Name: Goop
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Age: Unknown
Eyes: Blank, White

For perhaps countless centuries in the far reaches of space, there had been a race of aliens the stuff legends were made of. This race was the Symbians, from the Planet Symbios. The planet was referred to as the black globe. Mainly due to the fact that Symbians stayed in a liquid state on their planet most of the time, making it visually covered in thick darkness from any point out in space. The planet was the ideal home for the Symbians, until a horrible fate came to pass. The planet's sun went nova, destroying the planet, and sending the inhabitants that survived into the far reaches of space. The once thriving race, was now barely a trickle.

But it was not the planet's fate that made this race so legendary, it was in fact the race themselves. The symbians were unique creatures that were able to thrive on their own, or by bonding with another. When they bonded, they would instantly know about other cultures, languages, etc. and the host would know everything about the particular symbian. The symbian's preferred bonding whenever the opportunity arouse due to the fact that they were able to learn about new cultures, and also help those that were in need. When a Symbian bonded to a creature, the results were extraordinary. So much so, that whenever a Symbian was discovered, it was trapped so only the one who found it could obtain it's power. This is eventually what happened to one particular Symbian.

While being bonded to a small boar type creature(they had stuck with animals as they knew most intelligent life would hunt them) a symbian was discovered by none other than Brainiac. Brainiac forcefully seperated the two from each other(how still remains a mystery) and imprisoned the symbian aboard his ship. Brainiac then forced the symbian to bond with him and share it's knowledge of other technologies. The symbian instead, did its best to take over Brainiac's mind, but was too weak and failed. Brainiac then put it in a containment structure that kept it in stasis so it could not even take a shape, let alone escape.

It's imprisonment didn't last too long however, as The L.E.G.I.O.N. soon came into brainiac's hair, forcing him to self destruct his ship. As the ship was blasting itself apart, the Symbian's containment structure was broken, and it was blasted straight into one of the Legion, Hero. It was soon discovered on the Legion's ship, and thinking this was another enslavement, the creature quilled sensor boy's hand and hid in a corner. Phase was able to get it to come out in the open, and a very curious Avia, also wanted to investigate the creature and upon meeting it, decided it was a boy(which it was) and dubbed him goop. Goop of course could not understand any of this as he never encountered creatures like these before. He is however, attempting to understand them the easiest way he knows how. The Legion really has no idea what a Symbian is or why they are so rare, but they will soon find out that Goop is extremely good to have around.

Goop when he becomes completly free of the effects of his containment, will progress back to his pre-containment symbian state.(Imagine a jet black carnage, you'll get the idea.) He has the following abilities.

Bonding: When Goop bonds with another, their minds become connected, allowing both to share memories, and even some mental powers on a small scale.(telepathy, mind control, etc. but only between the two of them) Goop also becomes a jet black version of that person's costume. Goop usually lets the one he is bonded to be the dominant one, as he feels it's the best way to learn of a new species. Most of his abilites are passed onto the host as well.

-Self Sustenance(Both when he's alone and bonded to someone.)
-Elongation(Both again)
-Shapeshifting(He can shape his body into different parts, but it still remains jet black like he is)
-Sixth Sense(Goop is an extra pair of eyes for the person he is bonded to)
-Healing(alone or bonded)
-Ability Enhancement(Goop's body strengthens his hosts to the point where even their powers are a little stronger. Their natural abilites are also aided)

Goop knows almost nothing about earth culture, or any culture with intelligent life. He has never bonded with such before, as he wasn't sure if such beings could be trusted to allow him to go free, or be enslaved. He is learning however, not all creatures are bad. He is the first symbian seen in a long time, and is quite interested in discovering the galaxy around him.