Amber Archer


Alter Ego: Connor Hawke
Occupation: Adventurer. Landlord of an apartment complex in San Francisco.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Oliver Queen (father), Moonday "Sandra" Hawke Armitage (mother), Nathan Hawke (grandfather), Shado's child (half-brother), Milo Armitage (Step-Father)
Group Affiliation: Outsiders, JLA (former)
Base of Operations: Worldwide. Currently lives in San Francisco.
Current Status: Active
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blond


Connor, as a child, was picked on because of his mixed heritage (1/4 Korean, 1/4 African American, 1/2 Caucasian). As a child, Connor fought back and had a volatile temper. His mother was unsure what to do with him. The only legacy he carried was what his mother had told him about his father, the hero known as the Green Arrow. She let him know that he wqas the illegitmate son of Oliver Queen and that she had loved his father.

Connor kept and read everything he could about his father. His single mother, "Moonday" had to find work and had difficulty raising Connor. Young Connor Hawke had problems being picked on by other students because of his mixed heritage. So Connor's mother decided to sign the papers allowing Connor to attend the same monastery that Oliver fled to for a brief time years before called the Ashram Monastery in the Napa Valley. Connor had requested to attend and asked his mother to let him go when he was thirteen years old . Moonday agreed. Master Jansen, the same monk who would helped Oliver, raised Connor for the next five years in the Ashram. Through his schooling and training at the monastery, Connor spent all his efforts in becoming a student of Zen Buddhist philosophy, a master of aikido, and a kyudo archer. Still, as he tried to put all worldly thoughts out of his head, he still had a secret passion being a fan of his father's exploits and read every article, comic, and magazine based on his father's life and also keeping scrapbooks. One time, Master Jansen caught Connor reading a HEROES magazine featuring Green Arrow and knew that would be in Connor's destiny to follow in his fathers footsteps.

Later, after a troubled time in his career as Green Arrow, Oliver Queen decided to leave Seattle after Dinah Lance (Black Canary II) had left him for good due to the fact of Oliver's unfaithfulness. Oliver Queen wanted to shed himself again and headed to the Ashram Monastery on a journey he once had gone before over a decade ago. Oliver lost the costume again as Green Arrow , shaved his head, van dyke beard and concentrated on finding himself and finding some sort of inner peace.

Surprisingly, what Oliver found instead was a young man named Connor Hawke. Unknown to Oliver at the time, this was his son. During his six month stay, Oliver would teach Connor aspects of himself, his beliefs, his thoughts on the role needed to be the "hero" Green Arrow and he would become his friend. Ollie was his roomate and looked after this kid in the monastery who was having problems with some archery and philosophical points.

Unfortunately one day about six months after Ollie had re-enterd the monastery, an assassin came looking to kill Oliver Queen. With the help of Connor, they defeated the assassin who committed suicide so Oliver Queen wanted to investigate who was still after him. He figured Eddie Fyers may help. Connor persuaded Ollie to allow him to travel with him. The two of them wandered together for some time, met up with Eddie Fyers, and had a few adventures out together. Still, during this entire time, Connor was waiting for the right time to tell Ollie that he was his son.

Unfortunately, Parallax (Hal Jordan) got a hold of Oliver first and informed him that Connor was Ollie's son. This sent Ollie over the edge because he thought Connor was plotting something against him. Oliver confronted Connor and they departed on bad terms.

But before Oliver and Connor could really sort things out, Oliver was killed in an explosion as he was in the role again as Green Arrow, attempting to save Metropolis from a terrorist group who were going to explode a mutagenic bomb. (Oliver's body was never found leading Connor to think that his father could be possibly alive, but since, has put those thoughts away and has carried on thinking in his mind that his father has died).

Connor had taken the mantle, first as the second Green Arrow, just before his father's death. He worked along side Oliver and Eddie Fyers. Ollie was no longer wearing the Green Arrow costume and was unspokeningly turning the mantle of Green Arrow to Connor whom he did not know was actually his son. But, when Ollie found out, it was the push that made Mr. Queen don the outfit again and become Green Arrow once more.

