Secret's Diary

Sure, using Cassie and her mom for Executioner bait sounded good at the time…
When we arrived at the scene, Robin wasted no time in organizing a plan, I slipped into the house and told WonderGirl all about what was going on while everybody else partnered up and hid. After a few minutes of sitting still (just imagine Bart) for a few minutes, some suspicious characters showed, so while our teammates rounded up the unknowns, the Executioner sneaked onto the scene and all hell broke loose. Executioner had taken us all by surprise, and while we tried to regroup for an attack, he easily injured Robin, and also inadvertently killed Force while trying to hit Superboy with kryptonite bullets, Darin died a hero, and we'll never forget him. Luckily, Bladerunner arrived fresh out of the hospital and saved us all from the Executioner, but not before Exie blew up Cassie's house, and though Xavier tried, Cassie and her mother would have died if Lar hadn't showed up out of nowhere and saved them. After a long battle that left one of our friend dead, one powerless (Cassie), Cassie's mom in a comma, and my Lar back in our dimension suffering from his lead poisoning, we tried to regroup. Lar and I were able to successfully get him back in the Phantom Zone, again leaving me without him. Then Robin flipped out completely, convincing himself that he was not fit to be leader, after a long and pointless bout of trying to convince him otherwise, he pulled out is ever-handy Green Lantern ring and flew away, leaving us in the dust. So the rest our team picked ourselves up and headed to the only place we were safe, the Watchtower.

Our time at the Watchtower had very little value. When we got there, Robin, Redbird and the others who were kidnapped by the Hord were cleared of the Nanites in their bloodstream. Bladerunner ran off to find The Executioner and avenger Force on his own. Supergirl helped to heal Cassie's mom, and after figuring out how to trace Robin's GL ring, we were off to get our leader back.

We found Robin in a temple in the Andes, and after again trying to talk some sense into home (very unsuccessfully) He ran off again. So, after a very, very long day, we headed back to Watchtower to get some sleep. Then Robin set his plan into motion.

Apparently with his GL ring, Robin could control the dreams of others, and with is own dream of rebuilding the universe, he set out to recruit us into joining him by offering us our most personal fantasies. Now from what the others have told me, the team's dreams went as follows. Val and myself dreamt of a beautiful wedding together, with the offer of health and happiness with each other, in marriage. Superboy dreamt of being back in Keystone City, fight Mogul and the Cyborg, but with things going a little more in his favor, Robin offered him success and women, two things apparently very important to Kon. WonderGirl dreamt of, and was offered, a normal life, with a father, a healthy mother, and the undying love of Superboy. Redbird was offered a chance to be Robin, and to fight along side Batman (the old Robin), and his partner and friend. Arrowette was offered a chance to be America's hero, and to be recognized for the hard work that she does. Xavier (Forgotten Boy) was given promises of his family, back and wealthy, and his own art gallery, displaying his finest works. Robin offered the Kid Lantern the man of her dreams, Superboy, hers forever, to love and cherish. What Robin offered to Spoiler was himself and a chance a normal life, happy together, fortunately, after hearing Robin's plan, Steph was finally able to talk some sense into Robin, getting him to give up his dream and come back to us, but not before he got Impulse. It seems Robin had offered Bart his Grandpa Barry in exchange for a little job, Robin sent Impulse into the Speedforce to destroy the Universe so he could rebuild it.

So now our team, including a healthy Valor (sigh) and Captain Atom (gag), are about to enter the Speedforce using a machine cooked up by Kid Lantern and powered by FB and the Captain to try and stop Impulse from destroying everything we know and love. I'll write again later, if there is a later….

(We now interrupt Secret's diary with Nightstrike's)

Batman Log,

I guess the only way to explain this is to start from the beginning. While in the JLA headquarters, a huge flash of light blinded just about all of us for a few minutes. Thinking that this may be a sneak attack, SuperBoy ordered the lights killed. When he heard the voices, he almost sounded surprised. When the lights came on. I just about hit the ground. The missing members of Young Justice were all right in front of us. I couldn't believe it. Specifically two of them in particular. Robin and The Spoiler. Superboy welcomed us all to introduce ourselves, most of the introductions weren't very pleasant.

Basically, YJ went into the speedforce to try to stop Impulse from trying to rewrite the universe. Somehow, Astra came in touch with like a thousand different versions of herself, and somehow sent them all here. Naturally, they wanted to get back to their own time. Superboy was afraid that if they tried, it would damage our world and forbade them to do it. Then, the JLA tried to fry Robin, that's when I realized that these guys needed help. Besides, I had a personal stake in this.

