Real Name: Aleana Sloviak
Other Aliases:
Home Planet: Earth
Occupation: Adventurer, Student
Group Affiliation: Young Justice, New Outsiders (former)
Base of Operations: Happy Harbor Rhode Island
Known relatives: Mother Roena Sloviak (Deceased: multitude of cancer formations), Father Rusko Sloviak (Deceased: multitude of cancer formations)
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 105
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Age: 14


Born in the Ukraine in 1985, parents moved from a small village near Chernobyl in 1990, to the Ohio Valley in the US. Her father was the Chief Scientist at Chernobyl when the melt down occurred. He was the top Nuclear Physicist for the Soviet Union before he defected to the US. Due to the proximity of their home to the melt down location the ground water was polluted with radioactive pollutants. These pollutants, although unverified, both stimulate and increase her connection to her unconscious, brain activity, and psychic ability. Her father's death soon after their arrival in the US left her mother as her only living relative. She was home schooled until 1997. When she entered into public school for the first time she was immediately placed in the advanced learning for her IQ. She was approached by Robin and asked to join Young Justice, after her powers gained her notoriety by lighting the school she attended on fire while trying to move a pencil with telekinesis. Her control over which powers to invoke is lacking, but her control once started is not a problem.

She spent time with the Young Justice until the adult adventurers returned from space when she was moved into the Outsiders. When the Executioner attacked the Outsiders, she was forced to flee to the Watchtower, where she joined Young Justice again on a journey to stop Impulse from destroying the universe. The entire adventure was filled with mental breakdowns and over stress on her ability. During the jump into the Speedforce, she was temporarily merged with a thousand other Astra's from alternate Universes all in the Speedforce at once. Although this caused a large inter-dimensional disruption and though Young Justice decades into the future, she was able to know just what and how each of her alter universe personalities developed their psychic powers. This enlightenment brought renewed faith in her powers and a drive to master all of her powers even those she had yet to possess.

After returning home from the trip with Young Justice, she found her mother had passed away leaving her a small amount of money as a savings, and a desire for Astra to continue to use her powers to help people. Her control over which powers to invoke is lacking, but her control once started is not a problem.

Astra continues to act as a member of Young Justice--where, after the speedforce journey she was part of the rescue mission that travelled to the Dominion homeworld of Elia where the heroes Black Canary, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Kiliwog, Hawkman and Atom were held as prisoners the past 5 years; the bodies of other heroes, including Wonder Woman, were also recovered. In her personal life, Astra now resides with Spoiler and her mother.

Powers and skills:

By most IQ tests Astra ranks off the scale, her intelligence is beyond comprehension. The increased capacity of brain function, which yielded to her powers of telekinesis, pyrokinetics, telepathy, and at times seeing the future, allowed her to access parts of the analytical side of her brain normal humans only scratch. Unfortunately she is not old enough to really have enough knowledge to be a wiz kid. Her schooling while in Russia was very poor and her at home teaching in America limited her. Her potential to learn and expand her knowledge makes her psychic potential nearly limitless.