Rose Wilson

Real Name: Rose Wilson
Occupation: Hero, Martial Artist
Known Relatives: Slade Wilson (father, a.k.a Deathstroke the Terminator), Lillian "Sweet-Lili" Worth (mother), Grant "The Ravenger" Wilson (half-brother, deceased), Joseph "Jericho" Wilson (half-brother, deceased) Wade "The Ravenger II" DeFarge (uncle)
Group Affilation: The New Titans (former)
Base Of Operations: Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
Eyes: Green
Hair: Silver


History taken from the Titan's Lair Website

Rose grew up in a brothel, where her mother Lili worked as Madame after her life as an Oriental clan princess fell in ruins, destroyed by pointless war upon war in the Far East. It was Slade Wilson that brought Lili from war torn Cambodia to Thailand and relative freedom. Slade and Lili embarked upon a love affair that was to continue off and on over the next 15 years, meeting whenever their adventures brought them within range of one another.

While Slade was aware Lili had had a daughter, he was not aware he was the father. This suggests some numbers juggling on Lili's part, if not outright lying. Lili's reasoning was that there was no need for Slade to know about Rose because he was not father material.

In Thailand, Lili continued working in prostitution as a Madame, and it was in this profession she was able to amass the capital it took to move both her daughter and her business to New York, where once again, her path crossed that of Slade and his fellow traveler, the end result being that Wintergreen deduced that Lili's mysterious daughter was Slade's daughter too. This was most likely what Lili wanted when she introduced Wintergreen to the child she'd kept hidden from Slade for so many years. Wintergreen said nothing at the time and it would be a few more years before Slade was enlightened.

In the meantime, Rose could only imagine who her father was and what he was like while she grew up, educated at home by private tutors, well-loved and well-protected. That is, until the age of 14 when she was kidnapped by the second Ravager, a deranged costumed killer who was stalking Deathstroke, killing and terrorizing the persons closest to the enigmatic mercenary.

Accompanied by Wintergreen, Lili tracked down the Ravager and allegedly was killed trying to take out the man who had abducted and abused her daughter. An enraged Rose shot the Ravager, causing him to fall from a cliff; both Wintergreen and Rose assumed that he, too, had died.

Wintergreen allowed Sarge Steel to take Rose to where Slade Wilson was being held in custody but the reunion was disastrous. Slade had been told by Steel that Lili was dead and that Rose was his daughter. Slade decided Rose was better off without him and when she arrived he told her to get lost because there was no room in his life for her. Rose accused Slade of being the reason Lili was dead and stormed off in tears. Wintergreen followed after telling Slade he understood his motives were unselfish, even if no one else did, then said he would take care of the girl.

Wintergreen soon asked Slade if he could adopt Rose, his attachment to the beleaguered, hot-tempered girl was growing and he wanted to protect her. To his acute dismay, he was too late; the crafty and underhanded Sarge Steel had wanted Slade to do a job for him and had offered Slade his freedom and safe harbor for Rose in trade.

Rose was placed with the New Titans, despite her objections. Rose had difficulty opening up to her teammates, but she did admit to herself how much the team really meant to her. Her membership with the Titans was short lived due to the team's sudden break-up. Rose was one of the Titans kidnapped by Victor Stone in the Titans/JLA Battle, and even tried to pick a fight with Big Barda in the Titans defense.

More recently, Rose was spotted by the recent Titans West team at one of Deathstroke's hangouts. Rose did help the Titans West on a lead, but she refused to help with the following battle.

Powers and Abilites

Rose was trained by her mother in self-defense and martial arts, making Rose quite a formidible fighter for a person her size. Rose has tested positive for an inherent metagene, but her powers remain unclear. She has exhibited precognitive abilities while asleep, but wether these fortellings come to her in normal, conscious states is uncertain. Rose has also shown a preference for fighting with a staff.