Real Name: Arra Jonto
Other Aliases: Doc, Greenie, Forty-poo
Home Planet: Colu
Occupation: Scientist, Surgeon, adventurer
Group Affiliation: New Titans
Base of Operations: Titans Tower, New York
Known relatives: none
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 165
Hair: Green
Eyes: Grey
Age: 17


Arra is a geneticist and surgeon from Colu. As a young boy, he was accidentally exposed to experimental radiation used in testing rates of oxidation on inerton, this "zeta"-radiation resulted in his developent of metahuman powers. Undaunted, he went on to become a quite skilled profesional in his field.

While on a medical mission to far-off Daxam, his shuttle was attacked by the alien armada ruled by Avatar. Witnessing the attack, the heroes of Young Justice rescued him, the only survivor. He went on to assist them in their defeat of Avatar, and later their attempt to set the wrongs of Brainiac 5.1 right.

He has since returned to earth with the heroes and taken up residence with the Titans.

Powers and skills:

Fortunato has a brilliant 10th-level computer intelligence, and is especially skilled in the fields of surgery and genetics. While working with various humanoid races, he also underwent some training in hand-to-hand combat, continuing the training as a Titan.

The zetaradiation had many varied affects upon Arra: he can emit a blast of zeta radiation, given him telepathic powers and control over the element of air, toughened his skin a great deal, given him invulnerability, the ability to see in the infra-red spectrum and the ability to assume invisibility. In addition, he has a true photographic memory and is an expert linguist.