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[ Abigail ]

  1. It's Not A Dream
    September 8th 1999 - 14.3K

    Piper suffers as a demon uses her to rid himself of his illness.

[ Acefire09 ]

  1. The End Of A Charmed Legacy
    August 13th 2001 - 22.8K

    Piper and Phoebe have to face the Triad after Leo and Prue disappear.

  2. Immortal Revenge
    September 6th 2001 - 29.1K

    The girls have to face some of their past enemies.

  3. The Charmed Valentine Love Brawl
    October 27th 2001 - 30.7K

    While the Halliwells try to plan for Valentine's Day, bad luck may spoil their plans.

[ Addie ]

  1. Piper's Future
    July 15th 2001 - 26.9K

    The girls need to return to the past to discover why warlocks they've already banished have returned.

[ Afterglow ]

  1. The Power of Destiny
    July 28th 1999 - 24.7K

    After Leo gives up his powers to be with Piper, she is fatally wounded by a demon.

  2. What Lurks Inside?
    August 6th 1999 - 19.8K

    Phoebe learns that her fight with Prue may be caused by something evil controlling her oldest sister.

  3. A Lifetime Of Debt
    August 6th 1999 - 19.4K

    A warlock uses a girl with a gambling problem to plot the deaths of the Charmed Ones.

  4. The Two Faces Of Evil
    September 20th 1999 - 29.1K

    While the sisters battle a demon in a lab, Phoebe becomes poisoned and her sisters search for a cure.

[ Allison ]

  1. A Hot Summer Day
    September 8th 1999 - 9.6K

    As part of a warlock's plot against the Halliwells, the sisters find they can no longer control their powers.

[ Amanda ]

  1. Their Hardest Battles
    July 15th 2001 - 58.3K

    A warlock attempts to use the past struggles of the Halliwells to destroy them.

  2. Two's Company But I Prefer Three
    July 28th 2001 - 45.2K

    The girls encounter into the Demon of Choice, who forces his victim to decide the fate of their loved ones.

  3. The Active, Non-Active Power
    August 13th 2001 - 48.8K

    Phoebe's power of premonition grows into something that may be deadly for her.

[ Amanda Reynolds ]

  1. Phoebe's Adventure
    December 16th 2001 - 12.3K

    Phoebe withholds a vision from her sisters, so as not to spoil Prue's birthday.

[ Ambersfam ]

  1. Power Of Three
    February 10th 2001 - 1.1K

    A poem inspired by the first episode.

[ Amy ]

  1. Another Sister
    October 31st 1999 - 28.0K

    The Halliwells discover their mother gave birth to fourth daugther.

  2. The Hardest Battle
    December 10th 1999 - 27.4K

    Prue and Piper are kidnapped by warlocks.

[ Andrew H. ]

  1. The Hellion, The Nightcrawler And The Charmed Ones
    June 23rd 2000 - 20.7K

    Phoebe has a premonition of Rex summoning a powerful demon.

[ Andrew Nevill ]

  1. The Bargain
    October 8th 1999 - 21.3K

    Phoebe strikes a bargain with the Woogyman so she can save her sisters from losing their powers and their lives.

  2. Revenge
    October 31st 1999 - 26.4K

    A former warlock seeks the powers of the Halliwells to replace the powers he lost.

  3. Reality Bites
    February 18th 2000 - 32.5K

    A young man new to the ways of witchcraft draws himself into the television show Charmed.

  4. Parallels
    February 18th 2000 - 30.4K

    Phoebe sees a future where her fiance is killed by a warlock.

  5. Morning Sickness
    February 18th 2000 - 46.8K

    Phoebe has a vision of the future where her husband must choose whether to save their child or Phoebe during child birth.

  6. Vampire
    April 13th 2000 - 23.3K

    Phoebe is suspected of committing murders around town (this story contains some adult themes, read at your own risk).

  7. In Your Dreams
    April 13th 2000 - 21.2K

    Piper discovers the hidden meaning behind her most recent dreams.

  8. Reunion Night
    April 13th 2000 - 22.2K

    Prue becomes the target of a warlock while attending her high school reunion.

  9. Liam Returns
    July 3rd 2000 - 49.9K

    Phoebe's daughter gets her birthday wish to visit the reality her father came from.

  10. Love Hurts… Anger Destroys
    July 3rd 2000 - 32.9K

    An alternate ending to the season one episodes Love Hurts and Deja Vu All Over Again.

  11. The Gremlin
    November 11th 2000 - 43.0K

    Piper invites an unlucky employee to stay at the Manor when he's kicked out of his apartment.

  12. And We Have To Trust...
    November 30th 2000 - 45.3K

    Prue's engagement hit a bump in the road before she gets to the altar.

  13. The House On The Hill
    April 12th 2001 - 27.2K

    The girls' road trip leads to them to a deserted house that contains a restless spirit.

  14. Philippa's First Warlock
    April 12th 2001 - 30.2K

    Phoebe learns that her four month old daughter will be the target of a warlocks attack.

  15. The Punishment
    April 12th 2001 - 29.9K

    Phoebe's daughter has a premonition that a school yard bully, that has been picking on her, is going to be hit by a car.

  16. The Promise
    April 12th 2001 - 44.4K

    Phoebe discovers she's pregnant with a second child and has to cope with a great personal loss.

  17. The Day We Die
    April 12th 2001 - 2.9K

    Phoebe spends a romantic evening with her husband.

  18. Written In The Stars
    April 12th 2001 - 31.3K

    Piper dreams may hold the answer to why her relationship with Leo runs into problems.

  19. Time of The Tyrants
    July 28th 2001 - 54.1K

    While banishing a warlock at Quake, the girls' secret powers are seen by the public.

[ Andrew Troy Keller ]

  1. Phoebe
    July 16th 1999 - 1.4K

    A short poem about Phoebe.

[ Andrew Zhou ]

  1. Book of Light
    November 4th 2000 - 9.1K

    The girls discover the Book of Shadows has been replaced.

[ Andy ]

  1. Kali's Return
    March 25th 2001 - 11.4K

    Kali seeks revenge on the Charmed Ones by returning to their past to destroy them.

  2. Let It Snow!
    April 3rd 2001 - 22.3K

    The Charmed Ones encounter a young witch that is possessed by a spirit.

  3. The Forgotten Evil
    May 5th 2001 - 15.5K

    An evil being with the ability to control the wind plots against the Charmed Ones.

  4. February 20th
    May 5th 2001 - 10.4K

    Piper and Phoebe struggle to get over the death of their sister.

[ Angelik ]

  1. Misunderstanding
    February 27th 2000 - 19.8K   (w/ Erica)

    The Charmed Ones meets their new white lighter and Piper is kidnapped by a warlock.

[ Angel Hernandez ]

  1. The Desert Of Premona
    July 28th 2001 - 13.7K

    Phoebe and Prue are shocked to learn Piper had a premonition.

[ April ]

  1. Too Fleeting is Love
    August 18th 1999 - 22.6K   (w/ Kandy)

    Prue hesitates to begin dating again after Andy's death when she's asked out by a handsome young man.

  2. The Power of Three
    November 12th 1999 - 27.7K

    Phoebe turns back time in order to save her sisters.

  3. Double Vision
    November 5th 1999 - 18.2K

    Prue learns that Andy left her a number of his things in his will, as she begins to fall for another guy.

