World!)

  9. And WHY is this SO??? BECAUSE, everything in this world, in human society, has been 'corrupted', by Lucifer's Negativities, and one of those negativities WAS... the taking-away-of-Responsibility FROM all of humanity, and, in its place, the VESTING of Responsibility IN... 'Third-Party-Agents-of-Responsibility'! (I have already extensively discussed such situation elsewhere, as in the two QUFD Textbook webpages/links already noted here previously, the 'Book of Jerome' and the 'QUALIA III document', so I will not again do so here!)

  10. But, the further note here is that we, all of us, are NOT DIRECTLY and PERSONALLY responsible... FOR ANYTHING! NOT our words, not our actions and certainly not our deeds! BECAUSE ALL SUCH RESPONSIBILITIES are 'vested' IN SOMEONE ELSE, or something else! And that 'Third-Party-Agent-of-Responsibility', is either some 'Representative'... in government, education, law-enforcement, banking, finance, insurance, etc. ... Hey! Just take a minute, and sit down and 'tote-up the list', of all the 'Representatives' IN OUR LIVES, who 'exercise' our 'responsibilities' FOR US, INSTEAD OF OURSELVES, ranging from the likes of... the babysitter, the nursery-school, our school teachers, our Congressmen, our Banker, etc., etc. And the BIGGEST 'Third-Party-Agent-of-Responsibility' (which absolves ANY OF US, from ANY Responsibility at all!), is... MONEY! "Oh! We, here in Congress, can't provide help and assistance to ----- because there are no funds!" "Oh! You can't have that (house, job, whatever!) because of money!" And on and on! (And Lucifer, I have already noted, is VERY hard-at-work here, insuring that the use and possession of money, will most certainly corrupt our human Lives!)

  11. WE CANNOT RECLAIM FULL AND DIRECT PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY IN OUR LIVES and in this world UNTIL WE ELIMINATE ANY AND ALL 'Third-Party-Agents-of-Responsibility' and take ALL RESPONSIBILITIES, of ANY KIND, upon our shoulders, PERSONALLY, for ourselves, our world and for others! Lucifer loves the fact that he can corrupt any and all 'Third-Party-Agents-of-Responsibility' most easily, which he could NOT DO AT ALL IF Responsibility was VESTED IN OURSELVES!

  12. And I might mention here another means whereby Lucifer 'controls', not only ourselves but the entire world... VIA 'Representatives', whether in Representative Democracies or ANY KIND of 'Representative'! (I've already discussed this issue elsewhere on the webpages of the QUFD Textbook!) So, what humanity needs to do, worldwide, is to 'throw the bums out', and to throw-out ANY and ALL 'Representatives' EVERYWHERE, and in their place, to give EVERYONE an EQUAL VOTE - a truly Participatory Democracy, of mankind worldwide! Because it does not matter, whether the 'voter' is a peasant or an 'intelligentsia', because, in the end, the equality-of-everyone AS A HUMAN BEING, can 'equalize' any and all 'differences-of-lifestyle-and-existence', AS LONG AS each and every human being is given the Respect, Acceptance and Means-of-Living/Resources, that every one of us surely need to Live our daily Lives! (See the 'jig-saw-puzzle-of-humanity' definition, as detailed in: An Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind.)

  13. Actually, what I should be saying here, is that all of humanity, Conscientiously and Willingly and in Cooperation with one and all, needs to 'throw-out' EVERY LAST vestige of Lucifer's Negativities in this world! This can be accomplished under the protection of Living-In-The-Moment, as I have already discussed on the webpages of this QUFD Textbook!

  14. SO, Participatory Democracy, and Personal and Individual (and Collective!) Responsibility, and Respect, Acceptance, Love and so much more... We were all there, when all of these eminently human qualities and attributes were 'handed-out', weren't we??? Of course we were, but they have been corrupted and so much more, in our Lives AND WE NEED TO RECLAIM THEM and our human Rights, to Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness, in our World and in human Society! Let's get to it!

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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