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Participatory Democracy Links at the QUFD website,

One of the basic Principles of QUFD is the Principle of Participatory Democracy, having nothing whatsoever to do with protests for or against war or anything else, but merely the actions of people exercising their Rights to Govern Themselves within a Government where there are NO Power Relationships WHATSOEVER! These links, as a Primer on Participatory Democracy, are a mere start to what is available online. Hopefully you, the QUFD Reader, will see, realize and activate the QUFD Principle of Peaceful, Non-Causative but Active, Realization of Participatory Democracy in the World. See my Document, Qualia 5, and other sociological commentary here on the QUFD website.
Six Nations Democracy
Participatory Democracy
Participatory Democracy
Transborder Participatory Democracy
Association for Participatory Democracy
Participatory Democracy Group
Participatory Direct Democracy Association
Limits of Participatory Democracy
Philadelphia Independent Media Center
Howard Fienberg: Participatory Democracy
Participatory Democracy, Deliberative Structures and Empathy

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