  4. Eye For an Eye
    November 27th 1999 - 21.5K

    The sisters visit an old friend of the family, who only appears innocent.

  5. Kit
    November 27th 1999 - 21.5K

    The Charmed Ones learn the secret past of their cat.

  6. Warlock2K
    December 20th 1999 - 19.2K

    The Halliwells try to prevent a gang of warlocks from causing chaos on New Years.

[ archerygirl ]

  1. Help From Beyond
    November 11th 2000 - 116.0K

    A pair of powerful warlocks plots to steal the powers of the Charmed Ones and two young witches.

[ Ayla123 ]

  1. Disappearing Act
    May 29th 2001 - 42.4K

    An alliance of witches must step in and help when the Charmed Ones disappear.

  2. Stolen Sisterhood
    July 15th 2001 - 45.9K

    Piper and Phoebe learn there is evil lurking about, but can't see it even when it's right in front of their faces.

[ Bert ]

  1. Alone
    July 3rd 2000 - 26.1K

    After battling a demon Phoebe finds that she is the only person left in the world.

  2. The Struggle For The Truth
    September 9th 2000 - 79.6K   (w/ Leo's Girl)

    A special delivery causes Piper to become ill.

[ Biba Halliwell ]

  1. When Your Past Catches Up With You
    October 27th 2001 - 111K

    Prue and Piper are shocked when they discover what's been bothering Phoebe.

[ Big Fan ]

  1. The Halliwell Rascals
    April 29th 1999 - 16.1K

    Piper and Phoebe find themselves the victim of a warlock that turns them into children to get his hands on the Book Shadows.

  2. Halliwell Evil
    April 29th 1999 - 22.0K

    A wish made by Prue in a fit of anger comes true, where Piper and Prue no longer have a younger sister.

  3. The Ghost of Phoebe Halliwell
    May 3rd 1999 - 35.2K

    As woman takes possession of Phoebe's body, Phoebe finds are herself just wandering as a ghost.

  4. Our Little Piper
    May 7th 1999 - 19.7K

    A spell mishap accidentally shrinks Piper to four inches, while Phoebe keeps a secret about where she is when staying out late.

  5. The Great Power Swap
    May 7th 1999 - 11.3K

    The sisters wake up one morning to find their powers have been switched by a warlock looking for the power of premonition.

  6. Meet Me in St. Louis
    May 16th 1999 - 24.3K

    Phoebe enlists the help of her sisters to reunite the two long lost souls that were separated by a sudden tragedy.

  7. Heskab's Globe
    May 16th 1999 - 23.5K

    Phoebe steals a globe that a demon of pure evil was imprisioned in over three hundred years ago, so she can prevent him from escaping.

  8. What the Future Holds
    May 15th 1999 - 26.7K

    Phoebe's daugther from the future comes to the present to hunt down a warlock that wants to change his past.

  9. Brother Dear
    May 25th 1999 - 18.2K

    A warlock causes the Halliwells to come down with amnesia, so he can pose as their older brother.

  10. Lohman's Revenge
    July 1st 1999 - 12.7K

    When a dead reporter's story about Prue's powers is published for the world to see, Prue's life turns into a nightmare.

  11. The Power of Two... A Different Ending
    August 18th 1999 - 10.8K

    An alternate ending to the episode The Power of Two where Piper helps her sisters banish Jackson.

  12. The Heat is On
    August 18th 1999 - 24.7K

    While Phoebe tries to use her powers to stop a local arsonist, Piper falls in love with a hospital patient.

  13. The Charmed Ones and You
    August 27th 1999 - 22.1K

    The sisters are transported into a Charmed fan's reality.

[ Brianna ]

  1. Pardon My Past, But Different
    November 4th 2000 - 5.5K

    An alternate ending to the second season episode Pardon My Past.

[ Buffy Anne Slayer ]

  1. A Midsummer Nightmare
    July 1st 1999 - 41.1K

    The sisters go on a retreat to celebrate a wiccan holiday only to find themselves battling a demon with a new friend.

[ BufGal ]

  1. Double Sided
    October 31st 1999 - 17.7K

    The sisters help a young girl whose father is a dark lighter.

  2. A Woggle Of Warlocks
    February 18th 2000 - 32.3K

    A friend of the Halliwells is kidnapped by a group of black lighters.

  3. Just Let Her Sleep
    July 16th 2000 - 33.8K

    Piper and Phoebe try to find out what is causing Prue's odd behavior.

[ Cat ]

  1. 3-2-1
    October 8th 1999 - 26.9K

    The Halliwells are united with a distant cousin from the Warren family line after she's attacked by a warlock.

  2. Ripper's Return
    October 15th 1999 - 34.1K

    An incorrectly performed spell unleashes a famous serial killer in San Francisco.

[ Catherine Maya ]

  1. The Gift
    January 3rd 2002 - 37.9K

    Leo's daughter has issues when his other charges take her away from her once too often.

  2. No Matter Who You Are, I Love You!
    February 1st 2002 - 38.1K

    Piper learns that she's pregnant with Dan's child.

[ Catheryne ]

  1. In Love and War
    January 12th 2001 - 30.3K

    Leo ponders what to tell Piper of a past love.

  2. Somewhere Down The Road of Time
    January 12th 2001 - 27.3K

    Leo must travel to the past to help Piper in the present.

  3. Another Chance At Love
    January 12th 2001 - 44.0K

    Piper is driven to take an extreme course of action, when she believes Leo may still love another.

  4. Born To Be Wild
    January 27th 2001 - 61.2K

    In an alternate reality the Charmed Ones have difficulties adapting to their powers.

  5. Our Handyman
    January 27th 2001 - 19.9K

    Problems arise after Piper and Leo are married.

  6. Anniversary
    January 27th 2001 - 10.8K

    Leo gets ready for an anniversary.

  7. A Day In The Life Of
    January 27th 2001 - 2.6K

    Leo suddenly finds himself in a fight with Piper.

  8. Together Again
    January 27th 2001 - 2.0K

    Leo takes Piper on her final journey.

  9. The Unmailed Letter
    January 27th 2001 - 37.9K

    Piper conceals a personal problem from her sisters and tries to distance herself from those she loves the most.

  10. Forbidden
    January 27th 2001 - 65.9K

    Leo and Dan argue over who should be the father of Piper's son.

  11. Charmed GenNext: This Time, Forever
    February 3rd 2001 - 28.7K

    The children of the Halliwell's discover their powers, love and a warlock.

[ Catnip ]

  1. Little Faith
    July 28th 1999 - 5.7K

    Piper's boss at Quake wants more than Piper's opinion on a new menu item.

  2. Jeremy And The Crystal Ball
    September 29th 2000 - 3.6K

    An old enemy reappears in Piper's life.

[ cd ]

  1. How Do You Kill A Warlock?
    August 6th 1999 - 20.5K

    A warlock attempts to steal the Halliwells powers, while Prue tries to cope with Andy's death.

[ CharmedDK ]

  1. The Rose
    January 3rd 2002 - 54.1K

    Against Prue's better judgement, the girls cast a spell to conjure a golden rose with unexpected results.

[ CharmedFanAlways ]

  1. Terror At The Hyatt Regency
    June 23rd 2000 - 21.7K

    The sisters encounter a ruthless warlock at a hotel.

