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As a means of introducing the concepts and principles of Quantum Physics and the application of such to All That Is in human society, existence and the universe, Father Jerome, in 1994, did deliver a series of scientific lectures to groups of students at several colleges and universities in California. Such lectures were examinations of a wide range of acknowledged scientific discoveries that ranged across the entire spectrum of human and universal knowledge, with the most outstanding point of the lectures being that they did all result from, and find their basis in, the principles of Quantum Physics, in some way, shape or form, in effect validating the very statement that Quantum Physics, and the realities thereof, does apply to All That Is in the Universe.
Those lectures are reproduced here as a means of introducing viewers and readers of this website to those Quantum Physics principles and their application to the subjects raised in this website and, further, in my E-book,
"KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life and Reality!"

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can be found within any one of the THREE (3) Complete
DICTIONARIES, on this Website! Choose from the following:

Father Jerome's DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES used in his scientific writings and at his QUFD website

Father Jerome's PSYCHOSOCIOLOGICAL DICTIONARY of Terms/Phrases used in Monograph III of his QUALIA Series

Father Jerome's SPECIALIZED DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES pertaining to Bose-Einstein Condensates of Non-Matter and Incorporeality, as used in his Works, in QUFD Physics and in the 'QUFD Textbook' Website

Also see Father Jerome's BLOG, for info about his latest Book,
"God, Lucifer and You! A ScienceBook of Quantum Physics and Reality, for 5 year old Kids and Adults!"

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