Father Jerome's Science, History (and so much more!) Lectures

An Evening Lecture Series Delivered to various Student Groups in 1994

The complete text of this evening's lecture follows:

Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome back.

We have quite a bit of material to cover this evening, so I am going to get right into it.

Have you ever heard of the AKASHIC RECORDS? How about the HALL OF RECORDS? Well, both of those names are very famous in the geological and scientific exploration communities. SOMEWHERE, there is supposed to be buried, a gigantic library, a repository, of ALL the ancient wisdom of all of humanity, along with fabulous treasures and artifacts of the most advanced technologies that man has ever created.

Well, tonight I'm going to tell you EXACTLY where that Hall of Records is buried AND what is in it!

You know, I wouldn't be surprised if Indiana Jones himself has been looking for the Hall of Records. Explorers, scientists of all kinds, over the ages, have been forever looking for that fabled repository of mankind's knowledge, that has been referred to in many an ancient text, and by many psychics as well.

Since Hermes was considered to be one of the architects and master builders of the early Egyptian dynasties, as well as supposedly the builder of the Great Pyramid, of course legend would have it that Hermes also built the Hall of Records.
And where did he put it? Well, naturally, it is supposed to be buried UNDER the Great Pyramid.
Other sources say, no, the Hall of Records is under the left paw of the Great Sphinx.
Others say that it is buried in the ruins of Atlantis, just south of the Azores Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean.
OR, is it buried in the Great Underwater Pyramid, 3 miles north of Bimini Island, in the Bahamas?
Others say that it is buried in a large cave, up in the Himalaya Mountains of Tibet.
And yet others say that it is actually right here, in California, buried under the slopes of Mount Shasta.

Well, I hate to disillusion all of you potential "Indiana Jones' ", BUT, the Temple of Doom can be found WITHOUT trekking halfway around the world.

It is RIGHT HERE, inside yourself, inside the minds of ALL of us! The Hall of Records IS the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, of ALL of humanity, that resides within the minds of everyone of us.
Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychologist, was one of the scientists that found the collective consciousness, defined it, and initially explored it.
Yes! The joys, the terrors, the accomplishments, the history, the good, and the evil...THAT is the history of mankind, and it's right here, INSIDE EACH ONE OF US!

And WHAT is it, that separates us, our individual, personal consciousness, from accessing that Hall of Records, the Collective Consciousness?

It is, what is called, the "VEIL OF SEPARATION".

The VEIL OF SEPARATION has been defined, explored, identified or referred to, by many scientists, philosophers, theologians, and all kinds of knowledgeable people, over the ages...Carl Jung, William James, Meister Eckhart, Immanuel Kant, Saint John of the Cross, Saint Teresa of Avila, Erich Fromm, Francis Bacon, Martin Buber, William Barrett, and almost all the sages of ALL the major religions.

I mentioned, in my previous lecture on Human Evolution, how an individual human being, over many lifetimes, gradually reaches a level of maturity, of knowledge and wisdom, and of consciousness, that is commonly known as "knowing oneself", OR, in Jungian/Transpersonal Psychology, is better known as "individuation".

As Dr. June Singer, the eminent protege and student of Carl Jung, has put it: "The unconscious contains the human potential which needs to be actualized in order for an individual to move toward individuation, that is, toward becoming whatever she is innately capable of being."
Now, THOSE people, who HAVE grown, evolved, and found themselves, have ALSO gained a certain degree of access TO that Collective Consciousness.
BUT, each and every one of us, is AT A DIFFERENT LEVEL of evolution, and so, the degree to which you can breech, or penetrate, that Veil of Separation, DEPENDS on the extent to which you have FOUND YOURSELF...to the extent to which you know WHO, and WHAT, you are.

Now, here is a chart that shows exactly what I am talking about.
(VISUAL PRESENTATION: Chart visually depicting the personal consciousness and the personal unconscious levels of individuals and the mass of humanity; the Veil of Separation; and the various levels of the Collective Consciousness of humanity.)
Here are three people, which might be you, me or anybody.
#1 does NOT know himself, so there is NO access TO the Collective Consciousness.
#2 partially knows himself, so there IS partial access.
#3 DOES know himself, and he has a much greater access to the Collective.
Over here, is the rest of humanity, PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE, that contributes TO, as well as receives FROM, the Collective.