  2. The Night The Lights Went Out
    November 30th 2000 - 21.8K

    Prue gets help from an unlikely person to help banish a demon.

  3. Four People And A Baby
    December 8th 2000 - 23.4K

    Piper and a pregnant Phoebe wind up in a cabin with their guys during a bad storm.

[ Charmingal ]

  1. The Bloody Nightmare
    October 20th 2000 - 23.0K

    Phoebe has a vision of a creature that eats it's victims alive.

[ Cherie ]

  1. Wanna Be Stalked or Haunted
    October 27th 2001 - 33.8K

    The girls become the target of a stalker, that leaves two of them to live through a very painful experience.

[ Chris ]

  1. The Jeremy Mystery
    November 5th 1999 - 3.1K

    The Halliwells get a visit from a long lost warlock they knew too well.

[ Chuck ]

  1. Thy Will Be Done
    October 20th 2000 - 40.9K

    The Halliwells join with the gang from Sunnydale in order to stop the world from coming to an end, in this Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel crossover.

[ Dale ]

  1. Victor
    March 4th - 39.8K

    When Phoebe is attacked by a warlock, a mysterious man comes to her rescue.

[ Demille ]

  1. The Time Shifter
    November 5th 1999 - 19.7K

    After being thrown into the future by a warlock, Piper attempts to save her sisters and restore them to their own time.

  2. Swinging Sister
    November 5th 1999 - 11.1K

    When Prue and Phoebe have arguement, Piper's careless wish causes major changes in her sisters.

  3. The Red Dress
    November 12th 1999 - 6.7K

    Phoebe casts a spell to alter herself to fit into a borrowed dress.

  4. Love Is All Around
    November 12th 1999 - 16.6K

    As the Halliwell sisters fall in love one by one with the man of their dreams, they only to wind up hating each other.

  5. Temperature's Rising
    December 4th 1999 - 9.1K

    Inspector Morris seeks the Charmed Ones help when young men are turning up overheated or frozen to death.

  6. The Three Pipers
    December 4th 1999 - 9.5K

    The Charmed Ones meet two Piper's from the future that are having problems with a new power.

  7. Come Together!
    December 4th 1999 - 9.8K

    Phoebe tries a magically solution to get closer to her sisters.

  8. The Illustration
    January 9th 2000 - 23.7K

    Phoebe encounters a man trapped inside a book illustration.

  9. The Girl In The Glass Prison
    January 15th 2000 - 17.0K

    Phoebe discovers a woman trapped inside a paper weight.

  10. As Time Goes By
    February 4th 2000 - 15.7K

    Twenty-five years in the future, Phoebe decides to use a little magic to help solve Prue's problem.

  11. Mischief Night
    February 27th 2000 - 12.5K

    The sisters find themselves the victim of a mischievous spirit on Halloween.

  12. When You Wish
    February 27th 2000 - 20.1K

    Phoebe's attempt for a new power to help people turns her into a stranger with her sisters.

  13. The Real Quake
    March 10th 2000 - 48.4K

    Phoebe must travel to the 1900s after Prue is infected with a magical illness.

  14. The Love Spell
    March 22nd 2000 - 63.5K

    The sisters cast a spell to help them find the men of their dreams.

  15. When Hope Fails
    March 22nd 2000 - 20.6K

    Prue watches as her sisters lose all hope and sink into depressions that may cost them their lives.

  16. Luck Of The Irish
    April 1st 2000 - 28.6K

    The sisters are contacted by their family leprechaun who needs help.

  17. The Charmed Zone
    April 18th 2000 - 35.0K

    A trip to the Twilight Zone helps Phoebe better herself.

  18. Patty Halliwell
    April 18th 2000 - 39.7K

    A warlock's spell causes Piper to switch places with her mother in the past.

  19. Wishes Your Heart Makes
    April 21st 2000 - 37.2K

    A magically medallion causes Jenny to experience a number of changes in her life.

  20. Warlocks All!
    May 13th 2000 - 33.2K

    The Halliwells find themselves in the bodies of warlocks.

  21. Melinda
    June 12th 2000 - 20.4K

    Piper's daughter recalls a time when she helps the Charmed Ones.

  22. Remember Me
    June 12th 2000 - 28.7K

    Melinda Wyatt remembers how Prue's daughter was killed.

  23. The Chronicle Series

    1. Prue's Closet
      July 3rd 2000 - 4.9K

      Phoebe discovers some old memories while going through Prue's closet.

    2. Gardenias
      July 3rd 2000 - 5.0K

      Phoebe faces one of the darkest days of her life.

    3. All We Have
      July 3rd 2000 - 8.2K

      Phoebe visits Prue's and Piper's lawyer.

    4. Friends
      July 3rd 2000 - 12.7K

      Morris stops by Halliwell Manor to find Phoebe's life has taken a turn for the worse.

    5. New Beginnings
      July 3rd 2000 - 8.5K

      Phoebe takes control of her life and Piper's club.

    6. Never Say Never
      July 3rd 2000 - 11.8K

      Phoebe has to explain the family secret to her boyfriend.

    7. Always Charming
      July 16th 2000 - 7.7K

      Phoebe learns that the Power of Three will make a come back.

    8. Little Charmers
      July 16th 2000 - 9.5K

      Phoebe has her hands full with the next generation of Halliwell witches.

    9. Growing Pains
      July 16th 2000 - 12.5K

      The young Charmed Ones help bring some magic back to Phoebe's life.

    10. Crepe And Streamers
      July 16th 2000 - 9.2K

      Phoebe's girls attend their junior prom.

    11. Ultimate Loneliness
      July 16th 2000 - 6.1K

      Phoebe revisits an old nightmare while trying to save one of her children.

    12. Under The Covens
      July 31st 2000 - 9.2K

      One of Phoebe's daughters gets engaged.

    13. In Sync
      July 31st 2000 - 16.9K

      Phoebe develops a special bond with one of her daughters.

    14. Indian Spirits
      July 31st 2000 - 17.1K

      The young Charmed Ones tackle a problem a farmer is having with a spirit.

    15. Love and Death
      August 17th 2000 - 26.8K

      Phoebe becomes a grandmother and watches as another of her daughters falls in love.

    16. Way Back When
      August 17th 2000 - 22.5K

      The young Charmed Ones face a threat that could lead to them having never existed.

    17. Sunrise and Sundown
      August 17th 2000 - 11.1K

      The Halliwell clan experiences joy and sadness within their ever changing family.

    18. Project Gemini
      September 9th 2000 - 13.6K

      Phoebe's sisters return to help protect her family.

    19. Wicca Italian Style
      September 9th 2000 - 15.8K

      Phoebe meets up with one of her old neighbors while in Italy.

    20. Generations
      September 9th 2000 - 4.3K

      One of Phoebe's daughters learns about her childrens' future.

    21. Restlessness
      September 29th 2000 - 29.0K

      Phoebe celebrates her eightieth birthday as a demon plots the destruction of her daughters.

    22. Rebellious Youth
      September 29th 2000 - 18.6K

      While helping her daughters rid a Mexican town of a demon, Phoebe rediscovers her youth.

    23. Forever Phoebe
      September 29th 2000 - 11.4K

      The last of the Charmed Ones fights her final battle.

  24. The Truth of Consequences
    October 13th 2000 - 16.0K

    Each sister is shocked to discover she in the mother of teenager.