So I took them all to the Batcave. Robin wasn't too pleased when I knew every single code to the place. I figured it was the safest place for them to be. Superboy of course believed me to be a traitor, although I find that ironic due to the fact that I was the one trying to help out HIS old team. But Supervixen then thought of artifacts that would help us get them home. With a few speedster equations given to me by Quick, I was able to "pop" our universe out of the time stream, while still letting them get back home. There was only one catch. One of us had to go with them. Not even asking the JLA to do it, I volunteered myself.

We then ended up in the speedforce where they were before trying to stop Imp. After that, we were all in the Justice Cave. Redbird, whom I've taken quite a fancy too, and her to me, wondered if I would ever take off my cowl to the rest of YJ. Well, knowing that she wanted me too. And the fact that I knew full well who was in the batcave at this time in history. I showed them my face. I gave them my alias name. Robin and Spoiler would freak if they ever knew my real "last name". Although the way Robin is acting, I think Nightwing already knows that I'm here. So Spoiler has ordered all of us to take a vacation. I'm going with Katie, so we can get to know each other a little better. So that is where I'll end this now. No doubt I'll have a whole nass load more to write about in the days to come.

Nighstrike's Log:

There are some vacations that you just wish you wouldn't have taken. Considering this was my first one in three years, I guess I should have known better. After Spoiler announced we would all go on vacation. Katie and I decided to get a hotel room together in Gotham. That's when I realized all the money I had may just as well have come from a Monopoly game for all the good it did. Though I think my first clue that this vacation would be a disaster is when Huntress showed up on the rooftops demanding I tell her who I am. I was eternally grateful that Katie was there. So Katie had to use her last 40 bucks to pay for the room. Which made me feel about 2 inches tall. Then Danger Girl showed up. Saying that Katie was in trouble with the law, and that if she didn't join Doom Patrol she would be turned in. I told her more or less where she could put that offer. Then the next thing I know....I'm on Apokolips. Probably not my best course of action. Luckily Astra could pick up my distress call and I got back there maybe within ten minutes. Still plenty ticked off about the situation, and the fact that DG wouldn't leave Katie alone. I slammed my fist right through the wall.

This is about the time when Robin said I definetly would need some help adapting here. Thinking he would help me "himself" I decided to go with him. Spoiler came with us too. That's when Robin gave me a blindfold to where. When I asked him why, he told me we are going to the batcave. This was pretty much the cannon ball of my bad vacation. Once I got there, I was put into a containment field, and was told Jason Todd had more right to be Batman than I did. I realized that I couldn't keep my secret any longer. I told Nightwing that I didn't choose to be Batman. I was asked to by my Father. I also told them that Terry Mcguiness was not my full name. McGuiness was only my middle name. My last name was "Grayson". This caused Jesse to hurl at moch 5. Nightwing to take a blood sample of me, and I getting tranqued. After I woke up. Nightwing informed me that he wanted me to be trained under him. I agreed and was let out of the containment field.Nightwing informed me that I would no longer be allowed to call myself Batman. That felt like a weight off my shoulders more than a burden. So Jesse helped me with the name "Nightstrike". After that, that's about when Jesse went into labor. Nightwing freaked as only a father to be can. That's when I decided that my batmobile needed to make an appearance. After they took off for the hospital. Spoiler Robin and I all went back to the justice cave. That's when I found out that Nightbird (Katie) had turned herself into the police. After that, the YJ voted on new members. I went on the roster, along with Knight and Astra. Now we have a little kid here who says that some of the YJ's parents are being held in hell. So now, we're all going to hell to help save them. I don't think hell could be as bad as the past few days I've just had. But I guess YJ and myself are all going to find out.....

Nightstrike's Log

This is one log that pains me to write. It's always hard losing teammates. We have lost four and one Doom Patroller. When we went to hell. Danger Girl decided to come with us. Once we got there, we couldn't find Robin at all. He was right in front of me when I went through the portal. But once on the other side, he was gone. The first personal hell we all went through was Spoiler's. Just so you know, having wings of a demon sprout out of your back isn't anything I would recommend. A lot of the others had the same thing, but were way worse for wear than I was. Bladerunner I would say had it the worst. But Steph was able to get the courage to face her fear of her having to give up her child...and we moved on. The next one we had to face I think was Imp's.