So, you can see, whether it is an individual OR the mass of humanity, ACCESS....breeching, the Veil of Separation, CAN BE a two-way street.

Dr. Singer's interpretation of the Collective Consciousness is this:
"The collective unconscious is better conceived as an extension of the personal unconscious to its wider and broader base, encompassing contents which are held in common by the family, by the social group, by tribe and nation, by race, and eventually by all of humanity. Each succeeding level of the unconscious may be thought of as going deeper and becoming more collective in its nature. The wonder of the collective unconscious is that it is all there, all the legend and history of the human race, with its unexorcised demons and its gentle saints, its mysteries and its wisdom, ALL within each one of us - a microcosm within the macrocosm. The exploration of this world is more challenging than exploration of the solar system; and the journey to inner space is NOT necessarily an easy OR a safe trip."

So, how DOES one explore that inner space, the Collective Consciousness?
(VISUAL PRESENTATION: Chart listing the six major graduate schools in the Bay Area that have Schools of Consciousness Studies, and listing what degrees are awarded at each school - Bachelors, Masters, Doctors.
John F. Kennedy University, Orinda, California, Graduate School for Holistic Studies;
California Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Menlo Park, California;
California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, California;
California Graduate School of Psychology, Corte Madera, California;
Institute of Consciousness Studies in Psychology, Petaluma, California;
and the Rosebridge Graduate School of Integrative Psychology, Concord, California)

Well, there are MANY schools and graduate-level institutes, here in the United States AND around the world, such as the Jung Institute in Switzerland and the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado.
All of these graduate institutes concentrate on what I am talking about here today. It is called the Study of Consciousness.

Now, somewhere back when, I said this speech was about REMEMBERING, not only yourself, but MUCH, MUCH more!
I am NOW going to give YOU the opportunity to experience the Collective Consciousness for yourself.
I don't know, at what level of evolution and growth, you may be, BUT, I want YOU to see IF you CAN get in touch with that Collective Consciousness...to see if you can FEEL the consciousness of BEING THERE, of REMEMBERING, not only your own personal experiences, but ALSO the collective experiences of all of humanity.

I am going to do this by relating to you my own experiences with the Collective, and you can SEE, FEEL, or otherwise identify WITH, those experiences, to whatever extent you may find yourself doing so.

First of all, let's get a "bad" guy out of the way...and that is "death".
I've told you that all the good, AND the bad, is there, including the horrors of man`s inhumanities to man, whether by mass genocide OR by individual death.
Well, here are some of MY OWN deaths, that I have remembered over the years:
1. Being "run through", by a Roman soldier's sword.
2. Being stabbed in the back, in the Middle Ages.
3. Being killed by a group, when I discovered that they were raising human infants, babies, for food, to be eaten.
4. One time, I even had my neck bitten off, by a horse.
5. And, remember, the Collective Consciousness is not only the PAST of humanity, but also the PRESENT and the FUTURE. I remember standing on Green Street, at the top of Russian Hill in San Francisco... as the entire city of San Francisco slowly sank into the Pacific Ocean.

Now, let's get to a good part. Remember, all the knowledge and wisdom of humanity is there, as well.
(VISUAL PRESENTATION: Chart, of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, showing the inner structures, and labeling the pictorial as a diagram of the "Initiation Chambers"; and a statement of the history of the Great Pyramid, as follows: "Built in Pol 2821 (which was 17,981 B.C., according to today's calendar), by Christ, in His Third Incarnation on Earth, as Ra-Ta (Hermes Trismegistus), as a Temple of Initiation for initiates of the Order (OA/OWB). Last used in Pol 20822 (21 A.D.), for the Confirmation Initiation of Christ, in His Fifth Incarnation, as Jesus.")

Remember that Great Pyramid in Egypt?
Well, I am reminded of a speech that I heard some time ago, in which the speaker mentioned that the stone blocks on the Pyramid weighed 3 1/2 tons, and were put together so precisely that one could NOT even slide a sheet of paper in between the cracks.
Well, those 3 1/2 ton blocks were the OUTER covering of the Pyramid.
The INNER blocks, including those of the Chambers, are made of solid RED GRANITE, and they weigh 70 TONS, 7-0.