  25. Switch
    October 13th 2000 - 20.9K

    Phoebe finds herself arrested for a crime she didn't commit in a body that isn't hers.

  26. Real World
    October 28th 2000 - 27.5K

    While trying to find a better way to see into the future, Phoebe creates a spell that takes the sisters to where there future is written.

  27. Faded Images
    November 4th 2000 - 21.8K

    As a violent storm rages around the Manor, as an old foe plots against the Charmed Ones.

  28. Sister, Can You Spare A Dime?
    December 16th 2000 - 44.5K

    While cleaning in the attic, Piper finds herself pulled back in time without any knowledge of who she is.

  29. Little At A Time
    February 3rd 2001 - 20.8K

    The girls find themselves wasting way after a mysterious warlock puts a hex on them.

  30. C*H*A*R*M*E*D
    February 3rd 2001 - 20.7K

    Phoebe finds herself in the middle of the Korean War, in this M*A*S*H crossover.

  31. Real Charmed
    February 10th 2001 - 42.5K

    Holly, Shannen and Alyssa find themselves in the real Manor without any powers.

  32. Charmed Friends
    February 10th 2001 - 21.7K

    When Alyssa is attacked by a warlock the Charmed Ones pay them a visit.

  33. The Little Professor
    February 24th 2001 - 52.1K

    A college professor that wants to study Phoebe's magical gifts casts a love spell on her.

  34. When Love Goes Wrong
    February 24th 2001 - 23.0K

    Some leftovers from a love potion causes more problems for the Halliwells.

  35. Virtual Prisoners
    February 24th 2001 - 18.8K

    A warlock uses modern day technology to trap Phoebe in a virtual world.

  36. Ana
    March 4th 2001 - 28.5K

    Phoebe doesn't care for changes her new boyfriend makes in her life.

  37. Revealed
    April 3rd 2001 - 12.0K

    Piper and Prue catch Phoebe with Cole when they thought he had been banished.

  38. Bothered and Bewildered
    May 18th 2001 - 27.0K

    Piper and Phoebe get the chance to be television witches, in this Bewitched crossover.

  39. Charming Samantha
    May 18th 2001 - 21.0K

    A pair of television witches get to spend some time at Halliwell Manor, in this Bewitched crossover.

  40. Serena Returns
    May 18th 2001 - 17.9K

    Piper's life in hijacked by a television witch that wants to win over Leo, in this Bewitched crossover.

  41. Weather Or Not
    May 29th 2001 - 19.7K

    While on a photo shoot, the girls find themselves meeting the master of the elements.

  42. The Stone of Garek
    May 29th 2001 - 49.7K

    As Piper awakes to find herself 3000 miles away from her home and not remembering how she got there, her sisters attempt to discover what happen to her.

  43. Phoebe Under The Sea
    May 29th 2001 - 10.5K

    When Phoebe is pulled under water by a mysterious force, she is transformed into a mermaid.

  44. All Together
    June 17th 2001 - 19.5K

    The girls spend a quiet evening together discussing past and current boyfriends.

  45. And Phoebe Too
    July 1st 2001 - 49.6K

    Alyssa wakes up to find herself in the Manor surrounded by the Halliwells.

  46. Prue Has Her Say
    July 1st 2001 - 9.6K

    The producers of Charmed get a surprise visit from Prue.

  47. After Midnight
    July 1st 2001 - 8.2K

    The Halliwell clan celebrates after Leo and Piper wed.

  48. Generation XYZ
    July 1st 2001 - 20.3K

    Phoebe wakes up one morning to find her sisters aren't her sisters anymore but she's still related to them.

  49. The Age of Aquarius
    July 15th 2001 - 59.5K

    The Charmed Ones find themselves living racially different lives in the 60s.

  50. Memories Rekindled
    July 28th 2001 - 12.8K

    A broken down car leads Piper to an unexcepted reunion.

  51. Internet Evil
    July 28th 2001 - 38.3K

    While helping Darryl with a missing persons case, the Halliwells uncover a magical website.

  52. One
    August 13th 2001 - 17.4K

    Phoebe awakens to find herself all alone.

  53. One Stormy Night
    August 27th 2001 - 8.0K

    The last moments of Phoebe's journey back to Halliwell Manor before her life is changed forever.

  54. Ashes of Memories
    October 27th 2001 - 47.0K

    Prue finds herself moving through time with no idea of what caused her problem.

  55. Gold Dust Prue
    November 10th 2001 - 62.9K

    While on a photo shoot, Prue finds herself pulled back in time to the old west.

  56. A Whale Of A Tale
    December 1st 2001 - 5.0K

    The young Halliwells help a pair of strangers, in this Star Trek crossover.

  57. Have Spell Will Travel
    December 1st 2001 - 12.7K

    The girls try to help a man who believes his wife is possessed.

  58. The Ring
    December 1st 2001 - 27.1K

    Prue must travel to London to save her sisters after they disappear from P3.

  59. The Prodigal Returns
    February 1st 2002 - 36.0K

    Unable to get over Prue's death, Piper takes it upon herself to bring her sister back from the dead.

[ Denny Stevenson ]

  1. Time & Again
    April 8th 1999 - 26.7K

    After having a premonition about a serial rapist who has been victimizing women in the city, Phoebe finds herself in an alley with the rapist.

  2. Reunion
    May 25th 1999 - 26.9K   (w/ Jethro)

    The Halliwells get caught in the middle of a fight between their adopted sister and her rival.

  3. Can I Get a Witness?
    May 31st 2000 - 40.8K

    A vision brought on by one of Phoebe's co-workers, leads the sisters to get involved with a murder.

[ Di ]

  1. A Dark And Stormy Night
    June 4th 2001 - 95.2K

    When Phoebe heads off for the weekend to be with her friends, she has an accident during a storm, that leaves Prue and Piper to worry.

  2. Imprisoned
    June 17th 2001 - 170.0K

    Phoebe has to face her lingering fears and nightmares from her kidnapping, (this story contains adult themes, read at your own risk).

  3. Oldest And Youngest
    June 17th 2001 - 38.8K

    When Piper and Leo go away for the weekend, Prue and Phoebe suffer through some typical problems in their relationship.

[ Dietz ]

  1. Frozen
    December 31st 1999 - 14.6K

    After a fight with her sisters, Phoebe finds herself homeless.

[ Donald Scott ]

  1. A Friend In Need
    February 1st 2002 - 38.3K

    The Halliwells come across an innocent that isn't as human as he appears to be.

[ Drew ]

  1. A New World Awaits
    August 27th 2001 - 25.3K

    An alternate beginning to the Charmed series.

[ Drew Thiele ]

  1. A Different Kind of Charmed Awaits
    November 10th 2001 - 31.9K

    Instead of three sisters, three cousins learn they are the Charmed Ones.

[ Duchess ]

  1. Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Witch To Live
    December 31st 2000 - 73.8K

    When Willow becomes ill, only the Charmed Ones can help cure her, in this Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover.

[ Elaine ]

  1. She Never Left Me Before
    October 28th 2000 - 15.4K

    Phoebe tries to cope with the lost of Piper.

[ Em ]

  1. The Power of Three - Times Two
    June 26th 1999 - 18.0K

    The Halliwells meet their cousins, Amy, Anie and Alyson who may turn out to be the real Charmed Ones.