We were all stuck in tar and the more Imp tried to bolt out of there with superspeed, the deeper he sunk. Also the stuff was eating away our clothes. Next time, I'll analyze the stuff before I go head first into it. But it turned out all Bart had to do was just start walking normal speed and we all got out of that. The others were had similar experiences, but Steph had figured out who was behind it before we got to mine. It was Klarion, the same little...something or other that told us to go there in the first place. That's when we heard Robin's ring finally totally clear. He had tried to communicate to Steph a few times but wasn't making any sense. Mary went cruising after him, but then we heard screams from her, then dead silence. Kon, Knight and I all went to find out what happened...and we just found Mary. So still, not breathing, no pulse. That's when we met Spoiler's cat Max. Who seems to be able to talk to us now. Meanwhile, Klarion took Valor, Secret and Danger Girl and teleported them to a place we have no idea of. Knight, Superboy, and I all kicked the crap out of Teekl, who had taken Mary away from us. I can't believe this kid was the harda** I had for a leader in my time. But somehow, Klarion was trying to make a deal with Steph over which group of us he was going to be allowed to keep. Spoiler wouldn't choose any one else's she sacrificed herself. Weird thing was, Klarion just hugged her..and we were all back in the justice cave. Spoiler was pretty ticked off at Blades because he kept disobeying her orders. She was voted as leader by the way. So Blades didn't seem to care and Steph booted him off the team. But the good news was all the parents were back, and so was Robin.

After a few days, I was a little eager to get my training done with Nightwing. He had me meet him at Gotham Knight's stadium to start. He wanted everything technological I had as he said I wouldn't need it for my training. He had an odd look on his face when I gave him my whole costume. After talking with him a little, he wanted to know what I wanted to get out of the training. Simply, I told him the Exp. I lack, the suit that I wear, and the ability to step in and help any of our co-vigilantes of Gotham if they need it. You should have seen the look on his face. After that, he was a little easier to talk to. He actually showed his sense of humor. For a while, I wasn't sure if he had one. Then he told me something that just about dropped my jaw to the ground. He was asking me were I was staying, stuff like that. When I told him the justice cave, he had a weird expression on his face. He then told me that being the impressionable age I was, That he and Jesse thought it be in my best interest if I stayed with them. After that, we started working on the swing lines, then I went back to the Justice Cave. I guess Jesse and Dick were being optimistic, as they'll be ready for me in about a week. So I'll be living with my "parents" again. Hey why not? But Imp has found a way for us all to lift our spirits. We're all going to his High School's dance. Might be interesting. So I guess I had better get ready. I wonder if dancing has changed much in twenty years. Guess I'll find out when i get there....

Nightstrike Log

Well, it seems that our job is never done no matter where we go. Once we got to Imp's dance we soon found out that everyone knew who we are. Well with a few exceptions, Robin and Myself. They got our roles kind of mixed up. Spoiler and I got a kick out of it. Tim I wasn't too sure about. Though we're certainly getting along a lot better now than in the beginning.

Anyways, as we all started to relax and the rest of the team started dancing. (Hey, I was still missing my girlfriend) I noticed that a kid had come bursting into the gym out of breath, and completely terrified. I signaled to Steph that I was going to go and talk to him. Basically, the guy had seen his best friend (more like his boyfriend) turn into a monster and he freaked and took off. After relaying this to Steph, she sent SB, SV, and Max all to check on it. They found a giant rat. Or a kid that turned into one anyways. So after we all excused ourselves conveniently out of the dance. We all went and helped out. I had to find the kid clothes, while Astra and SV helped him remember how he got his powers. Basically, this kid was a giant pain in the you no where. We found out that the Durlans had experimented on kids in the past, so we thought it was a good lead. After getting the Phantom Zone projector, we locked into the durlans and asked them about it. One was willing to cooperate, while the others started beating up on the one. Imp and Astra got him out of there, and after asking Mickey if he wanted to keep his powers, Trouble showed up. Not literally, but that was the guys name. He said that he had a gut feeling that his Uncle the Blue beetle was still alive and that his feelings were never really wrong. So after agreeing to help Trouble. We're all about to go off into space. We're taking Quuz with us. That is the name of the Durlan we helped. After he helps us out, we promised to let him go. So now we are all onboard Trouble's ship. Just about to lift off. As for me, I'm quite curious as to how this will all turn out.

Nightstrike's Log:
Well, we've all finally landed on the planet of Elia. Some of our nerves are pretty much shot, but we've been dealing with it so far. The landing was not one of my personal best, but at least i was able to get everyone down safely, with the help of my co-pilot, Trouble.

This planet is an odd one to say the least. Huge pod like things everywhere. Astra was able to get us a location of lifeforms that resembled humans, and Twilight got us there. So far the tally isn't to good. In all of the pods that we opened so far, Trouble's uncle the Blue Beetle is not to be found.

But on a lighter note, we have found a few others. The Martian Manhunter is one, a small boy, Black Canary, and one unknown, and unopened pod. This hit Trouble kind of hard...but Astra is picking up one more human brainwave pattern on the planet.

Impulse has been off on recon hoping that he can find us a ship to get out of here on, I don't know how that is going, but I'm sure we'll find something.

All of the released Pod People seem to be ok. Black Canary is scared though. I tried to check on her, and what I got were a pair of ringing ears, and my equilibrium is shot. Robin is trying to talk her down, I hope she succeeds. I hate to wonder what kind of other surprises await us on this planet, but hopefully we'll all be able to get out of here without anyone ever knowing we were here...

