Alter Ego: Jennifer Grayson
Known Relatives: Dick Grayson(Father;deceased), Jessica Belle Chambers-Grayson(Mother;deceased), Terry Grayson( Nightstrike-Brother)
Team Affiliation: Former JLA 2020, (currently independant)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black


Like Terry, Jen was very close to her parents. She was hoping that she would never have to lose any more of her family, but knew that was not meant to be when Nightstrike volunteered to help YJ get home. Jen hated to see her twin brother leave, but knew full well that it was her Father's last request in his will to find them and help them in any way they could. As it turned out, YJ ended up finding Terry and Jen.

It the time it took any of either YJ or the JLA to blink, Jen immediately zipped to the batcave and attempted to match up the speedforce traces her mother found 20 years ago, with the ones that YJ had carried with them to their time. It was soon apparent that they were definetly who they said they were. With this news, Jen zipped back to the JLA cave and informed Terry of the news at Superspeed. (This is another reason Nightstrike always had a tape recorder.) After Terry played back his message, he opted to help YJ. Of course, Robin and Spoiler didn't trust Terry a lot at this time, but to the twins, that just proved who they said they were even more.

Terry then asked Jen to play the tough girl card, as he still wasn't certain that this wasn't a trap of some kind. Jen agreed, and handed Terry a speed force equation that would be able to get YJ back to where they came from. Jen at superspeed slipped it into Terry's belt(Though to everyone else, it looked like Jen was pushing him back and forth) and wished her brother good luck. Terry then went off with YJ to the batcave, being informed by Jen in advance that he had more company than he wanted. After a heated discussion between Superman and Terry, they helped YJ as Terry proved Quick's equation was a good one. Terry then left with YJ to complete the balance of the speedforces, while Jen wished her brother well and hugged him at least 50 times at superspeed.

Since then Jen has been on her own, helping the JLA when need be. She has had quite a few close calls, but Barbara has always given her the low down on where the biggest crimes were planning on being committed(Hey she may be commissioner, but she still holds an ear out as oracle.) After a while, crime it seemed had finally gotten back to normal, and not near as much as it once had been. Whenever Jen felt the need to give up, she would look at her parents costumes preserved in glass cases, and make sure she would not stop fighting.

But while Jen was able to get a little vacation....an intruder alarm went off in the batcave. Jen immediately ran down there to see what the problem was. It was then when Jen met Nike, one of the Legionnaires. Nike informed Jen that her mother needed her help, and with that rather broad explanation, Nike took Jen with him to the main flow of the speed force..where her mother was waiting.

Jen was noticeably stunned by this.....as she never thought she would be able to go through time again, let alone see her mother. Jen then realized that due to the fact that Nike was from the future and not the past, he was able to go to her time and not disrupt it. But if Jen tried to go back, it would destroy her and that timeline. But it seemed that Jen was close to the right timeline when Jesse asked her if she was Jen. It gave her the info that Terry had made it through, and had told them about himself.

Jesse then asked Jen if she would help the other speedsters defeat Savitar. She agreed, as she knew when it was over, she would be able to see her brother again. She also met Jesse's daughter Haley. Though the two got off to a rocky start, they soon respected each other, and became the ideal "sisters". But after Savitar was finally defeated (The black flash came and took him) there was a huge speedforce discharge around the 30th century and all went back to their normal times. Except for Jen, as the speedforce knew as well as she did it would destroy a world if it tried.

But Jen feels that fate is the reason she and Terry are together again, and she knows full well as so will her brother, that the next time Nightstrike goes to another world, he had better make room for one more.


All Jen's powers are derived from her mother. She has superspeed, strength, and the ability to fly. She know hows to seperate her molecules to get out of a contained area, and a little speed lending.


Jen is usually a team player, but can also be a real pain if she needs to be. She usually thinks through any action she thinks about doing, and tries to be careful if it ends up she's going in head first. She's a tad impulsive, but that has been more of a blessing than anything else, as her impulsive actions are usually for the good of the team. She is always there for support, and is very loyal to Jesse as it's because of her she was able to see her brother again. She's a little nervous about meeting Dick for the first time, but also feels it necessary to get it out of the way.