[ Ems0717 ]

  1. What The Future Holds
    March 16th 2001 - 19.3K

    The sisters spend some time with each other and their children.

[ Erica ]

  1. Patricia
    June 26th 1999 - 12.9K

    Phoebe's twin sister, Patricia comes to visit the Halliwells.

  2. Six Witches
    July 28th 1999 - 14.5K

    A demon that needs the souls of five witches, selects Phoebe as his last victim.

  3. 13 Years Old
    August 3rd 1999 - 13.6K

    A young girl sent to kill the Charmed Ones, may be more than the sisters can handle.

  4. The Evil One
    September 28th 1999 - 13.3K

    Piper and Prue learn that someone is trying to steal Phoebe's identity.

  5. Misunderstanding
    February 27th 2000 - 19.8K   (w/ Angelik)

    The Charmed Ones meets their new white lighter and Piper is kidnapped by a warlock.

[ Erica Halliwell ]

  1. Piper's Very Special Daughter
    June 23rd 2000 - 4.7K

    Piper gives birth to her own little Charmed One.

[ Erin C. ]

  1. He Will Return
    August 3rd 1999 - 5.4K

    The girls learn that Andy will return to avenge his death or kill the person that already did.

[ Gemini ]

  1. Heightened Senses
    February 24th 2001 - 44.4K

    Prue suspects that her feelings of being watched may be of a supernatural nature.

[ Genesis ]

  1. Dreamscapes and Nightmares
    May 29th 2001 - 20.5K

    A dream leads Prue to believe her true nature isn't as good as she thought.

[ Glamour ]

  1. The Oracle
    August 27th 2001 - 59.7K

    After being crossed by the Source, the Halliwells find themselves in a fight for their lives.

  2. Lavinia the Destroyer
    August 27th 2001 - 10.5K

    The girls meet a foe that wants to prove she's more powerful than the Charmed Ones.

[ Hannah Littrell ]

  1. Still
    March 4th 2001 - 1.9K

    Piper says goodbye to Leo.

  2. Guardian Angel
    March 4th 2001 - 2.7K

    Piper needs a little with Leo Jr.

[ Heather Parsons ]

  1. Breeding The New
    January 15th 2002 - 57.4K

    A new breed of demon that is immune to the powers of the Charmed Ones, is sent to destroy the girls.

[ HedgeHog ]

  1. Andy Is That You?
    January 15th 2000 - 8.5K

    After learning Prue's secret, Andy is possessed by a demon.

[ HighFlyer ]

  1. Mirror, Mirror
    November 4th 2000 - 16.8K

    An evil witch uses an enchanted mirror against the Halliwells.

[ Hino ]

  1. Shifting to Charmed
    February 3rd 2001 - 5.8K

    The Charmed Ones learn that a demon is trying to use their powers against them.

[ Hollypiper ]

  1. Who Is Who
    December 1st 2001 - 20.9K

    After a failed attempt by a warlock to steal the Charmed Ones' powers, the sisters find they've switched bodies.

[ Hyper Piper 465 ]

  1. His Every Word
    January 15th 2000 - 9.8K

    A demon traps Phoebe's in her own mind, while her sisters stand helplessly by and watch.

[ Ivy ]

  1. Not So Good Intentions
    July 28th 2001 - 14.4K

    Phoebe is attacked by a crazied man on a dark night, while Piper's new boyfriend is not what he appears.

[ Jackie ]

  1. Phoebe As Andrometa
    June 23rd 2000 - 11.1K

    Prue and Piper watch as Phoebe's spirit is stolen by a demon.

[ Janelle ]

  1. Teen Witch
    March 4th 2001 - 42.2K

    The Charmed Ones find themselves back in the past during their late teens.

  2. Pregnant Witch
    March 4th 2001 - 74.8K

    Piper learns that she's pregnant and that an accident left her father with amnesia.

  3. Love Will Lead You Back
    January 15th 2002 - 72.9K

    Years after her parents get a divorce, Piper's daughter discovers her family secrets at camp.

[ Jeph ]

  1. Make Like a Tree... And Leave
    January 9th 2000 - 34.7K

    Piper and Dan go camping in a forest cursed by an evil coven of witches.

[ Jessan ]

  1. Believe
    December 31st 1999 - 41.6K

    As Piper tries figure out where her relationship with Leo is headed, a demon plots to destroy the Charmed Ones.

  2. Fulfilling the Prophecy
    March 10th 2000 - 88.7K

    As Phoebe prepares to get married, a demon plots to put and end to the Charmed Ones.

[ Jill Curtis ]

  1. Long Forgotten Spell
    July 28th 1999 - 80.9K

    After Phoebe's new job turns out to be a trap, Piper and Prue cast a spell to help their sister and release evil upon the world for the day.

  2. Youthful Things
    January 28th 2000 - 39.1K

    After a comment about her age, Phoebe casts a spell looking to give her a youthful edge, but winds up attracting a demon instead.

[ Joanna ]

  1. An Evil Love Triangle
    January 15th 2002 - 18.3K

    A demon tries to use romance to turn Phoebe and Piper against one another, so he can kill the Halliwells.

[ Kandy ]

  1. Revealed
    April 4th 1999 - 19.8K

    When Prue is kidnapped at Bucklands, Leo helps Phoebe use her undiscovered powers to rescue her.

  2. Too Fleeting is Love
    August 18th 1999 - 22.6K   (w/ April)

    Prue hesitates to begin dating again after Andy's death when she's asked out by a handsome young man.

[ Karl ]

  1. Fairy Tale in San Francisco
    May 18th 2001 - 20.7K

    Prue meets with a client that claims to have photos of real fairies.

[ Kate ]

  1. Vanilla and Lavender
    October 13th 2000 - 6.3K

    The girls experience the effects of a spell their mother cast.

[ Kathleen ]

  1. Returning Boyfriend
    December 16th 2001 - 9.4K

    While working alone at P3, Piper is assaulted by a former boyfriend, (this story contains some adult themes, read at your own risk).

[ Ken Bartholomew ]

  1. Andy's Secret and Piper's Drink
    August 27th 1999 - 20.8K

    Piper becomes the victim of a novice witches' potion, while a demon plots to destroy the Charmed Ones.

[ KidPs07 ]

  1. The Extra Halliwell
    December 16th 2001 - 1.5K

    Piper gets an unexpected surprise.

[ Kyle ]

  1. Luck of The Small
    May 15th 1999 - 39.2K   (w/ Jethro)

    A leprechaun needs the help of the Halliwells to get back to his home land.

[ LA Cabral ]

  1. You Can't Choose Your Family
    July 28th 2001 - 12.0K

    A former warlock seeks the protection of the Charmed Ones.

[ labxwp ]

  1. Sweet Dreams Phoebe
    December 4th 1999 - 31.1K

    Prue and Piper have to enter Phoebe's dreams in order to learn what a demon had done to her.

[ Leo ]

  1. The Warlock Is Back... With More Power Than Ever!
    October 8th 1999 - 3.4K

    The sisters discover the truth about Andy.

[ Leo's Girl ]

  1. The Test
    April 18th 2000 - 52.4K

    Leo is concerned when Piper continues to feel ill.

  2. The Choice
    April 21st 2000 - 37.4K

    Piper turns to magic to help decide between Dan and Leo.

