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Okay, this page is totally for an AlternateDCU Campaign! In it, I mix up tons of stuff from post Zero Hour, and pre-Zero Hour as well as add in my own stuff. I'll be using the DC Heroes RPG system(which I hardly will refer to...if at all...personally, I prefer just to RPG without the stats and technicalites...)
For the full skinny on the history of this alternate universe, Go Here.

Basic info you need to know: This game takes place in the DC Universe, but heroes from other universes or self-created are acceptable, however I do have veto authority.
Choose any hero you like, so long as it's not one listed below as chosen by someone else. In the event two or more people choose the same character before I update the list, I will give the character on a first-come basis.
The GM (me) will post new parts to the scenario at least once a week, every Sunday by 3pm PST. All players, unless they clear a leave of absence with me first, must reply in some way to the postings at least once a week in order to remain in the game.

Beginning players are just as welcome to join as more advanced players.
If the game sounds like it might be fun to you, come along!

Interested in playing? Read the Game Mechanics before emailing me.

Below are the character listings of who's taken thus far...

(click the link on the character's name to view a pic. of the character, and read their bio)

There's a NEW Marvel Game run by Peter Alan, if you're interested in Marvel gaming, go there!
Announcement: As of June 1st, 1999, homemade characters will no longer be available for use in the game. Pre-existing homemade characters will continue, but no new ones will be accepted. July 17th, no more non-DC characters period.

It has recently been brought to my attention that at LEAST one of the bios supplied to me by Matt Phillips, and taken credit for by Matt Phillips, were actually stolen and plagiarized from bios placed online elsewhere by other people in the online community. I wish I had the time right now to search out the entire web and find out which, if any, of his other bios are also plagiarized. I don't. If any of you happen to come across any proof any of his other bios were stolen, let me know where the original is so I can give the REAL creator of the bio credit. Likewise, if you are the real creator, please let me know, and let me know where your bio is, and I will give you yor proper credit. Any stolen bios were done without my knowledge and I humbly ask your forgiveness for their misappropriation on behalf of everyone in our gaming community.

Guy Gardner Starman (retired) Robin III (retired)Hawkman IIIMerged With Teen Titans LookerAnarkyShock Wave
SuperwomanWildcat Wondergirl Animal Man FaustGreen Arrow (Oliver Queen)Flamebird
Plastic ManGreen Lantern (Alan Scott)Cadaver Zatanna IngotMister Majestic (Reserve)Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)
Batman Wonder Woman (Queen Hippolyta) Troia Johnny Quick II Huntress (retired)Rose Wilson Omen
Karate Kid (Reserve)Dr.FateScornBladerunner (retired) HEROReverbEmotion Master
BatwomanMockingbird Superboy Firestorm Jack O'LanternCatwoman (reserve)Blue Devil
Nightwing Hourman I/III (retired) Nightstrike Pied Piper Katana TricksterAirwave II
Flash Metal Man (Retired)AstraHellbreed GolemKid LanternCaptain Marvel
Atom Dr. Mid-Nite SupervixenStarshine HaloIndigoChris King (Reserve)
Mister Majestic (Reserve)Hourman II (Rick Tyler)Trouble PersephoneAmazing Man III Argent
Martian Manhunterthe Shining Knight (reserve)Kid Flash II Green Lantern (Jade)
Hawkman Amber ArrowRobin IVKiliwogQuick
Jesse QuickFlash (Jay Garrick)
Wonder Woman IV (Diana) Rocketeer
Tarantula II
Max Mercury
the L.E.G.I.O.N. JL Task ForceSuicide Squad
Mister Miracle SteelThe Executioner (#5)
Valor Elongated Man
Lobo The Question
Sensor BoyCaptain Atom
Fortunato Aquaman
Goop Triumph
Vril DoxVindicator
Arsenal Lil Lobo Black Condor Changeling
the Ray Flying Fox SnowStormcrow
Black CanaryRed Bee II Risk
the L.E.G.I.O.N.JL Task Force
Bobb BhobSkyrocket
Captain CometSupergrrl
Secret Mirror Master
HERO CruzPower Girl
Starfire Gypsy
Star Spangled Kid Oracle (retired)Aztek Hawkgirl (Shayera Hol)GangbusterWondertwinsRed Tornado (retired)Hawkman IV (Carter clone)
DolphinFringeS.T.R.I.P.E.FuryJohn Law (Tarantula I)Aura ArgusSparx
various Metal Men JotoPhantom Lady II (retired) Lagoon Boy Crimson Avenger Chase (Taken)LightrayCyborg
Shikari (TAKEN)Raven Ice MaidenTempestJ.J. Thunder Bloodfang(Taken)Maxima
KaliberUncle SamGoldstarDanger Girl (TAKEN) Arrowette
NorthwindGeo Force
The Hero Memorial
The Birds of Prey
Forgotten Heroes
Relationships in the RPG
The Other Games:
The Legion of Super HeroesDaveCU 2020The Vertigo RPG

If You're interested in participateing in this Play By Email RPG, email me for more info!

2nd Anniversary RPG Contest
Hero Links. Trouble picking a hero? Don't know enough about Damage or Spoiler? Go here...
DaveCU Hero Award.
Players' Pages.
Game Mechanics

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