(VISUAL PRESENTATION: Chart, with photos and commentary, about Sacsahuaman, the ancient megalithic fortress, in the Andes Mountains of Peru, from National Geographic Magazine, the May, 1916 issue.)
BUT, down in Peru, high in the Andes Mountains overlooking Cuzco, stands the ancient megalithic fortress of Sacsahuaman, which has stone blocks that are ALSO put together with the exact same precision as the blocks of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. HOWEVER, THOSE blocks weigh from 100 TONS to as much as 250 TONS.

So, how DID mankind move, and manipulate, such great weights, with such infinite precision?
Well, the answer is right there...in the wisdom of the Collective. ONE person, can do it...ANYONE of YOU, can do it, IF you knew how!

Okay, now let's see if you can really FEEL it!
Let's see if you can REMEMBER, not only these dates, BUT...can you remember BEING THERE, YOURSELF?
Can you say, "I was THERE! I was a part OF the Collective, that experienced those tragedies, that FELT the hopes, the aspirations of humanity, DIMMED in those tragic events."

REMEMBER...January 28th, 1986, Christa McAuliffe, and the Astronauts of the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster, at Cape Kennedy.
REMEMBER...November 22nd, 1963, Dallas, Texas, and John F. Kennedy.
REMEMBER...1945, and the 6 million Jews who did NOT survive the Holocaust.
REMEMBER...July 1,2 and 3, 1863, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, when the Grey and the Blue armies met, and thousands of soldiers died.
REMEMBER...The Year of our Lord, A.D. 29? (Singing of the opening stanza of the old Negro Spiritual:) "Were You There, When They Crucified Our Lord?... Were You There?..."

Now, let's go WAY back, and see if you can remember the beginning of this civilization, and the end of the previous civilization.

The year is 9654 B.C. The technology of humanity had melted the ice of both the Earth's poles. That, incidentally, is the reason that the ancient maps, such as the Piri Ri'is map, show the rivers, valleys and mountains, of Antarctica, BECAUSE there WAS NO ICE. In 1958, the International Geophysical Year, scientists in Antarctica, using sonar soundings down through 2 miles deep of ice, found the exact same mountains, valleys and rivers, that are shown on those ancient maps.

But, where did the ice go, back then? The ancient technology had VAPORIZED the ice, and magnetically POLARIZED each and every water molecule. In such a state, millions of tons of water ROSE into the atmosphere, eventually settling into a steady state of equilibrium in the troposphere, at a distance of 82 miles above the Earth's surface.

Humanity had created a water canopy, a protective shield, completely surrounding the Earth. NASA has verified, today, that there IS still remaining, traces of water vapor, at exactly 82 miles straight up.

But, what did that water canopy accomplish? Well, you all know what a greenhouse is. The sun shines in, but the heat radiation does NOT escape out. The entire Earth was a greenhouse. There were NO deserts, NO extremes of temperature. The deserts of the world, incidentally, did NOT start to form until about 7500 B.C. It WAS, as the Bible accurately reports, the GARDEN OF EDEN.

And what else did that water canopy do? Well, in the daytime, it was a gigantic mirror, 82 miles high, in which one could practically see almost half of the Earth's surface, within eyesight (including those ancient map-makers).
And at nighttime, it was a gigantic magnifying glass, enabling the ancients to see the stars, the galaxies, the heavens...everything!
That is why many scientists of today have always wondered how the ancients could ACCURATELY WRITE, and DESCRIBE EXACTLY, the heavens and their astronomical bodies, a LONG, LONG time before Galileo invented the telescope. IT WAS ALL THERE! ALL ONE HAD TO DO, WAS TO LOOK UP!

THAT IS, until May 5th, 9654 B.C. That is the day the Earth`s gigantic iron-crystal core reversed its magnetic poles. You all know what a pure magnet will do, if its keeper bar is removed. The magnetic field will expand outward, further and further, getting weaker and weaker. Well, the Earth's magnetic core does the same thing, except that the core is a living, growing, iron-magnet crystal.

Incidentally, there have been quite a number of scientific treatises and articles in the scientific journals and publications over recent years about the living-entity, growing-structuralization aspects of the Earth's crystal core.
Scientists have determined at exactly what times, during the Earth's long period of existence, the crystal-core transformed itself from a lower-geometric-configuration entity into the next-higher-configuration, as a living crystal is naturally prone to do, as it grows. (A crystal grows, NOT in size, but in geometric-figure, or form, maturity.) The Earth crystal has already matured through the entire basic Platonic solids and is presently into the complex tetrahedron forms, currently being an icosadodecahedron. The form changes only with major pole reversals, with the next impending reversal to bring on an icosapentahedron maturity.

