Batgirl II

Real Name: Fiona Adrienne March
Occupation: CEO March Enterprises, Business mogul, adventurer
Base of Operations: Gotham City, JLA Watchtower, formerly Coast City
Known Relatives: Kurt March III (father, deceased), Beverly March (mother, deceased), unnamed brother
Group Affiliation: JLA
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair: Red (wig), Brown
Eyes: Lavender (wears blue contacts in civilian id)


March Enterprises began as an industrial company in the early 19th century, and became one of the most productive in its field. As generations passed and increased the company's holdings and areas of enterprise, it grew to be one of the most successful of the global corporations, and the March family extremely rich with it. When Fiona was born she was identified as a child genius and through use of at home education she began highschool at age five. When she was six it was revealed that her father was having an affair, worse, an affair with the wife of the Casselli Crime Family. While she was busy building her first computer in the family den, the Casselli family burst into her home and gunned down her father and mother, neglecting to search for Fiona they left the scene, and left the young girl orphaned. Her family's holdings and wealth was put under trust to the courts until her adulthood. One year after the assassination, Fiona graduated from high school and began the process of emancipating herself, while this eventually proved successful, her younger brother, only three at the time, was to remain a ward of the court. At the age of eight she took complete control of the family business and began leading it into its most prosperous years ever, at the same time researchiing all she could into the Casselli family as her need for vengeance grew.

For her twelfth birthday she bought herself the services of four of the worlds greatest hand-to-hand combatants, and after exhausting their knowledge in less than a year, she began travelling across the globe in search of true masters to teach her, and succeeded. By her eighteenth birthday she had learned all she possibly could and moved on. The next phase of her plan incorporated the expansion of March Enterprises into the research and development of the sciences, genetic engineering especially (she supplies a large amount of funding to Cadmus annually). She hired additional specific researchers and geneticists to study her genetic structure and work with her on making it more superior. Together they eventually succeeded in altering her genetic structure, altering the nature of her muscle fibers for increased strength, dexterity and physical toughness, and also succeeded, somewhat, in granting her more important goal of achieveing metahuman powers: Fiona was now able to duplicate the metahuman abilities of any and all beings (a max of 10 at one time)within 1 mile of her.

Two years later, she was establishing a home in Coast City when Mongull attacked and destroyed the city and its citizenry. Due to her own genetic manipulations, she survived, but only barely, and had to hospitalize herself for five months. Afterwards, she discovered the newly reanimated Jason Todd roaming one of her company's warehouses. She took him under her wing, and began training with him to make him her partner.

Soon after the departure of earth's heroes into space to battle the Avatar, and once it became apparent they weren't likely to return, she chose to adopt the mantle of the bat for herself and for Jason Todd, telling Jason that the Batgirl was yet another of her employees, the two set out as crimefighters and were relatively unnoticed for some months. Four months after the departure of earth's heroes, March Enterprises acquired Wayne Enterprises in a hostile take-over. Exploring the land holdings of the company, especially curious as to the large section of land owned beneath Gotham, she discovered the Batcave, and with the help of Jason, uncovered all of the cave's secrets. Soon after she met and began assisting Young Justice, and later Supergirl's mission team to defeat Avatar. After this missions success, she was invited to join the JLA and accepted after revealing her true identity to Supergirl, Psi, Oracle and Nightwing; she also arranged the transfer of Wayne Enterprises into the ownership of Dick Grayson. Since then, she has fired Jason Todd as Batman (who still remains unaware that his ex-boss and Batgirl are one in the same) and proven herself an invaluable member of the JLA.


Fiona is one of the world's most brilliant intellects, rivalling those of Lex Luthor and Brainiac. In addition she is trained in dozens of forms of martial arts and eastern mysticism. Through use of genetic manipulation she has an enhanced muscular-structure and the metahuman ability to duplicate the powers of other metahumans in the vicinity. Fiona has also been known to use her personal wealth to good advantage at all times, and has a wide array of gadgetry and weapons on her person at all time. She can fly and communicate with other members of the JLA telepathically through use of the JLA flight ring.