Nightstrike Log

It's hard to believe but this Planet had a few morre surprises for us before we left it. I couldn't believe who we found here, but it was HIM. Gotham's first and still reigning defender has been on this planet for just about 5 years. We found Manhunter, Atom, Hawkman, and a few others. After trading a few shots with the Dark Knight, Steph asked me to stop, as it wasn't solving anything in the first place.

Impulse was the one to find Batman. When he was doing his shuttle recon duty, he found him and Batman asked him to take him to us. But unfortunatly, Trouble's uncle wasn't found. Batman said that he had died before we got there, and that didn't help Trouble too much. Another slight snag that I've come across with Kon, is that we found out our little guy's name. His name was Clark. Clark Kent. Steph naturally was wondering what Kon and I were talking about, but we both decided it wasn't our place to say who this child was. Kon will probably take him to Superman, and ask for his advice on this matter. This is what initially started the fight with Batman, as he wanted to blow Clark up. We convinced him otherwise, and have since repaired the shuttle, and scrapped another one for food. I was glad I had Impulse with me. He was able to take out the guys that were scattered in the ship, while I made sure the ones on the bridge were taken care of.

But Atom and Hawkman have repaired the shuttle. Imp and I got the grub, so we are heading for home. First we have to take Quuz back to his home planet as we promised him we would. It's on the way, so I don't know how far off from earth I'll be. Trouble and I are at the helm again. I don't know what will happen once we get back to earth. I'm sure Batman will want to talk to Steph and I, and who knows how long that will take. After that, I think I had better get home and see if there is a slightly huge grounding in my immediate future. Although I'm also worried about how Red-Bird's doing. Ahh..the life of a superhero. I know I'm going to most likely check on her after I'm done talking to Batman. Guess Jesse and Dick will have to wait a while. Though I hope they don't find me first. Then I'll really be in for it. But now we are heading for Durla. I just hope that we can drop Quuz off with out any problems. But with our luck...I guess time will tell.

Nightstrike Log:

Well, we arrived back on earth, without any problems. Steph has just come in and has told me that SOMEONE wanted to speak with me. I knew full well who she was talking about. Just wonderful, I get to do the same thing with Batman, that I went through with Nightwing.

But luckily, I was way off. The main reason that Batman wanted to see and talk to me was to ask me to keep his secret and to not tell Tim or Dick that he was around. He was way friendlier this time, which did help my mood lighten up a little as opposed to what I first thought of the guy. After that, Batman wanted me to show him the schematics for my suit, and car. After doing this, he gave me my wrist launchers back, and my cowl, which he altered so that it was a little different than his. Batman then dropped a bomb on me. He told me that Katie was being held by Doom Patrol in New York, and he was thinking that maybe she was being conditioned to be one of their murdering soldiers. Needless to say, I wasn't at all pleased. Bruce told me to keep my cool, and that we were going to get her out of there.

After arriving at the DP base in New York, I soon found out that I could hack into any computer with my suit, provided that is was weaker than mine. Using this knowledge, I decided the DP agents could play in the dark for a while, then we found Katie's room, and all hell broke loose.

There was a big explosion, and the building fell on me....Literally. Luckily, I was able to dig myself out, and get Batman, Katie, and the scientists out of the rubble. Upon scanning the radio waves with my suit, I found out that New York had just been nailed.....with a nuke. I gave immediate attention to Katie and Batman. I let Batman take care of the scientists (personally, I hoped the radiation made them sterile.) and I worked on a way to get us out of there.

Fortunately, that came as a leather jacket wearing kryptonian, by the name of Superboy. Kon helped us out of the rubble, along with Wondergirl. I then took Katie, and Batman back to the batcave, and told YJ my status, so they would have one less teammate to worry about. I'm glad Kon and WG were both there, I don't know if I could have gotten Katie back in time otherwise.

So afterwards, Robin and I were just hanging out in the Batcave. I can tell there is something seriously wrong with Steph, but she won't tell me what. Anyway, we soon got a call from Arrowette saying that some of her classmates were holding up her school with guns. Steph and I hopped in the car and kicked her in the rear, so our eta is about 10 minutes. I don't know what these kids' problem is, but any punk whose gonna try to shoot in my direction isn't going to like me too much afterwards. Hopefully, this guys will just surrender, but it's never that easy.

But that is where I'm going to have to end this now. I tried to call "Mom and Dad" once we got back but there was no answer. I don't know how much crap I'm in with them. I know I forgot to leave a note telling them I was in space, so I hope I'm not grounded until like the 12'th of eternity. But I got to put that stuff aside for right now. Arrowette needs help, and I don't intend to be late.....