Alter Ego: Amaranth Ji
Occupation: Healer
Base of Operations:
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Kerwin Smith (father, formerly known as Blackbird), Kimama Shannon (mother)
Group Affiliation: Star Dreamers (her coven), Global Guardians
Age: 19
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 100 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Appearance: Persephone wears military garb and hempen or other natural clothes. Her hair is long and kept in a braid.


Amaranth is the daughter of hippies. She was born at The Farm in Summertown, Tennessee. Her parents went their separate ways when Amaranth was three, and Amaranth traveled with her mother for most of the year and spent summers with her father, who sold out to the corporate world. They rarely stayed at the same place for more than six months, though they returned to The Farm fairly regularly until Amaranth was 13 because it was considered an excellent meeting place to exchange custody.

Amaranth has always enjoyed a closeness to nature and cannot remember a time that she was unable to talk with plants and animals. Her parents always believed that her conversations were a figment of her imagination and celebrated her creativity, though they occasionally expressed concerns that her vivid imagination is a by-product of their drug use before they discovered that Amaranth had been conceived.

When Amaranth was 13, her mother settled in the mountains near San Francisco, joined a coven, and for the first time took Amaranth's connection to nature seriously instead of brushing off her powers as flights of fancy. Amaranth studied with the coven when she stayed with her mother, but she spent summers visiting her father, who never seemed to notice her powers. As Amaranth learned the ways of the coven and embraced nature even more, she discovered that she could control plants, the earth, and the weather, as well as bring the wounds of others onto her body, healing them. At sixteen she was initiated into witchcraft, adopting the magical name Persephone, and she meditated in hopes of a vision.

Persephone's vision was interpreted by the coven that she should travel throughout the world and raise societal consciousness about the environment, so Persephone started her pilgrimage as soon as she earned her GE diploma. Even though she is terrified of flying, she has toured through parts of Africa and the Pacific Rim, attempting to help those who would destroy the earth for profit to see the error of their ways. Despite being rebuked many times, she refuses to indulge in terrorist acts or taking lives to save lives.

Persephone takes photos during her journeys. She sends the film to her coven, and they sell the prints in order to help fund Persephone's travels.


Persephone can talk to plants and animals. She has a small measure of control over plants, the earth, and even the weather. She has a deep intuitive connection to nature and has healing abilities. She has a measure of invulnerability that has saved her from death in her attempts to enlighten others.