  3. Questions And Answers
    May 31st 2000 - 75.7K

    As Piper and Leo get engaged, Prue falls for her new boss.

  4. The Struggle For The Truth
    September 9th 2000 - 79.6K   (w/ Bert)

    A special delivery causes Piper to become ill.

  5. A Little To The Left
    December 16th 2000 - 122.0K

    An argument causes a rift in Leo and Piper's relationship.

[ Lil' Duckie P3 ]

  1. ...And Then You Woke Up
    March 22nd 2000 - 9.0K

    Phoebe and Prue attempt to discover what causes an accident that leaves Piper with amnesia.

[ Lindsey ]

  1. Fire Balls Flying
    April 1st 2000 - 8.2K

    The Halliwells help a young witch that is being hunted by warlocks.

[ Lindsey Brock ]

  1. Phoebe's Adopted Daughter
    May 7th 1999 - 3.2K

    Piper and Prue are surprised to learn that Phoebe adopted a little girl who is now in danger.

[ Lynx33 ]

  1. The Future Changed?
    May 18th 2001 - 43.6K

    The girls travel back to the past to restore Piper's children. Read at your own risk as this story contains adult themes that may offend some people.

  2. What Tomorrow Brings
    June 4th 2001 - 88.6K

    Each of the sisters learn that they are pregnant and begin to make plans for their future children.

[ Maggie White ]

  1. Enchantra
    December 1st 2001 - 2.0K

    The girls battle a soul draining demon.

[ Mandy ]

  1. In the Air Tonight
    September 9th 2000 - 34.9K

    Leo is haunted by a spirit from his past.

[ Mary ]

  1. Trial By Blood
    August 27th 1999 - 48.4K

    Phoebe takes Piper to a new club to get over Leo where Piper meets a guy with ulterior motives.

[ Mary-Anne ]

  1. A Charmed Beginning
    January 3rd 2002 - 35.6K

    The girls befriend two gentlemen that are new to the Bay Area, in this Highlander crossover.

  2. The Trouble With Secrets
    January 3rd 2002 - 62.7K

    Phoebe has visions of her mother being in danger even though she's still dead, in this Highlander crossover.

  3. You're A What!?!
    January 3rd 2002 - 24.9K

    The Halliwells reveal their family secret and learn their friends secret in the process, in this Highlander crossover.

[ Mary Hines ]

  1. Two Demons for Darryl
    June 4th 2001 - 31.4K

    While staking out an underworld crime lord, Darryl discovers there is something more sinister about his suspect than he initially thought.

[ Maxwell ]

  1. Poison Ivy
    April 8th 1999 - 4.6K

    Ivy, the daughter of the Wendigo seeks revenge for her mother's death.

[ Melia ]

  1. Sidhe Magic
    July 28th 1999 - 28.0K

    The Halliwell's cousin Arwen comes to stay with the sisters and brings along her family secret.

  2. Celtic Evil
    September 8th 1999 - 56.0K

    After being bitten by a dog, Phoebe begins to exhibit some strange behavior.

[ Melissa ]

  1. Phoebe & Cole
    July 15th 2001 - 1.0K

    A short poem about Phoebe and Cole.

[ Misha ]

  1. One Moment In Time
    May 29th 2001 - 6.2K

    Cole remembers his relationship with Phoebe.

[ MoonQuartz ]

  1. Dan's Secret
    July 16th 2000 - 4.7K

    The sisters discover the truth about Dan.

[ Nat Faul ]

  1. Out Of Her Tree
    October 28th 2000 - 21.6K

    Phoebe tries to figure out if her family is related to one of the Spice Girls.

  2. Only Have Eyes For You
    October 28th 2000 - 40.1K

    Phoebe falls for a guy, who is opening a psychic society branch in a haunted house.

  3. Deadlier Than The Mail
    November 11th 2000 - 40.5K

    The sisters receive a note that foretells their future.

[ Natalie ]

  1. Voices
    December 1st 2001 - 43.3K

    A girl that hears voices in her head, hears them order her to kill the Halliwells.

  2. Voices II - Piper's Nightmare
    December 1st 2001 - 66.4K

    Piper tries to control violent urges to kill the ones she loves.

  3. I Promise You
    December 1st 2001 - 16.3K

    Piper begins to feel down when her birthday doesn't seem to be going the way she wished.

  4. Greatest Joy, Greatest Fear
    December 16th 2001 - 90.1K

    Piper and Leo's joyous event turns into a nightmare when The Source creates a demon expressly to kill their unborn child.

[ Navodhi ]

  1. Zac And Mack
    December 31st 2000 - 36.0K

    Phoebe must save Piper and Prue after they are kidnapped.

  2. A Time And Place For Everything
    December 31st 2000 - 39.1K

    The Halliwells face a warlock who will use their greatest weakest to destroy them.

  3. The Test
    December 31st 2000 - 45.2K

    Phoebe sees her own death in the future and learns that telling her sisters may not be the best thing to do.

  4. Mistaken Identity
    March 25th 2001 - 39.2K

    Phoebe finds herself being of accused of flirting with Piper's boyfriend.

  5. Destiny Can Be Changed
    March 25th 2001 - 50.6K

    Darryl tips the girl off about a liver stealing demon.

  6. Getting Over You
    March 25th 2001 - 49.4K

    A pair of demons plot against the Halliwell by stealing their powers.

[ Nicky ]

  1. Sisters
    February 10th 2001 - 1.9K

    The sisters share a moment before Piper's weddings.

[ Nikki Beach ]

  1. Gone
    March 22nd 2000 - 5.8K

    After Piper's death at the hands of a warlock, Piper gets help from a family member.

  2. Ben And Piper
    April 1st 2000 - 17.1K

    Piper begins to see dead people that are linked to a demon out to get the Charmed Ones.

  3. Hardships
    June 12th 2000 - 20.4K

    The sisters travel back to the 1850s to fight a demon.

  4. What If They Never Were
    February 1st 2002 - 29.9K

    Phoebe and Leo's romance grows when Piper is too shy to tell Leo how she feels about him.

[ Odim ]

  1. The Power of One
    May 13th 2000 - 8.1K

    The Charmed Ones transfer their powers to another in hopes of destroying a vampire.

[ Olivia ]

  1. Some Trinity Draw
    February 27th 2000 - 16.5K

    The Halliwells discover that a demon is using a man to draw them to him.

  2. The Evil Dan
    April 29th 2000 - 20.5K

    Phoebe has a vision of Dan trying to kill Piper.

[ Orlando Fonte ]

  1. Destiny Awaits
    March 16th 2001 - 11.2K

    The girls have to deal with two threats at the same time.

[ P Cleaner H2000 ]

  1. Traffic Jam
    July 1st 2001 - 2.4K

    A botched spell leads to problems for Piper.

[ P3charmed ]

  1. Three's A Charm
    December 16th 2000 - 9.4K

    The sisters find themselves fighting because of a magical influence.

  2. The Gift
    February 10th 2001 - 11.7K

    Piper receives an expensive gift, but doesn't know exactly who from.

[ Pagie Halliwell ]

  1. From The Old Come New Beginnings
    April 1st 2000 - 38.6K   (w/ PiedPiper)

    The Halliwells spend an afternoon reliving memories from their childhood before Piper goes into labor.

[ Peter Joseph Saenz ]

  1. Wonder Witch
    December 31st 2000 - 33.8K

    The sisters enjoy a night at a costume party, while a warlock plans to make Phoebe live her worst nightmare doesn't go according to plan.

