Red Tornado


Real Name: Red Tornado
Known Aliases: John Smith
Eye/Hair Color: Black/None
Age: Unknown
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Kathy Sutton (Wife), Traya Sutton (Adoptive Daughter), T.O. Morrow (Creator), and Tomorrow Woman (Android also built by T.O. Morrow).
Birthplace: Not Applicable
Area of Ops: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Occupation: Super-Hero and Mentor
Group Affilation: Former member of JLA and Primal Force; Current member of Young Justice.
Special Powers/Abilities: Red Tornado controls the element of air whch enables him to fly, and create tornadoes or powerful bursts of wind. This power can also be used to help him lift objects. Besides this Red Tornado also possesses super-human strength making him a powerful hero.


Red Tornado is an android. He is the creation of the mad inventor T.O. Morrow. Red Tornado was considered his masterpiece. When Red Tornado was first activated he desired nothing more then to find his humanity. He left Morrow, and swore that he would fight on the side of good from then on.

Red Tornado became noble hearted that he learned how to care, and love. During a battle with his teamates the Justice League, Red Tornado gave his life up to save others. However, him being an android he was able to be rebuilt. He was able to find all of his missing pieces except one, the ability to love. When he discovered he could not love anymore he exiled himself to the former cave base of the Justice League where he shut himself down, he is currently inactive.

Recently, though, Red Tornado was found inactive in the cave by Robin, Impulse, and Superboy who spent the night at the cave located near Happy Harbor, just outside Metropolis. The boys managed to re-activate him and he would become a mentor to the boys and the rest of the team of Young Justice.

Red Tornado has since travelled alongside his former teammates in the botched attack on Avatar's alien armada, and was among the heroes rescued by Young Justice's assault group.