Green Lantern

Born in Baltimore Maryland, Guy Gardner led a tough life, with an alcoholic father, living in the shadow of his drug abusing star football playing brother. He never got the respect he wanted but he travailled and eventually graduated from university and worked as both a social worker and a physical education instructor for disabled children. It was on a field trip where he went into a coma trying to save a childs life when Green Lantern showed up.

Little did Guy Gardner know that he was one of two men on the planet earth worthy of one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. The green lantern ring. He had both the strong will and fearlessness that made him worthy to be enlisted among the protectors of the galaxy, the Green Lanterns. The only thing is, however, Hal Jordan, the other qualified ringbearer, was closer to the crash site of the previous Green Lantern. Thus, Guy Gardner was delegated as Backup, to be enlisted should anything ever happen to Hal Jordan. Since he was injured however, John Stewart was enlisted to replace Hal Jordan for a time.

After Guy Gardner had healed from his coma due to his excellent physical condition (hey, he was a gym teacher) Hal Jordan eventually did find himself in need of Guy Gardners assistance. Hal gave Guy his power battery and a Green Lantern ring to assist him while he talked to his superiors, the Guardians of the planet OA about a problem with his ring. Unbenownst to Guy Gardner however, the problem was not with Hal Jordan's ring, but with the power battery that Guy was recharging his ring with. The Power Battery trapped him in a stasis zone, a phantom world where one can see the material world and not age, but also be unable to communicate with anyone on the outside.

Thinking Guy Gardner dead, Hal Jordan proceeded to marry Guy's girlfriend Kari Limbo. She was psychic however, and in the end Guy Gardner was freed from the zone with the help of Superman. but Guy fell into a coma again.

Guy Gardner was revived by renegade Guardians in the CRISIS on infinate earths. He was given his own ring and power battery separate from all other Green Lanterns. Guy was not completely healed from his coma however. The Guardians had simply "fanned the flame of life" still in Guy Gardner. Guy Gardner was brain damaged and without the time of the coma to completely heal him, his main motivation was for power and revenge.

Guy became a member of the Justice League, and again fell in love, with fellow justice leaguer Ice. During this time, Hal Jordan was roaming the US "finding himself" or something stupid like that, and Guy would repeatedly try to get him to use his ring for good rather than not use it at all. Hal eventually learned this after a fight with the insane guardian Appa Ali Apsa. Ice meanwhile saw past Guy's facade of imaturity and brashness to see a person hiding his feelings.

When Guy and Ice went out together, something usually went wrong. The first time, Guy took Ice to a pornographic movie, and was annoyed by a mentally unstable Black Hand, who thought Guy was there to tear the building down like he usually did. On another date, Ice convinced Guy to take her to the ice capists (DC's Ice Capades). Kilowog and Blue Beetle managed to make Guy go crazy after creating a float balloon charicature of Guy and embarassing him on his date.

One day, Guy learned about a comic convention selling one of the rarest comics in all existance.. General Glory #1. Guy went to the convention and bought the book with Justice League funds. An Old man kept trying to obtain the book from Guy.. the man was General Glory. When he recanted words from the comic book, he reverted to his former super-heroic self. The Justice League then helped General Glory fight the Uber-Nazi's - pathetic left-overs from world war II. They had one remaining Uberbot, and were defeated by Guy and the Justice League. General Glory moved in with Guy for a while, and eventually passed down the power to someone else.

With Hal Jordan now a wandering hobo, and John Stewart a guilt ridden self doubting nobody without direction, Guy was the only Green Lantern on earth actually protecting its citizens (alone and as a member of the Justice League America) He revelled in his glory, as he essentially WAS the last Green Lantern for all intents and purposes.

However, the last Gaurdian in the universe, and the one whom Guy hated with a passion since first meeting him as a mortal inhabitant of malthusia.. Appa ali Apsa, was also going insane. It seems the little blue psycho was lonely since his brother gaurdians - the Oans, left the universe to be with their mates, the Zamarons, and, well, mate.

So.. Appa Ali Apsa, Hal Jordan and Ollie Queen's friend they nicknamed the Old Timer, was going mad. He wanted to bring back the group mind he had with the other gaurdians. He let the criminals of the Green Lantern corps free if they promised to bring him MORE friends... and if they DIDNT, he killed them. Eventually he got into John Stewarts mind.. and was inspired to create a new world.. the Mosaic world. He carved pieces out of as many planets in the universe as he or john had visited and inserted them into his jigsaw world.

Meanwhile, Guy Gardner was trying to convince Hal Jordan to use his Green Lantern ring for what it was meant for. Imagine! This person with one of the most powerful objects in the universe.. and HE WONT EVEN USE IT! Eventually when Hal did use it, he got into trouble, and called Guy for help (and RIGHT in the middle of an engrossing episode of wheel of fortune to boot)

So the gaurdians returned to the universe after being contacted. the Green Lantern corps was to be restored. Hal would train new GL's, John Stewart would monitor the MOSAIC world until the citizens were returned to their home planets, and because of his "close ties with the JLA" Guy would finally be made the sole Green Lantern of sector 2814, which contained planet Earth.

Guy thought he was the only Green Lantern of sector 2814, but he still had to deal with someone else. G'nort, the Green Lantern Dog -- who claimed he was given a ring by the Gaurdians to monitor whatever sector of space he wished. The only problem was the gaurdians never heard of him, as they were in another dimension with thier female counterparts during that time. Guy went to investigate.

Guy disliked G'nort, but G'nort worshipped the ground Guy walked on for some reason. They both found out that G'norts ring was a fraud, created by the Qwardians from the anti-matter dimension to discredit the green lantern corps. G'nort wasnt the only one. A race called the poglachi, who looked like clowns more or less, were posing as the gaurdians, and they commanded their "Green Lantern Corps" to stop Guy. Eventually Guy and G'nort ended up on the planet Qward. Guy got himself free by thinking about what Hal might do in the same situation. Guy saved G'nort, and G'nort sacrificed his ring to save Guy. Guy promised G'nort he'd at least TRY to convince the real Gaurdians to give him a ring, and go figure, they did.

Guy continued his life after that with G'nort as his backup and sidekick (To temper his hostile tendencies, the Guardians said) but this was to end all too soon.

Eventualy, when Hal was finished his task of training new GL's, he returned from space and went to Guy Gardner to reclaim his position as GL of earth. Eventually it came down to a fight to be held between Guy and Hal to see who would remain as GL and who would resign. After barely loosing the fight (not involving a GL ring I might add) Guy grudgingly gave up his green lantern membership, along with the ring, to Hal. His career as a Green Lantern was over. Hal had just taken Guy's last shred of dignity. Hal had finally succeeded in destroying the last thing Guy held of value. Without remorse. But Guy vowed he would be back. That he'd ALWAYS come back.

History seemingly repeating itself, that time came. Ganthet, the only survuving Oan from Hal's insane onslaught returned Guy's Green Lantern status, and stuck him with a wet-behind-the-ears trainee: Kyle Raynor. After assisting in the banishment of Hal, Guy allowed Kyle to join the JLA with him, both were members of the recent mission against Avatar, and of the two, Guy seems the least effected by the experience.