[ Pez ]

  1. A Fatal Deal
    July 28th 1999 - 13.2K

    Prue and Phoebe bargain with a warlock that kidnaps Piper.

  2. A New Quest
    August 31st 1999 - 12.9K

    Piper tries to help her sisters destroy a powerful warlock while in a coma.

  3. Bury The Hatchet
    September 20th 1999 - 35.4K

    Piper falls for a wonderful guy, who's past is about to catch up with him.

[ Phoebe2 ]

  1. Piper's Odyssey
    May 3rd 1999 - 3.3K   incomplete

    The Halliwells discover they have a long lost brother that's a warlock.

[ PiedPiper ]

  1. From The Old Come New Beginnings
    April 1st 2000 - 38.6K   (w/ Pagie Halliwell)

    The Halliwells spend an afternoon reliving memories from their childhood before Piper goes into labor.

[ Piper_magic2magic ]

  1. It Made Me Realize...
    May 18th 2001 - 42.2K

    Leo is kidnapped by a darklighter.

  2. God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You
    May 5th 2001 - 7.7K

    Leo remembers the events of the truth spell from the episode 'The Truth Is Out There... And It Hurts'.

[ PiperH ]

  1. The Power Of Three Gone Forever... Or Is It?
    December 16th 2001 - 24.8K

    The Source steals Prue soul after she dies.

[ PurpleCharm ]

  1. Demon Fighting Takes Its Toll
    February 1st 2002 - 11.8K

    The girls try to get on with their lives after the loss of Prue.

[ Rach ]

  1. Phoebe's Problem
    August 27th 2001 - 17.2K

    Prue and Piper worry when Phoebe runs away from home (this story contains some adult themes, read at your own risk).

  2. Phoebe's Problem Returns
    August 27th 2001 - 38.6K

    Phoebe's past comes back to haunt her (this story contains some adult themes, read at your own risk).

  3. Trouble At The Manor
    October 27th 2001 - 55.4K

    In a fit of anger, Prue casts a curse on Phoebe, that may lead to the end of the Charmed Ones.

[ Rachel ]

  1. The Perfect Family
    July 28th 2001 - 14.5K

    Piper's wish for a normal life has dire consequences for her family line.

[ Rio ]

  1. Fate With The Upper Hand
    January 9th 2000 - 42.4K

    When Piper learns that she's pregnant, she has to tell the child's father the family secret.

  2. Horrible Secret To Keep
    January 9th 2000 - 25.1K

    Piper is sexually assaulted by a sadistic warlock and her sisters try to put an end to Piper's torment (this story contains adult themes, read at your own risk).

[ Romina ]

  1. I'll Kill To Have You
    October 27th 2001 - 19.8K

    When Prue breaks her promise to show up at Phoebe's performance, a demon takes advantage of the situation.

[ Sara S. ]

  1. Love Always Beats Evil
    May 16th 1999 - 12.0K

    Prue's date with Andy takes a turn for the worse when he reveals he wants to kill the Halliwells.

[ Sarabeth ]

  1. The Black Onyx
    December 31st 2000 - 18.3K

    A warlock uses the sisters lack of magical knowledge against them.

  2. Crossing Water
    August 13th 2001 - 15.4K

    The girls express concern when Piper believes a shadow is following her.

  3. The Girl Who Spoke to Dragons
    August 27th 2001 - 16.3K

    Leo informs the girls that the Council is allowing witches to conjure Dragons to be their protectors.

[ Sarah ]

  1. The Letter
    January 9th 2000 - 13.2K

    Piper has second thoughts about Leo not being part of her life anymore.

[ Saratex ]

  1. Future Trip
    April 3rd 2001 - 13.9K

    The sisters need to travel to the future after Phoebe has a few disturbing premonitions.

[ SivanTamam ]

  1. Home At Last The Night Before Phoebe Comes Home
    December 16th 2001 - 2.7K

    Prue and Piper take a trip to the Big Easy.

[ Smitty ]

  1. Almost Perfect
    December 8th 2000 - 12.7K

    Piper recalls an important event in her life that doesn't turn out as she had planed.

[ Smurf ]

  1. The Executioner
    December 31st 2000 - 12.9K

    The girls get a request for help from an unlikely individual.

[ Sprewell ]

  1. Gimme a Break
    June 26th 1999 - 19.9K

    Just an average day at Halliwell Manor as Piper tries to find a recipe in the Book of Shadows.

  2. They Reminisce Over You
    August 27th 1999 - 20.3K

    While Phoebe goes clubbing and Piper frets over her bad luck with men, Prue may have rediscovered the man of her dreams.

[ StacyM748 ]

  1. The Attack
    July 1st 2001 - 32.6K

    Prue and Phoebe struggle to discover who or what attacked Piper while she is alone at the Manor.

[ Suzana ]

  1. Is He the One?
    December 31st 2000 - 1.3K

    Prue is torn between two loves.

[ SuzAnton ]

  1. Love Will Find Thy Way
    May 5th 2001 - 11.3K

    Prue suffers through some relationship problems.

[ Syd ]

  1. Three
    October 20th 2000 - 56.9K

    After Piper is raped at her club, she and her sisters deal with the aftermath of the horrific experience (this story contains adult themes, read at your own risk.)

[ Talula ]

  1. The Thespians
    August 18th 1999 - 32.4K

    A demon sees a chance of stealing the power of the Charmed Ones when Piper gets a part in a play.

  2. They Grow Up So Fast!
    August 18th 1999 - 19.0K

    A warlock calls upon a spirit to make the sisters young again so he can steal their powers.

  3. A Friend In Need
    September 12th 1999 - 44.4K

    Phoebe and Piper get a little help from Willow to rid Prue of a demon, in this Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover.

  4. Revenge: A Dish Best Served Cold
    October 15th 1999 - 24.0K

    Prue and Phoebe try to save Piper, who is kidnapped by a man who likes to torture witches.

  5. The Wilderness
    October 15th 1999 - 42.2K

    The sisters try to enjoy their camping trip, while a warlock lurks in the woods, plotting to steal their powers.

  6. Death Becomes Her
    December 20th 1999 - 35.0K

    After attending Piper's funeral, Prue and Phoebe find their sister returning in Buffy's body, in this Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover.

  7. Benji Halliwell
    December 20th 1999 - 27.2K

    Phoebe discovers that her oldest sister has become the victim of a prankster's spell.

  8. All Because He's Evil
    December 31st 1999 - 27.4K

    The sisters travel to a parallel world in order to save Piper's counterpart from an evil Leo.

  9. Mortal Coil
    January 28th 2000 - 37.1K

    A romantic date with her latest boyfriend, leaves Phoebe injured and facing the loss of a family friend.

  10. I Would Follow You Anywhere
    February 4th 2000 - 15.1K

    The Halliwells must travel to hell to save Leo from eternal torment.

  11. A Charmed Christmas Carol
    February 4th 2000 - 19.1K

    Prue is visited by three spirits during the holidays.

  12. The Cross of Tursicus
    February 18th 2000 - 35.1K

    The Halliwells learn that a five hundred year old vampire has obtained a destructive weapon, in this Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel crossover.

  13. Suicidal Tendencies
    April 29th 2000 - 30.0K

    A demon that causes witches to commit suicide targets the Charmed Ones.

