new Global Guardians History

Funded by an unknown group of mysterious philanthropists and liased by their chosen man, Max Lord, the Guardians live again, led by Nightwing.

Global Guardians headquarters; an abandoned, suped-up oil rig off the coast of California.

*The rig itself is outfitted with a helipad, and a hanger for two small, manuverable jets capable of carrying you all (some may find the jets familiar as the designs were stolen from the Titans T-Jets). The hardware throughout the rig is very up to date and high quality. Once again, for those who know about such things (or are merely interested in them) the computer and security systems have been put together using both military and civilian technology. The main computers are housed in a large meeting/war room complete with a big board for monitoring global crises and what not. This room, thanks to a handy sign posted above the door, is known as the Main Hall. On the lower levels are rather spacious living quarters with a private bedroom, bathroom and small sitting room per member. The living quarters are nicely decorated and furnished, but are rather impersonal right now*