When Oliver died, Connor stepped up and took the full yoke and became the next Green Arrow. During this turbulent time, with the help of Eddie Fyers, Master Jansen, and his new friend Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), Connor had been learning the ropes of what it takes to be a hero. Even to this day, Connor ponders the philosophical principles of the teachings he learned from his father, of Master Jansen, of his mother, of his friends, and what he feels in his heart.

Not long after Connor became the new Green Arrow, the Ashram Monastery was bought out by commercial developers. During this time, Connor battled the Silver Monkey who has become one of his greatest foes. Several times they have battled. But, unfortunately, Connor lost to the Silver Monkey during one televised battle in which the Ashram Monastery was lost once and for all. Months later, Connor would battle the Silver Monkey again and Connor handed him a humiliaiting defeat.

The son of the original Green Arrow, Connor Hawke is the living antithesis of his volatile, womanizing father, Oliver Queen. Connor is an earnest young man with a mature and thoughtful nature. Connor has side stepped his personal sexuality many times but he did have some sort of experience with an Oriental ghost named the Lady Wren. One of his best friend's, Kyle Rayner, has even questioned if Connor could perhaps be gay. Connor has replied that he does not know and that he has lived his life as a monk and hasn't thought about sexuality. Whatever the case, Connor has a strong phermonal reaction to most women who are immediately attracted to him. One such troubled person is Crackshot who has it in her mind to eventually be with Connor.

Connor Hawke has been having difficulties with his step-father, Milo Armitage...a criminal weapons dealer who want his step-son dead and who has hired assassins to kill him. His mother is blind to Milo's criminal and hateful nature. Connor some months back moved to San Francisco to return to what he is trying to call "home". His sensei, Master Jansen accompanies him. Connor has taken on the role of an apartment complex manager to earn some income and Master Jansen has come to live with him and help out.

Connor has had his share of foes in the past couple of years in his role as Green Arrow. He's battled some of his father's old villains such as Nicholas Kotero and the Key while making new enemies such as the Silver Monkey.

The new Green Arrow was nominated for the reformed Justice League of America by Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) in a bid to enlarge the membership. However, he had begun to suspect he was only invited to join because Green Lantern was tired of being the only inexperienced member, an accusation Kyle Rayner emphatically denies. More comfortable in the company of older heroes, Green Arrow has formed a strong relationship with Aquaman, the two often teaming up as Aquaman recalls hilarious, bombastic accounts of his adventures with Connor's late father. Accused of nepotism by those who failed the membership drive, the Justice League insists Green Arrow is more than a boy with a bow and arrow. They owe him their lives, as he single-handedly defeated the Key with one of his father's trick arrows.

After an incident with the Injustice Gang and the Philosopher's Stone, Green Arrow stepped down and resigned from the JLA. He felt he wasn't prepared to battle aliens in space and wanted to stick to the criminals who hurt the common man. This move brought some disapproval by some of the founder's of the current JLA thinking that Connor was not good enough as his father and that he did not have what it takes. Even today, Batman questions his original decision to vote Connor in to the JLA as they currently worked together battling the Brotherhood of the Monkey Cult.

Ollie Queen has since proved himself to still be alive. Working together against the vampiric forces of Lilith, the two heroes seem to have settled many of their differences, and have begun to forge the way towards a stronger relationship betwixt them. Connor has since taken upon himself the new name of Amber Arrow, out of deference to Ollie re-taking his own sobriquet. Additionally, Connor has taken up residence with the new Outsiders team as co-leader to Huntress' leader.


Connor is an extraordinary fine archer, a student of the Kyudo Discipline, though not as proficient as his father, the first Green Arrow (Oliver Queen). Connor has been trained in Japanese martial arts and is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant. Connor is an Aikido Disciple which utilizes a method of unarmed self-defense which encourages a discipline and a nonviolent attitude. Through Aikido, Connor's dexterity and stength comes from the suppleness in his practice which uses a rhythmic good posture, perception, and coordination. In Aikido, Connor uses an opponent's force by bringing it into his own circle, neutralizing aggressive action by gaining control of the attacker.