Anyway, back to the magnetic-field-reversal mechanics. When the magnetic field has expanded to the limits of its range of expansion, and becomes so weak in strength, that it cannot maintain the stability of its polarity.... THEN the core will always seek to reestablish a MAXIMUM STRENGTH EQUILIBRIUM.

And how does it do that? Well, when the magnetic field is so weak, that it cannot maintain its polarity...THEN, the core physically ROTATES, within the ultra-hot liquid magma (which, in geophysics, is called the Mohorovicic Discontinuity Layer) in which it is suspended, in the north-south axis, reversing its polarity by simple, physical rotation. And the minute the core reverses, the entire FULLY-EXPANDED magnetic field, INSTANTLY COLLAPSES, immediately restoring FULL-FIELD-STRENGTH, BUT IN THE OPPOSITE POLARITY. (This is somewhat like what happens with pulsar stars, except that pulsars do it continuously, AND in much, much shorter time periods.)
Incidentally, scientists have estimated that the full-strength magnetic field of the Earth should be approximately 17 Gauss. The most recent measurements of the field currently show a field strength of ONLY .4 Gauss. U.S. Geophysical Survey scientists have ALSO reported that the Earth's transit through space IS beginning to wobble and become unstable, in its orbit around the sun.

So, what happens when the poles reverse? Well, since that core has now rotated 180 degrees, the entire surface, the mantle of tektonic plates, of which every molecule of that mantle had been locked into the previously existing polarity, IS NO LONGER locked into that polarity. So, it needs to REESTABLISH a new magnetic-polarity "lock" with the core. That may only take a few minutes, BUT, during that few minutes, the entire mantle CAN MOVE. And it definitely DOES.

So, what DID happen, on May 5th, 9654? The poles reversed, the Earth shook, with tremendous earthquakes, as the tektonic plates moved to a new polarity-lock with the core. ATLANTIS sank into the Atlantic Ocean, and many other tektonic disturbances occurred.

BUT, remember our water canopy, 82 miles up, that was polarized in the OPPOSITE polarity. Well, it was no longer polarized correctly, and so it came down. Millions of tons of water FELL, for 40 days and 40 nights, according to the BIBLE. And the waters covered the earth, to a MINIMUM depth of 300 feet across the lands, until the waters were taken up in the poles as ice, which is where all that water is today, right back where it all started from (which, as the next chart, coming up soon, will show, took approximately 10 years, from 9654 to 9644 B.C., to convert to polar ice).

And what happened to mankind? Noah had the Ark. Others had their own boats, canoes, rafts, and whatever. Incidentally, 114 different cultures, around the world, ALL have similar legends of how their founders survived the Flood.
Some lucky ones were high up on tall mountains, such as the Pre-Inca peoples of Peru. But, humanity survived, and started over, as of May 5th, 9654, when the last reversal of the poles occurred.

Incidentally, pole reversal IS a naturally-occurring "physiologic" cycle OF the Earth. Our scientists have detailed each and every pole reversal, going back 170 million years (so far!), as shown on this chart. The last pole reversal, of 9654 B.C., is officially called the Gothenburg Double Event (the poles REVERSED AGAIN, after the "anamolous" conditions that had contributed to the original pole reversal...the water canopy, had subsided, restoring Normal polarity), as shown on the Chart.
(VISUAL PRESENTATION: Chart, derived from U.S. Geological Survey information, showing 170 million years of pole reversals, including the Gothenburg Double Event.)

BUT, if you can REMEMBER May 5th, 9654, you will know that there is more to it, than just calling it the Gothenburg Event.

So, did you REMEMBER? Were you THERE, at all those happenings, in the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS of humanity? Well, even if you did NOT remember THIS time, some day you WILL. And you will KNOW, not only YOURSELF, but you will know, and BE ONE WITH, ALL of humanity, AND our world, and you will CARE.... about it ALL!!!

In the meantime, REMEMBER our Friend...our DEAR, DEAR Friend!
(VISUAL PRESENTATION: Closing visual chart presentation, of the "Blue Earth", in color, as seen from the moon, courtesy of National Geographic Magazine, the September, 1973 issue.)

Aum, Peace, Amen!

Father Jerome.
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