Alter Ego: Norda Cantrell
Occupation: Adventurer
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Fred Cantrell (father), Osoro (mother), Worla (grandfather), Carter and Shiera Hall (Hawkman I and Hawkgirl I, godparents)
Group Affiliation: Infinity Inc. (former)
Base of Operations: Feithera
Height: 6'
Weight: 195 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Feathers: Golden

In 1946 a pilot discovered the hidden city of Feithera in northern Greenland. Feithera was inhabited by the Bird-People, a race of sentient winged semi-humanoid bird-like beings with their own civilization. Most people did not believe the pilot's story, but three explorers decided to go there to hunt the Bird-People. The original Hawkman went to Feithera, where he stopped the hunters and persuaded them to keep Feithera's existence a secret to prevent its exploitation, but also prevented the takeover of Feithera by the traitorous bird-man Trata.

Hawkman frequently visited the Feitherans, who allowed him to bring the anthropoligist Dr. Fred Cantrell to live among them. Cantrell and Osoro, daughter of Feithera's ruler Worla, fell in love with eachother and had a son, Norda, who was a hybrid of the human and Feitheran races. Hawkman and his wife, Hawkgirl, became Norda's godparents.

But Norda felt the Feitherans (apart from his parents and Worla) considered him to be an unwanted half-breed. Hence he left Feithera to live in the world of human beings. Norda was persuaded to join other young would-be super-heroes in asking to be admitted in membership to the Justice Society of America. After they were turned down, the young men and women formed their own super-hero organization, Infinity Inc., with Norda going under the name Northwind.

The Feitherans prepared to die when a fast approaching glacier threatened to destroy their city, but Northwind, with the help of the second Brainwave, convinced the Feitherans instead to leave their city just before it was indeed destroyed, and Northwind eventually returned to Infinity Inc., in Los Angeles.

After a few years of activity, Infinity Inc. has since disbanded and Norda currently resides in Feithera, where he is spiritual leader to his people, with only the occasional appearance amongst the hero community.

As a hybrid of the human and Feitheran races, Northwind possesses natural feathered wings, and the ability to fly. He can also communicate with birds and get them to do his bidding. Norda has also since trained in the spiritual and mystic ways of his people, learning to practice the mystic arts. He is considered a skilled and respected mage amongst the Feitherans.