  14. Tom Foolery
    April 29th 2000 - 16.0K

    The sisters find themselves the victims of an individuals' childish sense of humor.

  15. Guilty Until Proven Innocent
    April 29th 2000 - 30.0K

    Prue finds herself being arrested for the attempted murder of her sisters.

  16. The Power of Three Shall Set You Free
    April 29th 2000 - 39.3K

    Piper receives the shocking news that both her sisters were murdered, in this Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover.

  17. What The Future Holds
    June 12th 2000 - 26.2K

    Prue is saved from a fire at P3 when Piper's daughter comes from the future to help.

  18. The Choice
    July 31st 2000 - 55.5K

    The Charmed Ones track down Piper's kidnapped daughter.

  19. Blame
    November 30th 2000 - 56.0K

    Phoebe and Prue try to find their sister after Piper and Leo are kidnapped at the club.

  20. Hard Times
    November 30th 2000 - 32.7K

    After being shot in an alley, Phoebe winds up in a coma.

[ Taylor ]

  1. Lo-Ruhamah
    July 1st 2001 - 34.7K

    The Halliwells are in shock when they learn the true identity of their mysterious guest.

[ Tem G. ]

  1. From Above
    March 16th 2001 - 11.6K

    Phoebe discovers a spell in the Book of Shadows that will allow her to visit her mother.

[ The Charmed One ]

  1. The Child
    March 16th 2001 - 16.5K

    The girls encounter a little girl that lives in an abusive home.

[ Tim ]

  1. Future of Darkness
    March 27th 1999 - 11.5K

    While reading through the Book of Shadows, Phoebe accidently transports the Charmed Ones twenty-five years into the future where Rex is in control of America.

  2. The Old Ones
    March 27th 1999 - 10.7K

    The Halliwells travel to Boston to prevent an evil race of being from being released from another dimension.

  3. Rocker of Evil
    March 27th 1999 - 11.5K

    Phoebe catches the eye of a rock star, but he has more in mind then just romance with the youngest Halliwell.

  4. Return to Salem
    March 27th 1999 - 29.8K

    The sisters awaken one morning to find that Rex has travelled into the past to change their family history.

  5. Night of The Demons
    April 4th 1999 - 27.8K

    The Halliwells get more than they bargined for when a teenager breaks into their house, as part of a gang initiation, and discovers the Book of Shadows.

  6. The Galley Trot
    April 4th 1999 - 18.9K

    The Halliwells travel to England in attempt to banish a demon dog from hell.

  7. Forget Me, Phoebe
    April 4th 1999 - 37.8K

    When Phoebe is hit by a car and loses her memory, Rex tries to take advantage of Phoebe's misfortune.

  8. Sword of Power
    April 4th 1999 - 39.3K

    When Bucklands auction house comes into possession of the ancient sword Excalibur, Rex uses his powers to steal the sword and its powers.

  9. Warlock's Revenge
    April 4th 1999 - 15.6K

    Phoebe is abducted on her way to a job interview by Piper's former boyfriend, Jeremy.

  10. The Hunted
    April 4th 1999 - 27.3K

    Rex and Hannah become the target of the warlock bounty hunter and the sisters go to New York to save them, in this Felicity crossover.

  11. Revenge of Kairos
    April 4th 1999 - 13.4K

    A powerful warlock seeks revenge on the Halliwell clan for imprisioning him over a century and a half.

  12. Ties That Bind
    April 8th 1999 - 24.9K

    Phoebe learns that a bribe of a city official will have a homeless shelter torn down, while Piper struggles to get over Leo.

  13. Journey to Hell
    April 8th 1999 - 21.3K

    When the Prince of Darkness has Hannah kidnapped, Rex seeks the help of the Halliwells to save her.

  14. Beginnings
    April 20th 1999 - 19.1K

    The sisters discuss their past before Phoebe moved back to San Francisco and discovered their powers.

  15. Luck of The Small
    May 15th 1999 - 39.2K   (w/ Kyle)

    A leprechaun needs the help of the Halliwells to get back to his home land.

  16. The Imposter
    May 25th 1999 - 28.5K

    Andy seeks the help of the Halliwells to track down Rex, after he is seen robbing a bank.

  17. Reunion
    May 25th 1999 - 26.9K   (w/ Denny)

    The Halliwells get caught in the middle of a fight between their adopted sister and her rival.

  18. Eve of Samhain
    July 1st 1999 - 21.8K

    While playing with a Ouija board on Halloween, a spirit possesses Phoebe in order to solve her murder.

  19. A Christmas Miracle
    August 3rd 1999 - 45.5K

    Old enemies plot the end of the Charmed Ones and the kidnapping of Rex and Hannah's yet to be born child.

  20. The Long Night of Rex and Hannah
    January 15th 2000 - 67.5K

    The Charmed Ones discover that their encounters with Rex and Hannah were planned by the forces of good.

  21. If Leo Never Existed!
    November 11th 2000 - 46.0K   (w/ friends)

    An alternate history for season one where Leo doesn't exist to help the sisters regain their powers.

  22. Elizabeth
    December 8th 2000 - 26.0K

    While cleaning in the Manor, Phoebe discovers her mother's long lost secret that will alter the lives of the Charmed Ones forever.

  23. Farewell to Love Past
    December 8th 2000 - 10.2K

    Leo helps the Hawlliwells former nemesis say his final goodbyes to a loved one.

  24. The Wedding of Rex and Hannah
    December 16th 2000 - 52.8K

    The Halliwells get involved in planning a wedding for the former warlocks.

  25. Resolutions
    March 16th 2001 - 45.3K

    A warlock that had a hand in the death of the girl's mother, returns to finish the Halliwell family line.

  26. Crossover
    March 16th 2001 - 42.4K

    The Charmed Ones chase a warlock three hundred years into the future to prevent him from altering history, in this Star Trek: Voyager crossover.

  27. A Whole New Can Of Worms
    April 3rd 2001 - 33.9K

    Cole enlists the help of a small but powerful demon to steal the girls' powers.

  28. The Unholy Dream Team
    May 18th 2001 - 37.0K

    The Infernal Council brings back a group of demons to destroy the Charmed Ones.

[ Tj4eyes ]

  1. Power Drain
    July 16th 1999 - 19.4K

    The Halliwells find that using their powers are affecting their health.

  2. Motivation
    August 18th 1999 - 16.3K

    A film student wants the Halliwells to star in his movie about Witchcraft.

[ Travel Dragon ]

  1. Fragmented
    June 12th 2000 - 34.5K

    The sisters attempt to research Phoebe's nightmare, thinking it may be a premonition.

[ Water and Air ]

  1. Elemental Force
    July 16th 1999 - 12.4K

    Three witches with the power of the elements seek the help of the Halliwells to banish a fourth with the power of fire.

[ WitchGal ]

  1. When Fate Takes A Turn
    April 3rd 2001 - 16.6K

    A man has to choose between his love for Phoebe or the life of his daughter.

[ XiAo_YaN ]

  1. Deja Vu All Over Again - Another Version
    February 4th 2000 - 7.6K

    An alternate ending to the first season finale.

  2. Visit From An Old Friend
    March 10th 2000 - 12.1K

    An old friend returns from the dead to visit the Halliwells and warn them of a spirit seeking revenge for his death.